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1. Mikhail Shtalenkov
Season Team Regular Season Playoffs Games Min W L T GA SO Games Min W L T GA SO 19931994 Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10 543
Mikhail Shtalenkov Date of Byrth: Country: USSR Position: Goalie Height: Weight: Catches: Left Number: Drafted: Anaheim 93 (5/108) Season Team Regular Season Playoffs Games Min W L T GA SO Games Min W L T GA SO Anaheim Mighty Ducks Anaheim Mighty Ducks Anaheim Mighty Ducks Anaheim Mighty Ducks Anaheim Mighty Ducks Edmonton Oilers Phoenix Coyotes Phoenix Coyotes Florida Panthers Totals

2. Mikhail Shtalenkov (1993-present)
Profile, quotes, transactions, accolades, records, and game directory.
Mikhail Shtalenkov
Last updated
BORN: Moscow, U.S.S.R. (now Russia) , October 20, 1965.
HOME: Irvine, California.
WEIGHT: 180-184 lbs.
UNIFORM #: Anaheim Russia Florida
SALARY (1996-97):
Name pronounced mih-KHIGHL shtuh-LEHN-kahf
"Shtalenkov could start for some teams." (The Sports Forecaster Hockey '97-'98, p. 191) "Will probably never be a starter, but is among the league's top backups. Quick and agile. Has had success everywhere he's played. Can handle the puck with aplomb. He has to earn his playing time as the Ducks have stuck with Hebert as their No. 1 goalie." (The Sports Forecaster Hockey '97-'98, p. 194) "After being acquired from Edmonton, Shtalenkov provided the Coyotes with the perfect backup for fellow Russian Khabibulin . Despite a failure to take over the No. 1 role with Oilers, he remains a valuable commodity. Shtalenkov seems perfectly suited for a backup role. He tends to play well even after long stints on the bench, and his attitude is excellent. Shtalenkov will team with Khabibulin to form one of the NHL's best goaltending tandems. Even if he shines in his new role, it's unlikely that he has any future as a front-liner." (The Sports Forecaster 1999-2000, p. 210)

3. Mikhail Shtalenkov - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov (b. October 20, 1965, in Moscow, USSR) is a former amateur and professional ice hockey goaltender. He played extensively in his native USSR and
Mikhail Shtalenkov
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Mikhail Shtalenkov Born October 20, 1965
USSR Height
Goaltender Played for Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
Edmonton Oilers

Phoenix Coyotes

Florida Panthers
... Russia Ntl. team Soviet Union
Unified Team

NHL Draft 108th overall,
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
Playing career Olympic medalist Medal record Men's ice hockey Gold 1992 Albertville Ice hockey Silver 1998 Nagano Ice hockey Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov Russian ; b. October 20, 1965, in Moscow USSR ) is a former amateur and professional ice hockey goaltender . He played extensively in his native USSR and Russia for HC Dynamo Moscow and in North America , seeing time with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Edmonton Oilers Phoenix Coyotes and Florida Panthers . He was selected in the fifth round of the 1993 NHL Entry Draft , 108th overall, by Anaheim. Despite such international success and a good performance in the NHL, Shtalenkov was never able to obtain a starting netminder's job.
edit Playing career
Shtalenkov began his hockey career with Dynamo Moscow in 1986 and won the Soviet Championship in 1990, ending the 13-year domincance of rival team

4. - Milwaukee Admirals AHL Hockey
26 4 11 15 6 Shier, Andrew 1 39 2 1 3 8 Shishkanov, Timofei 3 179 57 50 107 111 Shtalenkov, Mikhail (g) 1
41 Year Roster
This is my list of every player who has seen action with the Milwaukee Admirals hockey team over the years.
January 1970 - the team began as an independent amateur team.
1973 - joined the semi-pro USHL.
1977 - moved to the minor league IHL.
2001 - joined the AHL after the IHL ceased operations.
Research for this list was made possible by the Internet Hockey Database ( and countless hours in front of a microfilm machine searching old newspaper articles. Some of the earlier seasons have incomplete statistics, so there are empty spots in the tables below. Therefore, this is very unofficial. Let me know if you find anything wrong or missing with this archive.
This list is current as of April 29, 2010.
* Block, Matt (see Hervey, Matt) *

