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         Eichendorff Joseph Von:     more books (100)
  1. Leaves From the Life of a Good-for-Nothing: Tr. From the German of Joseph, Freiherr Von Eichendorff, by Mrs. A. L. Wister; Illustrations by Philipp Grot Johann and Professor Edmund Kanoldt (1889) by Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff, 2009-06-25
  2. Lektu>RE - Durchblick: Eichendorff: Aus Dem Leben Eines Taugenichts (German Edition) by Joseph von Eichendorff, Michael Rumpf, 1999-04-01
  3. Gesammelte Werke in sechs Bänden, hrsg. von Paul Ernst. by Joseph von Eichendorff, 1909-01-01
  4. Eichendorff zum Vergnügen. ' Frühling mit Nachtigallen und anderem Zubehör' by Joseph von Eichendorff, 1998-05-31
  5. Samtliche Werke des Freiherrn Joseph von Eichendorff: Historisch-kritische Ausgabe (German Edition) by Joseph Eichendorff, 1984
  6. Eichendorf. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. Analysen und Reflexionen. by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2001-01-31
  7. Erlebtes (E-Book-Sammlung (German Edition) by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2009-07-31
  8. Erzählungen. by Joseph von Eichendorff, Werner. Bergengruen, 2002-09-01
  9. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2007-02-28
  10. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts - Scènes de la vie d'un propre-à-rien (German and French Edition) by Joseph von Eichendorff, 1994-09-23
  11. Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts / Das Marmorbild by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2005-10-31
  12. Werke in einem Band by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2007-03-31
  13. Die Freier (Gold Collection) (German Edition) by Joseph von Eichendorff, 2010-06-01
  14. Schlesische Tagebücher. by Joseph von: Eichendorff, 1988

1. Eichendorff, Joseph Von - Die Heimat | | Jan B. | Referat / Schu
Das Schlo Drande; Libertas und ihre Freier; External links . Eichendorff texts online at German Project Gutenberg; Eichendorff, Joseph von Eichendorff, Joseph von

2. Bookmarks - Authors - Eichendorff, Joseph Von  - Goethe-Institut 
born 10 March 1788 at Lubowitz Castle near Ratibor died 26 November 1857 in Neisse Universit tsbibliothek Heidelberg
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    Joseph von Eichendorff
    Search born 10 March 1788 at Lubowitz Castle near Ratibor
    died 26 November 1857 in Neisse © Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg studies law in Halle, Heidelberg and Vienna; meets von Arnim, Brentano and Kleist: travels extensively; publishes first collection of poems fights in the wars of liberation against Napoleon’s occupation of Europe; marries Luise von Larisch; publishes his first novel “Ahnung und Gegenwart” joins the Prussian civil service; holds positions in Breslau, Danzig and Königsberg: publishes “Life of a Good for Nothing” moves with his family to Berlin, where he works for several ministries; publishes the novels “Dichter und ihre Gesellen”, “Das Schloss Dürande” and “Collected Poems” retires from civil service due to illness; meets Robert and Clara Schumann, Grillparzer and Stifter during a long stay in Vienna; returns to Berlin joins his daughter in Neisse; death of his wife; friendship with the archbishop of Breslau, sojourns at the estate of Seldnitz

3. Eichendorff, Joseph Von Definition Of Eichendorff, Joseph Von In The Free Online
Eichendorff, Joseph Von . Born Mar. 10,1788, at Lubowitz Castle; died Nov. 26,1857, in Neisse. Baron; German writer. Eichendorff studied at the University of Halle in 1805 and 1806, Joseph Von

4. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Freiherr Von Eichendorff
Biographical article on the German Romantic poet, in the Catholic Encyclopedia.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... E > Freiherr von Eichendorff
Freiherr von Eichendorff
JOSEF KARL BENEDIKT, FREIHERR VON EICHENDORFF. "The last champion of romanticism", b. 10 March, 1788, in the Upper-Silesian castle of Lubowitz , near Ratibor ; d. at Neisse, 26 Nov., 1857. Till his thirteenth year he remained on the parental estate under a clerical tutor; then he was sent with his brother William to Breslau where he attended the Maria-Magdalenen gymnasium, at that time still Catholic . During those student years (1804) were written the first of Eichendorff's extant poems; no doubt his poetical talent had already been awakened in his romantic home. In the spring of 1805 he matriculated at the University of Halle . Here, under the influence of Professor Steffens , he became a follower of the Romantic School of poetry, and at the same time became acquainted with Calderon , some of whose plays were performed by the ducal company of Weimar autos sacramentales in truly poetical language. Eichendorff's development was even more strongly influenced by his sojourn in Heidelberg (1807), where the triumvirate of romanticism

