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         Gould Stephen Jay:     more books (101)
  1. Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin by Stephen Jay Gould, 1997-09-16
  2. The Science and Humanism of Stephen Jay Gould by Richard York, Brett Clark, 2010-08-01
  3. The Flamingo's Smile: Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 1987-01-17
  4. I Have Landed: Splashes adn Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 2010-09-28
  5. Punctuated Equilibrium by Stephen Jay Gould, 2007-05-31
  6. Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms: Essays on Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 1998-10
  7. Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle: Myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time (Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures) by Stephen Jay Gould, 1988-01-01
  8. I Have Landed: The End of a Beginning in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 2003-04-22
  9. Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penultimate Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 2000-03
  10. The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould, 1982
  11. The Book of Life: An Illustrated History of the Evolution of Life on Earth, Second Edition
  12. Crossing Over Where Art and Science Meet by Stephen Jay Gould, Rosamond Wolff Purcell, et all 2000-11-14
  13. The Strange Case of the Spotted Mice: and Other Classic Essays on Science by Peter Medawar, 1996-06-13
  14. Eight Little Piggies: Reflections in Natural History (Norton Paperback) by Stephen Jay Gould, 1994-04-17

21. Gould Stephen Jay - Science Definition
Definition of Gould Stephen Jay from The American Heritage Science Dictionary.

22. Gould, Stephen Jay | Define Gould, Stephen Jay At
Science Dictionary Gould (g ld) Pronunciation Key American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist who with Niles Eldredge developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium in, stephen jay?qsrc=2446

23. Stephen Jay Gould (American Paleontologist) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Facts about Gould, Stephen Jay, as discussed in Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia Gould, Stephen Jay When did Stephen Jay Gould die? When was Stephen Jay Gould born?
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Stephen Jay Gould
Table of Contents: Stephen Jay Gould Article Article External Web sites External Web sites Citations ARTICLE from the Stephen Jay Gould Gould graduated from Antioch College in 1963 and received a Ph.D. in paleontology at Columbia University in 1967. He joined the faculty of Harvard University land snails . With Niles Eldredge, he developed in 1972 the theory of punctuated equilibrium Edward O. Wilson , who believed that evolution is essentially progressive, leading from the simple to the complex and from the worse-adapted to the better. Gould also argued that population genetics Cambrian explosion . One must turn to paleontology Apart from his technical research, Gould became widely known as a writer, polemicist, and popularizer of evolutionary theory. In his books

24. Online NewsHour: Conversation With Stephen Jay Gould -- November 26, 1996
An interview with paleontologist and author Stephen Jay Gould conducted in 1996, at Online NewsHour. A RealAudio format version of the interview is also available.
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November 26, 1996
David Gergen, editor-at-large of , engages Stephen Jay Gould, Professor of Zoology and Geology at Harvard University, author of Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
Browse the Online NewsHour's science coverage or Gergen Dialogues Gould's final essay for Natural History of a twenty-seven-year series. DAVID GERGEN, : Steve, you’ve written this very challenging book about evolution, challenging the notions that are in our heads. Maybe we ought to start with what the conventional notion is about evolution. STEPHEN JAY GOULD, Author, Full House : The conventional view is more a result of what western culture makes us want to think and what actually happened in the history of life. Darwin’s theory in natural selection doesn’t make any reference to any notion of progress, or development or increasing complexity. It’s only a theory about adaptation to changing environments. There are as many ways to adapt to local environments by becoming less complex is by getting more complex, but for reasons of our history and our biases and our preferences, we very much want to

25. Facts About Gould, Stephen Jay, As Discussed In Britannica Compton's Encyclopedi
Facts about Gould, Stephen Jay, (1941–2002). U.S. paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and science writer Stephen Jay Gould proposed revolutionary and controversial amendments
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26. Stephen Jay Gould Books (book Reviews)
Book reviews by Danny Yee.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews
Titles Authors ... Latest
Stephen Jay Gould
Book Reviews
See also my review of The Dynamics of Evolution: The Punctuated Equilibrium Debate in the Natural and Social Sciences , which contains one paper by Gould and others which mention him. And I comment on Daniel Dennett's attack on Gould in my review of Darwin's Dangerous Idea Related authors: Richard Lewontin and Steven Rose Subjects Titles Authors ...
Book Reviews by Danny Yee

