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         Braque George:     more books (23)
  1. The Intimate Sketchbooks of G. Braque. American printing of Verve 31/32. by George with Grohmann, Will ; Tudal, Antoine Braque, 1955
  2. George Braque by 1949 Ny: Moma, 1949-01-01
  4. George Braque by Henry R. Hope, 1949-01-01
  6. Geoge Braque Illustrated Notebooks 1917-1955 by George Braque Appelbaum Stanley, 1971
  7. GEORGES BRAQUE. 5 juillet - 30 septembre 1980. by GEORGE BRAQUE, 1980-01-01
  8. George Graque: His Graphic Work by George Braque, 1961-01-01
  10. George Braque Notebook 1917 1947 by Bernard Fretchman, 1948-01-01
  11. George Braque by John Russsell, 1959-01-01
  12. George Braque Calendar
  13. BIRDS with etchings By George Braque by St John Perse, 1966-01-01
  14. Braque: Still Lifes and Interiors by George Braque, 1990

1. Masters > B > Braque, George
Georges Braque (1882 1963) French painter, who, with Pablo Picasso, originated cubism and the cubist style, to become one of the major figures of 20th-century art.

2. Georges Braque Online
Georges Braque French Fauvist/Cubist Painter, 18821963 Guide to pictures of works by Georges Braque in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

3. George Braque, Roshkowska Galleries: - ZoomInfo Business Information
Braque, George ARTPROJEKTBIRO.COM Juan Gris Braque, George VLEX LLC Braque, Hugo Echo Communications Group Inc
Last Update on 5/25/10
Roshkowska Galleries
5338 Main Street Windham, New York 12496
United States
George Braque
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4. George Braque, VLEX LLC: - ZoomInfo Business Information
International Fine Print Dealers Association Braque, George Roshkowska Galleries Braque, George ARTPROJEKTBIRO.COM Juan Gris
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1840 Gateway Drive Suite 200 San Mateo, California 94404
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George Braque
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5. Georges Braque -
Detailed profile of Georges Braque from The world's first computer generated encyclopedia.
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6. Georges Braque - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Georges Braque p (13 May 1882 – 31 August 1963) was a major 20th century French painter and sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed the art movement known as Cubism.
Georges Braque
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Georges Braque
Violin and Candlestick , Paris, spring 1910, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Birth name Georges Braque Born 13 May 1882
Val-d'Oise Died
Nationality French Field Painting Drawing Sculpture Printmaking Movement Cubism Fauvism Patrons Fernand Mourlot Influenced by Paul Cézanne André Derain Raoul Dufy Othon Friesz ... Pablo Picasso Georges Braque [p] (13 May 1882 – 31 August 1963) was a major 20th century French painter and sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso , developed the art movement known as Cubism
edit Youth
Georges Braque was born in Argenteuil Val-d'Oise . He grew up in Le Havre and trained to be a house painter and decorator like his father and grandfather. However, he also studied serious painting in the evenings at the École des Beaux-Arts , in Le Havre, from about 1897 to 1899. In Paris, he apprenticed with a decorator and was awarded his certificate in 1902. The following year, he attended the Académie Humbert , also in Paris, and painted there until 1904. It was here that he met

7. Georges Braque
Profile and images.
Georges Braque images and biography
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See also: Cubism VIEW IMAGE LIST "Georges Braque developed his painting skills while working for his father, a house decorator. He moved to Paris in 1900 to study where he was drawn to the work of the Fauve artists, including Matisse Derain and Dufy , as well as the late landscapes of . Meeting Picasso marked a huge turning point in Braque's development and together they evolved as leaders of Cubism . After a brief interlude in which he was called up to fight in the First World War, Braque's style developed in the direction he was to follow for the rest of his life. In establishing the principle that a work of art should be autonomous and not merely imitate nature, Cubism redefined art in the twentieth century. Braque's large compositions incorporated the Cubist aim of representing the world as seen from a number of different viewpoints. He wanted to convey a feeling of being able to move around within the painting. The still life subject remained his chief preoccupation from 1927 to 1955." From "The A-Z of Art: The World's Greatest and Most Popular Artists and Their Works" , by Nicola Hodge and Libby Anson

8. Georges Braque
Art of the Print offers a wide selection of international fine art. Original Lithograph by Georges Braque entitled Still Life With Fruit.

