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         Gotthelf Jeremias:     more books (100)
  1. Black Spider (European Classics) by Jeremias Gotthelf, 1980-07
  2. Jeremias Gotthelf's "Die Kaeserei in der Vehfreude": A Didactic Satire (Germanic Studies in America. Vol. 23) by Katherine M. Littell, 1977
  3. Jeremias Gotthelf: Ein Vertreter der geistlichen Restauration der Biedermeierzeit (Studien zur Poetik und Geschichte der Literatur ; Bd. 41) (German Edition) by Winfried Bauer, 1975
  4. Jeremias Gotthelf (1902) (German Edition) by Adolf Bartels, 2010-09-10
  5. Emmentaler Rezepte: Zu Gestalten und Geschichten aus dem Lande Jeremias Gotthelfs (German Edition) by Fritz Gfeller, 1985
  6. Landschaften und Menschenbilder: Holzschnitte zu Jeremias Gotthelf und C.A. Loosli (German Edition) by Emil Zbinden, 1988
  7. "So ein handlich Weib ist denn doch ein kitzlig Ding": Frauengestalten und Frauenpsychologie im Werk von Jeremias Gotthelf (German Edition) by Hans Kunzi, 1984
  8. Die schwarze Spinne: Nach der Erzahlung von Jeremias Gotthelf ; Sommernachtswut : ein Theater (Theaterbibliothek) (German Edition) by Urs Widmer, 1998
  9. Die Erzahlweise in den Romanen Charles Sealsfields und Jeremias Gotthelfs: Zur Rhetoriktradition im Biedermeier (Europaische Hochschulschriften : Reihe ... Literatur und Germanistik) (German Edition) by Hubert Fritz, 1976
  10. Jeremias Gotthelfs (Albert Bitzius) Gesammelte Schriften (German Edition) by Jeremias Gotthelf, 2010-06-13
  11. Meister Der Schweizerischen Dichtung Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts: Jeremias Gotthelf, Gottfried Keller, Konrad Ferdinand Meyer, Heinrich Leuthold, Dranmor (German Edition) by Robert Saitschick, 2010-01-11
  12. The Soul and Money, by Jeremias Gotthelf, Tr. by G. Vere by Albert Bitzius, 2010-01-11
  13. Jeremias Gotthelf, Poet und Prophet, Erzahler und Erzieher: Zu Sprache, dichterischer Kunst und Gehalt seiner Schriften (German Edition) by Karl Fehr, 1986
  14. Jeremias Gotthelf-- der "Dichter des Hauses": [die christliche Familie als literarisches Modell der Gesellschaft] (German Edition) by Werner Hahl, 1994

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Gotthelf, Jeremias
(Jeremias Gotthelf)
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2. Gotthelf, Jeremias; Bibliography
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... Gotthelf, Jeremias
(Jeremias Gotthelf)
Bibliography of Gotthelf, Jeremias, alphabetically ordered:
This is the alphabetically ordered list of all books of this author known to (the list may be incomplete). You can also see books grouped by subjects The black spider
by Jeremias Gotthelf ; translated by H. M. Waidson
Publisher: London : John Calder
ISBN: 0714501255 The black spider
by Jeremias Gotthelf ; translated by H. M. Waidson
Publisher: London : John Calder
ISBN: 0714501263 Edition: (pbk.) Die schwarze Spinne Jeremias Gotthelf ; edited by H. M. Waidson Publisher: Oxford : Blackwell ISBN: 0631016201 DDC: 833.7 Die Schwarze Spinne Jeremias Gotthelf Publisher: Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag GmbH ISBN: 3150064899 Edition: Paperback Die schwarze Spinne. Erläuterungen und Materialien. Die schwarze Spinne. Erläuterungen und Materialien. (Lernmaterialien) Jeremias Gotthelf Daniel Rothenbühler Publisher: Bange ISBN: 3804417612 Edition: Paperback; 2003-02-01 Die schwarze Spinne. Lektüreschlüssel