Shtalenkov, Mikhail G . Souray, Sheldon RD LD. Tkachuk, Daniel C LW. Wilkinson, Neil RD . Ylonen, Juha C LW RW. Zalapski, Zarley LD RD . Buffalo Wings
Baltimore Bandits Affliate: Saint John Hawks GM: Randy McCalloum Name Pos Other Pos Andersson, Erik C RW Banham, Frank LW RW Begin, Steve C LW Brown, Sean LD RD Chase, Kelly RW Gainey, Steve LW RW Grimes, Kevin LD RD Gueren, Miroslav LD RD Higgins, Matt LW RW Hurme, Jani G Johnson, Matt LW Kelly, Steve C LW RW Knutsen, Espen C RW Kocur, Joe RW Kohn, Ladislav RW LW Langkow, Scott G Leclerc, Mike LW RW Marshall, Jason RD LD Nazarov, Andrei RW LW Nedved, Zdenick RW LW Prochazka, Martin LW Racine, Yves RD LD Roberts, David LW C Shannon, Darrin LW Shtalenkov, Mikhail G Souray, Sheldon RD LD Tkachuk, Daniel C LW Wilkinson, Neil RD Ylonen, Juha C LW RW Zalapski, Zarley LD RD Buffalo Wings GM: Jes Golbez, Bryan Bruce Affiliates: Minneapolis Flyfishermen, Montreal Alouettes, Regina Rink Rats, Toronto Sun Name Pos Other Pos Audet, Phillipe LW RW Biron, Mathieu LD RD Brown, Mike C LW Burke, Sean G Caloun, Jan RW LW Crowe, Phil RW LW Doig, Jason LD RD Fata, Rico C LW Fitzgerald, Rusty C LW Fitzpatrick, Rory RD LD Giguere, Jean Sebast G Green, Josh LW RW Guolla, Stephen LW RW Haggerty, Sean LW RW Johnson, Andy RD LD Johnson, Jim RD LD Karpa, David RD LD Kraft, Ryan LW C Kroupa, Vlastimil RD LD Lind, Juha LW RW Lipuma, Chris LD RD Luhning, Warren RW LW Mann, Cameron RW LW Miller, Kevin RW LW Muzzatti, Jason G Nedved, Petr C LW Noronen, Mika G Plante, Dan RW LW Plavsic, Adrian RD LD Roche, Dave C LW Roy, Jean Yves RW LW Rupp, Michael LW RW Ryan, Terry LW RW Sarich, Cory RD LD Strudwick, Jason LD RD Stuart, Brad LD RD Tancill, Chris RW C Tardif, Patrice C LW White, Colin LD RD Yachmenev, Vitali RW LW Fresno Fog Affiliates: Boston Rockerboyz, Cinncinati Sidewinders, Colorado Mountaineers, Orlando Monarchs, San Jose Storm GM: Jerry Howell Name Pos Other Pos Barrie, Len C RW Chabot, Frederic G Chynoweth, Dean RD LD Cooper, David RD LD Cousineau, Marcel G Davidsson, Johan C LW Finn, Steve RD LD Godynyuk, Alex RD LD Gronman, Tuomas LD Gusamanov, Ravil RW LW Halko, Steven RD Hudson, Mike C LW Jones, Ty RW LW Korolyuk, Alexander RW C LW Lank, Jeff LD RD LeBoutillier, Peter RW Luongo, Chris RD LD Millen, Corey C LW Mills, Craig RW LW Oliver, David RW LW Petrovicky, Robert C LW Ridley, Mike C LW Rohlin, Lief LD RD Rohloff, Jon LD RD Sauve, Phillipe G Scatchard, Dave C Schwab, Corey G Shevalier, Jeff LW RW Simon, Todd C LW Staios, Steve RD RW Stapleton, Mike C RW Trepanier, Pascal RD Ustorf, Stefan C RW Ward, Jason RW LW Ward, Lance RD LD Ware, Jeff RD LD Wiseman, Bryan C RW Louisianna Gators Affiliates: Albuquerque Desert Wolves, Milwaukee Monsters Portland Punishers GM: Craig Hale Name Pos Other Pos Aalto, Anti LW RW Andersson, Mikael C LW RW Andersson, Nicklas LW RW Armstrong, Derek C LW Barney, Scott C RW Baumgartner, Gregor LW RW Belanger, Jesse C LW Bohonos, Lonny RW C LW Bonsignore, Jason C Brown, Jeff RD LD Brylin, Sergei C Buzek, Peter LD RD Church, Brad LW RW Crowley, Mike RD LD Decantis, Rob C LW Finley, Jeff LD RD Fitzpatrick, Mark G Hillier, Craig G Hossa, Marion RW LW Huselius, Kristian RW LW Isbister, Brad LW RW Keczmer, Dan RD LD Laraque, Georges RW LW Markov, Danil LD RD McCarthy, Sandy RW Moran, Ian RD Morrow, Brendan LW RW Nabakov, John G Nelson, Jeff C RW Pelletier, Jean Marc G Podollan, Jason RW LW Riihijarvi, Teemu RW LW Russell, Cam RD LD Sevigny, Pierre LW RW Sharifijanov, Vladimir LW C Sutter, Ron C RW Tallinder, Hendrik LD RD Tjarnqvist, Daniel LD RD Trebil, Dan RD LD Yegorev, Alexi RW LW Manhattan Brawlers Affiliates: Pittsburgh Pittbulls, Tampa Bay Bushrangers GM: Henry Patino Name Pos Other Pos Bergkvist, Stefan LD RD Bombardir, Brad LD Brewer, Eric LD RD Cleary, Daniel LW RW Craig, Mike RW LW Cullimore, Jassen LD RD Drury, Chris C RW Fedotov, Sergei RD LD Ferraro, Pete RW LW Fountain, Mike G Hulbig, Joe LW RW Jokinen, Olli C LW Jomphe, Jf RW LW Luongo, Roberto G Malhotra, Manny C LW McAllister, Chris LD LW More, Jay RD LD Nielsen, Jeff RW Nurminen, Kai RW LW Pratt, Nolan RD LD Richter, Barry LD RD Ritchie, Byron C LW Royer, Remi LD RD Rozsival, Michal RD LD Rychel, Warren LW RW Shields, Steve G Van Allen, Shaun C RW Volchkov, Alexander RW LW Walker, Scott C LW RW South Carolina Sharpshooters Affiliate: Carolina Cougars, Vancouver Canucks GM: Scott Hyjek Name Pos Other Pos Backman, Christian LD RD Belak, Wade RD LD Bell, Mark C LW Bierk, Zac G Boucher, Brian G Boynton, Nick LD RD Chara, Zdeno LD RD Cole, Erik LW RW Dahlen, Ulf RW LW Farkas, Jeff LW RW Gagne, Simon C LW Gusev, Sergei RD LD Hecht, Jochen RW LW Heerema, Jeff RW LW Holmqvist, Mikael C LW Lecavalier, Vincent C LW Malik, Marek LD RD McLean, Kirk G Pandolfo, Jay LW RW Parrish, Mark LW RW Passmore, Steve G Posmyk, Marek RD LD Presley, Wayne RW LW Reasoner, Marty C RW Tanguay, Alex C LW Van Ryn, Mike LD RD Vishnevsky, Vitali LD RD Wallin, Jesse RD LD Wells, Chris C Wesenberg, Brian RW LW Zultek, Matt LW RW Smithers Alpinemen Affiliates: Detroit Ravens, Oakland Golden Seals GM: Ed Wang Name Pos Other Pos Abid, Ramzi LW RW Afanasenkov, Dimitri RW LW Askey, Tom G Balmochnykh, Maxim LW RW Bartanis, Karol RW LW Bassen, Bob C Bicanek, Radim LD RD Cairns, Eric LD Cherneski, Stefan RW LW Chubarov, Artem C LW Dube, Christian C LW Dumont, Jean-Pierre LW Hirsch, Corey G Holmstrom, Tomas LW RW Hrdina, Jan RW LW Hughes, Brent LW RW Kalinin, Dimitri RD LD Legwand, David C LW Lyashenko, Roman C LW McLlwain, Dave C RW Parker, Scott RW LW Peat, Steven RD LD Peltonen, Vilke LW RW Regeher, Robyn RD LD Rosa, Pavel RW LW Skoula, Martin LD RD Theodore, Jose G Tselios, Nikos LD RD Wood, Dody LW RW Zednik, Richard RW Walla Walla Wallabees Affiliate: Kamloops Blazers GM: Vic Au Name Pos Other Pos Afinogenov, Maxim RW LW Baumgartner, Nolan LD RD Biron, Martin G Botterill, Jason LW RW Briere, Daniel C LW Desrochers, Patrick G Fedyk, Brent RW LW Galanov, Maxim RD LD Gendron, Martin RW LW Healey, Paul RW LW Henrich, Michael RW LW Holden, Josh C LW Holland, Jason LD RD Khmylev, Yuri LW RW Kruse, Paul LW Lalime, Patrick G Larocque, Mario LD RD Lidster, Doug RD Ludwig, Craig LD Muckalt, Bill RW LW Nemirovsky, David RW Orsagh, Vladamir RW LW Papineau, Justin C LW Riesen, Michel RW LW Schaefer, Peter LW C Sheppard, Ray RW LW Smith, Geoff RD Vasilevskii, Alexander RW C Vopat, Jan RD LD Watt, Mike C LW RW Weekes, Kevin G Zehr, Jeff LW C Waterloo Warlords Affiliates: Kitchener Krusaders, Lake Superior Lumberjacks GM: Mark Wendling Name Pos Other Pos Allen, Bryan LD RD Antropov, Nikolai C LW Betts, Blair C RW Cheechoo, Jonathan RW LW Chouinard, Mathieu G Damphousse, Jf G Denis, Mark G Devereaux, Boyd C LW Elomo, Mikka LW RW Friedman, Doug LW Gauthier, Denis LD RD Goneau, Daniel LW RW Hajt, Chris RD LD Hannan, Scott RD LD Heins, Shawn LD RD Jovanovski, Ed LD Kvasha, Oleg C RW Mair, Adam RW LW McCleary, Trent RW LW McKenzie, Jim LW Messier, Eric RD LD Morrison, Brendan C LW Muni, Craig RD LD Murray, Marty C LW Myrvold, Anders RD LD Nilson, Marcus LW RW Oksiuta, Roman RW LW Shaw, David RD LD Thornton, Joe C Varada, Vaclav RW LW Varlamov, Sergei RW LW Yellowknife Klondikes Affliates: Ottawa Strikers, Washington Senators GM: Bryan Edwardson Name Pos Other Pos Aitken, Johnathon LD RD Brigley, Travis LW RW Chouinard, Eric C RW Colagiacomo, Adam RW LW Copley, Randy RW LW Dunham, Mike G Egeland, Allan C LW Featherstone, Glen RD LD Ference, Brad RD LD Fischer, Jiri LD RD Fisher, Craig LW RW Focht, Dan RD LD Garon, Mathieu G Gartner, Mike RW LW Golubovsky, Yan LD RD Gomez, Scott C LW Handzus, Michael C LW Hawgood, Greg LD RD Jackman, Richard LD RD Kuznetsov, Maxim LD RD Larivee, Frances G Legault, Jay C LW Mara, Paul RD LD Maracle, Norm G Poti, Tom LD RD Rasmussen, Erik C RW Robatille, Randy C LW Rossiter, Kyle RD LD Roy, Stephane C LW Skalde, Jarrod C Skrbek, Pavel RD LD Sykora, Peter B. C RW Twist, Tony LW

