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  1. Central Michigan Chippewas Men's Basketball Players: Chris Kaman, Nate Huffman, Dan Majerle, Dan Roundfield, Ben Kelso, Lyle Bennett

9 4 lenard,voshon 136 2.6 41 0.8 80 1.5 15 0.3 10.5 37 0.7 153 2.9 5 brown,p.j. 145 1.8 65 0.8 100 1.2 61 0.8 13.2 216 2.7 600 7.5 6 majerle,dan
MiamiHeat ( last 10 stats TND

42. Re: Pronunciation Does Matter
I also don't know why Majerle (Dan Majerle, French is pisspoor, but You start out pronouncing the French name FAH-vreh (where the
Re: Pronunciation does matter
  • From Date : Mon, 06 Oct 2008 14:25:01 GMT

gekko wrote:
It's nu-clee-er. Nuclear. NU. CLEE. ER.
It is *NOT* nuke-ya-ler.
Will somebody please pass that message along to Barbie Palin?
Criticizing accents is racist.
Noo-cue-ler and nuke-ya-lar and those variations may contain
accents (NUKE-ya-ler, doncha know), but mispernunciatin'
nu-clee-ar is simply showing ignerintz, not indulging in an
"accent." It's fucking irritating, is what it is. Was when my physics teacher in high school did it, and is when Bush does it. Yes, it is. Yep. And here's another pronunciation pet peeve (PPP) of mine: It's realtor. REAL-TORR. Two syllables, not three. Why is Brett Favre (fav-ray) pronounced 'farve'? If it's just anglisizing a French name, why not 'favor'? I also don't know why Majerle (Dan Majerle, formerly a Phoenix Suns player, now an assistant coach) is "marlee". But here're my theories: I suspect it was originally ma-her-lee and got smoothed into mar-lee For Favre, he was born in Miss'ippi. I'm guessing still, and my

43. Nicknames NBA Players
Majerle, Dan Thunder Dan Malone, Karl The Mailman Marbury, Stephon Starbury Mashburn, Jamal Monster Mash Mason, Anthony Mace Maxwell, Vernon Mad Max McDyess, Antonio
N B A R E P O R T E R . C O M Home [A] [B] [C] ... [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] A Abdur-Rahim, Shareef Reef Allen, Ray Jesus Shuttlesworth Anderson, Kenny The Kid Augmon, Stacey Plastic Man B Baker, Vin A-Train Barkley, Charles Sir Charles Barry, Brent Bones Bird, Larry Larry Legend Blaylock, Daron Mookie Brandon, Terrell Tee Bee C Campbell, Ed Easy Ed Carr, Antoine Big Dog Carter, Vince Air Canada, Vinsanity Cassell Sam Sam I Am Coleman, Derrick DC Coles, Vernell Bimbo Croshere, Austin Austin Powers D Davis, Dale D Square Davis, Emanuel E-Mail Douglas, Sherman Sherminator E Ellis, LaPhonso The Fonz Erving, Julius Dr. J F Frazier, Walt Clyde Fulkes, Joe Jumpin' Joe G Garnett, Kevin The Kid, KG Gatling, Chris The Energizer Goldwire, Anthony Goldie Gugliotta, Tom Googs H Hamilton, Richard Rip Hardaway, Anfernee Penny Hardaway, Tim Tim Bug Harpring, Matt Harp Hawkins, Hersey Hawk I Iverson, Allen The Answer J Jackson, Jimmy J J Johnson, Larry Grandma Jordan, Michael Air, MJ K Kemp, Shawn The Reignman Kidd, Jason The Whiz Kidd Kukoc, Toni Croatian Sensation L Langdon, Trajan Alaskan Assassin Lauderdale, Priest

44. Dan Majerle - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
Dan Majerle NBA ABA Statistics You Are Here Players M Dan Majerle Dan Majerle. Daniel Lewis Majerle (Dan, Thunder majerle

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