27. New Statesman - Inventing Allies In The Sky. Stephen Jay Gould Has Written His M
Kenan Malik reviews Stephen Jay Gould s Rocks of Ages for The New Statesman.
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Inventing allies in the sky. Stephen Jay Gould has written his most disappointing book, a wrong-headed attempt to equate religion with morality. By Kenan Malik
Kenan Malik Published 19 February 2001 Rocks of Ages: science and religion in the fullness of life Stephen Jay Gould Jonathan Cape, 241pp, Ł14.99 ISBN 0224060929 By the time you read this, children in the American state of Kansas will, with any luck, be reading The Origin of Species in their classrooms. In August 1999, the Kansas Board of Education, under pressure from creationists, removed evolution (as well as the Big Bang theory) from the school science curriculum. It took a vocal campaign by scientists and others - and the unseating of two anti- evolution members of the board in local elections - to help nudge the authority back into the modern world. This book will no doubt confirm the worst fears of Gould's enemies, many of whom have long accused him of giving succour to creationists. Even Gould's admirers, however, will find it hard to accept his arguments here. There is, Gould acknowledges, little "original" about Noma. Unfortunately, there is nothing right about it, either.

28. Stephen Jay Gould —
More on Stephen Jay Gould from Infoplease Stephen Jay Gould Stephen Jay Gould Age 60 revered paleontologist and science writer whose theories, including

29. The Exaptive Excellence Of Spandrels As A Term And prototype — PNAS
By Stephen Jay Gould
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The exaptive excellence of spandrels as a term and prototype
  • Stephen Jay Gould Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 Contributed by Stephen Jay Gould
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    In 1979, Lewontin and I borrowed the architectural term “spandrel” (using the pendentives of San Marco in Venice as an example) to designate the class of forms and spaces that arise as necessary byproducts of another decision in design, and not as adaptations for direct utility in themselves. This proposal has generated a large literature featuring two critiques: ( i ) the terminological claim that the spandrels of San Marco are not true spandrels at all and ( ii Previous Section Next Section
    Much Ado About Little and Lots
    Just as the four evangelists fit so splendidly—but so obviously secondarily and epiphenomenally—into the spandrels of San Marco, I have been delighted beyond all measure by the unintended consequences spawned by our metaphor and example (

    30. Gould, Stephen Jay | Definition Of Gould, Stephen Jay | Online Dic
    Find out what Gould, Stephen Jay means Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography has the definition of Gould, Stephen Jay. Research related newspaper, magazine, and journal

    31. The Third Culture - Chapter 2
    By Stephen Jay Gould
    Chapter 2
    "The Pattern of Life's History"
    Stuart Kauffman:
    Steve is extremely bright, inventive. He thoroughly understands paleontology; he thoroughly understands evolutionary biology. He has performed an enormous service in getting people to think about punctuated equilibrium, because you see the process of stasis/sudden change, which is a puzzle. It's the cessation of change for long periods of time. Since you always have mutations, why don't things continue changing? You either have to say that the particular form is highly adapted, optimal, and exists in a stable environment, or you have to be very puzzled. Steve has been enormously important in that sense.
    STEPHEN JAY GOULD is an evolutionary biologist, a paleontologist, and a snail geneticist; professor of zoology at Harvard University; MacArthur Fellow; author of, among others, Ontogeny and Phylogeny The Mismeasure of Man The Flamingo's Smile Wonderful Life Bully for Brontosaurus Dinosaur in a Haystack (1996), and

    32. Gould, Stephen Jay (Harper's Magazine)
    October 2010. AMERICAN ELECTRA Feminism’s Ritual Matricide By Susan Faludi. THIRTY DAYS AS A CUBAN Pinching Pesos and Dropping Pounds in Havana By Patrick Symmes