6. Autograph Certification Experts
Shtalenkov, Mikhail Yes 20 30 20 Sinkwich, Frank Yes * 75 35 Smith, Billy Yes 20 30 20 Smith, Rick Yes 20 30 20 Spezza, Jason Yes 20 30 20 Staal, Eric Yes 20 30 20 Stanley, Frederick Lord
Hockey Fees To make your search easier, click and hold the "ctrl" button on your keyboard and press the "F" key. This will prompt you with a search page. Begin typing in the prefered name and you will be direted to the location of that name. Apple users use the "Open Apple Key" and "F." Diamond Service Avaible for Diamond Service Diamond Service Diamond Service Certification Letter Encapsulation Abel, Sid Yes Allison, Davey Yes Barber, Bill Yes Barilko, Bill Yes Bathgate, Andy Yes Bauer, Bobby Yes Belfour, Ed Yes Beliveau, Jean Yes Beukeboom, Jeff Yes Blake, Toe Yes Bossy, Mike Yes Bouchard, Butch Yes Bourque, Ray No Bower, Johnny Yes Broda, Turk Yes Brodeur, Martin Yes Bucyk, John Yes Bure, Pavel Yes Calcavecchia, Mark Yes Cheevers, Garry Yes Clarke, Bobby Yes Conacher, Charlie Yes Cournoyer, Yvan Yes Crosby, Sidney Yes Day, Happ Yes Delvecchio, Alex Yes Dionne, Marcel Yes Dryden, Ken Yes Dutton, Red Yes Eruzione, Mike Yes Esposito, Phil No Esposito, Tony No Federov, Sergei No Fetisov, Slava Yes Flaman, Fernie Yes Fleury, Theo Yes Forsberg, Peter