9. Braque, George Definition Of Braque, George In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Braque, Georges . Born May 13, 1882, in Argenteuil; died Aug. 31, 1963, in Paris. French artist; studied in the finearts schools of Le Havre and Paris., George

10. BRAQUE, George BRAQUE — Eastwood Fine Art - Achat, Vente Et Expertise De Table
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11. Georges Braque Biography -
1882 Born in Argenteuil sur Seine, France on the 13th of May.1897-1899 - He also studied painting in the evenings at the cole des Beaux Arts in Le Havre.1901 - He apprenticed in
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Georges Braque (Braque George)
Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1963 AD, at 81 years of age.
Nationality: French
Categories: Designers Painters
1882 - Born in Argenteuil sur Seine, France on the 13th of May.
1901 - He apprenticed in Paris under a decorator and was awarded his certificate.
1905 - His earliest works were impressionistic, but after seeing the work exhibited by the Fauves in Braque adopted a Fauvist style.
1906 - Traveled with Friesz to L'Estaque, to Antwerp, and home to Le Havre to paint.
1908-1913 - Braque's paintings began to evidence his new interest in geometry and simultaneous perspective.
1909 - He began to work closely with Pablo Picasso who had been developing a similar approach to painting.
1914 - He enlisted in the French Army, leaving Paris to fight in the First World War. 1917 - He was severely wounded in the war, and when he resumed his artistic career, he moved away from the harsher abstraction of cubism. Working alone, he developed a more personal style, characterized by brilliant color and textured surfaces and following his move to the Normandy seacoast the reappearance of the human figure. 1963 - He died on the 31st of August in Paris.

12. George Braque
MoMa 1920Stil-Life-on-a-Mantelpiece Met 1922-The-velador Kunsthaus Z rich 1923-The-Fireplace 1926-1927-Bodeg n-in-fruit Guggenheim Museum 2full/index2.htm
home artfile artvibrations home Biography page 1 MoMa 1920-Stil-Life-on-a-Mantelpiece Met
1922-The-velador Kunsthaus Zrich 1923-The-Fireplace 1926-1927-Bodegn-in-fruit Guggenheim Museum 1926-The-Bowl-of-Grapes-(Le-Compotier-de-raisins) Norton Museum of Art 1927The-Mantelpiece top National Gallery of Art Washington (D.C.) 1929-Still-Life-Le-Jour The Cleveland Museum of Art 1929-The-Crystal-Vase Galerie Maeght Pars 1930-1952-Laid-down-woman 1930-Guitar-and-Bottle-of-Marc-on-a-Table top Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen - Dsseldorf 1930-Still-Life-with-Fruit-Bowl,-Bottle-and-Mandolin 1930-The-velador-of-the-bottle-of-rum 1931-Naked-laid-down-and-velador Galerie Maeght Pars 1932-Heracles top 1932-Hesiod's-Theogony-(Abstract-Composition) MoMa 1932-Plate-6-from-Theogony-by-Hesiod MoMa 1932-Woman-and-Chariot-for-Thogonie-by-Hesiod. Chrysler Museum 1933-The-pink-table-cloth top 1934-Bodegn-with-red-table-cloth 1935-Yellow-Tablecloth Norton Museum of Art
1936-Still-Life-on-Red-Tablecloth San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Artist s biography and images of his works.
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document.write(getTableBegin('Http://','Art Icons','valign=top height=200')) GEORGES BRAQUE IMAGES Born:
Nationality: French
"I no longer believe in anything. Objects don't exist for me except in so far as a rapport exists between them or between them and myself. When one attains this harmony, one reaches a sort of intellectual non-existence - what I can only describe as a state of peace - which makes everything possible and right. Life then becomes a perpetual revelation. That is true poetry." George Braque. George Braque was born in Argenteuil, a Seine-side village near Paris. Both his father and grandfather were skilled artists. In 1890 the family moved to Le Havre where Braque led quite a solitary childhood. He went to the local Ecole des Beaux-Arts but failed his exams in 1899, leaving his parents to apprentice their son to a local painter-decorator. In Paris Braque gained a craftsman's diploma and through a friendship with Raoul Dufy and Othon Friesz became involved in the Fauvist movement. In 1907 he first saw the work of Czanne and in the same year met Picasso who had just completed 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon' (1907). Although not immediately impressed, Braque began experimenting with a fragmented style, eventually completing 'Nude' (1907-1908) which can be seen as one of the earliest works in Cubism. Returning to the Mediterranean, and to painting landscapes, Braque was

14. Braque, George B Artists
Braque, George B Artists (18821963) French painter, who, with Pablo Picasso, originated cubism and the cubist style, to become one of the major figures of 20th-century art.,_George/
Braque, George B Artists
(1882-1963) French painter, who, with Pablo Picasso, originated cubism and the cubist style, to become one of the major figures of 20th-century art.
Arts Art History Artists ... B Braque, George
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15. Georges Braque
Archipenko, Alexander (3) Braque, George (6) Feininger, Lyonel (4) Gris, Juan (4) Malevich, Kasimir (4) Picasso, Pablo (20)
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Georges Braque Naissance : Argenteuil - 1882 / Dcs : Paris

