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  1. Episodes from the Early History of Astronomy by Asger Aaboe, 2001-06-26
  2. Moon Launch! (The NASA History Series) by CHARLES D. BENSON, ROGER D. LAUNIUS, et all 2001-02-12
  3. The Transit of Venus: The Brief, Brilliant Life of Jeremiah Horrocks, Father of British Astronomy by Peter Aughton, 2005-05-01
  4. Aiming for the Stars: The Dreamers and Doers of the Space Age by Tom D. Crouch, 1999-09-17
  5. Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos by Alan W. Hirshfeld, 2001-05-01
  6. A Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East by John M. Steele, 2008-05-01
  7. Astronomy Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Astronomy (Science Across Cultures: the History of Non-Western Science)
  8. Interstellar Dust and Related Topics (International Astronomical Union Symposia)
  9. Spaceflight and Rocketry: A Chronology by David Baker, 1996-01
  10. Dawn of Astronomy by J. Norman Lockyer, 1997-03
  11. How Many Pieces of Toilet Paper Do I Need to Get from Here to the Nearest Star? by George Francis Reed, 2004-03-29
  12. Gateway to the Moon by CHARLES D. BENSON, WILLIAM B. FAHERTY, 2001-02-12
  13. Space Shuttle Columbia: Her Missions and Crews (Springer Praxis Books / Space Exploration) by Ben Evans, 2005-11-07
  14. The Great Astronomical Revolution: 1534-1687 And the Space Age Epilogue by Patrick Moore, 1995-03

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