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         Gallagher Tess:     more books (100)
  1. Barnacle Soup: And Other Stories from the West of Ireland by Josie Gray, Tess Gallagher, 2008-03-10
  2. Dear Ghosts,: Poems by Tess Gallagher, 2008-03-04
  3. Tess Gallagher (Western Writers ; No. 120) by Ron McFarland, 1995-09
  4. Willingly by Tess Gallagher, 1984-03
  5. The Man from Kinvara: Selected Stories by Tess Gallagher, 2009-09-01
  6. Moon Crossing Bridge by Tess Gallagher, 1992-09-01
  7. My Black Horse: New & Selected Poems by Tess Gallagher, 2000-03
  8. The Lover of Horses (The Graywolf Short Fiction Series) by Tess Gallagher, 1992-04-01
  9. A New Path to the Waterfall by Raymond Carver, 1994-01-13
  10. The Lover of Horses by Tess Gallagher, 1987-09
  11. Carver Country by Tess Gallagher, Bob Adelman, 1991-11-22
  12. Tess Gallagher: An American Audio Prose Library Interview
  13. At the Owl Woman Saloon: Stories by Tess Gallagher, 1999-08-23
  14. Portable Kisses by Tess Gallagher, 1997-07

1. Gallagher, Tess
Dear Ghosts, Poems, Cathedrals, A New Path to the Waterfall, Amplitude New and Selected Poems, Willingly, Under Stars, Moon Crossing Bridge, Tell It All, Distant Rain, Poetry
Gallagher, Tess
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  • Half genius. Half... not. The Best of American Poetry She just keeps on getting better Featuring poems in which ghosts of the past are summoned and discoursed with in the present day
Dear Ghosts,: Poems
Tess Gallagher
Manufacturer: Graywolf Press
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Hardcover
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  • Moon Crossing Bridge In the Middle Distance After: Poems What It Used to Be Like: A Portrait of My Marriage to Raymond Carver Amplitude: New and Selected Poems

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    Book Description The long-awaited and resplendent new poetry collection by Tess Gallagher, whose poems "are a gift of a poet's heart and soul to her readers" (Robert Coles)
    Expectation, more dangerous
    than any blade.
    Customer Reviews: Half genius. Half... not. Tess Gallagher, Dear Ghosts, (Graywolf, 2006) Tess Gallagher, when she's writing intensely personal, imagist poems, is perhaps one of America's better poets currently working. And about half of Dear Ghosts, is comprised of exactly this sort of thing. Unfortunately, the reader must also contend with the other half of the book, which treads, and sometimes falls flat on its face over, the line of message poetry, over which very few poets can walk and still produce anything even remotely related to poetry. Worth reading, but beware a few pitfalls here and there. *** The Best of American Poetry You can do nothing better for yourself than to read Dear Ghosts,. Tess Gallagher has always been among the best of American poets. Her most recent work continues to add jewels to the crown of great poetry. As the poems engage us, we become aware why poetry is so necessary to the human spirit. Dear Ghosts, opens us to emotion. Within its enacted drama, we walk the difficult but necessary terrain of reaching out to others, thereby realizing ourselves. Finally, Gallagher explores the frontier of language itself, continually reminding us that in words we discover self. The best books of poetry, no matter how deeply we linger and meditate, no matter how we value them for their ability to yield in reading af

    2. Gallagher Tess - I Libri Di Gallagher Tess - UNILIBRO - Scegli Tra Il Nostro Vas
    Novel (1891) by Thomas Hardy. The story tells of the destruction of Tess Durbeyfield, ‘a pure woman’, by the fecklessness of her oncepowerful family, a villain's sexual
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    window.setTimeout ("location.href=('?redirectt=si')", 80); Login Carrello Pozzo dei Desideri Il tuo profilo ... Libri di Gallagher Tess a catalogo da pi tempo Libri di Gallagher Tess cont=0; Ordina per: Ordinamento base Titolo A - Z Titolo Z - A Data pubbl. pi vecchia Data pubbl. pi nuova Prezzo pi basso Prezzo pi alto cont=0 Libro : Al saloon della donna gufo Autore: Gallagher Tess
    Editore: Ass. Edizioni Empiria
    Genere: letterature straniere: testi
    Collana : Il ponte di corda
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    3. : Tess Gallagher : Artist Main presents complete Tess Gallagher information including and more.

