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         Cunningham J V:     more books (99)
  1. Poems and epigrams by J. V. Cunningham titled Aliquid salis, or if you prefer English, Some salt by J. V Cunningham, 1967
  2. Woe Or Wonder the Emotional Effect of SH by J V Cunningham,
  3. Doctor Drink: Poems by J. V Cunningham, 1950
  4. Trivial, Vulgar & Exalted: Epigrams by J.V. CUNNINGHAM, 1957-01-01
  5. An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty...Grounds for Choosing and by Pierre Nicole,
  6. Trivial, vulgar, & exalted: Epigrams (Poems in Folio) by J. V Cunningham, 1957
  7. Journal of John Cardan by J V Cunningham,
  8. A Few Observations on Friendly Societies, and Their Influence on Public Morals. by J. V. CUNNINGHAM, 1823
  9. In Shakespeares Day by J V Cunningham, 1970-01-01
  10. The helmsman (Colt Press poetry booklets) by J. V Cunningham, 1942
  11. An Essay on True and Apparent Beauty in Which from Settled Principles is Rendere by Pierre; Cunningham, J.V (trans.) Nicole, 1950-01-01
  12. The Poetry of J. V. Cunningham (The Swallow Pamphlets, 11) by Yvor Winters, 1961
  13. The Poetry of J. V. Cunningham
  14. AN ESSAY ON TRUE AND APPARENT BEAUTY IN WHICH FROM SETTLED PRINCIPLES IS RENDERE by Pierre [translated with an introduction by J. V. Cunningham] Nicole, 1997-01-01

61. Automated Code Generation
Page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki.

62. Code Generation Isa Design Smell
Controversy page on the original (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc., Wiki.

63. SAPPHO: THE SECOND ODE. , J.V. [trans]: Cunningham - William Reese -
SAPPHO THE SECOND ODE. Cunningham, J.V. trans Cambridge The Pomegranate Press, 1973. Folio broadside.

64. Meta Object Protocol
Information page on the original Wiki, at (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc.

65. RjBase 0.40
Baza danych kata Szukaj CUNNINGHAM J V /Haslo; Hit(s) 1 J. V.&f=10

66. Structured Programming
Article at Cunningham and Cunningham Wiki site.

67. Aliquid Salis Or If You Prefer English, Some Salt. , J.V Perishable Press. Cunni
Aliquid Salis or if you prefer English, Some Salt. Perishable Press. Cunningham, J.V.
Aliquid Salis or if you prefer English, Some Salt. Perishable Press. Cunningham, J.V.
Add to Cart We are members of the ABAA and ILAB and exhibit at their book fairs. We issue catalogues and our shop is open by appointment. If you have a particular want, please let us know. We are always interested in purchasing books and manuscripts, whether singly or in collections. Thank you for visiting us. Priscilla Juvelis, Inc. 11 Goose Fair Kennebunkport, ME 04046 (207) 967-4466 (fax) Search powered by Bibliopolis

68. Garbage Collection
Wiki page, with pros, cons, comments, links, at Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc.

69. Color Forth
Information page on the original Wiki, at (Ward) Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc.

70. Shakespeare Bibliography:
Shakespeare Bibliography . Reference Works General Criticism Handbooks and Companions Biographies Elizabethan England Plays Histories, Comedies, Tragedies, Romances Themes in
Shakespeare Bibliography Reference Works General Criticism Handbooks and Companions Biographies ... Shakespeare on the Web
Reference Works
Oxford English Dictionary (also available online) REF Encyclopedia of the Renaissance REF CB361 .E52 1999 Encyclopedia Britannica (also available online) REF AE5 .E363 1998 British Writers v.1 REF PR 85 .B688 Shakespeare Handbook REF PR 2976 .S3374 1987 Shakespeare’s Language: A glossary of unfamiliar words in his plays and poems REF PR 2892 .S447 1996 A glossary; or, Collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustration, in the works of English authors, particularly Shakespeare, and his contemporaries REF PR2892 .N3 1888 The reader's encyclopedia of Shakespeare REF PR2892 .C3 Shakespeare A to Z : the essential reference to his plays, his poems, his life and times, and more REF PR2892 .B69 1990 William Shakespeare, a textual companion REF PR3071 .W44 1987 William Shakespeare : his world, his work, his influence REF PR2976 .W5354 1985

71. Dee Language
D Wiki page, with comments, links, at Cunningham and Cunningham, Inc.

72. Commonweal Archive - Issue Contents
Cunningham, J. V. Catholic History 408 Williamsen, Margaret M. Walking with Lindsay 409 Fiske, A. Longfellow Return (verse) 411 Clapp, Mary Brennan Communications
February 1932 Bells versus Bombs Week by Week A Poser for the Public The Public Domain Fehr, Joseph Conrad Ut Unum Sint Strakhovsky, Leonid I. Questions (verse) Kramer, Edgar Daniel The Four Last Things Madeleva, Sister M. Belated Season (verse) Dickinson, Alice Meeting the Salary Cut Anonymous Retreating Friendship (verse) Cunningham, J. V. Catholic History Williamsen, Margaret M. Walking with Lindsay Fiske, A. Longfellow Return (verse) Clapp, Mary Brennan Communications The Play Skinner, Richard Dana Books Developed by
Kanda Sofware

73. Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
A small consultancy specialized in object-oriented programming and pattern languages, located in Portland, OR.