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Jeremias Gotthelf
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6. Elsi, The Unusual Farm Maid
Etext of the story.
Elsi, the unusual Farm Maid
Jeremias Gotthelf
S In one of these stately farmhouses lived in the year 1796 a farm maid called Elsi Schindler, although that apparently was not her real name. She was a strange girl and no one knew who she was nor where she was from. Late one spring evening there had been a knock at the door and when the farmer looked out, he saw a tall girl with a bundle under her arm standing outside. She asked if she could spend the night, as was in keeping with the long established custom that any penniless traveler, or anyone else who wanted to avoid staying at an inn, could ask to spend the night at a farmhouse. That person would then not only receive free lodging, either in the barn with the animals or in a warm bed, but would also be served supper and breakfast and perhaps even be given a penny or two for the road. There are farmhouses in the Canton of Bern which daily show such hospitality as would rival that of the Orient and which seldom see a night go by without an overnight guest in the house. Thus they were all surprised when, after the farmer got around to asking, "Where are you from and where are you headed?" she replied that she was a poor girl whose parents had died and that she was going down to the villages to look for work as a maid. This statement led to a good many more questions, for everyone found her story hard to believe. And they were all the more amazed when the farmer said, more to test her out than in earnest, "If you're serious, you can stay here; I happen to need a maid just now," and the girl answered that would suit her just fine. Then she wouldn't have to run around looking any farther, she added. None of the people there could believe that the girl actually wanted to be a maid.

7. Gotthelf, Jeremias Definition Of Gotthelf, Jeremias In The Free Online Encyclope
Gotthelf, Jeremias (yārāmē` s g t`hĕlf), 1797–1854, Swiss writer and clergyman. His real name was Albert Bitzius; his pen name is that of the hero of his autobiographical, Jeremias

8. Albert Bitzius —
More on Albert Bitzius from Fact Monster Jeremias Gotthelf Gotthelf, Jeremias Gotthelf, Jeremias , 1797–1854, Swiss writer and clergyman. His real name

9. How Joggeli Finds A Wife
Etext of the story.
How Joggeli Finds a Wife
Jeremias Gotthelf S omewhere in the Canton of Bern, but I won't say just where, lies a farmhouse on a sunny ridge. Pear and apple trees, mighty as oaks, surround it; avenues of cherry trees descend in every direction; and nearly as far up on the hill as the eye can see lies a wonderfully beautiful green carpet, richer than that of a king: a mat of meadows worth a hundred thousand pounds. Under the overhanging roof murmurs a splendid well; in front of the sparkling windows sit several flower boxes; and all around the house there is a Sunday feeling of cleanliness and ordernot a straw out of place, not a speck of sawdust to be seen. On a pretty green bench sits a handsome and well-tanned lad, who thoughtfully looks up into the dark woods of the neighboring hill. Now and then a small cloud of tobacco rises slowly and mournfully from his nearly extinguished pipe. This is Joggeli, the wealthy bachelor owner of a beautiful farm. His mother has just recently died. She had always run the household so well and been so dear to him that Joggeli hadn't thought of marrying, although his mother had been after him daily to take a wife. Proper mothers don't want their children to remain single; they dislike the thought of their sons becoming dissolute, old bachelors. The maids were running the household now and doing a bad enough job of it. Since his mother died, the chickens no longer producedat least he saw few eggsthe cows gave thinner milk, and he was selling less and less butter. The pigs, upset over being poorly fed, looked up at him from their trough with eyes red from weeping; and yet he had never before had to prepare so much grain for them. Never before did so little get done, so little spun. He needed more and more help, and yet never before had the maids complained so about all the work and had so little time to do what he ordered. The admonitions of his dear mother came to his mind again and again, and he thought more and more seriously about getting a wife. Yet the more he considered it, the more he shuddered at the thought.

10. Jeremias Gotthelf —
More on Jeremias Gotthelf from Infoplease Swiss literature Swiss literature. Swiss literature. The literature of Switzerland is written in German, French,

11. Projekt Gutenberg-DE - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Kultur
Kurzbiographie von Albert Bitzius, Werke, im Projekt Gutenberg als Online-Text vorhandene Werke., Jeremias&autor_vorname= Jere

12. Gotthelf, Jeremias
Gotthelf, Jeremias, pseudonym of ALBERT BITZIUS (b. Oct. 4, 1797, Morat, Switz.d. Oct. 22, 1854, L tzelfl h), Swiss novelist and shortstory writer whose vivid narrative works
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Gotthelf, Jeremias,
pseudonym When radical tendencies began to appear in Swiss liberalism, Bitzius became more conservative. His desire to preserve Christian beliefs in a world threatened by materialism stimulated him to begin writing. His Der Bauernspiegel (1837; "Mirror of the Peasants") was followed by other works dealing with rural people, including Leiden und Freuden eines Schulmeisters , 2 vol. (1838-39; The Joys and Sorrows of a School-master, Die Armennot (1840; "Needs of the Poor"), and Uli der Knecht Ulric the Farm Servant, 1888). Although his purpose was didactic, he showed exceptional literary talent. His 13 novels and more than 50 short stories reveal not only his genius as an epic writer and his poetic gifts but also his intense interest in people. Psychological observation, imagination, and creative power of language enabled him to achieve vivid portraits. His complete works, in 24 volumes, were edited by R. Hunziker and H. Bloesch, with supplementary volumes of letters, sermons, political writings, and juvenilia (1911-37). Related Propaedia Topics: Nineteenth-century literature The novel The short story and its antecedents

