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         Jonson Ben:     more books (100)
  1. The Works of Ben Jonson by Ben Jonson, 2010-01-08
  2. Classic Drama: Eight Plays by Ben Jonson in a single file, improved 9/1/2010 by Ben Jonson, 2008-09-05
  3. Volpone and Other Plays by Ben Jonson, 2004-04-29
  4. Ben Jonson, Selected by Thom Gunn (Poet to Poet) by Thom (ed.); Ben Jonson Gunn, 1974
  5. The Alchemist (New Mermaids) by Ben Jonson, 2010-09-15
  6. The complete plays of Ben Jonson (Everyman's library. Poetry and the drama) by Ben Jonson, 1936
  7. Ben Jonson (Routledge Guides to Literature) by James Loxley, 2001-12-21
  8. The Poetaster by Ben Jonson, 2010-07-06
  9. Epicoene or the Silent Woman by Ben Jonson, 2008-09-05
  10. A Concordance to the Poems of Ben Jonson (Cornell Publications in the History of Science) by Mario Ei Cesare, 1978-06
  11. The Complete Plays Of Ben Jonson (1910) by Felix Emmanuel Schelling, 2008-06-02
  12. Ben Jonson's Volpone, or the Fox (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations)
  13. Ben Jonson and the Cavalier Poets (A Norton Critical Edition) by Hugh Maclean, 1974
  14. Five Plays (Oxford World's Classics) by Ben Jonson, 2009-09-28

21. Johnson, Ben H MD In Birmingham, AL -
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22. Ben Jonson
Includes a biography and resources on theater history.
Home Ancient Theatre Medieval Theatre 16th Century ... 20th Century
BEN JONSON (1574-1637) This article was originally published in A Short History of the Drama IN the group of playwrights immediately surrounding Shakespeare , who with him were perhaps accustomed to gather in the Mermaid Tavern, were Ben Jonson, Webster Ford Beaumont and Fletcher Chapman , Marston, and Dekker . Among these Jonson was easily the first, both in the quality of his genius and the amount of his work. He was a man of enormous learning, poet laureate, a soldier in Flanders, an actor, and hack writer for Henslowe . He appeared first as a playwright in the late years of the sixteenth century, at the moment when Shakespeare and the romantic comedies were at the height of their popularity. To some extent he was obliged to conform to the prevailing taste; but his natural inclination was toward the classic and regular style rather than toward the romantic; and his "humour" was satirical rather than sentimental. Jonson's plays fall roughly into three groups: the realistic comedies, the tragedies, and the

23. Jonson, Ben - Definition Of Jonson, Ben By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus
Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Ben Jonson English dramatist and poet who was the first real poet laureate of England (1572-1637), Ben

24. Johnson Ben, Dan Brown's | Spoke
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25. HOASM: Ben Jonson
A biography, originally published in Elizabethan and Stuart Plays. Ed. Charles Read Baskerville. New York Henry Holt and Company, 1934. pp. 827-830.
Ben Jonson
This biography was originally published in Elizabethan and Stuart Plays . Ed. Charles Read Baskerville. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1934. pp. 827-830. Lord Haddington's Masque or, as it is appropriately named by Gifford, The Hue and Cry after Cupid , was printed, probably in 1608, in an undated quarto, and in the folio of 1616. The classical legend upon which it was founded is as old at least as Moschus, and had been often retold in Italy and in France. None of these versions, however, can be designated as a source for Jonson's masque. The piece occupies an important place in the evolution of the masque, not only because in the rles of Cupid and his twelve boys "most anticly attired" it offers a good example of the antimasque or foil, intended by its grotesqueness and drollery to set off the beauty of the main masque, but because in its brevity, simplicity, and high poetical quality it avoids the excesses which often characterized its successors.
IV M: England Through 1635

26. Johnson Ben, Towers Perrin | Spoke
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27. Jonson, Poets Graves|Poets & Poetry Forum
Image of the poet s burial stone at Westminster Abbey.
Home Poets' Graves Search by Surname Search by Location Other Poets Maps of Poets' Graves Poetry Resources Poetry Forum Glossary Poetic Terms Classic Poems Poets Laureate UK ... Poetry Links Other Graves Writers Musicians Artists What's New on PG Related Sites Literary Norfolk Literary Britain Norfolk Photostream
Ben Jonson
'O rare Ben Jonson' Ben Jonson is buried upright in the north aisle of the Nave of Westminster Abbey, London, England. (See map...ref no. 14) He told the Dean: "six feet long by two feet wide is too much for me. Two feet by two is all I want". His name was incorrectly spelled when his gravestone was later renewed. In 1616 he became the first (unofficial) Poet Laureate when he was granted a pension by James I. He was undoubtedly one of the most important of the seventeenth-century poets. His poetry embraced classical ideals but dealt uncompromisingly with the life and characters of James 1's court. He is particularly remembered for his epigrams and epitaphs.
Burial Stone of Ben Jonson He also was one of the pre-eminent poets to frequent the famous Mermaid Tavern in Bread Street. His work influenced many younger poets including

