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         Gaiman Neil:     more books (101)
  1. Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman, 2009-03-01
  2. Signal to Noise New Edition by Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, 2007-11-28
  3. The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection
  4. The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch by Neil Gaiman, 1995-09-01
  5. The Sandman Vol. 7: Brief Lives by Neil Gaiman, Jill Thompson, et all 1995-01-01
  6. The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones by Neil Gaiman, Marc Hempel, et all 1996-09-01
  7. BLACK HEART IVORY BONES: My Life as a Bird; Bear it Away; Rapunzel; The Crone; Big Hair; The King with Three Daughters; Boys and Girls Together; Snow in Summer; Chanterelle; Goldilocks Tells All; The Red Boots; Rosie's Dance; You Little Match Girl by Ellen; Windling, Terri (editors) (Charles de Lint; Michael Cadnum; Tanith Lee; Delia Sherman; Esther Friesner; Russell Blackford; Neil Gaiman; Jane Yolen; Greg Costikyan; Debra Cash; Brian Stableford; Scott Bradfield; Leah Cutter; Emma Hardesty) Datlow, 2000
  8. Death: The High Cost of Living by Neil Gaiman, 1994-06-01
  9. The Last Temptation by Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli, 2006-02-08
  10. The Sandman Vol. 8: Worlds' End by Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman, et all 1995-07-01
  11. Eternals by Neil Gaiman, 2008-07-02
  12. Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman, 2010-02-24
  13. Absolute Death by Neil Gaiman, 2009-10-20
  14. The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's House (New Edition) (Sandman (Graphic Novels)) by Neil Gaiman, Various, 2010-10-19

41. Gaiman, Neil
biography of Gaiman, Neil, Artist History and information of Gaiman, Neil like movies acting direction etc,_Neil
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Gaiman, Neil
biography of Gaiman, Nei
Neil R. Gaiman
10 November 1960, Portchester, England, UK
180 cm
'Mary T. McGrath' (1985 - ?) (divorced); 3 children
Black T-shirt.
Often titles his stories after song names, particularly ones by 'Lou Reed' (qv), Joy Division, and Broadway standards.
Is good friends with 'Tori Amos' (qv), who makes references to him on different songs of hers. He, in addition, has based the character "Foxglove", who appears in his comic books "Sandman" and "Death - the high cost of Living", on her.
Featured writer in "Born To Be Wild" comic book speaking out against animal cruelty.
Sandman won him the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for best writer (1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994), best continuing series (1991, 1992 and 1993), best graphic album reprint (1991), and the Best New Graphic Album (1993)
The series also won the Harvey Award for best writer (1990, 1991) and best continuing series (1992)
Sandman #19 took the 1991 World Fantasy Award for best short story (making it the first comic ever to be awarded a literary award).

42. The Illustrated Man | The Guardian
Interview promoting the release of the novel, Stardust.
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43. Bookfinder.US: Gaiman Neil
Edgar Allan Poe Selected Poems and Tales/Deluxe Edgar Allan Poe 0760756740 September 2004 Hardcover

Authors A-Z Gaiman Neil Edgar Allan Poe: Selected Poems and Tales/Deluxe
Edgar Allan Poe
September 2004
Anansi Boys
Neil Gaiman
September 2005
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Sandman: Endless Nights Neil Gaiman September 2004 Paperback From Publishers Weekly Now that he's a bestselling fantasy novelist, Gaiman returns to the comics series that made his reputation with this new volume of seven gorgeously illustrated stories. Gaiman specializes in inventing fantastic allegories for the quotidian, in a voice that casually shifts between uneasy realism and Borgesian grandeur. In Sandman cosmology, "The Endless" are seven immortal siblings who personify abstract concepts: Dream, Death, Destiny and so on. This work devotes a story to each of them, drawn in distinctly different styles by an all-star lineup of American, British and European cartoonists and fine artists. Gaiman is famous for writing to his artists' strengths, and he does so here. P. Craig Russell draws the surreal fantasia "Death and Venice" with the opulent brio of his opera adaptations. "What I've Tasted of... Neverwhere Neil Gaiman Nov 1998 Paperback Book Review Neverwhere's protagonist, Richard Mayhew, learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished. He ceases to exist in the ordinary world of London Above, and joins a quest through the dark and dangerous London Below, a shadow city of lost and forgotten people, places, and times. His companions are Door, who is trying to find out who hired the assassins who murdered her family and why; the Marquis of Carabas, a trickster who trades services for very big favors; and Hunter, a mysterious lady who guards bodies and hunts only the biggest game. London Below is a wonderfully realized shadow world, and the story plunges through it like an express passing local stations, with plenty of action and a satisfying conclusion. The story is reminiscent of Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but Neil Gaiman's humor is...