7. Postcards
19 Shtalenkov Mikhail (Russia) (g) RC 20 Oksyuta Roman (Russia) RC 21 Ozolinsh Sandis (Dynamo Riga) RC 22 Mironov Dmitri (Soviet Wings) 23 Brylin Sergei (CSKA) RC
This list of another memorabilia Russia cards Red Ace International 92 #1 Kasparaitis Darius (Dynamo) RC
#2 Zhamnov Alexei (USSR) RC
#3 Khristich Dmitry (USSR)
#4 Trefilov Andrei (Russia) (g) RC
#5 Prokhorov Vitaly (USSR)
#6 Filimonov Dmitry (Dynamo) RC
#7 Zelerukin Valeri (USSR) RC
#8 Kovalev Alexei (Dynamo) RC
#9 Kvartalnov Dmitri (Khimik)
#10 Korolev Igor (Dynamo) RC
#11 Borschevski Nikolai (Spartak) RC #12 Boldin Igor (Spartak) #13 Irbe Arturs (Dynamo Riga) #14 Butsaev Viatcheslav (CSKA) RC #15 Mironov Boris (CSKA) RC #16 Bautin Sergei (Russia) RC #17 Kharlamov Alexander (Russia) #18 Kozlov Viatcheslav (USSR) RC #19 Shtalenkov Mikhail (Russia) (g) RC #20 Oksyuta Roman (Russia) RC #21 Ozolinsh Sandis (Dynamo Riga) RC #22 Mironov Dmitri (Soviet Wings) #23 Brylin Sergei (CSKA) RC #24 Grachev Vladimir (Dynamo) #25 Starostenko Dmitri (CSKA) #26 Nazarov Andrei (Dynamo) RC #27 Yashin Alexei (Dynamo) RC #28 Malakhov Vladimir (Russia) RC #29 Jakubov Ravil (Dynamo) #30 Klimovich Sergei (Dynamo) #31 Oktjabrev Artur #32 Berdichevsky Lev (Khimik) #33 Kaminski Ian (Russia) RC #34 Kovalenko Andrei (Russia) RC #35 Yushkevich Dmitri (Dynamo) RC #36 NNO Checklist (emblem) 2003/04 Russian Postcards (12 postcards in this series; cards are numbered for players numbers)