28. Jonson Ben: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research Jonson Ben and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

29. Ben Johnson
Johnson, Ben. Lived in Mesa. Ben Johnson's retirement home was at 2466 Leisure World on Elegante

30. Ben Jonson's Ancestry And Arms
Images of his coat of arms.
Ben Jonson's Ancestry and Arms
In 1618, when he was about forty-five years old, the English dramatist, poet and scholar Ben Jonson (1572-1637) set out for his ancestral homeland, Scotland.He made the journey entirely by foot and spent more than a year and a half north of the border. Jonson became a burgess of Edinburgh and visited many notable persons. His most famous stay was with the poet William Drummond of Hawthonden. Drummond recorded his discussions with Jonson in his Conversations. It is from Drummond that we know what Jonson said about his paternal ancestry. Jonson told Drummond that his grandfather came from Carlisle, and before that, he thought, from Annandale. If this is the case, the grandfather must have been a Johnstone. Jonson also told Drummond that his arms were "three spindles or rhombi." These arms are often described as "the device of the Johnstones of Annandale" in biographies of Jonson. The undifferenced arms of Johnstone of That Ilk are blazoned in heraldic language as Argent, a saltire Sable, on a chief Gules, three cushions Or

31. Jonson
A comparison of Ben Jonson s poems On My First Daughter and On My First Son.
@import url(;
On My First Daughter and On My First Son
Michael Vance
On My First Son
On My First Daughter

In the poem, On My First Son
On My First Daughter

To be fair to the author, it must be remembered that his daughter died at the age of six months during a period of human history in which less than 50% of children lived to see their first birthdays. It may be that he had not attached himself to her very much. His son on the other hand, lived up to the day of his seventh year. He might well have been expected to outlive his father at that point, magnifying the loss immensely.

32. Jonson, Ben Definition Of Jonson, Ben In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Jonson, Ben, 1572–1637, English dramatist and poet, b. Westminster, London. The highspirited buoyancy of Jonson's plays and the brilliance of his language have earned him a, Ben

33. Ben Jonson - The Alchemist
This Alchemy site offers an online text of one of Jonson s greatest comedies. The site is primarily a source of extensive information, bibliography and links related to alchemy.
The Alchemy web site on
Ben Jonson - The Alchemist
Ben Jonson (1573-1637) was one of the foremost of the Jacobean dramatists. He wrote a number of plays (both comedies and tragedies) and a series of stylised masques for the Court. He had a keen eye for the follies of his contemporaries, and in this play he particularly satirises human gullibility. He displays considerable understanding of alchemy and makes many jokes based on its symbolism (and in two places even refers to Dee and Kelly). He obviously expected the audience for this play to have some knowledge of alchemical ideas. Jonson's The Alchemist written in 1610, thus presents us with a satirical window through which we can see one way in which alchemy was perceived in the opening decade of the 17th century.
The First Act

The Second Act

The Third Act

The Fourth Act
The Fifth Act

The characters in the play:-
- The Alchemist.
Face - The house-keeper, otherwise Lovewit's butler Jeremy.
Dol Common - The conspirator of Subtle and Face.
Lovewit - The owner of the house in which Subtle sets up his work.

34. Jonson, Ben - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Jonson, Ben
Jonson, Ben(jamin) (1572–1637) English dramatist, poet, and critic. Every Man in his Humour (1598) established the English ‘comedy of humours’, in which each character, Ben

