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         Mongols Ancient History:     more books (37)
  1. The Rise and Fall of the Second Largest Empire in History: How Genghis Khan's Mongols Almost Conquered the World by Thomas J. Craughwell, 2010-02-01
  2. Arms and Armour of the Nomads of the Great Steppe in the Times of the Mongol Expansion (12th to 14th cents) (Studies on the History of the Ancient & Mediaeval Art of Warfare) by Witold Swietoslawski, 2010-05-10
  3. Historical Dictionary of the Mongol World Empire (Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras) by Paul D. Buell, 2003-03-19
  4. Etudes d'iconographie islamique. Quelques objets numineux des Turcs et des Mongols. (Cahiers Turcica) by aJ.-P. Roux, 1982-01-01
  5. The Powers of Prophecy: The Cedar of Lebanon Vision from the Mongol Onslaught to the Dawn of the Enlightenment by Robert E. Lerner, 2009-08-15
  6. MONGOLS by WB Bartlett, 2010-11
  7. Mongols, Huns & Vikings by Hugh Kennedy, 2002-04-28
  8. The A to Z of the Mongol World Empire (The a to Z Guide Series -Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras #8) by Paul D. Buell, 2010-03-16
  9. Empire of the Mongols (Great Empires of the Past) by Michael Burgan, 2009-09-30
  10. Historical Researches of the Wars and Sports of the Mongols and Romans by John Ranking, 1826
  11. Samurai: Mongol invasions of Japan, Nanban trade, Bakumatsu, Shud?, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Edo period, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Katana, Japanese sword mountings, Samurai cinema
  12. Mongols before Genghis Khan
  13. European Avars: Age of Enlightenment, House of Bourbon, European Avars, Khagan, Turkic peoples, Mongols, Central and Eastern Europe, Pannonian Plain, Oghur languages, Khazar language, Bulgar language
  14. The Mongols: Battle of the Sajo River (Great battles of antiquity) by Richard A Gabriel, 1992

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