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         Gascoyne David:     more books (101)
  1. Selected Poems by David Gascoyne, 1995-10-17
  2. David Gascoyne Collected Journals 1936-42 by David Gascoyne, 1993-06
  3. Etruscan Reader III: Maggie O'sullivan/David Gascoyne/Barry Macsweeney (v. 3) by Barry MacSweeney, David Goscoyne, et all 1997-01-01
  4. David Gascoyne, ou, L'urgence de l'inexprime ; suivi de notes sur les Collected poems et du scenario inedit d'un film surrealiste (French Edition) by Michel Remy, 1984
  5. David Gascoyne, W. S. Graham, Kathleen Raine (Penguin modern poets, 17) by David Gascoyne, 1970
  6. A Short Survey of Surrealism by David Gascoyne, 2001-01
  7. Journal 1936-37; Death of an explorer; Léon Chestov. by David Gascoyne, 1980
  8. Poems by David Gascoyne, 2002-11-01
  9. Selected Verse Translations by David Gascoyne, 1997-03-05
  10. Three Translations by David Gascoyne, 1988-12-15
  11. Thomas Carlyle (Writers and their work) by David Gascoyne, 1963
  12. Selected Prose: 1934-1996 by David Gascoyne, 1998-12-31
  13. Collected Poems 1988 (Oxford Paperbacks) by David Gascoyne, 1988-06-23
  14. Remove Your Hat and Other Works by Benjamin Peret, David Gascoyne, et all 1986-11

1. Gascoyne, David; Bibliography By Subject
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Gascoyne, David
(David Gascoyne)
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2. Gascoyne, David
The Automatic Message, the Magnetic Fields, the Immaculate Conception (Atlas AntiClassics), Collected Poems, The Magnetic Fields, Collected Verse Translations, Early Poems
Gascoyne, David
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  • Illiterature Inside Out
The Automatic Message, the Magnetic Fields, the Immaculate Conception (Atlas Anti-Classics)
Andre Breton , Philippe Soupault , and Paul Eluard
Manufacturer: Atlas Press
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • ASIN: Book Description This book collects together the two most vital "automatic" texts of Surrealism. Breton's prefatory essay The Automatic Message relates this technique to the underlying concepts and aesthetic of the Surrealist movement. The Magnetic Fields (1919) was the first work of literary Surrealism and is thus one of the foundations of modern European thought and writing. This authorised translation is by the poet David Gascoyne, himself a member of the group and a friend of both authors. The Immaculate Conception (1930) traces the interior and exterior life of man from Conception and Intra-Uterine Life to Death and The Original Judgement. The central section is a celebrated series of "simulations" of various types of mental instability. Maurice Nadeau (in The History of Surrealism) described the book as "An astonishing series of poems in prose, more brilliant than those of either Breton or Eluard on his own . . . if all that remained of the Surrealist movement were the pages of The Immaculate Conception, man, alerted, could not turn away from the astounding mystery of his condition."

    3. Gascoyne, David. A SHORT SURVEY OF SURREALISM. At
    Gascoyne, David. A SHORT SURVEY OF SURREALISM. San Francisco City Lights Books, (1982.) at

    4. David Gascoyne, Principal Associate Consultant, Spidermethods: - ZoomInfo Busine
    Gascoyne, David The Reef Resort Gascoyne, David The Cambridge Quarterly Online Gascoyne, Dean Australian Loan Company Ltd
    Last Update on 6/15/10
    Chasegate House 13 17 Southgate Road Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 5DR
    United Kingdom Spidermethods enables organisations to achieve corporate goals and objectives with minimum risk and maximum benefit.
    David Gascoyne
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    5. David Gascoyne Home Page
    Dedicated to the life and work of David Gascoyne (1916-2001), surrealist poet.
    David Gascoyne
    "Greetings to the solitary. Friends, fellow beings you are not strangers to us. We are closer to one another than we realize. Let us remember one another at night, even though we do not know each other's names."
    (from Night Thoughts, 1956)
    David Gascoyne was born in 1916 in Harrow, Middlesex, and educated at Salisbury Cathedral School and the Regent Street Polytechnic, London. His first collection of poetry, Roman Balcony and Other Poems was published when he was sixteen, and in 1933 Cobden-Sanderson brought out his novel Opening Day . Both books are remarkable achievements for an adolescent, and they were followed by the equally striking poetry collections Man's Life Is This Meat (1936) and Hoelderlin's Madness (1938), which established his reputation as one of the most original voices of the 1930s. Gascoyne was among the earliest champions of Surrealism: in 1935 his A Short Survey of Surrealism was published, and in the next year he was one of the organisers of the London International Surrealist Exhibition. From this period, and during his time living in France in 1937-39, date his friendships with Dali, Max Ernst, Andre Breton, Paul Eluard and Pierre Jean Jouve. As well as becoming internationally celebrated as a poet - especially after publication of his Poems 1937-1942 , with its Graham Sutherland images - Gascoyne became highly regarded as a translator, notably of Hoelderlin and of the leading French Surrealists.

