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         Crete Culture:     more books (34)
  1. Cretan Bronze Age Pithoi: Traditions and Trends in the Production and Consumption of Storage Containers in Bronze Age Crete (Prehistory Monographs) (Preshistory Monograph) by Kostandinos S. Christakis, 2006-01-18
  2. Life in Mexico Under Santa Anna, 1822-1855 by Ruth R. Olivera, Liliane Crete, 1991-02
  3. Ugarit and Minoan Crete :The Bearing of Their Texts on the origins of Western Culture
  4. Ugarit and Minoan Crete: The bearing of their texts on the origins of Western culture (The Norton library) by Cyrus Herzl Gordon, 1967
  5. UGARIT AND MINOAN CRETE: The Bearing of Their Texts on the origins of Western Culture
  6. Ugarit And Minoan Crete : The Bearing Of Their Texts On The Origins Of Western Culture by Cyrus H. Gordon, 1967-01-01
  7. Minoan Dress: An entry from UXL's <i>Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages</i>
  8. The art of Crete and early Greece;: The prelude to Greek art (Art of the world, European cultures; the historical, sociological, and religious backgrounds) by Friedrich Matz, 1962
  9. A Walkabout In Crete Villages by James William Stanfield, 2008-10-31
  10. Cretan pictographs and prae-Phoenician script: With an account of a sepulchral deposit at Hagios Onuphrios near Phaestos in its relation primitive Cretan and Aegean culture, by Arthur Evans, 1895
  11. Minos the destroyer rather than the creator of the so-called 'Minoan' culture of Cnossus, by William Ridgeway, 1910
  12. Optics and Lasers in Biomedicine and Culture: Contributions to the Fifth International Conference on Optics Within Life Scienes OWLS V Crete, 13-16 October 1998 (Optics Within Life Sciences)
  13. Phaistos by Despina Hadzi-Vallianou, 1989
  14. Decipherment of inscriptions on Phaistos disc of Crete (When India ruled the West, 2) by Sankarananda, 1968

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