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         Euripides:     more books (100)
  1. Euripides: Medea (Cambridge Translations from Greek Drama) by Euripides, 2000-05-18
  2. Alcestis by Euripides, 2003-12-01
  3. Heracles and Other Plays by Euripides, 2010-05-06
  4. The Complete Greek Tragedies, Volume 3: Euripides by Euripides, 1992-08-01
  5. The Complete Euripides Volume V: Medea and Other Plays (Greek Tragedy in New Translations) by Euripides, 2010-12-21
  6. Hippolytus The Bacchae (Webster's Albanian Thesaurus Edition) by Euripides, 2008-01-01
  7. Four Plays: Medea, Hippolytus, Heracles, Bacchae (Focus Classical Library) by Euripides, 2002-12
  8. Three Plays of Euripides: Alcestis, Medea, The Bachae by Euripides, 2010-05-06
  9. Euripides: Iphigenia at Aulis (Duckworth Companions to Greek & Roman Tragedy S.) by Tom Harrison (Editor) Pantelis Michelakis, 2006-03-09
  10. Fabulae: Volume II:Supplices, Electra, Hercules, Troades, Iphigenia in Tauris, Ion (Oxford Classical Texts) by Euripides, 1982-03-11
  11. Euripides' Medea: The Incarnation of Disorder by Emily A. McDermott, 1989-07-01
  12. Cyclops by Euripides, 2010-03-22
  13. Euripides: Medea (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics) by Euripides, 2002-09-16
  14. Ten Plays by Euripides, 1981

41. Medea
Summary and analysis of the play by euripides.
A summary and analysis of the play by Euripides
This document was originally published in The Drama: Its History, Literature and Influence on Civilization, vol. 1 . ed. Alfred Bates. London: Historical Publishing Company, 1906. pp. 192-196.
An original painting by Franz Stuck
The Medea tells the story of the jealousy and revenge of a woman betrayed by her husband. She has left home and father for Jason's sake, and he, after she has borne him children, forsakes her, and betroths himself to Glauce, the daughter of Creon, ruler of Corinth. Creon orders her into banishment that her jealousy may not lead her to do her child some injury. In vain she begs not to be cast forth, and finally asks for but one day's delay. This Creon grants, to the undoing of him and his. Jason arrives and reproaches Medea with having provoked her sentence by her own violent temper. Had she had the sense to submit to sovereign power she would never have been thrust away by him. In reply she reminds her husband of what she had once done for him; how for him she had betrayed her father and her people; for his sake had caused Pelias, whom he feared, to be killed by his own daughters. "I am the mother of your children. Whither can I fly, since all Greece hates the barbarian?"

42. Euripides - New World Encyclopedia
euripides (Greek Ευριπίδης) (c. 480 – 406 B.C.E.) was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens. In contrast with Aeschylus and Sophocles
From New World Encyclopedia
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Euripides Euripides (Greek: Ευριπίδης) (c. 480 – 406 B.C.E. ) was the last of the three great tragedians of classical Athens . In contrast with Aeschylus and Sophocles , Euripides is known primarily for having reshaped the formal structure of traditional Attic tragedy; he was the first tragedian to utilize strong female characters and intelligent slaves. In rather sharp contrast with Aeschylus , Euripides satirized many of the major figures of Greek mythology , and the cynical view of the gods suggested in many of his plays may indicate that he lived in a time of growing disenchantment with the Greek pantheon. His plays seem modern by comparison with the earlier tragedians, focusing on the inner lives and motives of his characters in a way that had been unknown to Greek audiences. They also seem modern in another sense: Without clear conviction in the beneficence of the gods, chaos rather than order seems to win out. While Aeschylus was predominantly a moral playwright, and Sophocles primarily concerned with the role of the fates and the gods, Euripides' work was the most concerned with the simple humanity of his characters. He was concerned more often than not with characters much closer to earth than the towering heroes and demigods that had dominated ancient Greek literature prior to his times. The roles he provides for women and slaves hearken toward increasing egalitarianism. The tone of his work is more ironic than his predecessors. Without a clear moral structure, his characters' actions seem more ambiguous, less noble. As one of the foremost playwrights in all of Western literature, Euripides' contribution to the development of Western drama and literature in general is inestimable.