8. 1995–96 Mighty Ducks Of Anaheim Season - Ice Hockey Wiki
Shtalenkov, Mikhail Mikhail Shtalenkov 30 0 2 2 2 Butsayev, Viacheslav Viacheslav Butsayev 7 1 0 1 0 Baumgartner, Ken Ken Baumgartner 12 0 1 1 41 Marshall, Jason Jason Marshall–96_Mighty_Ducks_of_Anaheim_season
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9. 1993–94 Mighty Ducks Of Anaheim Season - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
McKay, Scott Scott McKay 1 0 0 0 0 Shtalenkov, Mikhail Mikhail Shtalenkov 10 0 0 0 0 Thomson, Jim Jim Thomson 6 0 0 0 5 Tugnutt, Ron Ron Tugnutt 28 0 0 0 2–94_Mighty_Ducks_of_Anaheim_season
1993–94 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim season
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Division Pacific Conference Western 1993–94 record Home record Road record Goals for Goals against Team information General Manager Jack Ferreira Coach Ron Wilson Captain Troy Loney Alternate captains ...
Randy Ladouceur
Arena Anaheim Arena
Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
Team leaders Goals Bob Corkum Assists Terry Yake ... Points Terry Yake (52) Penalties in minutes Todd Ewen Wins Guy Hebert Goals against average Mikhail Shtalenkov The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were founded in 1993 by The Walt Disney Company . The team's original name was chosen from the Disney movie The Mighty Ducks , based on a group of misfit kids who turn their losing youth hockey team into a winning team. Disney subsequently made an animated series called Mighty Ducks , featuring a fictional Mighty Ducks of Anaheim team that consisted of anthropomorphized ducks led by the Mighty Duck Wildwing . The team was the first tenant of Arrowhead Pond (now Honda Center), a brand-new arena in Anaheim located a short distance east of Disneyland and across the Orange Freeway from Angel Stadium . The arena was completed the same year the team was founded. The Mighty Ducks hired Jack Ferreira as their first General Manager. Pierre Gauthier became his assistant. Gauthier had been a former goalie for Boston University and had considerable scouting experience with the New England Whalers

