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  1. Uconn Huskies Men's Basketball Players: Ray Allen, Tom Penders, Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Caron Butler, Donyell Marshall, Richard Hamilton
  2. Ray Allen: National Basketball Association, Boston Celtics, Shooting Guard, Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, NBA All-Star Game
  3. Champion Olympique de Basket-Ball: Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Bill Russell, Shaquille O'neal, Gary Payton, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett (French Edition)
  4. Sports Illustrated December 6, 2004 Boston Red Sox, Grant Hill, Greg Oden, Ray Allen, Wake Forest Basketball
  5. University of Connecticut Basketball Vault: The History of the Huskies by Ken Davis, 2010-09-30
  6. Ray of Hope: More Than Basketball and Money by Ray Allen, Zach Burgess, et all 1999-05
  7. Arrancaron Playoffs de la NBA.(Asociaci├│n Nacional de Basketbol, Estados Unidos)(TT: NBA play offs started.)(TA: National Basketball Association, United States): An article from: Semana by Tay Polo Miranda, 2000-04-21
  8. Ray Allen: There's Always Hope by Ray Allen, Greg Brown, 2007-04
  9. Milwaukee Bucks 1999-2000 Media Guide
  10. Philadelphia 76ers 2003-2004 Media Guide

81. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Space News Redirect Page
Orbiting observatory that opens a window for the most detailed X-ray view of the universe.

82. Chandra X-ray Observatory
Part of NASA s collection of space observatories. This one specializes in x-ray technology. Chandra Photo Album :: Recent Discoveries en-us Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:00:00 EST A galaxy cluster with a central quasar located about 8 billion light years away. Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:00:00 EST A slowly rotating neutron star with a very weak magnetic field at its surface. Tue, 05 Oct 2010 12:00:00 EST G327.1-1.1 is the aftermath of a massive star that exploded as a supernova in the Milky Way galaxy. Tue, 14 Sep 2010 12:00:00 EST Evidence that a star has recently engulfed a companion star or a giant planet has been found using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Wed, 08 Sep 2010 12:00:00 EST

83. CGRO Science Support Center
NASA mission from 1991 to 2000 with information on the Burst And Transient Source Experiment, the Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment, the Imaging Compton Telescope, and the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope.
CGRO What's New


Go to NASA Portal
The CGRO Mission
The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory was the second of NASA's Great Observatories. Compton, at 17 tons, was the heaviest astrophysical payload ever flown at the time of its launch on April 5, 1991 aboard the space shuttle Atlantis. Compton was safely deorbited and re-entered the Earth's atmosphere on June 4, 2000
Compton had four instruments that covered an unprecedented six decades of the electromagnetic spectrum , from 30 keV to 30 GeV. In order of increasing spectral energy coverage, these instruments were the Burst And Transient Source Experiment ( BATSE ), the Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment ( OSSE ), the Imaging Compton Telescope ( COMPTEL ), and the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope ( EGRET ). For each of the instruments, an improvement in sensitivity of better than a factor of ten was realized over previous missions.
The Observatory was named in honor of Dr. Arthur Holly Compton , who won the Nobel prize in physics for work on scattering of high-energy photons by electrons - a process which is central to the gamma-ray detection techniques of all four instruments.
CGRO Observation Timelines
If you have a question about CGRO, please contact us via the

84. - RayTraccio
A Java ray-tracer running as a applet that wants to be simple and clean but nonetheless has some advanced features.
There should appear the actual Java applet. Maybe you browser doesn't support it! ETI/default.sdl ETI/solito.sdl ETI/marmi.sdl ETI/forato.sdl ETI/vigo.sdl ETI/poly.sdl It's a raytracing program that supports
  • Scenes with: One Camera, One 3D shape, Many Lights First reflection A number of shapes:
    • Quadric (generic support for spheres, paraboloids, hyperboloids, cones, saddles, ...) Plane CSG Union (draws various sub-shapes altogether) CSG Intersection (intersecates the sub-shapes) CSG Difference (substract the sub-shapes from the first sub-shape) Generic shapes up to 4th degree (as of now)
    A number of procedural textures:
    • Plain Checker (draws the two sub-textures checkered along all the axes) Stripes (draws the two sub-textures divided in stripes along Y axes) Mix (multiplies the colors of the two sub-textures)
    Did I mention that it uses it's own Scene Definition Language to easily create scenes? Look at the default example! As of version 0.999 I objtained the following rendering times viewing this very page:
    • 19685 ms on Sun Java2 1.3.0

85. Windows Raytracing Software
Personal page with links to programs for modeling, Ray tracing, converting, and animating. Plus models for various ray tracers. Windows, MacOS and Unix.