74. Love's Labour's Lost - Critical History - Cedar Crest College
Cunningham, J.V. Essays on Shakespeare With That Facility False Starts and Revisions in Love's Labour's Lost. Ed. Gerald W. Chapman.
Allusions and False Starts: Critical views of Love's Labours Lost
Kristen Hawley '01 The survey of criticism of Shakespeare's Love's Labours Lost published between the 1960s and the 1980s was quite extensive. The criticism found during research ranged from the nature of women in Shakespeare's work to the style of Love's Labours Lost to the revisions made on the work to the allusions to history. This paper will focus on the criticism that suggests that there were allusions made throughout the work to the actual history of the time and the criticism that deals with the false starts and revisions of the work. First, one must consider that there are differing opinions among critics as to when Love's Labours Lost was written by Shakespeare. It has been dated as early as 1588 and as late as 1593. Through the research found, this paper will show that the allusions and the revisions are what cause a dissention among critics. Isaac Asimov, in Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare, delivers a compelling criticism of the allusions made to actual transpiring history. Through these allusions, Asimov tries to narrow down the possible date that the work was written.

75. The Little People: Doll Art By Bob Cunningham
Fantasy, one-of-a-kind art-doll sculptures by Canadian doll artist Bob Cunningham.
This site designed and maintained by JITR These pages and their content are all ©Bob Cunningham 1999

76. Essential Chaucer: General Prologue
CUNNINGHAM, J.V. The Literary Form of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Modern Philology 49 (1952)17281. Compares the techniques of description used in the General Prologue
CANTERBURY TALESGENERAL PROLOGUE Cross-references included at the bottom of the page] 329. BADENDYCK, J. LAWRENCE. "Chaucer's Portrait Technique and the Dream Vison Tradition." English Record 21, no. 1 (1970):113-25. Describes Chaucer's descriptive technique in the General Prologue as an art that derives, not from a visual representation of contemporary reality, but from his ability to represent "a mode of existence similar to ours." He offers a sense of the pilgrims' pasts as well as their present; he implies their social interactions, when not stated, in ways that help create the illusion of reality. 330. BOWDEN, MURIEL. A Commentary on the General Prologue to the "Canterbury Tales". 2d ed. New York: Macmillan, 1967, 341 pp. An essential handbook to General Prologue that explains its many details through quotation of medieval sources and survey of modern scholarship. Defines dated terminology and provides context for references, allusions, and imagery. The format follows Chaucer's, moving from the images of springtime and pilgrimage through the details of each pilgrim's sketch, including the Host's. The heavily documented discussion clarifies the conventional quality of Chaucer's pilgrimage and pilgrims and establishes their individuating characteristics. Chaucer's idealization or criticism of the pilgrims is a recurrent concern. Does not consider the iconographic tradition of the sketches, nor more recent work in estates satire, yet makes apparent much of the breadth of Chaucer's learning and social sensitivity.

77. WAC Member: Michael G. Cunningham
Catalog of works from the Wisconsin Alliance for Composers.
WAC Main Page Member Directory Michael G. Cunningham
Michael G. Cunningham
Dept. of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702
Catalog of Works , 2009 update See also Michael Cunningham's web site WAC Main Page Member Directory
Last updated 8 October 2009. Contact information.

78. Robert O Preyer Library | English Department | Brandeis University
Cunningham, J.V. Let Thy Words Be Few Symposium Press/1986 Cunningham, J.V. The Collected Essays of J.V. Cunningham Swallow Press/1976 Cunningham, J.V.
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79. To My Wife
Text of the poem in plain-text format.
To My Wife And does the heart grow old? You know In the indiscriminate green Of summer or in earliest snow A landscape is another scene, Inchoate and anonymous, And every rock and bush and drift As our affections alter us Will alter with the season's shift. So love by love we come at last, As through the exclusions of a rhyme, Or the exactions of a past, To the simplicity of time, The antiquity of grace, where yet We live in terror and delight With love as quiet as regret And love like anger in the

80. Jcwebpagejan99
Contains pictures and videos of the author s car.
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