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         Cummings E E:     more books (100)
  1. Little Tree (Dragonfly Books) by E.E. Cummings, 2010-10-12
  2. Love: Selected Poems by E. E. Cummings by E. E. Cummings, Christopher Myers, 2005-12-15
  3. E. E. Cummings: A Poet's Life by Catherine Reef, 2006-12-20
  4. E.E. Cummings (Voices in Poetry) (Voices in Poetry) (Voices in Poetry) (Voices in Poetry) (Voices in Poetry) by S. L. Berry, 1994-08-31
  5. The Voice of the Poet: e.e. cummings by E.E. Cummings, 2005-03-29
  6. One Times One 1 X 1 by E.E. Cummings, 1944
  7. The Dictionary of Fashion History by Valerie Cumming, C. W. Cunnington, et all 2010-11-23
  8. Etcetera: The Unpublished Poems of E.E. Cummings, New Edition by E. E. Cummings, 2001-02-05
  9. E. E. Cummings (Bloom's Major Poets)
  10. 95 Poems By E.E. Cummings by E.E. Cummings, 1959
  11. FIFTY (50) POEMS by e. e. cummings, 1960
  12. E.E. Cummings: A Biography by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno, 2005-11
  13. Three plays & a ballet by E. E Cummings, 1967
  14. No Thanks by E. E. Cummings, 1998-12-17

21. An Unofficial E. E. Cummings Starting Point
Informational page with links to related resources.
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Edward Estlin Cummings
October 14, 1894 September 3, 1962
E. E. Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Edward and Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings. Intensely creative, Cummings was also a fine artist, playwright and novelist; his life and art were tightly interwoven. Known for typographic innovation, Cummings controlled both the look and the content of his poems.
Information about The E. E. Cummings Society and its journal,
A small, informal bibliography

Notes on the capitalization of "E. E. Cummings"
Linked sites will open in a separate browser window. Back to Contents The E. E. Cummings Society A resource not to be overlooked is The E. E. Cummings Society. Its journal, Spring , is published annually, and includes papers presented at the American Literature Association 's conference, original poetry, news, and notices of events relating to the subject E. E. Cummings. Critical essays, so often requested here, are found within its pages, as are reproductions of Cummings' artwork. Spring now has its own website at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan:

22. Cummings, E.E. (Edward. E.) Quote - … And Down They Forgot As Up They Grew ...
Famous quote by Cummings, E.E. (Edward. E.) … and down they forgot as up they grew on Quotations Book

23. The Alan Cumming Fan Club
Includes mailing list, FAQ and pictures.
The Alan Cumming Fan Club
Welcome to the Alan Cumming Fan Club! Please join the millions (okay maybe a hundred....) of fellow Frinkazoids that worship Alan. Here are some basic resources to get you started on your Alan Quest: Here , and follow the instructions. To get all those burning questions answered, there are two different lists of questions and answers. For just the bare bones, try: The Basic ACFAQ. This attemps to answer your questions such as "How do I contact him?" etc....It's important, so you don't have to ask the mailing list the same question that 35 other people asked. For a more complete list of questions and answers, go read The Complete ACFAQ. Cumming Attractions is basically the best Alan Page out there. Lovely pictures and more links than you can shake a stick at! The Alan Cumming Free Picture Gallery This gallery, divided by charector, is for people to take pictures from when they are building an Alan Cumming Website. Legal Schtuff
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24. CANOE -- JAM! Music - Artists - Cummings, Burton
Several newspaper articles.
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Wednesday, Nov 3, 2010


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Artist: Cummings, Burton Bachman-Cummings fans stay loyal Burton Cummings qualifies one point. The Bachman-Cummings gig at the NAC on Monday is officially not a Guess Who show. Full Story Guess who's becoming American? In a few years, American Woman could be sung by an American Burton Cummings or at least a Canadian-American one. Full Story MY OWN WAY TO ROCK Rexall Place, Edmonton - June 23, 2009 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto - June 19, 2008 ... Lowdown column Get the inside scoop on the Canadian music industry with Karen Bliss. Who's coming and when Want to know when your favourite band is coming to town? Check out Clive, JAM Music's extensive Canadian concert listings. TV Listings Wondering what's on tonight? Check out our TV listings for the complete schedule in your area. Did you win a trip to the Montreal Jazz Festival?

25. Cummings, E.e. Forum Frigate
cummings, e.e. Discussion Deck. POETRY FLEETCarolinanavy.comQuarterdeck Classicals.comWestern Canon University,eehall/shakespeare1.html
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Welcome to the cummings, e.e. Forum Frigate. Post yer opinion, a link to some of yer work, or yer thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning cummings, e.e.. We'd also like to invite ye to sail on by the cummings, e.e. Live Chat , and feel free to use the message board below to schedule a chat session. And the brave of heart shall certainly wish to sign their souls aboard The Jolly Roger Oak planks of reason, riveted with rhyme,
designed to voyage across all of time.
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26. CANOE -- JAM! Music - Pop Encyclopedia - Cummings, Burton
Biography and discography.
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November 30, 2004


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Artist: Cummings, Burton
b. 1947, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Burton Cummings started his rock and roll career in Winnipeg as a teenager with The Devrons. When Bob Ashley and Chad Allan left the The Guess Who in 1966 Cummings was asked to join as keyboardist and vocalist.
Wanting to shake their earlier 'British Invasion' sound, The Guess Who began experimenting with psychedelic and garage sounds filtered north from Minneapolis. They soon began recording there. Eventually, one of the their Minneapolis songs "His Girl" reached England which resulted in interest from Tony Hiller at Mills Music who negotiated a contract with King Records in the U.K. The song, a minor hit in Canada, was remixed and made the Top 20 in England. The band immediately cancelled 6 months worth of gigs and went to England for a tour. King had their course set out for them including where the money went, royalties and retainers and as a result were broke before they began. After one album the Guess Who walked out on King Records. Not coincidentally, Canadian radio stations had by then discovered that the Guess Who were not English; their ardor for the Winnipeg group's records paled considerably. After four poor selling albums for Quality Records, they sold the Guess Who's contract to Jack Richardson's newly formed Nimbus 9 label for $1,000!