5. Eichendorff Joseph Von - WIEM, Darmowa Encyklopedia
Der Isegrimm http// In German and English. The translation is by Walter A. Aue. Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff - http//www
Szukaj Poczta
Szukaj w
eichendorff joseph von Informacje o serwisie Kursy on-line Kody dostpu Napisz do nas O nas ... Aktualizacja encyklopedii wszystkie sownik informatyczny polski bez bdw Poka tylko zdjcia, filmy i mapy Jak szuka?
Eichendorff Joseph von
Dodaj do notesu Literatura, Europa, Niemcy, Historia nowoytna, XIX i pocztek XX w. Eichendorff Joseph von (1788-1857), niemiecki pisarz. Jeden z goniejszych poetw romantycznych w Niemczech, zyska du popularno jako autor wierszy lirycznych (zbiory 1826, 1837) pisanych pod wpywem pieni ludowych.
Autor, w znanej noweli Z ycia nicponia (1826, wydanie polskie 1924), wyraa romantyczn uczuciowo oraz pochwa pikna wiata, szczeglnie przyrody. Opublikowa rwnie powie Ahnung und Gegenwart (1815) oraz prace z dziedziny historii literatury.
W 1956 Towarzystwo Literatury i Sztuki "Wschd" majce sw siedzib w Wangen im Allgaeu, w Badenii-Wirtembergii, ufundowao Nagrod Literack im. Eichendorffa. W 2002 jej laureatk zostaa U. Kozio

6. Joseph Freiherr Von Eichendorff - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Brief profile, selected bibliography.
Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff. von Eichendorff's grave in Nysa. Joseph Karl Benedikt Freiherr von Eichendorff (10 March 1788 – 26 November 1857) was a German poet and novelist of the later German romantic school
edit Life
Eichendorff was born at Schloß Lubowitz near Ratibor in Upper Silesia in 1788. His parents were the Prussian officer Adolf Freiherr von Eichendorff and his wife, Karoline Freiin von Kloche, who came from an aristocratic Roman Catholic family. He studied law in Halle (1805-1806) and Heidelberg (1807-1808). In 1808 he travelled through Europe, visiting Paris and Vienna . In 1810, he returned home to help his father run the family estate. The same year he met Johann Gottlieb Fichte Achim von Arnim Clemens Brentano , and Heinrich von Kleist in Berlin . He finished his studies in Vienna in 1812. From 1813 to 1815 he fought in the Napoleonic Wars as a volunteer in the famous Lützow corps. From 1816, Eichendorff worked in various capacities in the administrative service of the Prussian state. He started with a judicial office in

7. Das Marmorbild By | 3150185394 | 9783150185391
Rent and Save a ton on Das Marmorbild by Eichendorff, Joseph Von.ISBN 3150185394 EAN 9783150185391
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Das Marmorbild
Eichendorff, Joseph Von
EDITION: BINDING: PUBLISHER: Reclam Philipp Jun. (11/30/-0001) PAGES: This product is not available.
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8. Eichendorff, Joseph Von Ebner - Eschenbach Autoren Germanistik Bücher
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9. Eichbibl
With a special interest in Das Marmorbild. Compiled by Lance Gillette.
Bibliography of Eichendorff-Bibliographies: Compiled and Annotated by Lance Gillette
Note: Annotations generally describe the relevance of the bibliography to Das Marmorbild , but can of course be useful for other purposes.
Bibliographie Der Deutschen Sprach- Und Literatur- Wissenschaft. Frankfurt: Vittorio Klostermann, published annually since 1945.
This recurrent comprehensive bibliography of German language and literature is very well organized and unlike the Aurora bibliographies does group citations very finely, e.g. whether they deal with individual works of the author. Citations, however, are not listed under specific works but rather all citations on works of a given author are grouped together. So this annual recurrent comprehensive bibliography is easier to use than the Aurora bibliographies. Aurora does seem to catch more thoughlike stuff from Japan. Brandenburg, Hans. "Literatur." Joseph von Eichendorff: Sein Leben und Sein Werk.
Although this bibliography may be useful in locating older material on Eichendorff there is not one item pertaining to Marmorbild Eberhardt, Otto. "Literaturverzeichnis."

