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  1. MILLET: SESSANTA CAPOLAVORI DAL MUSEUM of FINE ARTS DI BOSTON (Millet: Sixty Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston by Jean Francois; (Jean-Francois Millet, J. F. Millet, J. -F. Millet) ; Ed. by George T. M. Shackelford and Marco Goldin. Millet, 2004
  2. Quincy Adams Shaw collection: Italian Renaissance sculpturee : paintings and pastels by Jean François Millet : exhibition opening April 18, 1918 by Jean François Millet, 2010-05-17
  3. Drawn into the Light: Jean Francois Millet by Alexandra R. Murphy et al., Richard Rand, et all 1999-05-11
  4. Jean-François Millet, Peasant and Painter by Alfred Sensier, 2010-01-09
  5. Jean-François Millet [Au-delà de l'Angélus] by Lucien Lepoittevin, 2002-11-20
  6. Jean-Francois Millet, Peasant And Painter by Jean-Francois Millet, 2007-07-25
  7. The Habitual Peacefulness of Gruchy: Poems After Pictures by Jean-francois Millet by David Middleton, 2005-11
  8. Jean Francois Millet by Estelle M. Hurll, 2010-07-24
  9. Millet by Romain Rolland, Jean François Millet, et all 2010-09-09
  10. Catalogue Descriptif Des Peintures, Aquarelles, Pastels, Dessins Rehaussés, Croquis Et Eaux-Fortes De M.-F. Millet: Reúnis À L'école Des Beaux-Arts, Quai ... Élever Un Monument a La (French Edition) by Jean François Millet, Paul Mantz, 2010-03-23
  11. Jean François Millet, his life and letters by Julia Mary Cartwright Ady, 2010-08-26
  12. Jean François Millet; by Richard Muther, 2010-08-20
  13. Charles Meryon and Jean-Francois Millet: Etchings of Urban and Rural 19Th-Century France by William U. Eiland, S. William Pelletier, 1994-06
  14. Quincy Adams Shaw Collection by Jean François Millet, Quincy Adams Shaw, 2010-04-22

1. Jean-Franois Millet Art Gallery Guide
JeanFran ois Millet - Guide to where the the art of Jean-Fran ois Millet can be found in commercial art galleries worldwide.

2. Jean-Francois Millet Online
JeanFrancois Millet French Realist Painter, 1814-1875 Guide to pictures of works by Jean-Francois Millet in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

3. Jean-Francois Millet (French Painter [1642-79]) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedi
JeanFrancois Millet (French painter 1642-79), April 27, 1642Antwerp BelgiumJune 3, 1679Paris, Fr.French painter whose serene landscapes made him one of the most influential
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Table of Contents: Article Article Citations ARTICLE from the byname Francisque Nicolas Poussin in 17th-century France.
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4. Jean-François Millet - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Millet, JeanFran ois Alternative names Millet, Jean-Fran ois Short description French painter and one of the founders of the Barbizon school Date of birthçois_Millet
Jean-François Millet
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Jean-François Millet
Portrait of Millet by Nadar . Date unknown. Birth name Jean-François Millet Born October 4, 1814
Gréville-Hague Normandy Died Nationality French Field Painting Sculpting Movement Realism Jean-François Millet (October 4, 1814 – January 20, 1875) was a French painter and one of the founders of the Barbizon school in rural France . Millet is noted for his scenes of peasant farmers; he can be categorized as part of the naturalism and realism movements.
  • Life and work
    edit Life and work
    edit Youth
    Millet was the first child of Jean-Louis-Nicolas and Aimée-Henriette-Adélaïde Henry Millet, members of the peasant community in the village of Gruchy , in Gréville-Hague Normandy Under the guidance of two village priests, Millet acquired a knowledge of Latin and modern authors, before being sent to Cherbourg in 1833 to study with a portrait painter named Paul Dumouchel . By 1835 he was studying full-time with Lucien-Théophile Langlois, a pupil of Baron Gros , in Cherbourg . A stipend provided by Langlois and others enabled Millet to move to Paris in 1837, where he studied at the