44. The Very Small But Quite Significant Neverwhere Page
Guide to the BBC television series and novelisation. Includes image gallery, news, information, and biography.
site created and maintained by Tara LJC O'Shea

45. WatchKnow - Category - Gaiman, Neil
Educational videos for kids. WatchKnow is 100% committed to student safety. All videos on WatchKnow are approved by education professionals before posting.

46. Brainy Rats, A Talking Cat, Ballistic Elves
A review.

47. Gaiman, Neil Reviews. Buying Guides & Consumer Product Reviews At
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Gaiman, Neil
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Gaiman is near godliness.
by supralurid , Nov 18 '99
Pros: Unique voice, wonderfully creative, terribly prolific.
Cons: Some of his works make references to things I haven't read.
Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, right up there with Kurt Vonnegut and Neil Simon. What sets his work apart is his wonderfully creative mind, filling stories with deep and fantastic characterization and description, weaving plots and subplots...
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Product Rating:
Bring me a Dream: The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman

48. Stardust By Neil Gaiman, Fantasy Book In The Realms Of Faerie
Commentary, links, and bibliography from the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club.
NEIL GAIMAN Stardust (1997,1998,1999)
Being a Romance Within the Realms of Faerie
Perennial trade paperback - 250 pages
cover photograph by Debra Lill (left)
Spike hardback - 235 pages (right) Characters list
Our book ratings

Aaron's Commentary
Neil Gaiman bibliography ...
From the back cover of the paperback (cover not shown): In the tiny village called Wall, things are not quite what they seem... In the sleepy English countryside of decades past, there is a town that has stood on a jut of granite for six hundred years. And immediately to the east stands a high stone wall, for which the village is named. Here in the town of Wall, Tristran Thorn has lost his heart to the hauntingly beautiful Victoria Forester. One crisp October night, he makes a rash promise that sends Tristran through the only gap in the wall, across the meadow, and into the most unforgettable adventure of his life. From the back cover of comic: Our story begins in Wall, a village at the crossroads bordering Faerie, where the mortal and magical mingle once every nine years in an enchanted meadow to exchange goods and services. When Dunstan Thorn goes to the Faerie market to find a token for his love, a chance encounter with one of the Fair folk changes his life and love...forever.

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      Gaiman, Neil
      What is the reason Islington is imprisoned in London Below? "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman

        Its role - or lack of - in the sinking of Atlantis . Page 322 mentions Atlantis, but does not give a definite answer on the question of Islington's involvement in its sinking.
      The marquis de Carabas gave Mr. Croup a piece of sculpture in exchange for information. What Chinese dynasty was it from? "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman

        T'ang . Mr. Croup appears to be an avid collector of the figurines. However, he actually relishes in their destruction.(pg.210)
      What is Richard's first impression of Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar?

50. Neil Gaiman
Presentation av f rfattaren och hans produktion.
Swamp Thing Violent Cases
Sandman A Midsummers Night Dream
: vad Sandman
Death: The High Cost of Living Death: The Time of Your Life
. Efter att Sandman The Sandman Book of Dreams,
The Dream Hunters, Sandmans
-album: Endless Nights Sandman APOKALYPSEN OCH UNDERJORDEN Goda omen
1993 utkom Smoke And Mirrors
Neverwhere Neverwhere urban fantasy Babylon 5 Mononoke Hime Princess Mononoke Smoke And Mirrors Baywatch The Sandman Faerie
I Det imponerande med Amerikanska gudar The Sandman Neverwhere och Amerikanska gudar Amerikanska gudar The Sandman Amerikanska gudar Adventures in the Dream Trade En sorts pendang till Amerikanska gudar Legends The Anansi Boys Amerikanska gudar The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish Wolves in the Walls Coraline Amerikanska gudar Coraline Coraline Johan Frick, mars-april 2004 BIBLIOGRAFI Neverwhere. Goda omen (med Terry Pratchett). Coraline. Amerikanska gudar. Good Omens (med Terry Pratchett). Roman. UK: Gollancz 1990. US: Workman Publishing 1990. Noveller. Dreamhaven 1993.

51. Gaiman, Neil - American Gods | Ebookee Free EBooks Download!
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Gaiman, Neil - American Gods
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52. Bok: American Gods
Shadow l mnar f ngelset och reser hem till sin hustrus begravning, men resan blir l ngre n han hade t nkt sig. Och r verkligen hans hustru d d? En recension ur tidskriften Enh rningen.

53. Gaiman, Neil Books
Like Coraline, by Gaiman, Grades 36, Coraline, by Gaiman, Season of Mists, by Geiman, Book 4, Sandman, by Gaiman, Volume 5 A Game of You, Good Omens The Nice and Accurate

54. Litteratur: Neil Gaiman: Coraline (Hugovinnare 2003 & Nebulavinnare 2004)
Coraline hittar en d rr som leder till hennes hem, men ett f rvr ngt hem, med f rvr ngda f r ldrar med svarta knappar ist llet f r gon. En recension av Hugoprisvinnaren 2003.