86. POV-Ray - The Persistence Of Vision Raytracer
POV-Ray is an open-source ray tracer and computer graphics software that can create stunning photo-realistic computer-generated images and animations. (Official site)
Download Hall Of Fame Docs FAQ ... Search Welcome The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics . It is available in official versions for Windows Mac OS/Mac OS X and i86 Linux . The source code is available for those wanting to do their own ports.
Download and Navigation To navigate about this site please use the navigation links at the top of this page. If you want to download POV-Ray, please visit our download page . If you are interested in our beta-test for SMP and multi-core systems, please visit our beta-test page
Contacting Us To contact us, please use the address given at the bottom of our license page . You may also wish to read our Widgets

POV-Ray-related News POV-Ray Beta Release POV-Ray version 3.7.beta.39 for Windows is now available. This release features the addition of a mesh camera that now makes texture baking possible! See the beta page for the full list of new features and changes. Source and Linux code will be updated as time permits. [September 16, 2010] [

87. About Ray Winstone
A tribute site to the charismatic British actor Ray Winstone, with biography, filmography, articles, interviews.

88. Coby's Ray-Traced Lego Mania
Coby revisits his childhood by ray-tracing his favorite Lego sets with POV-Ray. Most are Space themed sets from the early 1980s.
Coby's Ray-Traced Lego Mania
Post date: May 6, 2009 Category: Miscellaneous
4884 - Wild Hunters lion - 2005
YouTube Animation: Ratings Rate this set:
  • Currently 4.13/10
Rating: /10 (152 votes cast) Rate the : (pictures/animations)
  • Currently 2.69/10
Rating: /10 (134 votes cast) Coby's rating for this set:
  • Currently 0.00/10
Rating: Post date: January 21, 2009 Category: Miscellaneous
4404 - Land Busters - 2003
YouTube Animation: Ratings Rate this set:
  • Currently 3.98/10
Rating: /10 (81 votes cast) Rate the : (pictures/animations)
  • Currently 3.50/10
Rating: /10 (76 votes cast) Coby's rating for this set:
  • Currently 10.00/10
Rating: Post date: May 22, 2008 Category: Miscellaneous
4996 - Creator Beach House - 2008
YouTube Animation: Ratings Rate this set:
  • Currently 4.91/10
Rating: /10 (229 votes cast) Rate the : (pictures/animations)
  • Currently 2.75/10

89. Slime's Home Page
Slime s page Various graphics things, including a POV-Ray gallery, a custom compile of POV-Ray 3.5, and a ray-tracer in JavaScript.

90. Every Day With Rachael Ray Magazine Official Website
Rachael Ray s cooking tips and 30 Minute Meal recipes. Also travel, party and food ideas straight out of the Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.
document.write(''); document.write(''); November 1, 2010 IN THIS ISSUE: Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes Sweepstakes In the Magazine ... Every Day with Rachael Ray Hi there! Sign In Join Us BEST DEAL: GET A FREE YEAR! Subscribe createCustomMbox("RRCMHeader", "TOH,LNT,TWO,QCK,CWM");
Popular Searches: pie 30-minute meals turkey recipes stuffing recipes ... sweepstakes More Rachael Links: document.write(''); createCustomMbox("RRRightTallSub", "TOH,LNT,TWO,QCK,CWM");

91. Azure Ray | Music Videos, News, Photos, Tour Dates, Ringtones, And Lyrics | MTV
Music videos, articles, downloads, and ringtones.
$_WGPlayable.setJQuery(jQuery); $_WGPlayable.setServer("live");
Azure Ray
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  • A B C D ... Z Courtesy of Saddle Creek Although they became important figures in the Saddle Creek community of Omaha, NE, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor made their initial mark in Athens, GA, where they formed Azure Ray in 2001. The two musicians both Alabama natives as well as childhood friends relocated to Athens after school... Read More
  • $_WGPlayable.getRhapRssFeed(1217557, "artist", MTV.Content.Rhapsody.getRhapTracksRSS);
    Full Biography
  • Although they became important figures in the Saddle Creek community of Omaha, NE, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor made their initial mark in Athens, GA, where they formed Azure Ray in 2001. The two musicians both Alabama natives as well as childhood friends relocated to Athens after school and combined elements of folk, pop, and light electronica into their 2001 debut album. The next winter, Azure Ray issued the November EP on the Saddle Creek label, sparking a fruitful association with the label and its roster. The sophomore effort Burn and Shiver followed in 2002 and exuded a more serene soundscape, as well as slick production work from Crooked Fingers frontman Eric Bachmann. Fink and Taylor also began lending their help to other albums, from Moby 's 18 to Bright Eyes ' Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. Meanwhile, they also served as members of Now It's Overhead, another Saddle Creek band.
  • 92. Stevie Ray Vaughan News - Topix
    News about Stevie Ray Vaughan continually updated from around the net.