43. Euripides
A biography of the Greek dramatist euripides. This article was originally published in Minute History of the Drama. Alice B. Fort Herbert S. Kates.
Born, Phyla, Attica, 485 B.C.
Died, Macedonia, 407-6 B.C.
This article was originally published in Minute History of the Drama
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T HERE is more unadulterated gossip about Euripides than about either Sophocles or Aeschylus : about his birth, which for the sake of connecting him with the battle of Salamis and thus with the careers of Aeschylus and Sophocles, gossip tries to place in 480 B.C.; about his parentage, probably due to scurrilous remarks in the comedies of Aristophanes referring to them as "hucksters" and "green grocers"; about his youth, when, according to unfounded report, he was trained for a professional wrestler; and, finally, about his marriage, wherein rumor represented him as finding both his first and second wives unfaithful. All this can be ascribed to the fact that ancient biography resorted to invention in order to connect the poet's writings with supposed personal experiences and thus assign a reason for them. From all the confusion a few facts stand out. Euripides in temperament was just the opposite of Sophocles . . . of a studious and retiring disposition, fond of the companionship of intimate friends, but averse to general society. A favorite retreat was a grotto that looked out upon the sea. Here in complete retirement he liked to study and write. From numerous allusions of contemporary writers, we know, too, that his library was celebrated for its completeness. Of the three great tragic poets of Greece, Euripides was by far the most modern. As the first of the "realists" he brought realism in clothes, conversation and character to the Greek stage. He was a pioneer in tragi-comedy

44. Biography Of Euripides | List Of Works, Study Guides & Essays | GradeSaver
Historians posit that euripides, the youngest of the three great tragedians, was born in Salamis between 485 and 480 B.C.E. During his lifetime, the P
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    Biography of Euripides (c. 485 B.C.E.-406 B.C.E.)
    Study Guides and Essays by Euripides The Bacchae Hippolytus Medea Euripides Historians posit that Euripides, the youngest of the three great tragedians, was born in Salamis between 485 and 480 B.C.E. During his lifetime, the Persian Wars ended, ushering in a period of prosperity and cultural exploration in Athens. Of the art forms that flourished during this era, drama was the most distinctive and influential. Among Euripides’ contemporaries were Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Aristophanes, and these four men dominated the Athenian stage throughout the fifth century B.C.E. Though scholars know little about the life of Euripides, since most sources are based on legend, there are more extant Euripidean dramas than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles combined. In his own lifetime, however, Euripides was the least successful of his contemporaries, winning the competition at the City Dionysia only four times.

45. Projekt Gutenberg-DE - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Kultur
Kurzbiographie, Werke, im Projekt Gutenberg als Online-Text vorhandene Werke.
Montag, 17.8.2009
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Autoren A-Z: Alle
Der letzte der drei groen griechischen Tragdiendichter (Aischylos, Sophokles, Euripides) wurde 480 oder 485 v.u.Z. in Salamis (?) geboren. Er starb 406 in Pella am Hof des makedonischen Knigs Archelaos. Er soll eine geistige Erziehung durch Anaxagoras genossen haben und bewegte sich in Philosophenkreisen (auch bei Sokrates). Euripides soll 92 Tragdien geschrieben haben, von denen 18 (19) erhalten sind. Seine Charaktere sind menschlicher als bei den frheren Tragikern. Die Rolle des Chores wurde bei ihm geringer. Bei den Dionysien errang er whrend seines Lebens 4 Preise.
Erhaltene Werke:
  • Alkestis Andromache Die Bakchen Elektra Hekabe Helena Herakles Die Herakliden Hippolytos Ion Iphigenie in Aulis Iphigenie bei den Taurern Medea Orestes Die Phoinikerinnen Rhesos (wahrscheinlich unecht) Die Schutzflehenden Die Troerinnen Der Kyklop
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Sigmund Freud, Werkausgabe auf CD-ROM

46. The Classics Pages -Euripides
The plays of euripides Orestes, Helen, Phoenissae, Medea Helen. euripides' apology to Helen for all the nasty things he wrote about her in his other plays.
plays of euripides
The Classics Pages Home What's New The Oracleof Loxias About Loxias ... Top 22 sites Entertainment Games and Quizzes Fun with Latin Words Rude Latin ... Why Classics? Philosophy Plato's Republic Art Architecture Greek Pottery Sculpture Greek Mythology Guide to myths Harry Potter Greek Harry Potter Greek Literature Iliad Odyssey Sappho Aeschylus ... Drama productions The Romans The Romans Latin Literature Catullus Sulpicia Virgil Horace ... The Golden Ass Social History Women Symposium Technology Seapower - Trireme ... Oracles Archaeology Greece Sicily Education Teachers' Pages since 1994
Euripides' apology to Helen for all the nasty things he wrote about her in his other plays. Helen here is as charming, beautiful and witty as she is in the Odyssey - the centre of this puzzling play. I'm not even going to try assigning the play to a definite genre. It is obvious that it is not a tragedy like Bacchae or Hippolytus ; of Euripides' other plays it's perhaps nearest in style to Ion . A situation is set up which we are led to expect will lead to tragedy - but thanks to an amazing plot twist, all turns out well. Shakespeare wrote similar dramas, which he was allowed to call comedies -

