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  1. Lebron James: Basketball Legend (Inspiring Lives) by Shanya Worthy, 2010-01
  2. James Worthy: L.A. Lakers 1987 Basketball Championship Series by Jerry Carpenter, Steve Dimeglio, 1988-06

41. James Worthy James Joyce James Bond James Cameron
James Worthy James Joyce James Bond James Cameron Canadian Gateway, Business Guides, Entertainment, Travel. Listing and reviews of Canadian Web sites.
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James Ager Worthy (b. February 27 nickname d Big Game James , was a college and professional basketball player from Gastonia, North Carolina . Standing 6'9", he played small forward Worthy was a stand-out basketball player for the University of North Carolina , winning the NCAA championship before being drafted first overall by the Los Angeles Lakers . As a Laker, he contributed to 3 NBA championships in , and . He was best known for his one-handed tomahawk Tomahawk may refer to: a type of axe made and used by Native Americans a United States-built cruise missile the Curtiss P-40 fighter aircraft a heavy metal band band fronted by Mike Patton a city and town in the U. state of Wisconsin in basketball, a one- slam dunk This is about the basketball term; for the manga, see Slam Dunk (manga In basketball, a slam dunk (or sometimes just dunk is a particular method of scoring points. In a slam dunk, the player, holding the ball in one or both hands, leaps off the floor and

42. Worthy James Publishing Technology Solution Advances Corporate
625 Market Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 phone 415.247.9420 fax 415.247.9425 web www. day springtech. com Dayspring Worthy James Publishing Technology Solution

43. The 15 Most Cringe-Worthy James Bond Puns Link
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44. Work: Dayspring Web Design & Development
Worthy James, publisher of basic accounting and financial content. Situation. Computer Based Training (CBT) is carving out space in the corporate landscape, reforming traditional
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Work: Featured
e-Learning Web Application: Worthy and James Publishing
Are you looking to push the envelope of what is possible? Are you finding the off-the-shelf software solutions in your space unworkable? Worthy and James was, and turned to Dayspring for a fully-randomizing, dynamic question-generating Web-based testing tool that is state-of-the-art. Client Situation While some large content providers are beginning to randomize test questions, the testing element in most CBT software has historically been confined to a few features narrowly understood as randomization. These tests might also include multiple choice or fill-in questions, but an accounting trainer would never see anything resembling an accounting worksheet on a CBT test. Most training firms would resign themselves to the limits of a CBT tool, but the project sponsor did not. Vision The project sponsor envisioned online assessments that offer a high degree of administrator control and question customization that responds to client needs. He imagined an online accounting test in which his firm wrote the questions (adding new questions at will), and where the tests include standard CBT elements as well as specialized worksheet and journal entry types of questions. Moreover, he wanted a technology solution that randomized questions and question values resulting in a different formulation of the question and thus a different answer each time the test was taken. Finally, the project sponsor wanted accountants-in-training to be able to create their own practice tests, selecting from groups of questions in topics where they need extra help.

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