35. The Holloway Pages: Ben Jonson Page
Many of his plays and poems based on the 1692 edition.
Welcome to the Holloway Pages
Ben: Jonson Page
site presents an online edition of the works of Ben Jonson (1572-1637), Shakespeare's Clark J. Holloway These texts are in the original spelling of the 1692 edition of Jonson's Works (the first folio edition to be combined in one volume), with the exception of The Case is Altered and Eastward Ho , neither of which appeared in the folios. The Case is Altered is taken from Peter Whalley's edition of 1756 (as reprinted for John Stockdale in 1811), and Eastward Ho is taken from a relatively modern text. All errors are preserved and line breaks are retained (with the exception of the epistles and arguments that have been formatted with justified margins). Broken lines due to insufficient space have been silently repaired, except where the text accommodates them by adding an indented line. Some errors in the original text, and occasional obsolete spellings, are marked by a tiny image of Jonson. Hover your cursor over the image to see an editorial correction or clarification. Although generally printed in two-column pages, the texts are presented here in a single column format. Column breaks are indicated in square brackets. Page breaks are indicated by a light-gray line extending across the page. Spacing has been normalized, and original letter-forms not readily available on a modern Internet browser (such as the long "s") have been modernized. The ligatures and have been retained (when appearing in italics, (

36. Jonson, Ben Summary |
Jonson, Ben. Jonson, Ben summary with encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

37. Ben Jonson's "Every Man Out Of His Humour" (extracts)
17th century spelling variants are not modernized.
HVMOVR. A Comicall Satyre. Acted in the yeere 1599. By the then
Lord Chamberlaine his
A SPER his Character.
H E is of an ingenious and free spirit, eager and constant in reproofe, without feare controuling the worlds abuses. One, whom no seruile hope of gaine, or frosty apprehension of danger, can make to be a Parasite, either to time, place, or opinion. S OGLIARDO.
A N essentiall Clowne, brother to Sordido, yet so enamour'd of the name of a Gentleman, that he will haue it, though he buyes it. He comes vp euery Terme to learne to take Tobacco, and see new Motions. He is in his kingdome when he can get himselfe into company, where he may be well laught at.
Jonson, Workes
M ACI. I doe know you, sir. C AR. S'heart, he answeres him like an eccho. S OG. Why, who am I, Sir ? M ACI. One of those that fortune fauours. C AR. The Periphrasis of a foole ; Ile obserue this better. S OG. That fortune fauours ? how meane you that, friend ? M ACI. I meane simply. That you are one that liues not by your vvits. S OG.

38. Ben Jonson's "Poetaster" (extracts)
17th century spelling variants are unmodernized.
HIS ARRAIGNEMENT. A Comicall Satyre.
I. Scene I. O VID, L VSCVS. T Hen, when this bodie falls in funerall fire,
My name shall liue, and my best part aspire.

It shall goe so.
L VSC. Young master, master O VID , doe you heare ? gods a mee ! away with your songs, and sonnets; and on with your gowne and cappe , quickly : here, here, your father will be a man of this roome presently. Come, nay, nay, nay, nay, be briefe. These verses too, a poyson on 'hem, I cannot abide 'hem, they make mee readie to cast, by the bankes of helicon. Nay looke, what a rascally vntoward thing this poetrie is ; I could teare 'hem now.
O VID. Giue me, how neere's my father ?
L VSC. Hart a'man : get a law-booke in your hand, I will not answere you else. Why so : now there's some formalitie in you. By I OVE , and three or foure of the gods more, I am right of mine olde masters humour for that ; this villanous poetrie will vndoe you , by the welkin.
O VID. What, hast thou buskins on, L VSCVS , that thou swear'st so tragically, and high ?

39. JOHNSON, Ben - Biographical Information
JOHNSON, Ben, a Representative from Kentucky; born near Bardstown, Nelson County, Ky., May 20, 1858; pursued preparatory studies; was graduated from St. Mary’s College

40. Cues & All: The Library: Ben Jonson
Links to full text and excerpts of Jonson s plays and masques.
Plays by William Shakespeare Plays by Ben Jonson Plays by Christopher Marlowe
Plays and Masques by Ben Jonson
In 1616, Ben Jonson (eight years Shakespeare's junior) published a collection of his works, a move widely ridiculed due to the fact that in Jacobean England, plays had little to no literary value. That same year (the year of Shakespeare's death) he was given a lifetime pension by James I of England, becoming, in essence, the first Poet Laureate. Seven years later, Shakespeare's partners published his works in a single volume collection (generally referred to as the First Folio.) Jonson was a popular poet and playwright, and worked often as an actor and playwright for Shakespeare's company, the Lord Chamberlain's Men (later the King's Men.) He became fond of the emerging theatrical form of the Masque, a courtly drama that employed a great deal of spectacle... closer in heart to opera than a play. With his partnership with the great architecht and designer Inigo Jones, Jonson created many popular masques. The following texts were culled from the University of Michigan the Luminarium , and from Paul J. Dupuy, Jr.'s

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