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  1. Thin Ice: The Complete Uncensored Story of Tonya Harding : America's Bad Girl of Ice Skating by Frank Coffey, Joe Layden, 1994-04
  2. Women On Ice: Feminist Responses to the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Spectacle
  3. Fire on Ice:: The Exclusive Inside Story of Tonya Harding by Oregonian Staff, 1994-02-21
  4. The Tonya Tapes by Tonya Harding Lynda Prouse, 2008-04-21
  5. Tonya Harding: An entry from Gale's <i>Notable Sports Figures</i> by Carol Brennan, 2004
  6. Tara Lipinski: Triumph on Ice: An entry from Gale's <i>American Decades: Primary Sources</i>

1. Tonya Harding, Commitment Department And Order Desk, Western Title & Escrow: - Z
Harding, Tonya First Baptist Christian Academy Harding, Torfinn OxCarre Harding, Tracee Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
Last Update on 10/3/10
Tonya Harding
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2. Tonya Harding, Tonya Harding Honeymoon, Tonya Harding Video Wedding, Tanya Hardi
tonya harding, tonya harding honeymoon, tonya harding video wedding, tanya harding video, tanya harding
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    TONYA HARDING's WEDDING VIDEO! User Talk Comments from our users:
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    4. Skaters > Women > Harding, Tonya
    Featuring the largest collection of Tonya Harding photos available on the net

    5. Tonya Harding
    Large collection of photographs along with competitive record and other information.
    Featuring the largest collection of Tonya Harding photos available on the net. Tonya Maxine Harding
    Date of Birth: 11/12/70
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 105 lbs (more or less)
    Eyes: blue Hair: blonde The girl that made Figure Skating the runner-up to pro football
    in American television ratings. Banned for life by the USFSA, this pool playing, cigarette smoking, truck driving bad girl of figure skating continues to fascinate the skating world and has now become a professional boxer.
    "Tonya is a Larry Bird or Wayne Gretzky. She's the best there has ever been athletically. There is not another figure skater who has ever laced up skates who could hold her skates. She has more talent than God has ever given anybody."
    Larry McBride, owner, Valley Ice Arena, Beaverton, Oregon
    as quoted in The Oregonian This site is 42 pages deep and contains over 200 photographs. Have a nice time.

    6. Tonya Harding - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Harding, Tonya Alternative names Short description Figure skater Date of birth November 12, 1970 Place of birth Portland, Oregon, United States Date of death
    Tonya Harding
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For the Australian softball player, see Tanya Harding Tonya Harding
    Harding with a fan at one of her boxing events Personal information Full name: Tonya Maxene Harding Country represented: United States Date of birth: November 12, 1970 Place of birth: Portland, Oregon Residence: Clark County, Washington Height: Coach: Diane Rawlinson Tonya Maxene Harding (born November 12, 1970) is an American figure skating champion. In 1991 she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and placed second in the World Championships . She was the second woman, and the first American woman, to complete a triple axel jump in competition. She became notorious after her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, conspired with Shawn Eckhardt and Shane Stant to attack Harding's skating competitor Nancy Kerrigan at a practice session, during the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.
    edit Early life
    Harding was born in Portland Oregon , the daughter of LaVona and Al Harding. She had a half-brother, Chris Davison (deceased). Her father had health problems that sometimes made him unable to work. Harding claims that her mother physically abused her, a claim her mother denies.

    7. Homes For Tonya Harden
    Tonya Harden Old Town Realtors 102 W. Eufaula Norman , OK 73069 (405) 3291111 (800) 545-3018

    8. The Tonya Harding Website
    Yes, the pride of the Northwest has her own website. Find out what she's up to.

    9. Tony Harding, Captain, Latitudes Charters: - ZoomInfo Business Information
    Harding, Tonya Western Title Escrow Harding, Torfinn OxCarre Harding, Tracee Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
    Last Update on 6/7/07
    Latitudes Charters
    Tony Harding
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    10. The Lilly And The Hammer
    An analysis of the Tonya and Nancy saga (by Valerie), with photos.