10. Facts About Eichendorff, Joseph Von, As Discussed In Britannica Compton's Encycl
Facts about Eichendorff, Joseph von, (1788–1857). Poet and novelist Joseph von Eichendorff is considered one of the great writers of the German Romantic movement. (In literature
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11. EBook Verlag New EBooks
contrast the six BrentanoLieder are playful, incandescent and virtuosic settings of Clemens Brentano's deeply romantic poems. Strauss, Richard Hesse, Hermann / Eichendorff, Joseph von

12. 9783150023549 (3150023548) - Aus Dem Leben Eines Taugenichts
Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts Novelle. Eichendorff, Joseph von. ISBN 9783150023549 Stuttgart Reclam, 2001 126 s. Find best new price; Pay securely

13. Joseph Freiherr Von Eichendorff:   Der Isegrimm > The Curmudgeon   (Translatio
In German and English. The translation is by Walter A. Aue.
von / by Walter A. Aue
Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff:
Der Isegrimm
Aktenste nachts verschlingen,
Schwatzen nach der Welt Gebrauch,
Und das groe Tretrad schwingen
Wie ein Ochs, das kann ich auch. Aber glauben, da der Plunder
Eben nicht der Plunder wr,
Sondern ein hochwichtig Wunder,
Das gelang mir nimmermehr. Aber andre berwitzen,
Da ich mit dem Federkiel
Knnt den morschen Weltbau sttzen,
Schien mir immer Narrenspiel. Und so, weil ich in dem Drehen
Da steh oft wie ein Pasquill, Lt die Welt mich eben stehen Mag sies halten, wie sie will!
Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff:
The Curmudgeon
Spending nights at dossier reading, prattling, as the custom is, and the giant treadmill speeding like an ox: I could do this. Thinking, though, that this baloney were not just a bunch of crap, but high heaven's testimony: I could never manage that. To bamboozle everybody that I could, with just my quill, underpin world's frail and shoddy structure seems so imbecile.

14. Eichendorff, Joseph Von – Free Listening, Concerts, Stats, & Pictures At Last.
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15. The Marble Statue
Dr. Michael Haldane s translation of Das Marmorbild.
The Marble Statue On a fine summerfs evening Florio, a young nobleman, was riding slowly towards the gates of Lucca, enjoying both the delicate fragrance that shimmered over the beautiful landscape and the towers and roofs of the city before him, and the colourful procession of spruce ladies and gentleman strolling in a merry throng down the avenues of chestnut-trees along both sides of the street.
Then another rider, heading in the same direction on a dainty palfrey, and wearing brightly-coloured clothes, with a golden chain around his neck and a velvet cap with feathers over his dark-brown locks, trotted up to his side with a friendly greeting. Riding side by side into the darkling evening, the two entered into conversation in no time at all; and the youthful Florio found the strangerfs slim figure, his cheerful, jaunty manner, even his merry voice, so extremely charming that he could not take his eyes off him.
gWhat business brings you to Lucca ?h the stranger at last inquired. gActually, I have no business at all,h Florio answered with a touch of shyness. gNot exactly that,h replied Florio, turning red all over.

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Joseph von Eichendorff
- Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts / From the Life of a Good-for-Nothing. In German with link to English translation.
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17. Projekt Gutenberg-DE - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Kultur
Kurzbiographie, Werke und im Projekt Gutenberg als Online-Text vorhandene Werke.
Montag, 17.8.2009
Textsuche bei Gutenberg-DE:
Projekt Gutenberg-DE
Autoren A-Z: Alle
Joseph (Karl Benedikt) Freiherr von Eichendorff
Geboren am 10.3.1788 auf Schlo Lubowitz bei Ratibor/Oberschlesien; gestorben am 26.11.1857 Neisse/Schlesien Eichendorff entstammte einer katholischen Adelsfamilie. Nach dem Besuch des kath. Gymnasiums in Breslau 1801-1804 begann er ein Jurastudium in Halle 1805/06, das er 1807/08 in Heidelberg fortsetzte. 1808 unternahm er eine Bildungsreise nach Paris und Wien, von wo aus er 1810 nach Lubowitz zurckkehrte und dort den Vater bei der Verwaltung der Gter untersttzte. Den Winter 1809/10 verbrachte er in Berlin, besuchte Vorlesungen bei Fichte und kam mit Arnim Brentano und Kleist zusammen. In Wien setzte er 1810 das Studium fort und schlo es 1812 ab. 1813-1815 nahm er an den Befreiungskriegen teil. 1816 trat er in den preuischen Staatsdienst als Referendar in Breslau., wurde 1821 katholischer Kirchen- und Schulrat in Danzig, 1824 Oberprsidialrat in Knigsberg. 1831 bersiedelte er mit der Familie nach Berlin und war dort in verschiedenen Ministerien beschftigt, bis er 1841 zum Geheimen Regierungsrat ernannt wurde; 1844 ging er in Pension.
Werke u.a.

