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         Koch Kenneth:     more books (100)
  1. The Collected Poems of Kenneth Koch by Kenneth Koch, 2007-10-02
  2. On the Edge: Collected Long Poems by Kenneth Koch, 2009-01-06
  3. I never Told Anybody: Teaching Poetry Writing to Old People by Kenneth Koch, 1997-06-27
  4. I Never Told Anybody: Teaching Poetry Writing in a Nursing Home by Kenneth Koch, 1978-03
  5. Wishes, Lies, and Dreams: Teaching Children to Write Poetry by Kenneth Koch, Ron Padgett, 2000-01-01
  6. On the Great Atlantic Rainway: Selected Poems 1950-1988 by Kenneth Koch, 1996-10-22
  7. Kenneth Koch: Selected Poems (American Poets Project) by Kenneth Koch, 2007-04-05
  8. Making Your Own Days: The Pleasures of Reading and Writing Poetry by Kenneth Koch, 1999-04-08
  9. The Collected Fiction of Kenneth Koch by Kenneth Koch, 2005-10-01
  10. Sleeping on the Wing: An Anthology of Modern Poetry with Essays on Reading and Writing by Kenneth Koch, Kate Farrell, 1982-02-12
  11. Speaking the Truth in Love by Kenneth C. Haugk, Ruth Koch, 1992-09
  12. Possible World by Kenneth Koch, 2002
  13. Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?: Teaching Great Poetry to Children by Kenneth Koch, 1990-06-16
  14. One Train: Poems by Kenneth Koch, 1994-12-05

1. Koch, Kenneth; Bibliography By Subject
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Koch, Kenneth
(Kenneth Koch)
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The number after the subject (topic or theme) tells how many books on this subject the author has. Please click on the subject to see books. Alternatively, you can see the alphabetically ordered bibliography of Koch, Kenneth Poetry Study and teaching Poetry Collections Children's writings, American ... Contact

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Koch, Kenneth Health Nutrition Vet Supplies - Working Dogs Dog Training, Care, Grooming, and Health Books, Media, and Equipment

3. Poets > K > Koch, Kenneth
Poet Kenneth Koch November 28, 1996 TRANSCRIPT A conversation with Kenneth Koch, winner of this year s Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry.

4. Koch, Kenneth
Speaking the Truth in Love, Wishes, Lies, and Dreams Teaching Children to Write Poetry, Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? Teaching Great Poetry to Children, The Collected
Koch, Kenneth
Average customer rating:
  • Speaking the Truth in Love Incredibly practical tool for interpersonal communication Wow, what a lesson to learn!
Speaking the Truth in Love
Kenneth C. Haugk , and Ruth Koch
Manufacturer: Stephen Ministries
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • ASIN: Customer Reviews: Speaking the Truth in Love When I received my copy of above book I could not believe I received such a clean book. In fact, I felt like I had received a new book. I am very impressed with your used book department and appreciate the service I received. The book is just what I need at this point in my life and I am very happy I chose the book. is wonderful!!! Incredibly practical tool for interpersonal communication Before reading this book, I suffered from a sort of horror of non-fiction. However, Speaking The Truth in Love is non-threatening, practical, and attainable. The principles shared are deep, loving, and in no way narrow. Given a fair chance, they can be life changing. Encouragement to true assertiveness that respects others as well as yourself is gently but firmly emphasized. The Christian community especially would do well to assimilate its principles into classes, small groups, and requested reading for all potential church leaders. This is a powerful book that deserves a much wider audience than it has yet reached. It is worth every penny I spent and more!

    5. Kenneth Koch- - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More
    Kenneth Koch. Kenneth Koch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 27, 1925. He studied at Harvard University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, and attended
    View Cart Log In More Info FURTHER READING Related Prose Something Wonderful May Happen : A New York School Documentary A Brief Guide to the New York School Joe Brainard: "I Remember" ... The Poetry Years [excerpt]
    by Phillip Lopate Other New York School Poets Anne Waldman Barbara Guest Frank O'Hara James Schuyler ... Ron Padgett External Links from "On Aesthetics"
    At the Dia Center for the Arts site. Kenneth Koch's Seasons on Earth
    Tribute from Columbia College by David Lehman. Online NewsHour: Poet Kenneth Koch
    Transcript of a conversation with Kenneth Koch from November 28, 1996. Adopt a Poet Add to Notebook E-mail to Friend Print
    photo Larry Rivers Kenneth Koch
    Kenneth Koch was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 27, 1925. He studied at Harvard University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, and attended Columbia University for his Ph.D. As a young poet, Koch was known for his association with the New York School of poetry. Originating at Harvard, where Koch met fellow students Frank O'Hara and John Ashbery , the New York School derived much of its inspiration from the works of action painters Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Larry Rivers, whom the poets met in the 1950s after settling in New York City. The poetry of the New York School represented a shift away from the Confessional poets, a popular form of soul-baring poetry that the New York School found distasteful (see the

    6. Koch Kenneth L OD - 124 E Rowan Ave Spokane, WA, 99207
    Reviews and ratings of Koch Kenneth L OD at 124 E Rowan Ave Spokane, WA, 99207. Get phone numbers, maps, directions and addresses for Koch Kenneth L OD.