    6. David Gascoyne
    Roger Scott, ‘ Gascoyne, David Emery (1916–2001) ’, first published Jan 2005; online edn, May 2009, 1798 words, with portrait illustration
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    David Gascoyne
    Gascoyne, David Emery poet Oxford Biography Index Number 101076473 [ what is this? Primary authority: Oxford DNB
    Full text available
    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    Gascoyne, David Emery Jan 2005, May 2009 [Oxford DNB subscription required; no subscription? © Oxford University Press 2004-10

    7. Obituary: Independent, London, UK
    Obituary Independent, London, UK David Gascoyne David Emery Gascoyne, poet born Harrow, Middlesex 10 October 1916; FRSL 1951; married 1975 Judy Lewis (n e Tyler); died Newport
    Obituary: Independent, London, UK
    David Gascoyne
    David Emery Gascoyne, poet: born Harrow, Middlesex 10 October 1916; FRSL 1951; married 1975 Judy Lewis (ne Tyler); died Newport, Isle of Wight 25 November 2001.
    When a poet as pure as David Gascoyne dies, the main fact about him cries out to be said. This is that although he was a precocious and prodigious talent, publishing his first book of poetry Roman Balcony at 16, his definitive A Short Survey of Surrealism at 19, and helping to organise the 1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition at 20, he was first and foremost one of the great religious poets England produced in the 20th century.
    It is Tambimuttu's Editions Poetry London volume Poems, 1937-1942 (1943, illustrated by Graham Sutherland) on which this view is based. Gascoyne published several other outstanding volumes of poetry, such as Man's Life Is This Meat (1936), Hlderlin's Madness (1938), A Vagrant and Other Poems (1950) and Night Thoughts (1956), excelled in translation especially from French, Spanish and German (Pret, Breton, Eluard, Jouve, Dali, Novalis), and wrote prose of charming breadth and disarming depth, gathered in Selected Prose 1934-1996 (1998). He went to Paris at 17 on the advance from his only novel, Opening Day (1933). So there was more to him than his unconquerable religious core.
    Gascoyne was an endearing man with one of the sharpest consciences. He took on the nightmare of history, documenting his approach to it in his Paris Journal, 1936-1939 (1978). His resolution was the "Christ of Revolution and Poetry" (from his poem "Ecce Homo") suspended over, we can imagine, "Bottomless depths of roaring emptiness" (from his poem "Inferno"). Gascoyne couldn't cheat. He was the authentic man of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time. For the inauthentic one, he took note of the existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre "borrowed" from Heidegger's philosophy. David Gascoyne, to be sure, was no great humorist, but he could be found lying in a ditch on a summer evening, immaculately dressed with a spotted bow tie, drinking whisky from a bottle with a female friend. Although addicted to amphetamines for many years of his life, he kicked the habit and came back to us mightily restored.

    8. David Gascoyne
    Short profile of David Gascoyne.
    David Gascoyne
    David Gascoyne's persistent use of amphetamenes had resulted in a severe stomach ulcer, three nervous breakdowns and several imposed stays in mental institutions over three decades. He came to live on the Isle of Wight during the early 1960s to be with his parents. The noted Surrealist poet and author of A Short Study of Surrealism (1935) was a patient of Whitecroft Hospital on the Isle of Wight when Judy Lewis read one of his poems to the patients. Marriage to Judy Lewis revitalised his spirit and he undertook readings in Paris, Belgium, Italy, Amsterdam, Iceland, Corfu and San Francisco. David Gascoyne has since been honoured by the French Government and made a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Judy Gascoyne was housekeeper for Bob Dylan at Forelands Farm in August 1969.

    9. Poems 1937-1942 - GASCOYNE, David | Between The Covers Rare Books
    Third Impression. Slight sunning to one small patch of the spine, near fine in fair only dustwrapper with some dampstaining to the spine. Signed by the author David Gascoyne.
    Home About Us Site Map Help ... Shopping Cart Images+Detail Item Info GASCOYNE, David Poems 1937-1942 London: PL Editions 1948. Third Impression. Slight sunning to one small patch of the spine, near fine in fair only dustwrapper with some dampstaining to the spine. Signed by the author: "David Gascoyne. Washington, Nov. 27th 1951." [BTC #47717] More Results Explore BTC highlights along with additional titles in stock related to the item above... GASCOYNE, David Poems 1937-1942 GASCOYNE, David An Imitation of Leopardi's... ... Bronze Book Bargains Our staff cat, Admiral Muffin, has selected thousands of books for special discount from all areas of our stock. Baseball Science Fiction Plays Westerns ... The Master Key ORIG. $400.00 SALE $280.00 On Collecting... Views, anecdotes and insights into the world of antiquarian books by the BTC staff and distinguished guests. Just Added Book Catalogs Galore The Bookshop in Old New Castle Bookselling in Hard Times: "Will work for rare books" The Between the Covers Blog ... Organized Labor Goes Feline Introductory Articles What the hell kind of website is this anyway?

