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         Eritrea Geography:     more books (16)
  1. Eritrea Geography Introduction: Geography of Eritrea, Zula, Agordat, Barentu, Eritrea, Senafe, Regions of Eritrea, Omhajer District, Lake Kulul
  2. Eritrea: Eritrea. Asmara, D? mt, Aksumite Empire, Unicameralism, Eritrean War of Independence, Politics of Eritrea, Regions of Eritrea, Foreign relations ... Geography of Eritrea, Economy of Eritrea
  3. Geography of Eritrea: Ethiopian Highlands, Lake Kulul, Ethiopian Xeric Grasslands and Shrublands, Eritrean Highlands, Bure
  4. ETHIOPIA AND ERITREA: BORDER WAR: An entry from Gale's <i>History Behind the Headlines, Vols. 1-6</i> by Sandra Fullerton Joireman, 2001
  5. Soldiers, Martyrs, Traitors, and Exiles: Political Conflict in Eritrea and the Diaspora (The Ethnography of Political Violence) by Tricia Redeker Hepner, 2009-07-14
  6. EAST AFRICA - Eritrea.(relations with Israel and Ethiopia)(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Strategic Balance in the Middle East
  7. Eritrea (Africa in Focus) by Mussie Tesfagiorgis G. Ph.D., 2010-11-30
  8. Ethiopian Empire: Eritrea, Coup d'état, Zagwe dynasty,Scramble for Africa ,Aksumite Empire, Habesha people, History of Ethiopia,Solomonic dynasty, Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al- Ghazi.
  9. Eritrea: Country Handbook [A Field Ready Reference Publication] (Familiarizing Military Personnel with Local Customs and Area Knowledge) by Department of Defense, 2000
  10. Railway Stations in Eritrea by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, et all 2010-07-02
  11. Horn of Africa: East Africa, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden,Eritrea Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ethiopian Studies, Somali Studies, Italian East Africa, Adal Sultanate, Ajuuraan State.
  12. Sahel (Eritrea)
  13. ERITREA: An entry from Gale's <i>Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations</i>
  14. Wounded Nation: How a Once Promising Eritrea Was Betrayed and Its Future Compromised by Bereket Habte Selassie, 2011-04-21

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