    7. Borzoi Reader | Authors | Kenneth Koch
    Brief biography and notes on several books by Koch.
    New Addresses
    The Gold Standard
    On the Great Atlantic Rainway
    One Train
    Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?
    Sleeping on the Wing

    Kenneth Koch has published many volumes of poetry, most recently New Addresses Straits and One Train . He was awarded the Bollingen Prize for Poetry in 1995, in 1996 he received the Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry awarded by the Library of Congress, and in 2001 he received the first Phi Betta Kappa Prize in Poetry. His short plays, many of them produced off- and off-off-Broadway, are collected in The Gold Standard: A Book of Plays . He has also written several books about poetry, including Wishes, Lies, and Dreams; Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? ; and, most recently, Making Your Own Days: The Pleasures of Reading and Writing Poetry . He taught undergraduates for many years at Columbia University. He passed away in 2002.
    Kenneth Koch, who has already considerably "stretched our ideas of what it is possible to do in poetry" (David Lehman), here takes on the classic poetic device of apostrophe, or direct address. His use of it gives him yet another chance to say things never said before in prose or in verse and, as well, to bring new life to a form in which Donne talked to Death, Shelley to the West Wind, Whitman to the Earth, Pound to his Songs, O'Hara to the Sun at Fire Island.

    8. Koch, Kenneth - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Koch, Kenneth
    US poet. A leading figure of the New York school of poetry, he is known for his urban settings, as in Poems (1953), and for his witty metaphors, as in ‘One Train May Hide Another, Kenneth

    9. Bold Type: Conversation With Kenneth Koch
    BoldType A Conversation with Kenneth Koch. An interview by Ernie Hilbert.
    ould you say a few words about New Addresses?
    These poems seem to have taken on a certain inertia after a time. Did you begin to envision them as a single project?

    After I talked to some of the subjects I mentioned, I thought that there were more important things for me to talk to than piano lessons. I wrote hundreds and hundreds of these poems. The ones in the book are the ones that worked out. There are several poems in the book that are addressed to more than one thing. At a certain point I realized that the things I was talking to in the poems weren't in my life separately, but together.
    You mentioned the rhetorical form of apostrophe. Would you consider any of your poems odes?
    Odes seem more celebratory. When John Donne writes "Death be not proud", that's not really an ode. When Shelley talks to the west wind that is an ode. It is a high level of praise. When Frank O'Hara talks to the sun on Fire Island, that is not an ode. Odes just seem a little highly toned.
    What drew you to this form?
    It's a rare example, for me anyway, of poetry coming from criticism. I became interested in this form when I was writing a book entitled

    10. Koch, Kenneth Definition Of Koch, Kenneth In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
    Koch, Kenneth (Kenneth Jay Koch) (kōk), 1925–2002, American poet, novelist, and playwright, b. Cincinnati. After studying at Harvard and Columbia he was associated with the, Kenneth

    11. Thank You And Other Poems. KOCH, (Kenneth).
    From the library of Richard Murphy. Inscribed on the title page by the author 'For Richard Murphy, this copy of title, signed with revenrence and admiration, by Kenneth Koch,

    12. Bold Type: Review By Ernie Hilbert
    By Ernie Hilbert in BoldType.
    hen approaching a new book by the immensely prolific Kenneth Koch, it is tempting to view it exclusively against the background of his associations with famous artists and the New York School poets. In other words, it is very difficult to set his reputation, his milieu, or his charismatic persona entirely to one side. As a result, his poems are too often read as extensions of his persona, his personality. Koch's latest book, New Addresses
    One finds in New Addresses much of the cosmopolitanism of his earlier work, but the poems fall a great distance from the European avant-gardism that influenced his earliest works, known at the time for their experimental fuzziness and difficulty. One finds instead much of the confessionalism enjoyed by other poets of the New York School, such as the gossipy Frank O' Hara (on rare occasion even the towering John Ashberry has indulged this urge). Koch's amiable confessionalism is displayed in a more frisky and elegantly informal way than one would find in, for instance, Robert Lowell's Life Studies or Anne Sexton's harrowing The Awful Rowing Toward God.

    13. Koch Kenneth: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
    Research Koch Kenneth and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