13. Virginia Commonwealth University Jeremias Gotthelf
Contains the 1984 translation by Robert Godwin-Jones of The Broommaker of Rychiswyl.
The Broommaker of Rychiswyl
Jeremias Gotthelf
E veryone would like to be happy. And most folks think that being rich would make them happy. They figure money and happiness go together, like a potato and a potato plant, like a tree and its roots. How terribly mistaken they are and how little they understand the essence of human life, even though it's so obvious in everything we do. The Bible tells us that for those who love God all things thrive, and so it is. Money is always just money, but the human hearts with which it comes into contact are all very different. That is why each combination of heart and money turns out so differently and why money can bring joy or despair according to how the two are combined. God has shown us this as clear as day, but unfortunately human beings rarely see what is most clear and obvious but obscure it instead with their own attempt at wisdom. In the broommaker of Rychiswyl we select, out of the hundreds of examples which illustrate the above-mentioned truth, one which shows a heart to whom money did bring happiness. Such a friend of the family was the broom man of Rychiswyl who was often to be seen in Bern but who actually enjoyed his greatest prestige and highest favor in Thun. In smaller places all relationships are much more intimate, and individuals are noticed more and are of greater importance. It would have been more likely for a Saturday to be missing from the calendar than for the little broom man not to appear in Thun on a Saturday. He hadn't always been the little broom man; for a long time he had been the broom boy, until folks found out that the broom boy had children old enough to be able to help him push his cart.

14. Gotthelf, JeremiasTranslate This PageGotthelf, Jeremias [d. I. Albert Bitzius],
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Gotthelf, Jeremias [d. i. Albert Bitzius], 1797-1854
Schweizer Pfarrer und Dichter; frhrealistischer Prosaist
Bern, Burger-Bibliothek
(Cowen, Hansel, Raabe, Schmutz-Pfister) KORRESPONDENZ:
Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
(Katalog SBzB)
Leipzig, Universittsbibliothek
Marbach, Schiller-Nationalmuseum


: 23 (Auerbach), 582 (Autographensammlung)

Siehe auch Frels Richard Hacken and Marianne Siegmund
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15. Lützelflüh - Gotthelf-Stube
Besucherinformation zur Gotthelfstube, sowie Daten und Photos von L tzelfl h BE zum Leben von Jeremias Gotthelf.

  • Gemeinde
    In der Gotthelf-Stube Lützelflüh sehen Sie eine Auswahl von Bildern, Möbeln, Büchern und andern Gegenständen aus der ständigen Sammlung des Vereins Gotthelf-Stube sowie jedes Jahr eine Spezialausstellung.
    "Inversionsstatue Jeremias Gotthelf" von Sandro del-Prete:
    Als Blickfang besonderer Art wird del-Pretes Werk die Besucherinnen und Besucher schon beim Überschreiten der hohen Eingangsschwelle überraschen: Sie mögen stehen und sich hinwenden, wo sie wollen, Jeremias Gotthelf wird sie unverwandt anschauen. Der Künstler hat den Trick der "bewegten Augen" in Renaissance-Quellen entdeckt und so lange damit experimentiert, bis er ihn beherrschte. Das Werk ist ein Geschenk der Raiffeisenbanken. Bilden Sie sich selbst ein Urteil. Besuchen Sie "den Tatort" Lützelflüh im Emmental, die Wirkungsstätte des grossen Dichters Jeremias Gotthelf mit Kirche, Pfarrhaus, Grab, dem kleinen Museum, dem Denkmal und Ulibrunnen.
    Einzelpersonen Erwachsene Fr. 2.00

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19. Schwarze Spinne By | 3150064899 | 9783150064894
Rent and Save a ton on Schwarze Spinne by Gotthelf, Jeremias.ISBN 3150064899 EAN 9783150064894
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  • Managing Human Resources George George W. Bohlander
Schwarze Spinne
Gotthelf, Jeremias
EDITION: BINDING: PUBLISHER: Reclam jun., Verlag GmbH, Philip (11/30/-0001) PAGES: This product is not available.
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20. Jeremias Gotthelf Criticism
Criticism NineteenthCentury Literary Criticism Gotthelf, Jeremias - Introduction. Criticism Home; Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism; Get help in the Literature Group

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