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         Cunningham J V:     more books (99)
  1. In Shakespeare’s day, by J. V Cunningham, 1970
  2. Culture and Values: v. 2: A Survey of the Western Humanities by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, 1982-04
  3. Abortion and the Constitution: Reversing Roe V. Wade Through the Courts by Edward R. Grant, Dennis J. Horan, 1987-10
  4. Culture and Values: v. 1: A Survey of the Western Humanities (Culture & Values) by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, 1994-02-01
  5. Manual of Practical Anatomy: v. 1 (Oxford Medical Publications) by Daniel John Cunningham, 1966-12
  6. Behold All Things Am Become New: II Corinthians 5:17 KJV by George J. Cunningham, 2001-11
  7. Slide Interpretation in Postgraduate Medicine: v. 1 (Oxford medical publications) by P.S. Parfrey, J. Cunningham, 1981-02
  8. Manual of Practical Anatomy: v. 2 (Oxford Medicine Publications) by Daniel John Cunningham, 1968-07
  9. Under the Moon (Scott, Foresman Reading:An American Tradition, Level 5) by Richard L. Allington, Camille L.Z. Blachowicz, et all 1989
  10. Manual Practical Anatomy Vol 1 14/E (Oxford Medical Publications) (v. 1) by Cunningham, D. J. Cunningham, 1986-01
  11. Auditory Stroop reveals implicit gender associations in adults and children [An article from: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology] by S.B. Most, A.V. Sorber, et all 2007-03-01
  12. Hemothorax and retroperitoneal hematoma after anticoagulation with enoxaparin.: An article from: Southern Medical Journal by Michal Mrug, Prashant V. Mishra, et all 2002-08-01
  13. As Romans Do - Church of Santa Susanna, 1981 by Phillip J.; Maloney, Paul V.; Rossi, Angela; Hecker, Neva, et al; Church of Santa Susanna Cunningham, 1981
  14. Pennsylvanian system of Chloride Flat, Grant County, New Mexico by D.V.; King, W.E.; Cunningham, J.E. LeMone, 1974-01-01

81. Cunningham Chain Records
Sequences of nearly doubled primes, maintained by Dirk Augustin.
Cunningham Chain records
Record list created and maintained by Dirk Augustin . Hosted by Jens Kruse Andersen ( home Part 1, longest CC's
Part 2, smallest existing CC's of given length

Part 3, largest known CC's of given length:
Part 4, record history
for length:
Part 5, programs that were used


Part 1, longest CC's: - Jaroslaw Wroblewski found CC's of length 17: 2759832934171386593519 (22 digits, CC17, 1st kind, 05/08) 1302312696655394336638441 (25 digits, CC17, 2nd kind, 06/08) 127806074555607670094731 (24 digits, CC17, 2nd kind, 06/08) 40244844789379926979141 (23 digits, CC17, 2nd kind, 06/08) Tony Forbes found a CC of length 16 in 1997: 3203000719597029781 (19 digits, CC16, 2nd kind, 12/97) Phil Carmody and Paul Jobling found a CC16, 1st kind: 810433818265726529159 (21 digits, CC16, 1st kind, 02/02) Part 3, largest known CC's of given length: - CC2, 1st kind: 183027*2^265440-1, 79911 digits, 03/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 648621027630345*2^253824-1, 76424 digits, 18/11/09, Jarai/Farkas/Csajbok/Kasza/Jarai 620366307356565*2^253824-1, 76424 digits, 02/11/09, Jarai/Farkas/Csajbok/Kasza/Jarai CC2, 2nd kind: 648309*2^148310+1, 44652 digits, 07/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 552903*2^136156+1, 40993 digits, 06/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 163221*2^124600+1, 37514 digits, 12/09, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) CC3, 1st kind: 914546877*2^34772-1, 10477 digits, 01/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 379185609*2^27127-1, 8175 digits, 11/09, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 164210699973*2^26326-1, 7937 digits, 08/06, Paridon(NewPGen/PFGW) CC3, 2nd kind: 82659189*2^26997+1, 8135 digits, 03/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 173028555*2^26993+1, 8134 digits, 02/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR) 42989535*2^26543+1, 7998 digits, 03/10, Wu(sgsieve/LLR)

82. Clan Cunningham International - Clan Cunningham
Providing information about Clan Cunningham and its activities in the USA.
Clan Cunningham International CCI Home Members Only Clan Cunningham USA is now Clan Cunningham International To visit the new Clan Cunningham International website, click here. To enter the Members Only Site, click the "Members Only" link in the left navagation bar.