    14. Koch, Kenneth 1925-2002 [WorldCat Identities]
    The art of poetry poems, parodies, interviews, essays, and other work by Kenneth Koch ( Book ) Hearing for mediumlow voice by Ned Rorem
    Wed Sep 1 02:18:53 2010 UTC lccn-n50-43988 lccn-n79-59269 Ashbery, John oth lccn-n2003-76381 O'Hara, Frank crp lccn-n79-109040 Ginsberg, Allen lccn-n79-139420 Padgett, Ron edt lccn-n79-91463 Schuyler, James crp lccn-n79-122081 Rorem, Ned lccn-n50-12238 Thomson, Virgil lccn-n80-1531 Elmslie, Kenward lccn-n79-43656 Rivers, Larry crp lccn-n84-219120 Dorny, Bertrand ill Koch, Kenneth Koch, Kenneth Short stories Manuscripts Song cycles German poetry Love poetry, American Glaze, Andrew Stevens, Wallace,1879-1955 Lodge, Thomas,1558?-1625 Hillyer, Robert,1895-1961 Foster, Stephen Collins,1826-1864 Capetanakis, Demetrios,1912-1944 Rossetti, Christina Georgina,1830-1894 Williams, William Carlos,1883-1963 Hecht, Anthony,1923-2004 Bishop, Elizabeth,1911-1979 Browning, Robert,1812-1889 Goodman, Paul,1911-1972 Yeats, W. B.1865-1939 Whitman, Walt,1819-1892 One-act plays Songs (Low voice) with piano American drama Short stories O'Hara, Frank,1926-1966 Songs (Medium voice) with piano United States Poets, American Interviews Criticism, interpretation, etc. Older peopleEducation PoetryAuthorshipStudy and teaching Older people's writings, American

    15. Jacket 5 - Interview With Kenneth Koch
    An interview with Kenneth Koch. By John Tranter in Jacket 5.
    John Tranter
    Very Rapid ACCELERATION An Interview with Kenneth Koch You can read a feature on Kenneth Koch in Jacket 15
    If your browser has the RealAudio plug-in you can listen now to an edited recording of this interview and download the basic model.
    John Tranter: Kenneth, your new book is called One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays . Now how did a poet come to write a thousand plays? Kenneth Koch:
    Selected Poems and after I published On the Edge Seasons on Earth One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays
    Kenneth Koch,
    New York City
    Orlando Furioso years ago in Italy and who also did a wonderful Bacchae
    The Marx Brothers play is hilarious.
    What about On the Edge Seasons on Earth , published the following year? The first poem in On the Edge
    Vie de Henry Brulard

    And Seasons on Earth ottava rima , which is the metre that the two long poems are in. And I managed to write a thirteen-page poem explaining pretty much exactly how I felt about it. And since then? J A C K E T # 5 Contents page Jacket catalog about Jacket top ... internet design The URL address of this page is

    16. Kenneth Koch - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Koch, Kenneth. Selected Poems 19501982. First ed. New York Random House, 1985. Koch, Kenneth. The Art of Poetry. Ann Arbor The University of Michigan P, 1996.
    Kenneth Koch
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search The neutrality of this article is disputed . Please see the discussion on the talk page . Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (December 2007) Kenneth Koch (27 February 1925 – 6 July 2002) was an American poet, playwright, and professor, active from the 1950s until his death at age 77. He was a prominent poet of the New York School of poetry, a loose group of poets including Frank O'Hara and John Ashbery that eschewed contemporary introspective poetry in favor of an exuberant, cosmopolitan style that drew major inspiration from travel, painting, and music.
    edit Life
    Koch (pronounced coke ) was born Jay Kenneth Koch in Cincinnati, Ohio . He began writing poetry at an early age, discovering the work of Shelley and Keats in his teenage years. At the age of 18, he served in WWII as a U.S. Army infantryman in the Philippines After his service, he attended Harvard University , where he met future New York School poet John Ashbery . After graduating from Harvard in 1948, and moving to

    17. Koch Kenneth[au] - PubMed Result
    1 Koch KL. Gastric Electrical Stimulation and the Eye of the Beholder . Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2010 Aug 6. Epub ahead of print PubMed PMID 20692370. Kenneth[au]

    18. An Interview With Kenneth Koch By David Kennedy
    By David Kennedy. Recorded in Huddersfield, England, Thursday 5th August 1993.
    An Interview With Kenneth Koch
    by David Kennedy
    Recorded in Huddersfield, England, Thursday 5th August 1993
    [Interviewer's Note: The following interview was recorded late on a hot August afternoon in the lounge-cum-bar of a commercial traveller's hotel in Huddersfield. As a result both interviewer and subject had to compete with early evening drinkers chilling out at the end of the working day and with the television news and sports reports. Kenneth Koch was unfailingly helpful and courteous throughout despite being clearly exhausted after along car journey from Ipswich where he had opened the exhibition 'Kenne th Koch: Collaborations with Artists' curated by latter-day New York poet Paul Violi. Kenneth Koch was also in England to promote his book of short stories Hotel Lambosa (Coffee House Press). The interview was recorded and transcribed by David Kennedy and then corrected and edited by Kenneth Koch.] David Kennedy: I wanted to start by asking you to tell me something about your background - do you come from a literary or artistic family? Kenneth Koch: Well, I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. My family was not nationally known as being a literary family, though my mother and my mother's side of the family in general were interested in literature. My mother actually gave talks about books ever y now and then but...And one of my great uncles wrote a novel or two but I don't know of any very literary members of the family...

    19. Kenneth Koch —
    Encyclopedia Koch, Kenneth. Koch, Kenneth (Kenneth Jay Koch) (kōk) , 1925–2002, American poet, novelist, and playwright, b. Cincinnati. After studying at Harvard and Columbia he

    20. To Psychoanalysis By Kenneth Koch | The New York Review Of Books
    From The New York Review of Books, April 13, 2000.

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