    10. David Gascoyne Biography Summary |
    David (Emery) Gascoyne Variant Name David Gascoyne, David Emery Gascoyne Birth Date October 10, 1916 Nationality British, English Gender Male

    11. French Surrealist Poetry In English Translation By David Gascoyne
    French surrealist poetry by Arp, Breton, Dal , P ret, Picasso, Ribemont-Dessaignes and Unik in English translation by David Gascoyne.
    French surrealist poetry In English translation by David Gascoyne Hans Arp Andr Breton Salvador Dal Benjamin Pret ... Pierre Unik
    Roland Penrose, Portrait of Valentine (1937, collection of the artist) HANS ARP The Domestic Stones (fragment) The feet of morning the feet of noon and the feet of evening walk ceaselessly round pickled buttocks on the other hand the feet of midnight remain motionless in their echo-woven baskets consequently the lion is a diamond on the sofas made of bread
    are seated the dressed and the undressed
    the undressed hold leaden swallows between their toes
    the dressed hold leaden nests between their fingers
    at all hours the undressed get dressed again
    and the dressed get undressed
    and exchange the leaden swallows .for the leaden nests consequently the tail is an umbrella a mouth opens within another mouth
    and within this mouth another mouth
    and within this mouth another mouth
    and so on without end it is a sad perspective which adds an I-don't-know-what to another I-don't-know-what consequently the grasshopper is a column the pianos with heads and tails place pianos with heads and tails on their heads and their tails consequently the tongue is a chair ANDRE BRETON Postman Cheval We are the birds always charmed by you from the top of these belvederes

    12. Poetry - The Cage By David Gascoyne
    poetry - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - by David Gascoyne David_Gascoyne 2009-07-13 Submited by Marius Surleac

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    Recommended Reading
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    November Days of Roses

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    ... Laptop Contact Contact Email Send a letter for the editor Texts by the same author > The Very... (Poetry) Texts by the same author < Salvador... (Poetry) < Yves Tanguy ... (Poetry) < And the... (Poetry) Translations of this text Members comments Views: 630 The Cage poetry by David Gascoyne Marius Surleac In the waking night The forests have stopped growing The shells are listening The shadows in the pools turn grey The pearls dissolve in the shadow And I return to you Your face is marked upon the clockface My hands are beneath your hair And if the time you mark sets free the birds And if they fly away towards the forest The hour will no longer be ours Ours in the ornate birdcage The brimming cup of water The preface to the book And all the clocks are ticking All the dark rooms are moving All the air's nerves are bare Once flown The feathered hour will not return Home of Literature, Poetry and Culture. Write and enjoy articles, essays, prose, classic poetry and contests.

    13. Poet's Day 1997
    National Poetry Day 1997, in honour David Gascoyne s 81st birthday.
    National Poetry Day, Thursday October 9th, 1997
    Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight
    Poet's honour Gascoyne
    Judy Gascoyne's welcome pops the evening open like a Champagne cork. She notes that poetry in this new theatre is better suited than those "Unfortunate settings like pubs in a room next to the juke box". The Quay Arts Centre has refurbished an old quayside warehouse into a gleaming new theatre with money from the National Lottery. Judy's opening speech comes like the swing of a champagne bottle against a ship's bow. Opens the theatre, opens the evening, introduces a line of England's great poets. David Gascoyne is wheeled in front of the audience. He is a day short of his 81st birthday. This is an extremely rare public occasion for him. Perhaps his first reading in a decade. David Gascoyne's appearance has drawn me here tonight. I might not have ventured out for the other poets such is my unfamiliarity with them or their material. Their readings tonight made me glad I came.
    Ian Sinclair
    Once again I am gaining my education away from the bookshelf. From the poet's mouth so to speak. David Gascoyne gives a fine introduction to Ian Sinclair's work making particular reference to his poetry about London's East End. Sinclair is a tall, balding, authoritative guy who speaks in an assured tone. His London poems speak of "Ox blood mixed with methadone", the first indication that tonight's works will be less concerned with Byronic sonnets more with the dark end of the street.