83. Liam Cunningham - Falling For An Actor: An Unofficial Fan Website
Fan site with news, biography, film and stage references, bulletin board and chat.
News Biography Awards CV Interviews ... L3 Extended Family
- Il parle franais? Guess we'll know eventually because Liam is currently filming a French-language Joan of Arc film. Currently don't know the title, but it may be Jeanne Captive. Will update here as more information is found!
Source Link

- Liam in episode 5 of STARZ (US cable station) TV series called Camelot, which will star Joseph Fiennes. Joseph Fiennes and Liam did two plays together during Liam's season with the Royal Shakespeare Company (As You Like It and The Herbal Bed), as well as the movie The Escapist. Camelot is slated to premiere on STARZ in January 2011.
Source Link

- Liam to star in BBC1 Sci-Fi television series called Outcasts.
Source Link

- Liam is currently filming Black Butterfiles, a South African biopic about poet Ingrid Jonker. Liam plays writer Jack Cope.
Source Link

- The North America release date for Clash of the Titans has been pushed back to 2 April, with 10:pm and midnight showings in some locations the day before.
Source Link

- Clash of the Titans will be released in North American on 26 March 2010 - looks like a wide release so be sure to see it! The movie also has a website (see Source Link)

84. Driving Mrs Dalloway | Books | The Guardian
Nicholas Wroe interviews Michael Cunningham, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Hours which was inspired by Virginia Woolf s Mrs Dalloway. From the online edition of the Guardian newspaper.
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85. Cunningham Weather Forecast And Conditions
Local forecast, current conditions, radar, links to national and international weather information.
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86. CUNNINGHAM, TX | The Handbook Of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Associatio
Community history and information.
  • TSHA Home About TSHA News and Events Contact Us ... Skip to Main Content Search this site: Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) A Digital Gateway to Texas History
    Search Handbook Article
    in Title in Byline Anywhere More options
    Browse Articles
    October 29, Father of conjunto born in Reynosa On this day in 1911, Narciso Martínez was born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. His parents immigrated to the United States that year and settled in La Paloma, a town outside Brownsville. Martínez (more...)
    CUNNINGHAM, TEXAS . Cunningham is on Farm Road 196 near the North Sulphur River, twenty miles southeast of Paris in southeastern Lamar County. The town was named for Sam Cunningham, a landowner who encouraged settlement in the community. Its post office was established in 1912. By 1915 the population had risen to 350, and the town included two churches, a newspaper called the Inland Journal , three general stores, a printer, a sawmill, and a physician. The number of residents had decreased to 200 by the 1940s and continued to decline slowly. In the 1980s Cunningham had three churches, a school, a few businesses, and a population of 110, which remained at that level in 2000.

87. Shutter Release
Features people photography. Includes commentary and image archive.

88. Joryland
Pictures, music and personal sections.
New Flash-like CSS3 motion graphics editor from Sencha, I'll be watching this. #havewekilledflashyet Nov 01 RT @JeTillyer : Photo: Ah, simple things. Charlotte’s wonderful photos from our trip to Vermont. Oct 28 Really like these ideas on microsyntax for Twitter from @chrismessina /via @swissmiss Oct 27 Do hashtags still matter on Twitter or #aretheybasicallyjustajokenow Oct 21 @mashable covers our latest campaign at @malarianomore - Comedy Fights Malaria: Oct 18 follow me...
About Joryland
Joryland is the online home of Brooklyn-based musician, web developer and online marketing specialist Jory Cunningham. The views expressed in my blog are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.

89. G. Carson's Cunningham Carriages - James Cunningham & Son Carriages
Drawings of carriages and photographs of automobiles from the personal estate of G. Carson Baker, designer and senior representative for the company during the first quarter of the 20th century. US.
G. Carson's Cunningham Carriages
Welcome! According to G. Carson's daughter, Margaret, when the age of the horse-drawn carriage came to a close, the company moved with technology and produced motor-driven vehicles, specializing in ambulances, hearses, and custom-made luxury motor cars. In the mid-20th century, the factory was purchased by Gleason Works Inc., where Margaret worked for many years. The Cunningham house, located on East Avenue (not far from Kodak founder George Eastman's mansion), was also sold and was eventually torn down and replaced by a luxury apartment building. Coincidentally, Margaret resided there for a number of years in the 1970s. In the basement was a function room aptly named "The Cunningham Room" and on its walls hung many pictures of carriages and cars similar to the ones shown here. Cunningham and carriage information on other sites:

90. Duke Cunningham (Randy "Duke" Cunningham) -- Unauthorized Randy Cunningham Page
Spoof Webpage on Congressman Randy Duck Cunningham of the 50th Congressional District, California (N. San Diego Co.)
The Unauthorized
Bribery Scandal
[map] Click on my face to hear a speech of mine on the House floor [ Real Audio ; also MS WAV AU OGG , or audio]. What is your political affiliation?
moderate liberal conservative libertarian socialist communist fascist monarchist anarchist
Polls This is my unauthorized, unofficial web page where I can tell you what I really think :-), unlike my official and campaign *I* *you* how to do yours do I? I thought so. Just trust me, OK? Still, wanna let me know what-a-ya think? Well, like they say on the back of trucks, just call 1-800-EAT-S***. Communications Decency Act (CDA) some of my favorite thoughts here
Self-proclaimed Vietnam War Hero!
Affairs with Women, and Anti-Choice
Cunningham Scandal$
Cunningham Quotes
Zealot of the Religious Right
War Crimes and Genocide are OK ...
Drugs: Hypocrite or Cruel?
Political Contributions
The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught,
Feasting on the Spoils: The Life and Times of Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, History's Most Corrupt Congressman,
by Seth Hettena, AP (2007)
Links to Other Politicians
Brian Bilbray , who is keeping my seat in Congress warm while i'm in prison. Or visit his opponent's website