      Get it? Lilly-Hammer. Lillihammer Olympics. Thanks for the inspiration Tom Weir!
    Now first of all, don't be fooled by the title of this page. I am not here to take sides. This is how the media portrayed our dynamic duo, not I. My figure skating scrapbooks give equal time to each skater and I intend to do that here too. I like both skaters for different reasons.
    I have also decided to do this page because there is no information out on the net about these two women (unless you want to count some tasteless pictures I was unfortunate enough to come across). I think both of these women deserve a little time and a little recognition for surviving one of the most closely followed dramas in recent history.
    I don't really care who was right and who was wrong. It is over and done with and one person's opinion isn't going to mean a whole lot in the greater scheme of things. In fact, in many ways I see both women as victims. Why? Well, let's try looking at the whole sordid affair from a few different angles. Nancy Ann Kerrigan Tonya Maxine Harding Birthdate:
    October 13, 1969

    11. Court TV
    For the first time, Al Harding, Tonya's father, reveals that Jeff Gillooly confided in him that he and his friends engineered the kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan.
    From March 2000:
    Court TV Special Edition of Crime Stories Premieres Tuesday, April 25th at 10:00 p.m./ET. New York, March 28, 2000 : Court TV's Crime Stories takes a close look at one of the most disgraceful moments in figure skating history; the 1994 kneecap assault on Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya Harding: Ice Follies, which premieres on Tuesday, April 25th at 10:00 p.m./ET, reviews Tonya Harding's career and examines the impact her actions have had on competitive figure skating. Through interviews with Tonya, her father, law enforcement officers who investigated the assault, Tonya's long-time agent Michael Rosenberg, Olympic officials and others, Crime Stories re-examines one of the most contemptible stunts in sports history. Harding was born poor and fell in love with a rich girl's sport. However, with steely ambition and dedication, Harding financed her passion by working after school at the ice rink. She even made her own costumes. But money was not the only obstacle Tonya faced. Acceptance by the figure skating world was also hard earned. Judges were used to graceful, balletic skating, not Tonya's athletic, "unlady-like" style. Tonya's 1991 performance at the Nationals made the judges forget all that by being the first American woman to land a triple axel in competition. Tonya won the gold medal. For the first time, Al Harding, Tonya's father, reveals that Jeff Gillooly confided in him that he and his friends engineered the kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya maintains she knew nothing until after she returned from Lillehammer. The world may never know if Tonya was in on it from the beginning, but we do know that she pleaded guilty to hindering Gillooly's prosecution; an admission which resulted in a lifetime ban from amateur competition.

    12. WashPost: Tonya Harding Fights Back In Ring - Washington Post -
    Article by Blaine Harden for about the skater s boxing career.
    var collarity_appid = 'msnbc';var collarity_kw = 'Tonya Harding,Paul Brown';var collarity_tags = ''; Jump to story headline Washington Post on Search ad info
    Harding fights back in the ring
    Outcast skater seeks refuge as boxer
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    13. Harding, Tonya - Astro-Databank, Tonya Harding Horoscope, Born 12 November 1970
    Astrology data, biography and horoscope chart of Tonya Harding born on 12 November 1970 Portland OR, USA,_Tonya
    Harding, Tonya
    From Astro-Databank
    Jump to: navigation search Tonya Harding natal chart (Placidus) natal chart English style (Equal houses) Name Harding, Tonya Gender : F born on 12 November 1970 at 20:22 (= 8:22 PM ) Place Portland OR, USA, Timezone PST h8w (is standard time) Data source Rectified from approx. time Rodden Rating C Astrology data Asc. add Tonya Harding to 'my astro'
    American noted competition skater from age seven, winning her first national championship with a daring triple axel in 1991. She achieved a Bronze Medal win at the Olympics in 1992. Harding was raised by a mom who was abusive and critical, who had seven successive men whom the little girl called "daddy." As spirited as her mother, at 15 she hit her half-brother with an iron when he drunkenly came on to her. In 1988 she was queried on the hit-and-run death of her half-brother, Eric Davidson. She met Jeff Gillooly (born 9/15/1967) in 1986 when she was 15 and he, 18. They married four years later. With a tempestuous and passionate relationship, they separated and reconciled several times before finally divorcing. A competition skater from the time she was a kid, Harding was street smart and a fighter but her trashy reputation kept sponsors away. Her skill kept increasing up to a win at the 1992 Olympics.

    14. What's New
    I cannot confirm my pregnancy, (I hope that I am, but I don't know yet); I am being extra careful with my body, as every woman would do. I have quit drinking and I'm working on
    What's New ? To My Fans:
    Tonya Gets Married On Saturday afternoon, June 26th 2010, Tonya was married in a small, beautiful, ceremony, to a wonderful man, Joe Price. The private ceremony took place at a very lovely, remote location up in the hills, in an area in WA state. It was attended by close friends and family. Tonya said that they are both very much in love, and that this is a dream come true for her.
    Reproduction by permission only. Tonya Stops In Albany, GA Tonya stopped by to see her friend Strollin' Nolan while on a promotional tour in Albany, Georgia. She will be hunting, fishing and racing cars in addition to helping to raise money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.
    Details on the WALB web site.