    93. Unlock Austin Error Page
    Spotlighting the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Ray Vaughan
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    Lucid Crew : Austin Web Design

    94. Ray City, Georgia (31645) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground
    Current weather conditions and forecast for Ray City, Georgia.

    95. StarChild: Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
    Information for stated mission.
    The Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory CGRO
    The Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory was launched April 7, 1991 and observed the high-energy Universe until June 4, 2000 when it safely de-orbited and burned up in the Earth's atmosphere . The mission of CGRO was to study gamma-ray emissions in not only our galaxy , but other galaxies beyond ours. In addition, it was to investigate how neutron stars and black holes change over time. The satellite carried four science instruments which allowed it to study the gamma-ray emissions from the universe in unprecedented detail. From creating an all-sky map which allowed scientists to better understand the interaction between cosmic rays and interstellar dust, to studying the mysterious phenomenon of gamma-ray bursts, CGRO opened wide a new window on the workings of the cosmos.
    Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
    Return to the StarChild Main Page

    Go to Imagine the Universe!
    (A site for ages 14 and up.)
    The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) Dr. Alan Smale (Director)

    96. Official NASA Swift Homepage
    Mission information, data, coordinates network, operations, gallery, and related sites.
    Swift Help/FAQ
    + Swift What's New

    + NASA Homepage

    Search the Swift site:
    ... GALLERY
    The Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission
    Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are the most powerful explosions the Universe has seen since the Big Bang. They occur approximately once per day and are brief, but intense, flashes of gamma radiation. They come from all different directions of the sky and last from a few milliseconds to a few hundred seconds. So far scientists do not know what causes them. Do they signal the birth of a black hole in a massive stellar explosion? Are they the product of the collision of two neutron stars? Or is it some other exotic phenomenon that causes these bursts? With Swift, a NASA mission with international participation, scientists have a tool dedicated to answering these questions and solving the gamma-ray burst mystery. Its three instruments give scientists the ability to scrutinize gamma-ray bursts like never before. Within seconds of detecting a burst, Swift relays its location to ground stations, allowing both ground-based and space-based telescopes around the world the opportunity to observe the burst's afterglow. Swift is part of NASA's medium explorer (MIDEX) program and was launched into a low-Earth orbit on a Delta 7320 rocket on November 20, 2004. GRB 100413B is Number 500 Detected by Swift/BAT
    + View the Video
    (61.6 MB)

    97. Silicon X-Ray Array
    Introduction, general features, progress, objectives and performance, and response and tools.

    98. University Hospitals Radiology Department
    Information geared to children about x-rays and interesting x-rays of plants, shells, animals.
    Function ChangeOver(byval color1) color1.bgColor ="#e8ebf0" End Function Function ChangeOut(byval color1) color1.bgColor ="white" End Function Home EDUCATION Residency Program Fellowship Programs RESOURCES University Hospitals Cleveland VAMC CCIR FACULTY Listing RESIDENTS Resident Corner Applicants CONTACT US Contact Information University Hospitals Radiology Residency Program Welcome to the home page for the radiology residency offered at Case Medical Center, University Hospitals and Rainbow Babies and Children. This facility is a 1000 bed tertiary care medical center and primary teaching affiliate of Case Medical School. Our program consists of over 60 attending Diagnostic Radiologists who read the entire spectrum of studies done at the main campus, multiple satellite hospitals and outpatient imaging centers. This variety and volume of cases provides a unique resident experience at our program which prepares residents well for either academic or private practice careers. We are a fully filmless digital department and use the Phillips PACS platform. Our hospital system performs over 700,000 exams a year. There are 16 MR systems within the system including a 3T clinical magnet and a 4T human research magnet. There are 18 CT scanners within our hospital systems including a state of the art dual source machine and multiple 64 slice units. The main campus also contains multiple dedicated small animal imaging units administered by the imaging research cooperative CCIR.

    99. USUHS Radiology Chest X-Ray Review
    and interpretation of this standardised diagnostic procedure.......

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