27. Cummings, E E - Fun Facts And Information
Fun Facts about cummings e e. Interesting factoids, information and answers.
Fun Trivia Quizzes Games People ...
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Welcome to our world of fun trivia quizzes and quiz games: New Player Play Now! Fun Trivia cummings, e e
Interesting Questions, Facts and Information
  • There are a total of general entries.
Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information
    cummings, e e
    What talent (other than poetry) did Cummings receive some acclaim for? E. E. Cummings

      painting . His Cubist paintings were exhibited and received much attention.
    What is E.E. Cummings' full name? E. E. Cummings

      Edward Estlin Cummings . E.E. Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Edward and Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings.
    What kind of owl is mentioned in "when serpents bargain for the right to squirm"? E. E. Cummings

      screech-owl . In the second line of the second stanza: "if all screech-owls have not okayed his voice" FYI: But above all he loved poetry and once while at a poetry reading he shouted, "Well, write poetry, for God's sake; it's the only thing that matters." e. e. cummings died in 1962.
    What animal is talked about in "r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r"?

28. | CommuniGate | Cummings Family Tree
Researching the family of Samuel Maxwell Cummings and Mary P Wilson who were married in 1786 in Stokesley, Yorkshire, ENG. Includes pedigree and guestbook.
This is York CommuniGate Cummings Family History Feedback ...
Mail Form
Descendants of Samuel Maxwell Cummings (ca1763-12Sept1826)
I have info on a lot of the family in the USA but have hit a road block in locating the family in England. The Cummings of South Carolina This page has been visited times. Email page


Cummings Family Tree
... Mail Form

29. Cummings, E.e.: AuthorSheets, Reference Services, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh
Cummings, E.E. In Abe, George. You and Contemporary Poetry. Peterborough, N. H., R. R. Smith, 1965. pp. 9597. Criticism a man who had fallen among thieves
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30. Cummings Family
Researching the lineages of Cummings, Odom, Evans, Boone, Brown, Watts, McLeod, Robeson, Micheau and Wilson of Sumter, SC USA.
Search billions of records on
The Cummings Family of Sumter,South Carolina Balvenie Castle,Argyle,Scotland This web site is designed to help connect the families that are related to the Cummings. It is my hope to continue to add info and help others in their quest for genealogy information. My surnames are: Cummings,Odom,Evans,Boone,Brown,Watts,McLeod,Robeson, Micheau,Wilson and many others. I will also list some of my spouse's surnames. They are: Pope,Brown,Carroll,Rutland, and many others. Please email me if you have questions or suggestions. I do not claim that all the info on this site is exact. It is accurate to the extent of what I have been able to find through Census Records, Bibles, Marriage and Death Records, Books other family genealogist have written and help from searches on the Internet. Click below to write to me You are visitor Updated:July 4th, 2008
Census Records
Vital Records Immigration Records Military Records ... Finding Aids

31. Ken Lopez Bookseller: CUMMINGS, E.E. - Christmas Tree
Oil on composition board. 32 x 25 . Dated December 25, 1947. Inscribed by Cummings on the rear of the painting For Marion/ love!/ Xmas/ 1947. This image was later used as a
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CUMMINGS, E.E. Christmas Tree Oil on composition board. 32" x 25". Dated December 25, 1947. Inscribed by Cummings on the rear of the painting : "For Marion/ love!/ Xmas/ 1947." This image was later used as a Christmas card that Cummings and Marion Morehouse had made (card included). Corners abraded. Unframed. All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted. See more items by CUMMINGS, E.E.

32. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Cummings
Pedigree database as compiled by David Cummings.

33. Cummings, E. E. | Define Cummings, E. E. At
Cultural Dictionary cummings, e. e. definition A twentiethcentury American author who spurned the use of many conventions of standard written English in his poetry. He often, e. e.?qsrc=2446

34. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Jim's Family Roundup
Ancestral database as compiled by James L Cummings.

35. Cummings, E. E Synonyms, Cummings, E. E Antonyms |
No results found for cummings, e. e Did you mean commingle ? Thesaurus chumminess commence commoner luminesce immense summons coming commandeer Communism Communist Find, e. e

36. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Cumming
Family database as compiled by Sandra Cumming.

37. Ken Lopez Bookseller: CUMMINGS, E.E. - Portrait Of Marion Morehouse
Undated. A portrait of Morehouse, renowned New York model and Cummings' third wife. This is one of five Cummings paintings featured in The Jazz Age in France by Charles A
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CUMMINGS, E.E. Portrait of Marion Morehouse Undated. A portrait of Morehouse, renowned New York model and Cummings' third wife. This is one of five Cummings paintings featured in The Jazz Age in France by Charles A. Riley III [NY: Abrams, 2004]. Oil on canvasboard. 10" x 14". Framed. SOLD All books are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted. See more items by CUMMINGS, E.E.

38. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Cumming Wilson
Family history as compiled by Iain Cumming Wilson.

39. Cummings, E.E. Summary |
Cummings, E.E.. Cummings, E.E. summary with encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

40. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Cumming Family Tree
Ancestral database as compiled by Hedi Cumming.

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