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         Fleas Insect:     more books (89)
  1. General Distribution of the Flea Beetles in the Palaearctic Subregion: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae: Alticinae (Supplement) (Paunistica) by Blagoy Bruev, 2005-10
  2. A Handbook for the Identification of Insects of Medical Importance. With chapters on fleas by Dr. Karl Jordan and on arachnids by R. J. Whittick. by John. SMART, 1943
  3. A Handbook for the Identification of Insects of Medical Importance with chapters on fleas by Dr Karl Johnson and on arachnids by R.J. Whittick by John Smart, 1948
  4. Fleas by Joanna Cole, 1973-03
  5. Fleas (The New Creepy Crawly Collection) by Enid Broderick Fisher, 1997-07
  6. Report upon a collection of insect ectoparasites from Australian and Tasmanian mammals: (Diptera Pupipara, Siphonaptera) (American Museum novitates) by Gordon Floyd Ferris, 1924
  7. Plague: An entry from Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd ed.</i> by Arnold, MD Cua, Rebecca, PhD Frey, 2006
  8. Fleas in Kansas: Their habits and effect on man (Bulletin series) by Donald G Huggins, 1979
  9. Probable evolution and morphological variation in South American Disonychine flea beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) and their amaranthaceous hosts (USDA technical bulletin) by G. B Vogt, 1979
  10. Some insects injurious to truck crops: The life history and control of the hop flea-beetle. [Psylliodes punctulata Melsh.] (U.S. Dept. of agriculture. Bureau of entomology. Bulletin) by William Bell Parker, 1910
  11. A Handbook for the Identification of Insects of Medical Importance with Chapters on Fleas and on Arachnids. 2nd Edition by John Smart, 1948-01-01
  12. Flea beetles by Jane M Struttmann, 1995
  13. The Amazing Pop-Up Science Flea Circus: 6 Mind-Boggling Acts by Chris Oxlade, Jay Young, 2003-07
  14. Flea Biology and Control: The Biology of the Cat Flea. Control and Prevention with Imidacloprid in Small Animals by Friederike Krämer, Norbert Mencke, 2001-06-27

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