10. Nashville, Tennessee Upcoming Events At
Fl 5, Nashville (TN) View Map Scruggs Earl address 774 Elysian Road, Nashville (TN) View Map Shaw Victoria - address PO Box 120512, Nashville (TN) View Map Shtalenkov Mikhail
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11. The Goalies Archive : Goaltending History Of Every NHL Teams
Shtalenkov, Mikhail; Shulmistra, Rich; Skudra, Petr; Smith, Billy; Smith, Mike; Snow, Garth; Soetaert, Doug; Stana, Radislav; Stephenson, Wayne; Storr, Jamie. T. Tabaracci, Rick
NHL AHL IHL WHA ... Guestbook Masks Gallery
Take a peek at different art designs painted on many different kinds of goalie masks through the years... A B C D E F G H I

12. Keywords In The Sun Sentinel - M - Page 5
Mikhail Shtalenkov; Mikhail Tal; Mikko Koivu; Mikvah; Milan; Milan Hejduk; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Mildew; Mile High Stadium; Miles Davis; Miley Cyrus; Militant Group

13. Mikhail Shtalenkov: Facts, Discussion Forum, And Encyclopedia Article
Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov ' onMouseout='HidePop( 85820 )' href= http// Moscow
Home Discussion Topics Dictionary ... Login Mikhail Shtalenkov
Mikhail Shtalenkov
Discussion Ask a question about ' Mikhail Shtalenkov Start a new discussion about ' Mikhail Shtalenkov Answer questions from other users Full Discussion Forum Encyclopedia Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov ' onMouseout='HidePop("85820")' href="">Moscow Moscow Moscow is the capital and the most populous city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre of Russia and the world, a global city. It is also the seventh largest city proper in the...
, USSR) is a former amateur and professional ice hockey Ice hockey Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a puck into the opposing team's goal. It is a fast-paced physical sport...
Goaltender The goaltender in ice hockey is the player who defends his team's goal net by stopping shots of the puck from entering his team's net, thus preventing the opposing team from scoring...
. He played extensively in his native USSR and Russia Russia Russia , also officially known as the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