    4. Gallagher, Tess INSTRUCTIONS TO THE DOUBLE At
    Gallagher, Tess INSTRUCTIONS TO THE DOUBLE Portland, OR Graywolf Press, 1976. at

    5. Gallagher, Tess. MOON CROSSING BRIDGE: Poetry. At
    Gallagher, Tess. MOON CROSSING BRIDGE Poetry. St. Paul, MN Graywolf Press, 1992. at

    6. Tess Gallagher, Writer, Dear Ghosts: - ZoomInfo Business Information
    Gallagher, Tess City Lights Books Gallagher, Tess Story Magazine Inc Gallagher, Tess Sunday Herald Gallagher, Tess
    Last Update on 9/5/09
    Dear Ghosts
    Ms. Tess Gallagher
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    7. Biographies Of Tess Gallagher
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    8. Tess Gallagher- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More
    Biography, photograph, and selected poems.
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    Audio Interviews with poet Tess Gallagher. Adopt a Poet Add to Notebook E-mail to Friend Print
    photo Dorothy Alexander Tess Gallagher
    Tess Gallagher, a poet, essayist, novelist, and playwright, was born in 1943 in Port Angeles, Washington. She received a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts from the University of Washington, where she studied creative writing with Theodore Roethke , and a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa. Her first collection of poems, Instructions to the Double , won the 1976 Elliston Book Award for "best book of poetry published by a small press". In 1984, she published the collection Willingly , which consists of poems written to and about her third husband, author Raymond Carver, who died in 1988. Other collections include Dear Ghosts (Graywolf Press, 2006), My Black Horse: New and Selected Poems Owl-Spirit Dwelling (1994) and Moon Crossing Bridge About Gallagher's work, the poet Hayden Carruth wrote, "Gallagher's poems, beyond their delicacy of language, have a delicacy of perception, and the capacity to see oneself objectively as another person doing the things one really does, with clear affection and natural concern."

    9. Tess Gallagher - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Gallagher, Tess Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death
    Tess Gallagher
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search
    for the Blue Heelers character, see Teresa 'Tess' Gallagher
    Tess Gallagher (born 21 July 1943 in Port Angeles, Washington ) is an American poet essayist author and playwright . She attended the University of Washington , where she studied creative writing with Theodore Roethke and later Nelson Bentley as well as David Wagoner and Mark Strand . Her honors include a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation , two National Endowment for the Arts awards, the Maxine Cushing Gray Foundation Award, and the Elliston Award for "best book of poetry published by a small press" for the collection Instructions to the Double Her third husband Raymond Carver encouraged her to write short stories, some of which were collected in The Lover of Horses (1987) and At the Owl Woman Saloon Her book Moon Crossing Bridge is a collection of poems written after the death of Raymond Carver, who died from cancer in 1988. Her newest collection, Dear Ghosts, is her follow-up collection, written 14 years later. Gallagher has taught at many colleges, most recently at

    10. Alibris: 9781597110914,
    Sawdust Mountain, Hardcover (06/2009) by Johnson, Eirik (Photos) / Brown, Elizabeth A. (Frw) / Gallagher, Tess (Con) / Guterson, David (Con)

    11. Facts & Fiction - Tess Gallagher
    An interview with Gallagher archived at the Atlantic Unbound website.
    A Conversation with Tess Gallagher
    July 10, 1997

    Tess Gallagher does her writing at Sky House, the home she designed and built for herself in Washington state. Situated in Port Angeles, where she was born, overlooking the landscape of her childhood, Sky House is a carefully constructed study springing from a complicated web of past and present. Here Gallagher attends to history much as she does in her poems and stories by honoring intricate temporal relationships.
    Gallagher's books of poems, essays, and short stories alternately serious, funny, and melancholy include Under Stars A Concert of Tenses The Lover of Horses Moon Crossing Bridge My Black Horse: New and Selected Poems Portable Kisses (1996), and At the Owl Woman Saloon , due out September, 1997, from which her story "The Poetry Baron" ( Atlantic , July, 1997) is taken. In addition to co-authoring two screenplays with her late husband, Raymond Carver, she also contributed to the making of the Robert Altman film, Short Cuts , based on Carver's stories.
    A recipient of numerous literary awards and teaching positions, Gallagher, who during the academic year 1996-97 was the Edward F. Arnold Visiting Professor of English at Whitman College, will serve as Poet-in-Residence at Bucknell University for the spring semester of 1998.

