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         Euclid:     more books (100)
  1. Here's Looking at Euclid: A Surprising Excursion Through the Astonishing World of Math by Alex Bellos, 2010-06-15
  2. Euclid's Elements by T.L. Heath Translation, 2002-08-20
  3. Euclid's Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace by Leonard Mlodinow, 2002-04-09
  4. The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara by John Dee, 2010-07-12
  5. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 1: Books 1-2 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  6. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 2: Books 3-9 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  7. The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 3: Books 10-13 by Thomas L. Heath, Euclid, 1956-06-01
  8. THE ELEMENTS (UPDATED w/LINKED TOC) by Euclid, 2009-12-29
  9. The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements by Euclid, 2010-01-01
  10. A History of Greek Mathematics: Volume 1. From Thales to Euclid by Thomas Little Heath, 2000-12-27
  11. Euclid in the Rainforest: Discovering Universal Truth in Logic and Math by Joseph Mazur, 2006-07-25
  12. Euclid - The Creation of Mathematics by Benno Artmann, 1999-06-10
  13. A Long Way From Euclid by Constance Reid, 2010-01-10
  14. The Babylonian Theorem: The Mathematical Journey to Pythagoras and Euclid by Peter S. Rudman, 2010-01-26

1. City Of Euclid: Welcome To The City Of Euclid
Official site providing information on the community.

2. Euclid
The Elements organized by book volume.
The Elements , Books I - IV
Book I
Postulates and Common Notions
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Using the text of Sir Thomas Heath's translation of The Elements , I have graphically glossed Books I - IV to produce a reader friendly version of Euclid's Plane Geometry. The four books contain 115 propositions which are logically developed from five postulates and five common notions . In the first proposition, Proposition 1, Book I, Euclid shows that, using only the postulates and common notions, it is possible to construct an equilateral triangle on a given straight line. In the hundred fifteenth proposition, Proposition 16, Book IV, he shows that it is possible to inscribe a regular 15-gon in a circle. And along the way he develops many beautiful, interesting, captivating, and pleasing results. You are invited to read this part of one of the world's great books.
This presentation grew out of material developed for a mathematics course, Ideas in Mathematics , offered for liberal arts students at Furman. Every interested person, ninth grade student to ninety year old retiree, should be able to read most, if not all, of the material; that is the intended audience.

3. Introduction To The Works Of Euclid
With an Emphasis on the Elements. By Donald Lancon, Jr. (student).

4. Euclid - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
euclid, fl. 300 BC, also known as euclid of Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, often referred to as the Father of Geometry . He was active in Alexandria during the reign
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Euclid (disambiguation) Euclid
Artist's depiction of Euclid Born fl. 300 BC
Died unknown
Residence Alexandria Egypt Fields Mathematics Euclidean geometry
Elements Euclid (pronounced /ˈjuːklɪd/ EWK -lid Eukleidēs fl. 300 BC, also known as Euclid of Alexandria , was a Greek mathematician , often referred to as the "Father of Geometry". He was active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I (323–283 BC). His Elements is one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics , serving as the main textbook for teaching mathematics (especially geometry ) from the time of its publication until the late 19th or early 20th century. In the Elements , Euclid deduced the principles of what is now called Euclidean geometry from a small set of axioms . Euclid also wrote works on perspective conic sections spherical geometry number theory and rigor "Euclid" is the anglicized version of the Greek name ( Εὐκλείδης — Eukleídēs ), meaning "Good Glory".

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City of euclid, Ohio. Find hotels, homes, jobs, apartments, yellow pages, and events in euclid. Also weather, restaurants, schools, businesses, city information and other info
City of Euclid, Ohio. Find hotels, homes, jobs, apartments, yellow pages, and events in Euclid. Also weather, restaurants, schools, businesses, city information and other info for Euclid.
Welcome to Euclid, OH
About Euclid:
Euclid is a city located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. It is part of the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area, and borders Cleveland. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 52,717. (More Info and Source)
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6. Euclid's Elements
Welcome to the Platonic Solids as Demonstrated in Book Thirteen of euclid s Elements.
Welcome to the Platonic Solids as Demonstrated in Book Thirteen of
Euclid's Elements
This site demonstrates the construction of the five Platonic Solids from Book 13 of Euclid's Elements
This project has brought forth much philosophizing on the nature of the internet, geometry, and the world, and how we orient ourselves in it.
In order to orient yourself, we recommend taking a look at how to best view the site, and to take a look at the resources available on Euclid on the WWW.
This site is supported by Brendon F. Buckley of the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, Indianapolis, Indiana.