47. Euripides - Research And Read Books, Journals, Articles At Questia
euripides Scholarly books, journals and articles euripides at Questia, world's largest online library and research service. Subscribe now and do better research, faster with

48. Euripides - Crystalinks
480 406 BC. euripides was one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens, along with Aeschylus and Sophocles. He is believed to have written over 90 plays, 18 of which
480 - 406 BC Euripides was one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens, along with Aeschylus and Sophocles. He is believed to have written over 90 plays, 18 of which are extant (it is now widely believed that a nineteenth, Rhesus, was written by someone else). Fragments of most of the other plays survive, some of them substantial. More of his plays have survived than those of Aeschylus and Sophocles together, partly because of the chance preservation of a manuscript that was probably part of a complete collection of his works. Euripides is known primarily for having reshaped the formal structure of traditional Attic tragedy by showing strong women characters and smart slaves, and by satirizing many heroes of Greek mythology. Private life His mother's name was Cleito, and his father's either Mnesarchus or Mnesarchides. Evidence suggests that Euripides' family was comfortable financially. He had a wife named Melito, and together they had three sons. It is rumored that he also had a daughter, but she was killed after a rabid dog attacked her. Some call this rumor a joke that Aristophanes, a comic writer who often poked fun at Euripides, wrote about him. However, many historians fail to see the humor in this and believe it is indeed true. Public life The record of Euripides' public life, other than his involvement in dramatic competitions, is almost non-existent. There is no reason or historical evidence to believe that he travelled to Syracuse, Sicily or engaged himself in any other public or political activities during his lifetime, or left Athens at the invitation of king Archelaus II and stayed with him in Macedonia after 408 BC.

49. Euripides Quotes
65 quotes and quotations by euripides Related Authors Aeschylus Sophocles Homer Hesiod Aristophanes Agathon Menander

50. Euripides
(480406 BC) Greek writer. euripides was quite popular during his time. He wrote some 92 plays in his lifetime, and he won four first prizes. Read more about the life and works
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    By Esther Lombardi , Guide
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  • zSB(3,3) Euripides was quite popular during his time. He wrote some 92 plays in his lifetime, and he won four first prizes.
    Euripides Birth:
    Euripides was born in Attica in 480 BC; he lived in Athens most of his life, though he spent much time on Salamis.
    Euripides wrote perhaps 92 plays (the first produced in 455); during his lifetime he won only four first prizes (the first in 441) at the competition held at the annual spring festival of Dionysus in Athens. Aside from his writings, his chief interests were philosophy and science. Euripides represented the new moral, social, and political movements that were taking place in Athens towards the end of the 5th century BC. It was a period of enormous intellectual discovery, in which "wisdom" ranked as the highest earthly accomplishment. His popularity increased after his death, and his plays were revived more than those of Aeschylus or Sophocles.
    Euripides Influences:
    The works of Euripides, which were quite popular in his time, exerted great influence on Roman drama. In more recent times he has influenced English and German drama, and most conspicuously such French dramatists as Pierre Corneille and Jean-Baptiste Racine.

    51. Euripides
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    52. Euripides Videos - By Video Site
    Tags euripides Ἀγαμέμνων Iphigenia Aulis Ευριπιδη Cacoyannis The start of the film, shot

    53. Dictionary - MSN Encarta
    Enter a search term above to find Dictionary definitions or click the Thesaurus tab to find synonyms and antonyms.

    54. Dionysus - Wine God Dionysus
    Different names for Dionysus and the story of his family, based on euripides.
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    Dionysus - The God a Foolish Mortal Imprisoned By N.S. Gill , Guide
    See More About:
    Mosaic of Bacchus More Images zSB(3,3) In the Athenian playwright Euripides ' tragedy Bacchantes , which is named for the followers of the wine god Dionysus , Euripides describes the powers of the gentle but terrible god, the son of Zeus and Semele "O Dionysus! now 'tis thine to act, for thou
    art not far away; let us take vengeance on him.
    First drive him mad by fixing in his soul a wayward
    frenzy; for never, whilst his senses are his own, will
    he consent to don a woman's dress; but when his
    mind is gone astray he will put it on. And fain
    would I make him a laughing-stock to Thebes as
    he is led in woman's dress through the city, after

    55. Euripides
    Links and information on ancient Greece people. euripides was born in 480 BC and died in 406 BC. euripides was the youngest of the three principal fifthcentury tragic poets.