    Where Are They Now? Tonya Harding, Lorena Bobbitt and 90s Newsmakers Tonya appears on The Opra Winfrey Show Tune in on 04/23 to watch this show Tonya's father Al Harding dies at 76
    Photos of the Al Harding Memorial Ceremony
    The Tonya Tapes
    By Lynda D. Prouse

    15. The Smoking Gun Tonya Harding
    Police report regarding charges that Harding assaulted her boyfriend, Darren Silver.

    16. Harding Tonya - Yelm, WA | MyLife™
    Find Harding Tonya and other friends and colleagues from Yelm, WA. Reconnect with them at MyLife™.
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    Harding Tonya
    Harding Tonya
    Location: YELM, WA URL: Send an Email View Complete Profile
    Register for FREE at MyLife to find Harding Tonya or meet Harding Tonya. Membership lets you view a full Harding Tonya profile, which can include Harding Tonya photos, info on Harding Tonya married or single status, Harding Tonya company and work history, Harding Tonya's address and more! Recreate your memories with old friends like Harding Tonya, with the assistance of , your best chance for locating people! Find Harding Tonya from Yelm Washington in moments with , the simplest people search the helps you find who you're looking for! Relive the best moments of your life from Yelm Washington with the people that made it so special, and meet other people you might have forgotten on ! Make yourself available on

    17. Harding, Tonya Biography -
    1970 – She was born on the 12th day of November this year in Portland, Oregon. 1982 Harding began skating at an early age. She landed her first triple lutz at age 12.
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    Quick Search: Biographies
    Harding, Tonya
    Born: 1970 AD
    Currently alive, at 39 years of age.
    Nationality: American
    Categories: Figure Skater
    1982 - Harding began skating at an early age. She landed her first triple lutz at age 12. Her mother made many of her skating costumes.
    1986 - She placed 6th at the 1986 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, 5th in 1987 and 1988, and 3rd in 1989.
    1990 - She dropped out of high school during her sophomore year, and later earned a GED. She married Jeff Gillooly in this year, when she was 19.
    1991 - She won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships twice and placed second in the 1991 World Championships. She was the second woman, and the first American woman, to complete a triple axel jump in competition.
    1996 - Harding used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to help revive an 81-year-old woman, Alice Olson, who collapsed at a bar in Portland, Oregon, while playing video poker
    2002 - Tonya Harding boxed on the Fox TV network Celebrity Boxing event against Paula Jones, winning the fight. On February 22, 2003, she made her official women's professional boxing debut, losing a four round decision in the undercard of the Mike Tyson-Clifford Etienne bout
    March 23, 2004, it was reported that Harding cancelled a planned boxing match against Tracy Carlton in Oakland, California because of an alleged death threat against her.

    18. Tonya Harding -- Genealogy & Family Tree | Famous Roots
    (not available) (not available) (not available) HARDING Tonya (not available) (not available) (not available)
    @import url( );
    Famous Roots
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    Celebrity Profiles - H
    Tonya Harding
    Born: 12-Nov-1970
    Place of Birth: (not available)
    Gender: F
    Father: (not available)
    Mother: (not available)
    Career: Athlete
    Family Tree
    (not available) (not available) (not available) HARDING
    Tonya (not available) (not available) (not available) Do you have information about this family tree? You may report errors and omissions on this page to the Famous Roots staff, who will review them for possible inclusion in future updates. References No printed materials referenced. (last revision to this profile: 24-Jan-2007) Home Page
    Are You Related?
    Have you ever wondered if you could be related to a famous person such as a U.S. president or other historical figure? Or perhaps to a more infamous individual, such as a bank robber or gangster? The following resources will help you start building (or further expand) your own family tree:

    19. Harding, Tonya
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    20. Christine De Witt
    SOFTENING ON HARDING TONYA SOLID, SAFE AND STILL IN DEMAND. Posted on 2/24/1997 040000. RENO When she stood on a chair to reach the microphone for a brief press conference on De Witt
    Search Field Weather in NYC Traffic Transit Monday, November 1, 2010
    Christine De Witt
    Hot Topics:
    Christine De Witt
    Articles from the Daily News
    Wed. 3/26 Death Notices
    Posted on 03/25/2008 21:50:55
    Posted on 2/24/1997 04:00:00 RENO When she stood on a chair to reach the microphone for a brief press conference on Saturday night, Tonya Harding reminded everybody about something they might have forgotten. "As we all know,"she said, "I'm pretty short."Then Harding, just a volatile spot on that big sheet of ice, went out to face the ra
    Posted on 3/3/1995 04:00:00 Cat fanciers, this show is right up your alley The 1995 Centennial International Cat Show purrs into Madison Square Garden this weekend, almost a month after the place went to the dogs (i.e., the Westminster Kennel Club Show). Lessons on basic cat care and communication, readings of cats' zodiac signs, tips
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