shtalenkov, mikhail; shvidki, denis; simon, chris; skrastins, karlis; skudra, peter; sloan, blake; spezza, jason; stajan, matt; stillman, cory; stock, p. j. strudwick, jason
  • YORK, MIKE ...
  • 15.
    Shtalenkov, Mikhail. Sjostrom, Fredrik. Slovak, Tomas. Umburger, Rj. Ustrnul, Libor. Waite, Jimmy. Wanvig, Kyle. Ware, Jeff. Weiss, Stephen. Zalesak, Miroslav . London Muskies (Affiliate Ottawa
    2002 Orion Hockey Association Rosters Baltimore Bandits (Affiliates: Cinncinati, Minneapolis) Aitken, Johnatta Armstrong, Colby Auld, Alexander Caloun, Jan Chabot, Frederic Chistov, Stanislov Convery, Brandon Cote, Patrick Domi, Tie Eaton, Mark Gusev, Sergey Hamhuis, Dan Haydar, Darren Hiesten, Barrett Hilbert, Andy Jackman T, Tim Jillson, Jeff Johnson, Andy Jonsson L, Lars Kharitonov, Alexander Kolanos, Krystofer Lawrence, Mark Noronen, Mika Oullette, Maxim Petrovicky, Robert Pettinger, Matt Sarault, Yves Selivanov, Alex Semenov, Alexi Spiller, Matthew Stoll, Jarrett Toms, Jeff Ward, Lance Worrell, Peter Buffalo Wings (Affiliates: Miami, Toronto) Name Andersson (Bo), Bo Mikael Bashkirov, Andrei Bates, Shawn Clark, Chris Colaiacovo, Carlos Couisineau, Marcel Cutta, Jaked Delisle, Xavier Dingman, Chris DiPietro, Rick Emmons, John Haggarty, Sean Jonsson J, Jorgen Kavanaugh, Dan Knyazev, Igor Kolnik, Juraj Krahn, Brent Kudroc, Kristian Lacouture, Dan Lasek, Jan Lind, Juha Low, Reed Malec, Tomas McCarthy, Steve Piekansc, Tomas Pothier, Brian Roche, Dave Roy, Andre Rupp, Michael Svejkovsky, Jaroslav Vydareny, Rene Ward, Ed Zalapski, Zarley Detroit Wolverines (Affiliate: Thunder Bay, Orlando) Name Adams, Craig Allen (Bry), Bryan Betts, Blair Brown, Kevin Butsayev, Yuri Cheecho, Johnathon Daigneault, Jj Datsyuk, Pavel Davidsson, Johan Dome, Robert Giroux, Raymond Grahame, John Hale, Dave Kelman, Scott Korolev, Evgeny Krajicek, Lukas Maneluk, Mike McLean, Kirk Ratchuk, Peter Reichel, Robert Riberio, Mike Ruutu, Jarkko Simpson, Reid Spezza, Jason Sykora, Petr (Nash) Thibault, Jocelyn Tjarnqvist D, Daniel Vlasenkov, Dmitri Volkov, Alexi Vopat, Roman Watson, Greg Widing, Daniel Woywitka, Jeff Ytfeldt, David Fresno Fog (Affilates: San Jose, Regina) Name Aulin, Jaked Berry, Rick Bezina, Goran Blackburn, Dan Bouchard, Joel Boyle, Dan Calder, Kyle Dagenais, Pierre Defauw, Brad Essensa, Bob Falloon, Pat Fankhouser, Scott Hagman, Niklas Hnidy, Shane Kesa, Dan Komarniski, Zenith Korolyuk, Alexander Krog, Jason Lukowich, Brad MacLean, Don McClement, Jay Nummelin, Petteri Passmore, Steve Petrovicky, Ronald Ryan T, Terry Scheiss-Forstr, Beat Sharfianov, Vlad Sheppard, Ray Sim, Jonathan Soin, Sergei Tardif, Patrice Thornburn, Chris Ward, Jason Wilson, Mike Long Island Ducklings (Affiliate: Long Island) Name Allen, Bobby Banham, Frank Begin, Steve Divisek, Tomas Fichaud, Eric Foster K, Kurtis Gainey, Steve Grimes, Kevin Guren, Miroslav Hansen, Tavis Herr, Matthew Higgins, Matt Jackman R, Richard Johnson, Matt Kidd, Trevor Laine, Teemu Laroque, Mario Nedved, Zdenick Ott, Steve Prochazka, Martin Roberts, David Ryan M, Michael Sarno, Peter Schultz, Nick Shtalenkov, Mikhail Sjostrom, Fredrik Slovak, Tomas Umburger, Rj Ustrnul, Libor Waite, Jimmy Wanvig, Kyle Ware, Jeff Weiss, Stephen Zalesak, Miroslav London Muskies (Affiliate: Ottawa, Boston) Name Bartovic, Milan Beech, Kris Botterill, Jason Brigley, Travis Brown, Jeff Cummins, Jim Fata, Rico Fortin, Jf Garpenlov, Johan Goc M, Marcel Jokinen, Olli Kruse, Paul Larivee, Francis Legault, Jay Maracle, Norm Matte, Christian Mitchell, Willie Niemi, Antti-Jussi Nikulin, Ilya Oliver, David Orpik, Brooks Pohanka, Igor Rheaume, Pascal Roloson, Dwayne Rossiter, Kyle Schwab, Corey Simon, Todd Skrbek, Pavel Stephens, Charlie Trebil, Dan Wallin, Niclas Watt, Mike Williams, Jason Zehr, Jeff Louisianna Gators (Affiliate: Milwaukee) Name Asham, Arron Baumgartner G, Gregor Brown, Mike Church, Brad Cigar, Zdeno Crowley, Ted Doig, Jason Drury, Ted Egleland, Allan Ferraro C, Chris Garnett, Michael Gavey, Aaron Hedberg, Johan Henry, Burke Heward, Jamie Jarventi, Marti Kuleshov, Mikhail Lintner, Richard Markannen, Jussi Nelson, Jeff O'Sullivan, Chris Paetsch, Nathan Park, Richard Podollan, Jason Raycroft, Andrew Royer, Remi Rozsival, Michal Shannon, Darryl Smith, Nathan Sutter, Ron Tjarnqvist M, Mathias Virta, Tony Vlasek, Tomas White, Todd Manhattan Brawlers (Affiliates: New Jersey, Vancouver) Name Ahonen, Ari Andersson, Craig Bell, Mark Black, James Brown, Rob Cairns, Eric Commodore, Mike Goc S, Sasha Hainsey, Ron Hulbig, Joe Karlsson, Jens Koivu, Mikko Kopecky, Tomas Kronvall, Niklas Lajeunesse, Simon Leschyshyn, Curtis McAllister, Chris McCauley, Alyn McLeod, Kiel Munro, Adam Novotry, Jiri Pihlman, Tuomas Plante, Derek Posmyk, Marek Poulin, Patrick Ray, Rob Riijuiharvi, Teemu Ritchie, Byron Rivet, Craig Sacco, Joe Torres, Raffi Tsyplakov, Vladimir Winchester, Brad Yonkman, Nolan New England Nightmare (Affiliate: Rochester, Albuquerque) Name Andersson (Jo), Jonas Andersson (Ni), Nicklas Armstrong (De), Derek Bureau, Marc Campbell, Brian Chubarov, Artem Crowley, Mike Damphousse, Jf Dube, Christian Ferraro P, Peter Golubovsky, Jan Jones, Ty Koltsov, Konstantin Komisarek, Mike Lambert, Denny Laniel, Jf Laplante, Darryl Leach, Stephen Leopold, Jordan Lupashink, Ross McKenna, Steve Millar, Craig Murley, Matt Nedorest, Vaclav Pilar, Karel Renberg, Mikael Salmelainen, Tony Sevigny, Pierre 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    Shtalenkov, Mikhail (G) Oct 20, 1965 Moscow, RUS Smith, Wyatt (C) BOS Feb 13, 1977

