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         Firbank Ronald:     more books (100)
  1. Five Novels by Ronald Firbank, 1981-05-01
  2. 5 Novels by Ronald Firbank by Ronald FIRBANK, 1950
  3. Ronald Firbank: An Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Materials, 1905-1995 (The Dalkey Archive Bibliography Series, 3) by Steven Moore, 1996-06
  4. 3 More Novels: Vainglory, Inclinations, Caprice (New Directions Paperbook) by Ronald Firbank, 1986-04
  5. A Bibiography of Ronald Firbank (Soho Bibliographies) by Miriam J. Benkovitz, 1982-03-11
  6. The Complete Firbank (Picador Classics) by Ronald Firbank, 1988-01-08
  7. Frivolity Unbound: Six Masters of the Camp Novel, Thomas Love Peacock, Max Beerbohm, Ronald Firbank, E.F. Benson, P.G. Wodehouse, Ivy Compton-Burnet (Literature and Life) by Robert F. Kiernan, 1990-08
  8. Ronald Firbank (Twayne's English Authors Series 93) by James Douglas Merritt, 1969
  9. Valmouth and Other Novels (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) by Ronald Firbank, 1992-09-01
  10. Ronald Firbank: A memoir by Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, 1930
  11. Ronald Firbank by M.J. Benkovitz, 1970-01-29
  12. A bibliography of the first editions of books by Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank (1886-1926) by Percy H Muir, 1927
  13. Ronald Firbank (Columbia Essays on Modern Writers, 43) by Edward M. Potoker, 1970-06
  14. Ronald Firbank

1. Firbank, Ronald
Five Novels, Valmouth and Other Novels (Penguin TwentiethCentury Classics), 3 More Novels Vainglory, Inclinations, Caprice (New Directions Paperbook), Two Novels the Flower
Firbank, Ronald
Average customer rating:
  • Only In England 5 fractured fables by Firbank Best Firbank anthology out there Great stuff. I love Firbank because he's not p.c.
Five Novels
Ronald Firbank
Manufacturer: New Directions Publishing Corporation
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • 3 More Novels: Vainglory, Inclinations, Caprice (New Directions Paperbook) Manservant and Maidservant (New York Review Books Classics) Hadrian the Seventh (New York Review Books Classics) A House and Its Head (New York Review Books Classics) Jakob von Gunten (New York Review Books Classics)

  • ASIN: Book Description Firbank, Five Novels. Part high-camp comedy of manners and part fairy tale. Customer Reviews: Only In England Firbank's name is now largely forgotten. Admired by Edmund Wilson, and read by the best of his contemporary English satirists, he carved out a special and unique niche. These novels are about as close to 'purple prose' as it's possible for fine literature to get without slipping into bathos. The stories range from the sublimely silly and devious, as in "The Eccentricities" with it's striking similarities to Norman Douglas' "South Wind", to the allegorical tales that call to mind the odd quirkiness of the French novelist Roussel. Firbank's major limitation was always a general and consistent lack of any balancing perspective or straight forwardness. His fastidously over the top flights of prose fancy desparately call for a grounding that never occurs. At his best, as in the baptism scene beginning the Eccentricities, Firbank's brilliance overcomes these limitations - he approaches the artistic level of a Waugh. However, all too often his fussiness and self-indulgence overwhelm the best interests of his novels. His extraordinarily convoluted, elliptical and parallel plotting only makes things more difficult. Sans the brilliant hard-nosed poetic realism grounding the fussiness of a Nabokov, Firbank's books stagnate. An overt reticence to call things as they are doesn't help. Way too much in Firbank ends up half-said, vague or furtive. Endless snatches of gossip and/or broken dialogues irreparably rend any sustainable plot.

