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         Tex Programming:     more books (53)
  1. Writing With Tex (Mcgraw-Hill Programming Tools for Scientists and Engineers) by Eitan M. Gurari, 1993-09
  2. Tex for the Impatient by Paul W. Abrahams, Kathryn A Hargreaves, 1990-07
  3. Modern TEX and Its Applications by Michael Vulis, 1992-12-22
  4. Literate programming (Report / Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University) by Donald E Knuth, 1983
  5. TeX: Typeface, The Art of Computer Programming, List of document markup languages, Comparison of document markup languages, Texvc, New Typesetting System, LaTeX, MIME, Donald Knuth
  6. Tex and Latex: Drawing and Literate Programming/Book and Disk (Mcgraw-Hill Programming Tools for Scientists & Engineers) by Eitan M. Gurari, 1993-12
  7. Tex by Topic: A Texnician's Reference by Victor Eijkhout, 1992-02
  8. Tex for the Beginner by Wynter Snow, 1992-01
  9. Typesetting Programming Languages: Tex, Troff, Web, Nroff, Device Independent File Format, Xetex, Lucida, Lout, Tex4ht
  10. Macro Programming Languages: Tex, Gnu M4, C Preprocessor, M4, Pstricks, Trac, Smx, Sigmac
  11. Tex in Practice - 4 Volumes by Stephan v. Bechtolsheim, 1993-08-06
  12. Mathematical TEX by Example by Arvind Borde, 1992-11-06
  13. A Beginner's Book of TEX (Volume 0) by Raymond Seroul, Silvio Levy, 1991-07-09
  14. A Tex Primer for Scientists (Studies in Advanced Mathematics)

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