Peintre et sculpteur, Georges Braque fut, avec Pablo Picasso, l'un des initiateurs du cubisme.
Biographie Biographie
Georges Braque : "Je fuis mon semblable, dans tout semblable il y a un sosie".
Georges Braque grandit au sein d'une famille d'artisans. Il passe sa jeunesse au Havre et tudie l'cole des Beaux-Arts de 1897 1899 dirig par Charles Lhuillier. Il y fait la connaissance d'Othon Friesz. Sa premire formation comme peintre dcorateur, il la doit son pre, Charles Braque, entrepreneur-peintre en btiment.
Paris, il suit les cours d'un matre dcorateur et obtient son certificat d'artisanat en 1901. L'anne suivante, il entre l'acadmie Humbert qu'il frquente jusqu'en 1904. C'est l qu'il rencontre Marie Laurencin et Francis Picabia.
Du fauvisme au cubisme
Il peint ses premires oeuvres sous l'influence de l'impressionnisme jusqu' ce qu'il dcouvre au Salon d'Automne de 1905 les toiles d'Henri Matisse et d'Andr Derain. Puis dbute une collaboration artistique avec Othon Friesz avec qui il fait un sjour Anvers, puis l'anne suivante L'Estaque (Bouches-du-Rhne) d'o il rapporte des tableaux fauves aux couleurs pures et aux compositions gomtriques. ( "Souvenirs d'Anvers" ). Ses tableaux sont exposs en mars 1906 au Salon des indpendants. En 1907, anne capitale pour lui, il est marqu par l'exposition de tableaux de Paul Czanne au Salon d'Automne, une premire pour le peintre aixois un an aprs sa mort. Il commence laborer un nouveau systme de reprsentation en se basant sur la simplification et la gomtrisation des formes et la mise plat de la perspective. Puis il rencontre Pablo Picasso qui peint alors "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon". C'est pour lui une rvlation. En accord avec ces deux influences et son intrt pour l'art primitif, son orientation picturale est compltement bouleverse. Alors il peint, de dcembre 1907 juin 1908, "Le Grand nu" dans lequel il reprsente les volumes par de larges hachure cernes de noir.

Short biography and images of his works.
Georges Braque (1882-1963)
The French painter Georges Braque was one of the major painters of the twentieth century, whose partnership with Picasso from 1908-1914 generated Cubism in pre-World War I Paris. Braque was the son of a house painter who ascended to the family trade but at the same time was studying, part-time, at the local art school. Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) captivated Braque, whose 1908 Grand Nu was clearly a response to the Spanish painter's new initiative. Their subsequent association produced the Cubist movement. Braque's contributions included the introduction of overlapping planes, the use of letters in composition, and, after Picasso's developed collage , Braque created papier colle Braque enlisted during World War I, effectively ending the partnership, although his personal Cubist vision continued after the war. To view some samples of Braque's work, click below. Back to On-line Seminar ...
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17. [ART] BRAQUE, George Group Of Three Titles
LotART BRAQUE, George Group of Three Titles, Lot Number80, Starting Bid$150, AuctioneerBloomsbury Auctions, AuctionSummer Collectors Sale, Date700 AM PT Jul 22nd, 2010

18. Art & Heritage Collections - Searching
The wheel that turns the water Richards, Ceri 1976 View Untitled Braque, George 1952 View Collection&

19. Georges Braque - Olga's Gallery
Collection of works with biography and historical comments.
Olga's Gallery
Georges Braque
Biography Page One Georges Braque at Artprice. To look at auction records, find Braque's works in upcoming auctions, check price levels and indexes for his works, read his biography and view his signature, access the Artprice database.
L'Estaque. 1906. Oil on canvas. Private collection. The Port of Antwerp. 1906. Oil on canvas. 49.8 x 61 cm. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada. Still-Life with Jugs and Pipe. La Ciotat. 1906-07. Oil on canvas. 52.5 x 65.5 cm. Private collection. Landscape at La Ciodat. 1907. Oil on canvas. 71.7 x 59.4 cm. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA. View from the Hotel Mistral, L'Estaque. 1907. Oil on canvas. 81 cm x 61 cm. Private collection. La Ciotat. 1907. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Femme nue assise, de dos. The Little Bay at La Ciotata / La Petite Baie de La Ciotat. La Calanque, temps gris. 1907. Oil on canvas. 60 x 73 cm. Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany. Viaduct at L'Estaque. Le Viadue de L'Estaque. 1907. Oil on canvas. 65.1 x 81 cm. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Big Nude.

20. Arte Su Arte ---> Braque George
Artist's biography and images of his works.

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