    33. Evolution - Classic Texts
    By Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould.

    34. Gould, Stephen Jay Synonyms, Gould, Stephen Jay Antonyms |
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    35. What Does The Dreaded "E" Word Mean, Anyway | Natural History | Find Articles At
    By Stephen Jay Gould
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      Reference Publications
      What does the dreaded "E" word mean, anyway
      Natural History Feb, 2000 by Stephen Jay Gould
      A reverie for the opening of the new Hayden Planetarium. Evolution posed no terrors in the liberal constituency of New York City when I studied biology at Jamaica High School in 1956. But our textbooks didn't utter the word eithera legacy of the statutes that had brought William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow to legal blows at Tennessee's trial of John Scopes in 1925. The subject remained doubly hidden within my textbookcovered only in chapter 63 (of 66) and described in euphemism as "the hypothesis of racial development." The antievolution laws of the Scopes era, passed during the early 1920s in several southern and border states, remained on the books until 1968, when the Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional. The laws were never strictly enforced, but their existence cast a pall over American education, as textbook publishers capitulated to produce "least common denominator" versions acceptable in all statesso schoolkids in New York got short shrift because the statutes of some distant states had labeled evolution dangerous and unteachable. Pre-Darwinian terminology for evolutiona widely discussed, if unorthodox, view of life in early nineteenth-century biologygenerally used such names as transformation, transmutation, or the development hypothesis. In choosing a label for his own, very different account of genealogical change, Darwin would never have considered "evolution" as a descriptor, because that vernacular English word implied a set of consequences contrary to the most distinctive features of his proposed revolutionary mechanism of change.

    36. Gould, Stephen Jay | Gould, Stephen Jay Information | HighBeam Research - FREE T
    Gould, Stephen Jay Research Gould, Stephen Jay articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles in our online encyclopedia.

    37. Piltdown Revisited
    By Stephen Jay Gould
    Piltdown Revisited Stephen Jay Gould Natural History March 1979 [86] Nothing is quite so fascinating as a well-aged mystery. Many connois-seurs regard Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time as the greatest detec-tive story ever written because its pro-tagonist is Richard III, not the modern and insignificant murderer of Roger Ackroyd. The old chestnuts are peren-nial sources for impassioned and fruit-less debate. Who was Jack the Ripper? Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? My profession of paleontology of-fered its entry to the first rank of histori-cal conundrums a quarter-century ago. In 1953, Piltdown man was exposed as a certain fraud perpetrated by a very uncertain hoaxer. Since then, interest has never flagged. People who cannot tell Tyrannosaurus from Allosaurus have firm opinions about the identity of Piltdown's forger. Rather than simply ask "whodunnit?" this column treats what I regard as an intellectually more interesting issue: why did anyone ever accept Piltdown man in the first place? I was led to address the subject by re-cent and prominent news reports add-ing-with abysmally poor evidence, in my opinion-yet another prominent suspect to the list. Also, as an old mys-tery reader, I cannot refrain from ex-pressing my own prejudice, all in due time. In 1912, Charles Dawson, a lawyer and amateur archeologist from Sussex, brought several cranial fragments to Arthur Smith Woodward, Keeper of Geology at the British Museum (Natu-ral History). The first, he said, had been unearthed by workmen from a gravel pit in 1908. Since then, he had searched the spoil heaps and found a few more fragments. The bones, worn and deeply stained, seemed indigenous to the ancient gravel; they were not the remains of a more recent interment. Yet the skull appeared remarkably modern in form, although the bones were unusually thick.

    38. Gould, Stephen Jay Summary |
    Gould, Stephen Jay. Gould, Stephen Jay summary with encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

    39. Piltdown Conspiracy
    By Stephen Jay Gould
    The Piltdown Conspiracy Hen's Teeth and Horses' Toes Stephen Jay Gould Introduction and Background OF CONSPIRACIES In his great aria "La calumnia," Don Basillo, the music master of Rossini's Barber of Seville, graphically describes how evil whispers grow, with appropriate watering, into truly grand and injurious calumnies. For the less conniving among us, the same lesson may be read with opposite intent: in adversity, try to contain. The desire to pin evil deeds upon a single soul acting alone reflects this strategy; conspiracy theories have a terrible tendency to ramify like Basillo's whispers until the runaway solution to "whodunit" becomes "everybodydunit." But conspiracies do occur. Even the pros and pols now doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald [202] acted alone; and everybody did do it on the Orient Express. 2 The Piltdown case, surely the most famous and spectacular fraud of twentieth-century science, has experienced this tension ever since its exposé in 1953 . The semiofficial, contained version holds that Charles Dawson, the lawyer and amateur archeologist who "found" the first specimens, devised and executed the entire plot himself. Since J. S. Weiner's elegant case virtually precludes Dawson's innocence ( The Piltdown Forgery

    40. Gould, Stephen Jay
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