7. Euclid Chemical - Concrete And Masonry Admixtures
The euclid Chemical Company markets and distributes concrete and masonry products and additives.
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19218 Redwood Road, Cleveland, OH 44110
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8. EUCLID - Realtime European Lightning Map provides lightning and thunderstorm detection services across the greater European continent Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Austria, Poland, Hungary

9. Introduction To The Works Of Euclid
An essay on the Elements (by Don Allen).
Next: About this document
EUCLID Euclid is known to almost every high school student as the author of The Elements , the long studied text on geometry and number theory. No other book except the Bible has been so widely translated and circulated. From the time it was written it was regarded as an extraordinary work and was studied by all mathematicians, even the greatest mathematician of antiquity Archimedes, and so it has been through the 23 centuries that have followed. It is unquestionably the best mathematics text ever written and is likely to remain so into the distant future. Euclid Little is known about Euclid , fl. 300BC, the author of The Elements . He taught and wrote at the Museum and Library at Alexandria, which was founded by Ptolemy I. Almost everything about him comes from Proclus' Commentary , 4th cent AD. He writes that Euclid collected Eudoxus' theorems, perfected many of Theaetetus', and completed fragmentary works left by others. Euclid is said to have said to the first Ptolemy who inquired if there was a shorter way to learn geometry than the Elements: ...there is no royal road to geometry

10. Euclid: Biography From
Born c. 325 B.C. Birthplace Died c. 265 B.C. Best Known As Alexandrian mathematician and father of geometry euclid was a mathematician whose third century B.C. textbook
var isReferenceAnswers = true; BodyLoad('s'); On this page Library
Who2 Biography:
Euclid Mathematician
Home Library Miscellaneous Who2 Biographies
  • Born: c. 325 B.C. Birthplace: Died: c. 265 B.C. Best Known As: Alexandrian mathematician and father of geometry
Euclid was a mathematician whose third century B.C. textbook Elements served as the western world's unchallenged standard for two millennia. Nothing is known about Euclid's life or physical appearance, and what little is known about his career comes from inferences in later sources. It is generally agreed that he taught geometry in Hellenistic Egypt, at Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I, between 305 and 285 B.C. He is credited with the thirteen volumes of Elements , a work that accumulated mathematical knowledge and codified it into a deductive system of proofs. Euclidean geometry was the geometry until the 19th century, when mathematicians began to challenge Euclid's assumptions about parallel lines, for example, when considering measurements over very large distances of, say, billions of light years. Previous: Eric the Red (Explorer)

11. History Of Mathematics Text
euclid Brown University Library possess a copy of each sixteenthcentury translation of euclid's Elements of Geometry into a modern language. These vernacular editions, grouped
Brown University Library possess a copy of each sixteenth-century translation of Euclid's Elements of Geometry into a modern language. These vernacular editions, grouped around the first Latin edition of 1482, are displayed in chronological sequence, from 1533 (Greek) to 1594 (Arabic). All copies are opened at Book I, proposition 47, "Pythagoras' Theorem," which asserts: "In right-angled triangles the square of the side opposite the right angle is equal to the sum of the squares of the sides containing the right angle." Most of the translations provide proof of this equation (a + b = c using a geometrical construction known as "the bride's chair."
Other first translations into modern European languages were published in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: Dutch (1602), Russian (1739), Swedish (1744), and Danish (1745).
Latin Editions
Euclid (ca. 326-ca. 265 BC)
Preclarissimus liber elementorum Euclidis perspicacissimi: in artem geometrie incipit ...
Venice: Erhard Ratdolt, [25 May] 1482.
Euclid's Elements of Geometry has been a primary mathematics text for more than two thousand years. It is a compilation of early Greek mathematical knowledge, synthesized and systematically presented by Euclid in ca. 300 BC. Books I-IV are devoted to plane geometry, Book V deals with the theory of proportions, and Book VI with the similarity of plane figures. Books VII-IX are on number theory, Book X on commensurability and incommensurability, Books XI-XII explore three dimensional geometric objects, and Book XIII deals with the construction of the five regular solids. Later non-Euclidian additions include, Book XIV, which is thought to have been contrbuted by Hypsciles (ca. 200 BC), and Book XV, which may have been added by John of Damascus, or by a 6th-century pupil of Isadoros of Miletos.