Includes a walks programme for the local Cunninghame and neighbouring, Kilmarnock, South Ayrshire and Ayr ramblers groups.
Aims and Activities of the Ramblers Association The Ramblers Association exists to protect the interests of everyone who enjoys walking in the countryside. Since 1935, it has promoted rambling, protected footpaths, sought access to open country, encouraged respect for the countryside, and defended its natural beauty. Local groups of the Ramblers Association organise programmes of walks. Additionally, the group watches over their local countryside, monitoring the state of footpaths, and campaigning for more access to the open countryside. 25 Walks in North Ayrshire Cunninghame Ramblers new book now available to buy online Download slideshow of the February 2008 CR Ceilidh Download slideshow of visit to Ailsa Craig Download slideshow of visit to Holy Isle ... Ayrshire Paths Calories Burned Calculator Estimate the calories you burned walking: Pace: walking, 2.0 mph, level, slow pace, firm surface walking,2 .5 mph, downhill walking, 2.5 mph, firm surface walking, 3.0 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface

92. Cunningham, Chris
Biography, portfolio and news of the director of Aphex Twin s Come to Daddy and Bjork s All Is Full of Love .

93. Dr. Walter Cunningham School Of Excellence
Serves students from preschool through fifth grade. Contains a brief overview, information about programs, FAQs, staff directory and photographs.
Student hours: 7:45-2:35 M-F
2010-2011 Calendar of Events Intersession Break Oct. 11 -Oct. 29 No School Wed., Nov. 24 Shining Stars Celebration Thanksgiving Break Nov. 25 -Nov. 26 No School Friday, Dec. 3 Shining Stars Assembly Friday Dec. 17 Shining Stars Celebration PIE Celebration Winter Break Dec. 20 -Jan. 3 No School Coming Up! Watch for news and events every week in your child's backpack. Students will be bringing home the Thursday Folder containing information about school and community events. Learn about Single Gender Classrooms from The National Association for Single Sex Public Education What's for lunch? Click here for school lunch menu NEW! Check our school library online! All Cunningham Students strive to be a "Star" S afe T rustworthy A + Attitude R espectful

94. : UK Political And Parliamentary News, Interviews, Analysis, Commen
Mini-site of the Labour MP for Coventry South provides a biography, some constituency information and contact details.
James Cunningham
Jim Cunningham MP Hello! Thank you for visiting my Parliamentary website, where you can read about my activities in the House and details of my other involvements. I hope you find the various articles or press releases of interest as well as links to websites that I find useful. Should you wish to contact me for details of my surgery or for any other reason then you can also find my address and constituency office phone number. Please remember that I will treat as confidential all personal information you give to me or my staff; I may need to pass on this information to others so they can help you but I undertake to handle the information you give me in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Happy Reading! With best wishes, Jim Cunningham MP Watch live parliamentary debates
Latest Press Releases
More from Dods

95. M. Allen Cunningham
The official site for M. Allen Cunningham, author of The Green Age of Asher Witherow. Information about the novel, tour information, links to short fiction, excerpts, and a weblog.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

96. Excerpts From A Century Of Epigrams
Excerpts from the poem in plain-text format.
from A Century of Epigrams 29 History of ideas God is love. Then by conversion Love is God, and sex conversion. 33 On a cold night I came through the cold rain And false snow to the wind shrill on your pane With no hope and no anger and no fear. Who are you? And with whom do you sleep here? 55 I had gone broke, and got set to come back, And lost, on a hot day and a fast track, On a long shot at long odds, a black mare By Hatred out of Envy by Despair. 62 You ask me how Contempt who claims to sleep With every woman that has ever been Can still maintain that women are skin deep? They never let him any deeper in. 76 Good Fortune, when I hailed her recently, Passed by me with the intimacy of shame As one that in the dark had handled me And could no longer recollect my

97. Home
Southern Baptist Association. Worship schedule, audio sermons and music, pastor s profile, and other news and information.
Bethel Baptist
WELCOME MAY YOU BE BLESSED TODAY! Home Contact Us Links S triving to Make an
I nvisible God Visible
Who We Are Ministries Plan of Salvation Sermons ... Calendar UPCOMING EVENTS Daylight Savings Time - Turn your clocks back 1 hour this Saturday 11-6-10



Barnes n Noble
Spiritual Gifts Test:
This questionnaire will ask you to judge your spiritual life where you are today; good or bad it is best to be honest. There is no monitoring software keeping records of who takes this questionnaire, nor will there be any request for personal information before you see your results. Click here Daily Reading, News or Inspirational Stories
Joanne Lowe's Inspirations From the Heart of Jesus... Read the newest Inspiration: Click here Baptist Press: Click here Read the Bible Daily at.....

98. Montgomery Central High School
Public high school. School history, curriculum, activities, and other information.

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