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Hugovinnare 2003 och Nebulavinnare 2004 i kategorin bästa kortroman
Neil Gaiman: Coraline
Coraline Författare: Neil Gaiman Utgiven av Utgiven av förlaget HarperCollins ( Utgivningsår: ISBN 0-3809-7778-8 Författarens hemsida finns på adressen Är du intresserad av att köpa boken och använder någon av följande länkar stöder du samtidigt Enhörningen: Amazon UK Det här kan han, Neil Gaiman - att beskriva en miljö och ett händelseförlopp ur ett barns synvinkel. Mästerligt målar han upp en varm och human situation, befolkar scenen med intressanta och excentriska men ändå bekanta och trovärdiga personer, och låter sin barnprotagonist vandra omkring, observera, bekanta sig med miljön. Och sedan, en osedd handrörelse, ett par graders vridning och allt förvandlas, det mystiska i det vardagliga tränger fram och förvränger det mest familjära och trygga till något fullständigt skräckinjagande. Coraline Jones är en liten skolflicka. Hennes familj har just flyttat in i ett nytt hus. Eller gammalt är det ju, och inte alls så fint och välvårdat som det kunde vara. Hennes mamma och pappa arbetar båda hemma men de har alltid bråttom. Ungefär det enda de gör är sitter framför sina respektive datorer och knackar in saker. Skolan har inte ännu börjat och Coraline får klara sig ensam. Det hon gör är vandrar omkring i huset och trädgården. Ovanför dem bor en gammal man med möss. Han konverserar med sina möss och försöker lära dem att spela på instrument. I huset bor det även två gamla pensionerade fröknar, före detta aktriser med en katt.

55. Compare In Gaiman, Neil Books At SHOP.COM
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Gaiman, Neil
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56. The Dreaming is reporting The Sandman may be coming to television. Warner Bros. TV is in the midst of acquiring television rights from sister company DC Entertainment and in talks with

57. Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. - Free Online Library
Free Online Library Gaiman, Neil. Coraline.(Young adult review, Book review) by Kliatt ; Business Publishing industry Library and information science Books Book reviews, Neil. Coraline.-a0184798918
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Gaiman, Neil. Coraline.
Coraline Jones lives in an old house with her parents. She's boredit's raining, her mother is grouchy and school doesn't start till next weekso when she opens the bricked-up door that goes nowhere and sees a dark passage, she follows it. Her other mother waits for her on the other side, with her long red fingernails and black button eyes. There are others living in this world: an old man made of rats and a pair of conjoined performers who do tricks with knives. When Coraline returns to her own world her parents are gone; the other mother has taken them because she wants Coraline all to herselfto love or to eat, maybe both. Coraline must return to the other mother's world to find her parents' souls; her allies are a black cat and three dead children who live in a mirror. If she succeeds, all will be well; if she fails, she will join the children in the mirror. Coraline is a terrific graphic novel; this adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story is very well done. The full-color art is creepy and atmospheric, a nice blend of dark fantasy and horror, and does not feel forced or awkward. The plot is fast-paced and exciting, and full of nasty surprises. Coraline contains scary imagery and is highly recommended for graphic novel collections where horror and dark fantasy are popular; Gaiman's many adult fans (you know who you are) will also enjoy this. George Galuschak, YA Libn, Montvale PL, Montvale, NJ

58. Bookie Mee | Gaiman, Neil
I wonder how many Sandman I should read before I “get” it. I liked Dream Country a tiny bit more than the first two, but still not as much as I would’ve liked.
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16.Jun.2010 The Sandman Vol 3: Dream Country by Neil Gaiman
Filed In: Gaiman, Neil 20 Comments Tags: fantasy fiction graphic novel review ... World Fantasy
21.Mar.2010 Short Saturday: Gaiman, Jackson, and Gilman
Filed In: Gaiman, Neil Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Jackson, Shirley In Short Saturday I will journal my journey to find 5-star quality short stories, whose virtual trophy right now is held by Truman Capote and Haruki Murakami. Unlike my book reviews, I will talk more about my thoughts and what I learn, why I choose the story and how I come upon it. Unlike books, [...] 23 Comments Tags: challenge fiction review Short Saturday ... short stories
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30.Mar.2009 The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Filed In: Gaiman, Neil 13 Comments Tags: fantasy fiction Newbery review ... YA/children
Filed In: Gaiman, Neil 13 Comments Tags: fantasy fiction graphic novel review ... series
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59. Home - Author Readalikes - SAPL's Resource Guides At San Antonio Public Library
Individual pages for each author listing series order and suggesting readalikes.

60. Gaiman, Neil
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