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    Shtalenkov, Mikhail; Shuchuk, Gary; Shudra, Ron; Shulmistra, Richard; Shutron, Ben; Shutt, Steve; Shvidki, Denis; Sidorkiewicz, Peter; Siebert, Babe; Sigalet, Jonathan

    Mikhail Shtalenkov Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov (RussianМихаил Алексеевич Шталенков; b. stopped 32 Anaheim shots Wednesday night as Phoenix shut out NOTEBOOK: COYOTES SHUT OUT DUCKS IN KARIYA-LES
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    Byline: Daily News and Wire Services
    Mikhail Shtalenkov
    Mikhail Alekseyevich Shtalenkov stopped 32 Anaheim shots Wednesday night as Phoenix shut out the Ducks 1-0 for the Coyotes' first exhibition win.
    Shane Doan
    Shane Doan (born October 10 1976, in Halkirk, Alberta) is a Canadian professional ice hockey forward who currently is team captain for the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL. Playing career scored the game's only goal, an unassisted slap shot slap shot
    A fast-moving shot made in hockey with a full swinging stroke. past Anaheim goalie Guy Hebert Guy Andre Hebert (born January 7, 1967 in Troy, New York) is a former professional ice hockey goaltender. Always a proud American, he used the French pronunciation of his first and last names because it "sounded better." He played for the St. at 6:17 of the second period. Doan's score came only seconds after the Coyotes (1-3-2) returned to full strength following a boarding penalty against

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