    12. Gallagher, Tess
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    13. Buy Gallagher Tess
    Tess Gallagher's stunning new poems of remembrance, mourning, and recovery following the death of her husband, Raymond Carver.......
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    Gallagher Tess
    Dear Ghosts,: Poems List Price: Price: You Save:
    "It is impossible to read Tess Gallagher's poems without being drawn into their mesmerizing rhythms and convinced of the rightness of her intense yet unforced images." Joyce Carol Oates                                                          Time to put our arms around each other's waistsÂmy man, my woman, my unapproachable dream.                                                           Âfrom Â"Dear Ghosts,Â" In Dear Ghosts,Â

    14. Alibris: 9780915308453,
    4. Graywolf Press 1984Hb-Isbn 0-915308-45-2. 6976 Written in Tiny Numbers in Willingly, Hardcover (1984) by Gallagher, Tess

    15. Poets House - Titles By Gallagher, Tess
    Fourteen years after the publication of Moon Crossing Bridge, Tess......Author Gallagher, Tess Title Dear Ghosts, Publisher Graywolf Press Pub. Date Spring 2006, Tess

    16. Death Of The Horses By Fire By Tess Gallagher From Michael R. Thompson, Booksell
    Death of the Horses by Fire by Gallagher, Tess One of 170 copies printed at the Janus Press, West Burke, Vermon Price $200.00 (€ 144.16)
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    Death of the Horses by Fire
    by Gallagher, Tess
    One of 170 copies printed at the Janus Press, West Burke, Vermon
    Price: - OR - Buy from the website of Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers, ABAA/ILAB Ask a question E-mail to a friend
    Book Description
    Portland, Oregon: Charles Selusicki, 1984 One of 170 copies printed at the Janus Press, West Burke, Vermont. Signed by the author. Broadside, 20" x 13 5/8." . The relief prints were cut by Peter Schumann. Printed on Twinrocker paper. A fine copy. Not sure what some of these terms mean? Look it up in our glossary Bibliopolis, LLC and Inc contact subscribe to newsletter terms ... member login graphic design by Gore Creative

    17. Gallagher, Tess (Harper's Magazine)
    October 2010. AMERICAN ELECTRA Feminism’s Ritual Matricide By Susan Faludi. THIRTY DAYS AS A CUBAN Pinching Pesos and Dropping Pounds in Havana By Patrick Symmes

    18. THE VALENTINE ELEGIES By Tess: Gallagher From William Reese Company - Literature
    . Fairfax, Ca. Jungle Garden Press, 1993.. Printed wrappers, with......THE VALENTINE ELEGIES by Gallagher, Tess Price $100.00 (€ 72.32) Book
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    by Gallagher, Tess:
    Price: - OR - Buy from the website of William Reese Company - Literature ABAA-ILAB Ask a question E-mail to a friend
    Book Description
    Fairfax, Ca.: Jungle Garden Press, 1993.. Printed wrappers , with ribbon decoration. Illustrated by Carl Dern. One of 200 copies printed on Rives paper in Perpetua types, signed by the author and artist. Crown of spine bumped , else fine. Not sure what some of these terms mean? Look it up in our glossary spine : The outer portion of a book which covers the actual binding. The spine usually faces outward when a book is placed on a shelf. Also known as the back. wrappers : Paperback or softbound. Also, wraps. bumped : Indicates that the affected part of the book has been impacted in such a way so as to cause a flattening, indention, or light bending. Bibliopolis, LLC

    19. Give Joy To My Youth; A Memoir Of Dr. Tom Dooley. By Teresa Gallagher, Nightscho
    Theresa Gallagher a.k.a. Tess Gallagher Tess Gallagher (43 documents) example document They're not your husband 338 other titles. (Part 002 of 002)
    Give joy to my youth; a memoir of Dr. Tom Dooley. By Teresa Gallagher, Nightschool - song, music
    Usenet FAQ Index
    Other FAQs
    Document number:
    Date of Recordation: October 9, 1990
    Date of Execution: December 31, 1969
    Notes: By Raymond Clevie Carver. Assignment and deed.
    Party 1 personal name: Tess Gallagher
    Names: personal representative of the Estate of Raymond Clevie Carver. Theresa Gallagher a.k.a. Tess Gallagher
    Tess Gallagher (43 documents)
    example document:
    Theresa Gallagher (16 documents)
    example document: Nobody said anything Tess Gallagher. (12 documents) example document: Lemonade Raymond Clevie Carver Estate of Add comment
    Document number: Date of Recordation: April 10, 1991 Date of Execution: March 15, 1991 Title: Notes: By Raymond Clevie Carver, with co-author as noted. Amended and supplemental assignment and deed. Party 1 personal name: Theresa Gallagher Names: personal representative of the Estate of Raymond Clevie Carver. Theresa Gallagher a.k.a Tess Gallagher Theresa Gallagher (16 documents) example document: The Man is dangerous Tess Gallagher (43 documents) example document: Dummy. By Raymond Carver

    20. Gallagher, Tess 1944– - Critical Essay By Krin Gabbard Summary |
    Gallagher, Tess 1944– Critical Essay by Krin Gabbard. Gallagher, Tess 1944– - Critical Essay by Krin Gabbard summary with 2 pages of encyclopedia entries, research

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