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         Astrogeology:     more books (76)
  1. Astro-Geology of Earthquakes & Volcanoes by Lind Weber, 1995-10
  2. Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences and Astrogeology by R. Fairbridge, 1967-06
  3. Astrogeology Introduction: Pan, Memnonia Quadrangle, Terra Sirenum, Loki Patera, Mariner, Amazonis Planitia, Vastitas Borealis, Surt
  4. The encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences and astrogeology (Encyclopedia of earth sciences)
  5. Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences and Astrogeology Volume 2 of the Series by Rhodes Fairbridge, 1967
  6. The Encyclopedia Of Atmospheric Sciences And Astrogeology. by Multiple Authors, 1967
  7. Photoclinometry from spacecraft images (Contributions to astrogeology) by Kenneth Watson, 1968
  8. Seismio detection of near-surface cavities, (Contributions to astrogeology) by Joel S Watkins, 1967
  9. Interagency report: Astrogeology 59, geologic maps and terrain analysis data for Viking Mars '75 landing sites considered in December 1972 (Open-file report) by Harold Masursky, 1972
  10. Summary of lunar stratigraphy -- telescopic observations, (Contributions to astrogeology) by Don E Wilhelms, 1970
  11. A photometric technique for determining planetary slopes from orbital photographs, (Contributions to astrogeology) by W. J Bonner, 1973
  12. Manned lunar exploration investigations, lunar field geological methods, time and information studies (Technical letter. Astrogeology) by H. H Schmitt, 1965
  13. Lunar terrain mapping and relative-roughness analysis, (Contributions to astrogeology) by Lawrence C Rowan, 1971
  14. Cinder Lake crater field location test (Interagency report: Astrogeology) by Norman G Bailey, 1967

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