    14. Books
    Selected Verse Translations By Gascoyne, David 1997/04 Dufour Editions 1870612337 - Trade Paper Our Price $21.00 . Related Books Literature and Great Books, Poetry
    Contact us Purchases Home Teachers and Contributors ... Newsletter Selected Verse Translations
    By Gascoyne, David
    1997/04 - Dufour Editions
    1870612337 - Trade Paper Our Price $21.00
    Related Books: Literature and Great Books Poetry A rich harvest from a renowned translator, an elegant survivor In 1996, in his eightieth year, David Gascoyne was awarded the Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres in recognition of his profound contribution to French literature and art. This collection includes some of his best work early translations, recent unpublished translations, and a substantial section of translations printed in journals over the past twenty-five years. Contact Us:

    15. Gascoyne, David 1916-2001 [WorldCat Identities]
    Thomas Carlyle by David Gascoyne ( Book ) 14 editions published between 1952 and 1969 in
    Wed Sep 1 02:18:36 2010 UTC lccn-n50-18225 Poets, English20th century lccn-n80-32734 Skelton, Robin edt lccn-n79-22968 Carlyle, Thomas lccn-n80-38478 Raine, Kathleen aui lccn-n80-36675 lccn-n50-38818 Jouve, Pierre Jean lccn-n87-828395 Scott, Roger lccn-n82-96147 Jennings, Humphrey lccn-nr92-42418 Clodd, Alan com Remy, Michel lccn-n81-40514 Reed, Jeremy Gascoyne, David Gascoyne, David Broadsides Oral interpretation of poetry Durrell, Lawrence Social history Fiction Lithuanian poetry OregonPortland Broadsides Grigson, Geoffrey,1905-1985 Night Radio scripts Barker, George,1913-1991 Songs (High voice) with piano Biography Exhibition catalogs Fondane, Benjamin,1898-1944 Interviews PoetryAuthorship Records and correspondence Bibliography Musical settings Anniversaries Poetry Norway Juvenile works Travel German poetry American poetry Jouve, Pierre Jean,1887-1976 Poetry Aphorisms and apothegms Automatism Spirit writings Poetry, Modern French literature History Surrealism (Literature) France Intellectual life FranceParis Surrealism Art, Modern Translations English poetry Criticism, interpretation, etc.

    16. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Limited Collector's Edition: Information From Answe
    Art Louis Hsu Saekow, David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne, David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne, David Boudreau; Graphic Design Louis Hsu Saekow, David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne, David

    17. Poetry - Salvador Dali By David Gascoyne
    poetry - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - by David Gascoyne David_Gascoyne 2009-07-13 Submited by Marius Surleac

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    Recommended Reading
    box-shaped thoughts
    November Days of Roses

    The roses are waiting

    The survival
    ... Laptop Contact Contact Email Send a letter for the editor Texts by the same author > The Very... (Poetry) > The Cage ... (Poetry) Texts by the same author < Yves Tanguy ... (Poetry) < And the... (Poetry) Translations of this text Members comments Views: 609 Salvador Dali poetry by David Gascoyne Marius Surleac The face of the precipice is black with lovers; The sun above them is a bag of nails; the spring's First rivers hide among their hair. Goliath plunges his hand into the poisoned well And bows his head and feels my feet walk through his brain. The children chasing butterflies turn around and see him there With his hand in the well and my body growing from his head, And are afraid. They drop their nets and walk into the wall like smoke. The smooth plain with its mirrors listens to the cliff Like a basilisk eating flowers.

    18. A Short Survey Of Surrealism. By David Gascoyne, Michel Remy : Splintered Light
    Gascoyne, David and Michel Remy. Publisher Information Enitharmon Press, 2001. Binding Paperback Condition New ISBN 1900564661 Book Id 6164
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    A Short Survey of Surrealism.
    Gascoyne, David and Michel Remy. Publisher Information:
    Enitharmon Press, 2001.
    Binding: Paperback
    Condition: New ISBN: Book Id: Price: We carry books discussed and recommended by Mars Hill Audio Latest Volumes Volume 104 Volume 103 Volume 102 Newsletter Keep up with special offers and news. Occasional, insightful, FREE. Name Email FAQ Mythopoeia Poems Location ... Security powered by Bibliopolis

    19. Gemma Southey - United Kingdom - Email, Address, Phone Number, Everything! 123pe
    United Kingdom Connections Kirsten Honeyman, Sally Gascoyne, David Goddard, Ian Batchelar, Wally Lorriman southey

    20. Gascoyne (David) Man's Life Is This Meat
    LotGascoyne (David) Man's Life Is This Meat, Lot Number201, Starting Bid 100, AuctioneerBloomsbury Auctions, AuctionEnglish Literature and History, Date400 AM PT Jan

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