18. From The Life Of A Good-for-Nothing 1
Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts, translated into English by A.L. Wister.
From the Life of a Good-for-Nothing
Joseph von Eichendorff
Chapter One
T he wheel of my father's mill was once more turning and whirring merrily, the melting snow trickled steadily from the roof, the sparrows chirped and hopped about, as I, taking great delight in the warm sunshine, sat on the door-step and rubbed my eyes to rid them of sleep. Then my father made his appearance; he had been busy in the mill since daybreak, and his nightcap was all awry as he said to me, "You Good-for-nothing! There you sit sunning yourself, and stretching yourself till your bones crack, leaving me to do all the work alone. I can keep you here no longer. Spring is at hand. Off with you into the world and earn your own bread!" "Well," said I, "all right; if I am a Good-for-nothing, I will go forth into the world and make my fortune." In fact, I was very glad to have my father speak thus, for I myself had been thinking of starting on my travels; the yellow-hammer, which all through the autumn and winter had been chirping sadly at our window, "Farmer, hire me; farmer, hire me," was, now that the lovely spring weather had set in, once more piping cheerily from the old tree, "Farmer, nobody wants your work." So I went into the house and took down from the wall my fiddle, on which I could play quite skillfully; my father gave me a few pieces of money to set me on my way; and I sauntered off along the village street. I was filled with secret joy as I saw all my old acquaintances and comrades right and left going to their work digging and ploughing, just as they had done yesterday and the day before, and so on, whilst I was roaming out into the wide world. I called out "Good-by!" to the poor people on all sides, but no one took much notice of me. A perpetual Sabbath seemed to reign in my soul, and when I got out among the fields I took out my dear fiddle and played and sang, as I walked along the country road:

19. Josef Karl Benedikt Von Eichendorff (The Lied And Art Song Texts Page: Texts And
Poems of his which have been set to music. By title and by first line. For some, translation into another language is available.
The Lied, Art Song, and Choral Texts Page Contents Home Introduction What's new FAQ and Links ... Sign Guestbook Utilities Search entire website Search by: Surname First Line Title Year ... Random Text Indexes by Composer by Poet by First Line by Title by Language Credits Created and maintained by
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Author: Josef Karl Benedikt von Eichendorff (1788-1857)
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    Abendlandschaft Der Hirt blast seine Weise ) (from ) - H. Geyer, S. Baekers, A. Kleffel, E. Lassen, O. Schoeck

20. Joseph Freiherr Von Eichendorff:   Mondnacht > Moonlit Night   (Translation /
German original, and English translation by Walter A. Aue. Links to a different English translation for comparison.
von / by Walter A. Aue
Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff:
Es war, als htt der Himmel
Die Erde still gekt,
Da sie im Bltenschimmer
Von ihm nun trumen mt. Die Luft ging durch die Felder,
Die hren wogten sacht,
Es rauschten leis die Wlder,
So sternklar war die Nacht. Und meine Seele spannte
Weit ihre Flgel aus,
Flog durch die stillen Lande,
Als flge sie nach Haus.
Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff:
Moonlit Night
It was like Heaven's glimmer
had touched the Earth's skin that in Her blossoms' shimmer She had to think of Him. The breeze was gently walking through wheatfields near and far; the woods were softly talking so bright shone ev'ry star. And thus my soul extended its wings through skies to roam: O'er quiet lands suspended, my soul was flying home.
Further poems by Eichendorff Weitere Gedichte von Eichendorff Back to Home Page For comparison, check another translation First posted: February 2006 Last updated: January 2010 N.B.: The frame around the poems

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