12. Euclid Summary
Provides a detailed biography and related links.
Euclid of Alexandria
about 325 BC - about 265 BC
Click the picture above
to see six larger pictures Euclid was a Greek mathematician best known for his treatise on geometry: The Elements . This influenced the development of Western mathematics for more than 2000 years. Full MacTutor biography [Version for printing] List of References (97 books/articles) Some Quotations Mathematicians born in the same country Additional Material in MacTutor
  • Euclid's definitions and axioms
  • Euclid on elementary astronomy
  • Bertrand Russell on Euclid Honours awarded to Euclid
    (Click below for those honoured in this way) Lunar features Crater Euclides Popular biographies list Number 5 Other Web sites
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Astroseti (A Spanish translation of this biography)
  • J Poole (Books I to IV of the Elements
  • R J Wilson (also available as a Video version
  • David Joyce The Elements
  • Vatican exhibition
  • Math Forum
  • Simon Fraser University
  • G Don Allen (An introduction to The Elements
  • Kevin Brown (A discussion of which propositions depend on which axioms)
  • Tufts University (An on-line version of The Elements
  • J Domenech (Euclid's Elements in Spanish and Catalan) Previous (Chronologically) Next Main Index Previous (Alphabetically) Next Biographies index JOC/EFR January 1999 The URL of this page is:
  • 13. Euclid Wants Former Mayoral Candidate Gudenas' Suit Dismissed -
    This dynamically illustrated edition of euclid's Elements includes 13 books on plane geometry, geometric and abstract algebra, number theory, incommensurables, and solid geometry
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      Euclid wants former mayoral candidate Gudenas' suit dismissed
      Published: Friday, October 29, 2010 Tweet
      More Photos
      Click thumbnails to enlarge Cervenik By Tracey Read
      Click to enlarge Gudenas Former Euclid mayoral candidate Edmund Gudenas should not have expected privacy after giving city officials a key to his home to install a burglar alarm, attorneys for the city are arguing.
      In 2009, Gudenas filed a lawsuit claiming police and housing inspectors illegally searched his rented Lake Shore Boulevard home during the 2007 mayoral campaign when he challenged Mayor Bill Cervenik.
      But city attorney James Climer is asking U.S. District Judge Christopher Boyko in Cleveland to dismiss the federal suit on the grounds that Euclid officials entered the property in good faith with probable cause to reset a malfunctioning alarm.
      At the time, the city was seeing a large increase in copper thefts from Euclid homes.

    14. Euclid - History For Kids!
    euclid for kids when did euclid live? where did he work? what's so important about euclid?
    Euclid for kids - when did Euclid live? where did he work? what's so important about Euclid?
    Nobody knows much about Euclid's life anymore - it is all forgotten. We only know that he worked in the city of Alexandria, in Egypt , for a while. There are no pictures of him. We can't even be sure he existed; Euclid could be a made-up name for a committee of mathematicians all working together. Either way, Euclid (or the people who called themselves Euclid) must have lived around 300 BC . He (or they) seems to have studied at Plato's Academy in Athens, where he learned some of the mathematics that is in his books. He probably knew Aristotle there. Like Anaxagoras before him, Euclid (YOU-klid) wanted to prove that things were true by using logic and reason. We still have copies of Euclid's books today, and they begin with basic definitions of a point and a line and shapes, and then go on to use geometry to prove, for instance, that all right angles are equal, that you can draw a straight line between any two points, and that two things which are both equal to the same thing are also equal to each other. Euclid's later books teach more advanced math, including how triangles and circles work, irrational numbers, and three-dimensional geometry.

