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         Sea Grant Fisheries:     more books (100)
  1. Fisheries in a Changing Climate: Proceedings of the Sea Grant Symposium Fisheries in a Changing Climate Held at Phoenix, Arizona, Usa, 20-21 August 2001 (American Fisheries Society Symposium, 32)
  2. Dynamic Geography of Marine Fish Populations (Washington Sea Grant/Recruitment Fisheries Oceanography) by Alec D. MacCall, 1990-05
  3. Population dynamics of world fisheries (Washington sea grant publication) by J. A Gulland, 1972
  4. Coastwatch: UNC Sea Grant; Shrimping...A Fishery in Trouble? (September 1990) by Carla Burgess, C. R. Edgerton, 1990
  5. Guide to Sharks, Tunas, Billfishes of the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico by A Joint Publication of Rhode Island Sea Grant & NOAA Fisheries, 2003
  6. Social goals, problem perception and public intervention: The fishery (Sea Grant reprint) by Victor L Arnold, 1971
  7. Distribution and abundance of the adult stone crab Menippe adina, in Mississippi coastal and offshore waters and the potential for development of a fishery: ... Sea Grant Consortium for calendar year 1988 by Kenneth C Stuck, 1989
  8. Flatfishes: A systematic study of the Oregon pleuronectid production system and its fishery (Sea grant publication) by Charles Jackson, 1981
  9. Bioeconomic models of the Florida commercial spiny lobster fishery (Sea Grant report) by J. Walter Milon, 1999
  10. Effects of climatic change on fisheries (Sea grant reprint series) by J. L McHugh, 1977
  11. An economic analysis of the state of the Hawaiian skipjack tuna fishery (Sea grant technical report ; UNIHI-SEAGRANT-TR-78-01) by Salvatore Comitini, 1977
  12. An economic analysis of a potential overfishing problem: The N.C. hard clam fishery (Sea Grant technical report) by Yu-Mong Hsiao, 1986
  13. Louisiana's inshore shrimp fishery (Sea grant publication ; no. LSU-TL-80-003) by Kenneth Roberts, 1980
  14. History and management of weakfish fisheries (Sea grant reprint series) by J. L McHugh, 1979

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