5. Jean François Millet: The Sower
ADDITIONAL MEDIA 63.7; Millet, Jean Fran ois; The Sower, after 1850 Audio tour stop 421 63.7; Millet, Jean Fran ois; The Sower, 1850

6. WebMuseum: Millet, Jean-Franois
Biography and two of his better known paintings.
Millet, Jean-Franois
(1814-75) The son of a small peasant farmer of Grville in Normandy, Millet showed a precocious interest in drawing, and arrived in Paris in 1838 to become a pupil of Paul Delaroche. He had to fight against great odds, living for long a life of extreme penury. He exhibited at the Salon for the first time in 1840, and married two years later. At this time, the main influences on him were Poussin and Eustache Le Sueur, and the type of work he produced consisted predominantly of mythological subjects or portraiture, at which he was especially adept ( Portrait of a Naval Officer , 1845; Muse des Beaux-Arts, Rouen). His memories of rural life, and his intermittent contacts with Normandy, however, impelled him to that concern with peasant life that was to be characteristic of the rest of his artistic career. In 1848 he exhibited The Winnower (now lost) at the Salon, and this was praised by Thophile Gautier and bought by Alexandre Ledru-Rollin, the Minister of the Interior. In 1849, when a cholera epidemic broke out in Paris, Millet moved to Barbizon on the advice of the engraver Charles-Emile Jacque (1813-94) and took a house near that of Thodore Rousseau. Devoted to this area as a subject for his work, he was one of those who most clearly helped to create the Barbizon School. His paintings on rural themes attracted growing acclaim and between 1858 and 1859 he painted the famous Anglus (Muse d'Orsay), which 40 years later was to be sold for the sensational price of 553,000 francs.

7. Millet, Jean-Fran Ois The Gust Of Wind (1871
There's a clever little treatise, written in the middle of the 18th century, called A Discourse on Music, Painting, and Poetry. The purpose of its writer, James Harris, is to

8. Jean Millet
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Jean Francois Millet was born into a family of peasant farmers near Cherbourg. He trained locally as a painter and then went to Paris in 1837 to study under Delaroche. His early work comprised of conventional portraits and fashionable eighteenth century pastoral scenes. However, in 1848 he chose to exhibit The Winnower, a painting depicting peasant life, at the Paris Salon. It was the first of many rural scenes based on memories of his own childhood. Criticized for allowing socialist concerns to infiltrate his art, Millet stated that it was "the human side" of life that he wished to portray, In 1849 he moved to Barbizon where he remained for the rest of his life, painting labourers going about their daily business. In The Angelus , his best known work, Millet chose to celebrate a dignified, hard working couple at work in the fields - their heads bowed in an expression of devotion in the face of nature. Depicting his human figures with a classically sculptural simplicity, Millet's concern was to show the pair in harmony with their peaceful and unchanging rural existence. From " The A-Z of Art: The World's Greatest and Most Popular Artists and Their Works
Jean-Francois Millet Images
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9. Millet: The Angelus
Millet, JeanFrancois The Angelus 1857-59 Oil on canvas 21 3/4 x 26 in. (55.5 x 66 cm) Musee d'Orsay, Paris

10. Art Renewal Center Museum™ Artist Information For Jean-Francois Millet (Jean F
MILLET, JEAN FRANCOIS (18141875), French painter, who came of a peasant family, was born on the 4th of October 1814 in the hamlet of Gruchy, near Greville (La Manche), in the wild