    15. Biografia De Euclides
    Biografia del matem tico. En Biograf as y vidas.
    Inicio Buscador Las figuras clave de la historia Reportajes Los protagonistas de la actualidad Euclides Es probable que Euclides se educara en Atenas, lo que explicara con su buen conocimiento de la geometra elaborada en la escuela de Platn, aunque no parece que estuviera familiarizado con las obras de Aristteles. Ense en Alejandra, donde alcanz un gran prestigio en el ejercicio de su magisterio durante el reinado de Tolomeo I Ster; se cuenta que ste lo requiri para que le mostrara un procedimiento abreviado para acceder al conocimiento de las matemticas, a lo que Euclides repuso que no exista una va regia para llegar a la geometra (el epigrama, sin embargo, se atribuye tambin a Menecmo como rplica a una demanda similar por parte de Alejandro Magno). La tradicin ha conservado una imagen de Euclides como hombre de notable amabilidad y modestia, y ha transmitido as mismo una ancdota relativa a su enseanza, recogida por Juan Estobeo: un joven principiante en el estudio de la geometra le pregunt qu ganara con su aprendizaje; Euclides, tras explicarle que la adquisicin de un conocimiento es siempre valiosa en s misma, orden a su esclavo que diera unas monedas al muchacho, dado que ste tena la pretensin de obtener algn provecho de sus estudios. Euclides fue autor de diversos tratados, pero su nombre se asocia principalmente a uno de ellos, los

    16. Biography Of Euclid - Math Open Reference
    A biography of euclid. A short description of his life and contributions to the study of geometry. Links to other resources.

    17. Euclid Chemical - Euclid Product Catalog
    The euclid Chemical Company markets and distributes concrete and masonry products and additives.

    18. Euclid Fire Department |
    Presents overview of the department, personnel, and equipment.
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    Euclid Fire Department
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    Euclid Fire Department
    775 E 222nd ST,
    Euclid, Ohio 44123-2058
    Business Phone:
    Euclid Fire Department Station 1

    Euclid Fire Department Station 2

    Euclid Fire Department Station 3

    This department profile is managed by: Please contact the above manager with any questions or concerns for this department page.
    About Euclid Fire Department - Ohio
    Municipality: Cuyahoga County Type of Department: All Paid/Career Number of Personnel:
    • Active career firefighters
    Chief's Name: Thomas Cosgriff, Fire Chief Services provided:
    • Firefighting ALS Emergency Medical Services Vehicle Rescue (Extrication) Other Technical/Specialized Rescue
    Type of Area Served:
    • Industrial Residential Commercial
    Description: The Euclid Fire Department was established on January 1, 1922. Our department is a 100% Union Fire Department (IAFF Local 337). Our EMS system operates under the Medical Direction of Dr. James Sauto at Cleveland Clinic's Euclid Hospital. Our department participates in a Mutual Aid Box Alarm System with many surrounding communities, this system enables fire departments to help eachother during major or multiple emergencies. The City of Euclid is a diverse inner-ring suburb that is home to a variety of people. We protect an area that includes: retail, residential homes, low and high rise apartments, light and heavy industry, Interstate 90, and a busy railroad. Our geographical boarders are: Lake Erie to the north, Cleveland to the west, Richmond Heights and South Euclid to the south, Willowick and Wickliffe to the east. We have 9 members who are on the Heights Area Special Rescue Team (HASRT).

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    20. Euclid (Greek Mathematician) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    euclid (Greek mathematician), c. 300 bcAlexandria, Egyptthe most prominent mathematician of GrecoRoman antiquity, best known for his treatise on geometry, the Elements.
    document.write(''); Search Site: With all of these words With the exact phrase With any of these words Without these words Home CREATE MY Euclid NEW ARTICLE ... SAVE
    Table of Contents: Euclid Article Article Life Life Sources and contents of the Elements Sources and contents of the Elements Renditions of the Elements Renditions of the Elements Other writings Other writings Assessment Assessment Major Works Major Works Additional Reading Additional Reading Related Articles Related Articles External Web sites External Web sites Citations Primary Contributors: Christian Marinus Taisbak Bartel Leendert van der Waerden ARTICLE from the Euclid Greek Eukleides (b.

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