    56. Cave
    Report on the excavations conducted in the cave during 1996 by Yannos G. Lolos, Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Ioannina, Epirus.
    The Cave of Euripides on Salamis
    Short report on the results of the 1996 campaign

    In August and September 1996, systematic archaeological excavation was continued, for a third consecutive year, at a cave above the Bay of Peristeria on the southern coast of Salamis, in conjunction with a survey in the vicinity. The excavation was conducted by a 15-member scientific team under the direction of Yannos G. Lolos, Assistant Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Ioannina, Epirus, in collaboration with the Department of Palaeoanthropology of the Greek ministry of Culture. The main sponsor of the 1996 excavation was the Community of Aianteion, Salamis. The exceptional finds from the 1996 excavation as well as those from excavations in previous years have revealed the different functions of the cave in the course of the centuries, from the Late Neolithic period (ca 5300 - 4500 B. C.) to the period of Frankish rule in Greece (end of the 13h century / beginning of the 14 th century A. D.).

    57. Euripides (Greek Dramatist) :: Dramatic And Literary Achievements -- Britannica
    euripides (Greek dramatist), Dramatic and literary achievements, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, euripides’ plays exhibit his iconoclastic, rationalizing attitude toward both
    document.write(''); Search Site: With all of these words With the exact phrase With any of these words Without these words Home CREATE MY Euripides NEW ARTICLE ... SAVE
    Table of Contents: Euripides Article Article Life and career Life and career Dramatic and literary achievements Dramatic and literary achievements The plays The plays - Alcestis Alcestis - Medea Medea - Children of Heracles Children of Heracles - Hippolytus Hippolytus - Andromache Andromache - Hecuba Hecuba - Suppliants Suppliants - Electra Electra - Madness of Heracles Madness of Heracles - Trojan Women Trojan Women - Ion Ion - Iphigenia Among the Taurians Iphigenia Among the Taurians - Helen Helen - Phoenician Women Phoenician Women - Orestes Orestes - Iphigenia at Aulis Iphigenia at Aulis - Bacchants Bacchants - Cyclops Cyclops Additional Reading Additional Reading Related Articles Related Articles Supplemental Information Supplemental Information - Quotations Quotations External Web sites External Web sites Citations
    Dramatic and literary achievements
    iconoclastic, rationalizing attitude toward both

    58. The Little Sailing
    Ancient Greek texts in Unicode encoding including Aeschylus, Apollodorous, Aristotle, Aristophanes, euripides, Hesiod, Homer, Lucian, Plutarch, Thucydides, and Xenophon. Some texts are with side-by-side translation.

    59. Euripides Biography |
    euripides biography, including 6 pages of information on the life of euripides.

    60. CNR Classics Dept:Euripides Syllabus
    Dr. Ann R. Raia , Associate Professor of Classics CNR Home, VRoma Home School of Arts and Sciences The College of New Rochelle
    CLS 317 CDA: Spring 2004
    Bust of Euripides
    Dr. Ann R. Raia , Associate Professor of Classics
    CNR Home
    VRoma Home School of Arts and Sciences
    The College of New Rochelle Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30-4, Wednesday 10:30-12, Thursday 9-10, and by appointment Office: Castle 325 Telephone: (914) 654-5398 E-mail:
    This course focuses on translation and analysis of Euripides' Medea , with additional readings in Alkestis and Bakkai . It includes study of the origins and development of Greek tragedy and the theater during the 5th Century BCE in Athens. Euripides' debt to Aeschylus and Sophocles and his contribution to Western dramatic art will be explored.
    at the end of this course students will demonstrate:
    • facility in reading classical Attic Greek aloud, prepared and at sight command of basic classical Greek vocabulary and syntax ability to translate from the original with appropriate assistance knowledge of the genre, criticism, and literary conventions of ancient tragedy familiarity with the structure of the ancient Greek theater and its dramatic practices understanding of the cultural climate and intellectual temper of Athens as reflected in drama appreciation of Euripides' dramatic achievement, his position among the Greek dramatists of 5th century Athens, and his influence on Western drama

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