11. Jean-Francois Millet (French Painter [1814-75]) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedi
Facts about Millet, JeanFrancois, as discussed in Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia Millet, Jean-Fran ois When did Jean-Francois Millet die?
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Table of Contents: Article Article Related Articles Related Articles External Web sites External Web sites Citations ARTICLE from the Millet spent his youth working on the land, but by the age of 19 he was studying art in Cherbourg. In 1837 he arrived in Paris and eventually enrolled in the studio of Paul Delaroche , where he seems to have remained until 1839.
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12. Jean-Francois Millet, Jean-Francois Millet Custom Oil Painting Portrait
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Jean-Francois Millet custom oil painting portrait
Jean-Francois Millet
oil painting
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13. Millet Jean Franois Biography
Millet Jean Fran ois Biography and Painting Millet jean fran ois painter french Gruchy near Cherbourg 1814 Barbizon, 1875
Jean Franois MILLET Biography and Painting
Millet Jean Franois
Millet jean franois painter french Gruchy near Cherbourg 1814 - Barbizon, 1875
Jean-Franois Millet, son of Normandy farmers, began studying painting in Cherbourg. In 1838, with the aid of a bursary, he moved to Paris and became briefly, a pupil of P. Delaroche, but soon decided that he preferred to work alone. He made frequent visits to the Louvre Museum , where he was particularly influenced by Michelangelo , Poussin and Rubens. In order to earn a living he painted shop signs and numerous portraits.
In the 1840s, Millet spent most of his time in Cherbourg, and, after the death of his first wife in 1844, spent a year in Le Havre where he exhibited with some success.
In 1849, he was persuaded by Charles-Emile Jacque to settle with his new family in Barbizon and discovered the green landscapes of this region where Rousseau and Diaz were already living. Unlike the other Barbizon painters he was principally inspired by the occupations rather than the scenery of rural life: the daily toil of the peasants became his preferred subject (Le Semeur, 1850; Les Glaneuses the Angelus
After about 1860 Millet, influenced by

14. Jean Francois Millet Definition Of Jean Francois Millet In The Free Online Encyc
Millet, Jean Fran ois . Born Oct. 4, 1814, in Gruchy, near Gr ville, in Normandy; died Jan. 20, 1875, in Barbizon, near Paris. French painter and graphic artist. Francois Millet

15. Millet, Jean-Francois - Best Art Online - Reproduction Art At Affordable Prices
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16. Millet, Jean Fran Ois - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
French artist. A leading member of the Barbizon School, he painted scenes of peasant life and landscapes. The Angelus (1859; Mus e d'Orsay, Paris) and The Gleaners (1857; Louvre, Jean François

17. Millet, Jean Franois
Handmade oil painting reproduction of JeanFrancois Millet Composition De F Millet - on canvas and available in any size or choose another work from more than 75,000 different oil
Millet, Jean Franois
The Sower, Millet, c. 1850
The Gleaners, Millet, 1857

18. Millet, Jean–François | Artist Index | Heilbrunn Timeline Of Art History | Th
Haystacks Autumn, ca. 1874, JeanFran ois Millet (French), Oil on canvas (60.71.12) Retreat from the Storm, ca. 1846, Jean-Fran ois Millet (French), Oil on canvas (2002.613)
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19. Millet, Jean Francois Definition Of Millet, Jean Francois In The Free Online Enc
Millet, Jean Fran ois . Born Oct. 4, 1814, in Gruchy, near Gr ville, in Normandy; died Jan. 20, 1875, in Barbizon, near Paris. French painter and graphic artist., Jean Francois

20. Millet, Jean-Francois
JeanFran ois Millet Portrait of Millet by Nadar. Date unknown, 1850-1870 Birth name Jean-Fran ois Millet Born October 4, 1814 Gruchy, Gr ville-Hague, Normandy
Millet, Jean-Francois
From New World Encyclopedia
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Portrait of Millet by Nadar. Date unknown, 1850-1870 Birth name Jean-François Millet Born October 4, 1814
Gruchy, Gréville-Hague, Normandy Died January 20, 1875
Nationality French Field Painting, Sculpting Jean-François Millet (October 4, 1814 - January 20, 1875) was a French painter whose style tightroped the line between naturalism and realism . He was also one of the founders of the Barbizon school in rural France . The Barbizon school (circa 1830–1870) of painters is named after the village of Barbizon near Fontainebleau Forest, France, where the artists gathered. The Barbizon painters were part of a movement towards realism in art in reaction to the more formalized romantic movement of the time. During the Revolutions of 1848 artists gathered at Barbizon to follow the ideas of John Constable , making nature the subject of their paintings. Millet extended the idea from landscape to figures — peasant figures, scenes of peasant life, and work in the fields. In The Gleaners (1857), Millet portrays three peasant women working at the harvest. On the surface there appears to be no drama and no story told, merely three peasant women in a field.

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