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    Firbank, Ronald
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    3. Ronald Firbank, Left Bank Books: - ZoomInfo Business Information
    Tyrrells Removals Company Firbank, Susan Newcastle University Firbank, Ronald PostBulletin Company LLC
    Last Update on 9/16/08
    Left Bank Books
    399 N. Euclid Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63108
    United States Founded in 1969, Left Bank Books is the only independently-owned, full-service bookstore in the greater metropolitan area of St. Louis. Located in the historic...
    Ronald Firbank
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    4. Ronald Firbank, Contributor, Post-Bulletin Company LLC: - ZoomInfo Business Info
    Tyrrells Removals Company Firbank, Susan Newcastle University Firbank, Ronald Left Bank Books
    Last Update on 4/1/10
    Post-Bulletin Company LLC
    Post-Bulletin Company, LLC 18 First Ave. S.E. P.O. Box 6118 Rochester, Minnesota 55903
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    Ronald Firbank
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    5. Firbank, Ronald - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Firbank
    English novelist. His work, set in the Edwardian decadent period, has a malicious humour and witty sophistication. It includes Caprice (1917), Valmouth (1919), and the bizarre, Ronald

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    Baza danych kata Szukaj FIRBANK RONALD /Haslo; Hit(s) 1 RONALD&f=10

    7. Ronald Firbank —
    Encyclopedia Firbank, Ronald. Firbank, Ronald (Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank), 1886 – 1926, English author. Of a delicate and eccentric nature, Firbank lived the life of a leisured

    8. The Flower Beneath The Foot; Being A Record Of The Early Life Of St. Laura De Na
    Author Firbank, Ronald, 18861926 Publisher London G. Richards Language English Call number ABK-3284 Digitizing sponsor msn Book contributor Robarts - University of Toronto Collection
    Web Moving Images Texts Audio ... Additional Collections Search: All Media Types Wayback Machine Moving Images Community Video Ephemeral Films Movies Prelinger Archives Sports Videos Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media Texts American Libraries Canadian Libraries Universal Library Community Texts Project Gutenberg Biodiversity Heritage Library Children's Library Additional Collections Audio Community Audio Grateful Dead Live Music Archive Netlabels Non-English Audio Radio Programs Software CLASP Tucows Software Library CD Bulletin Board Software archive Education Math Lectures from MSRI Chinese University Lectures UChannel AP Courses from MITE MIT OpenCourseWare Forums FAQs Advanced Search Anonymous User login or join us Upload Ebook and Texts Archive University of Toronto - Robarts Library The flower beneath the foot; being a record of the early life of St. Laura de Nazianzi and the times in which she lived. With a decoration by C.R.W. Nevinson and ports. by Augustus John and Wyndham Lewis
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    (~248 pg) Read Online (7.8 M)

    9. Firbank, Ronald Definition Of Firbank, Ronald In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
    Firbank, Ronald (Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank), 1886–1926, English author. Of a delicate and eccentric nature, Firbank lived the life of a leisured aesthete., Ronald

    10. Elfinspell: Odette, A Fairy Tale For Weary People, By Ronald Firbank, Illustrate
    Firbank, Ronald, Odette, A Fairy Tale for Weary People, illustrator Albert Buhrer, adapted for the internet with additional notes by, International Literature, 20th
    BACK Blueprint NEXT
    ODETTE: A Fairy Tale for Weary People,
    By Ronald Firbank
    Wikipedia . I had never heard of him but could not resist the title. The book is quite an accomplishment and the pictures by Albert Buhrer are nice, too. Since the covers of the book were in terrible condition, I have had to remove the defects as much as I am able with my poor photo-editing skills. The cover is the only Illustration by Albert Buhrer that showed color in the image (which is in black and white in the Title Pages). I matched this color as closely as I could. Curiously, Mr. Firbank uses a word, bercing , that is defined in no dictionary, on the internet or otherwise, that I could find. After my recent attempts to study French, I now realize that he has made a new word, a neologism, from berceau This book is suitable for children and adults. It is more intricate, and subtly so, than is usual for a fairy tale. The young age of the author adds to my sense of awe at the power at his ability. The cover is below, and NEXT then takes you to Odette . Let her story berce you to sleep!

    11. Glbtq >> Literature >> Firbank, Ronald
    Ronald Firbank's witty, campy novels mock the dominant homophobic, materialistic culture of early twentiethcentury England.,2.html
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    Firbank, Ronald (1886-1926) page: Santal (1921) explores the religious aspirations of a young Islamic boy. The Flower Beneath the Foot (1924), which includes a description of a party excavating "among the ruins of Chedorlahomor, a faubourg of Sodom," follows the adventures of Laura de Nazianzi, who achieves sainthood by renouncing heterosexual romance and joining the lesbian Convent of the Flaming Hood. Sponsor Message. sr_adspace_id = 3294807; sr_adspace_width = 300; sr_adspace_height = 250; sr_adspace_type = "graphic"; sr_ad_new_window = true; Sorrow in Sunlight (1924), given the outrageous title

    12. Ronald Firbank
    Transfer going your sir further over it while you mature finding, ronald firbank. Ronald firbank, although, curve has already locked the two rather as initial progenitors in the

    13. Ronald Firbank - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Ronald Firbank
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search
    External links Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank (17 January 1886 – 21 May 1926) was a British novelist.
    edit Biography
    Ronald Firbank was born in London, the son of society lady Harriet Jane Garrett and MP Sir Thomas Firbank. He went to Uppingham School , and then on to Trinity Hall, Cambridge . He converted to Catholicism in 1907. In 1909 he left Cambridge, without completing a degree. Living off his inheritance, he travelled around Spain, Italy, the Middle East, and North Africa. He died of lung disease in Rome, aged 40.
    edit Work
    He published his first book, Odette d'Antrevernes , a story, in 1905 before going up to Cambridge. From then, he produced a series of novels, from The Artificial Princess (written in 1915, published posthumously in 1934) and Vainglory (1915, his longest work) to Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli (1926, also posthumous). Inclinations (1916) takes place mainly in Greece, where Mabel Collins, 15, is traveling with her female chaperone, Miss O'Brookomore; Mabel elopes with an Italian conte, but the plot is of minor importance, the book's interest – as with all Firbank's work – lying in the dialogue. His next novel Caprice followed in 1917.

    14. Firbank, Ronald Synonyms, Firbank, Ronald Antonyms |
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    15. Author: Ronald Firbank | Covering Photography
    Covering Photography is a webbased archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design.
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    Author: Ronald Firbank
    Covering Photography is a web-based archive and resource for the study of the relationship between the history of photography and book cover design. Read more about the project.
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    16. Short Fiction Firbank, Ronald: Sorrow In Sunlight, V.1, 14 April 2008. - MobileR
    Short Fiction Firbank, Ronald Sorrow in Sunlight, v.1, 14 April 2008. Mobi/PRC Books

    17. Ronald Firbank: Information From
    Firbank, Ronald (Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank), 18861926, English author. Of a delicate and eccentric nature, Firbank lived the life of a leisured aesthete. His novels
    var isReferenceAnswers = true; BodyLoad('s'); On this page Library
    Ronald Firbank
    Columbia Encyclopedia:
    Ronald Firbank
    Home Library Miscellaneous Columbia Encyclopedia - People Firbank, Ronald (Arthur Annesley Ronald Firbank), 1886-1926, English author. Of a delicate and eccentric nature, Firbank lived the life of a leisured aesthete. His novels, which have appealed to a small but appreciative audience, include Vainglory Valmouth Prancing Nigger (1924), and Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardinal Pirelli (1926). Written in a highly personal, satiric style with no conventional plots, his books are disciplined journeys into a world inhabited by bizarre characters. His writings have had an influence on the novels of such writers as Evelyn Waugh, Ivy Compton-Burnett, and Aldous Huxley. Bibliography See his complete works (with a preface by A. Powell, 1961); biographies by M. J. Benkovitz (1969) and B. Brophy (1973). Deutsch Italiano Tagalog Search unanswered questions... Enter a question here...

    18. The Flower Beneath The Foot; Being A Record Of The Early Life Of St. Laura De Na
    Purveyors of rare and outof-print books, posters, and ephemera on social movements.
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    19. FIRDA - What Does FIRDA Stand For? Acronyms And Abbreviations By The Free Online
    Firbank, Ronald Firbank, Ronald FIRBC FIRC FIRCA FIRCH FIRDA FIRDAC Firdausi Firdausi Firdausi Firdaws Firdawsi FIRDI FIRDOS Firdousi Firdoussi Firdowsi Firdusi

    20. Santal. FIRBANK, (Ronald).
    Inscribed by the author in purple ink 'From Ronald Firbank 21'.One of 300 copies printed. Backstrip and edges of wrappers slightly faded, and some discolouration and spotting of..

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