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         Kostash Myrna:     more books (19)
  1. Prodigal Daughter: A Journey to Byzantium (Wayfarer Series) by Myrna Kostash, 2010-09
  2. All of Baba's Children by Myrna Kostash, 1992-03
  3. The Frog Lake Reader
  4. Reading the River: A Traveller's Companion to the North Saskatchewan by Myrna Kostash, 2005-11-28
  5. No Kidding by Myrna Kostash, 1989-01-01
  6. The Doomed Bridegroom: A Memoir by Myrna Kostash, 1999-09
  7. The Next Canada: In Search of Our Future Nation by Myrna Kostash, 2001-04-10
  8. Canadian Journalist Introduction: Wendy Mesley, Myrna Kostash, Stefan Christoff, Carole Taylor, Peter Veniot, Dahlia Lithwick, Geoff Keighley
  9. Her Own Woman (Goodread Biographies) by Myrna Kostash, Melinda McCracken, et all 1984-01-01
  10. All of Baba's Children by Myrna Kostash, 1987
  11. Bloodlines: A journey into Eastern Europe by Myrna Kostash, 1993
  12. HER OWN WOMAN by Myrna, et al KOSTASH, 1975
  13. Long Way From Home: The Story of the Sixties Generation in Canada by Myrna Kostash, 1980-01-01
  14. Bloodlines a Jouney Into Eastern Europe by Myrna Kostash, 1993

1. Myrna Kostash, LitFest: - ZoomInfo Business Information
CommScope Solutions Canada Kostash, Myrna Dooney's Cafe Kostash, Myrna Creative Nonfiction Collective
Last Update on 6/12/10
Suite 6 22 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2V5
Myrna Kostash
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2. Myrna Kostash, Eastern European Correspondent, Dooney's Cafe: - ZoomInfo Busines
CommScope Solutions Canada Kostash, Myrna Creative Nonfiction Collective Kostash, Myrna LitFest
Last Update on 7/20/06
Dooney's Cafe
511 Bloor St. W. (Bathurst Subway Station) Toronto, Ontario M5S 1Y4
Myrna Kostash
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Background for Myrna Kostash
Employment History
  • Canada Council
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3. Kostash, Myrna - NeWest Press
NeWest Press puts podcast fans in touch with new and established authors, who read from their books and discuss the ins and outs of being Canadian authors. Keep up to date on the

4. Christopher Jacobs - Email, News, Images, Everything!
Hitchens, Christopher @ Jacobs, Jane @ Jones, J. Sydney @ Kemmis, Daniel @ Kostash, Myrna @ Krier, Leon @ Leopold, Aldo @ Literary Nonfiction Authors@ jacobs

5. 'Inside The Copper Mountain' (pg 1 Of 4)
The life and works of Ukrainian dissident poet Vasyl Stus, as written by Myrna Kostash.
Stus Home The Man and His Life His Work His Influence ... E-mail INSIDE THE COPPER MOUNTAIN
by Myrna Kostash
Originally published in The Doomed Bridegroom: A Memoir The Doomed Bridegroom (Newest Press) Web-posted with permission. For online viewing only. Please do not reproduce, duplicate or distribute this work. Excerpt from
Inside the Copper Mountain " by Myrna Kostash (1 of 4)
A thunder of resurrection on the mountain
is being announced for me.
Smash your fists against despair,
biding within the copper mountain.

Vasyl Stus
Because I keep files about dissidents, especially those who were martyred in Soviet Ukraine, I cut his picture out. It was printed in a glossy English-language magazine, Ukraine , from Kyiv, mailed faithfully to me for months though I had no subscription. It shows a close-cropped, dark-haired man of about forty, with big ears, a strong jaw, and a dark, bright and mettlesome gaze straight into the camera. He's wearing a black turtleneck sweater and looks to me like a Ukrainian Marlon Brando from On the Waterfront I pin this up on the bulletin board above my desk. It's one of those portraits in which the eyes follow you as you move around the room. He stares at me, I stare at him.

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7. John Paskievich
Kostash, Myrna. Domination and exclusion Notes of a resident alien. Border Crossings 5, no. 4 (September 1986) 6571. Krotz, Larry.
NEXT ARTIST John Paskievich
  • born in 1947 in Linz, Austria parents born in Ukraine immigrated to Montral, Qubec in 1953 B.A. Sociology and Anthropology, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba (1968); studied photographic arts at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, Ontario (1973)
John Paskievich is a freelance photographer and filmmaker who immigrated to Montral from Austria in 1953. In 1959 his family relocated to Winnipeg. Paskievich studied sociology and anthropology as an undergraduate student at the University of Winnipeg. It was only after a trip to Europe following his graduation that he discovered he might prefer photography, playing the role of the photo-snapping tourist both at home and abroad. He enrolled as a photography student at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto, and in 1978 received nationwide attention in Canada for his first solo show, A Place Not Our Own . This series of seventy-one black and white photographs is an exploration of the North End of Winnipeg, an area where large populations of European immigrants and First Nations of Canada mingle. Paskievich has described both groups as strangers, the Europeans strangers in a new land, the Native peoples strangers in their own land. In 1980 the artist travelled to Europe to amass a collection of images of the people of the Eastern Bloc, a personal pilgrimage that resulted in the show

8. Profile Of The Rapist As An Ordinary Man - Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelt
Article written by Kostash for the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women s Shelter.
This information is not intended to serve as or replace legal advice. Please contact a feminist rape crisis centre, transition house or women's centre to get further information and referrals for legal advice for your specific situation.
Profile of the Rapist As An Ordinary Man
by Myrna Kostash "I was hitchhiking from my parents' place to the city and got a ride with a man. When I first got into his car, he looked like a gentle, innocuous guy who wouldn't bother me. He said he was 25 years old and had been out of school for a couple of years. We got to talking and he, seemed okay; but after about an hour he said he wanted to pull over to the side of the road and rest. I told him I was kind of in a hurry to get home. I had begun to get strange vibes from him, everything we talked about ended up in a discussion about sex. He told me all about his sexual experiences and wanted to talk about mine. I was wearing jeans and an old top. When I hitchhike I dress as asexually as possible. So there was no way I was indicating my availability by the way I was dressed.

9. Myrna Loy Myrna Opsahl Myrna Kostash Myrna Driedger
Myrna Loy Myrna Opsahl Myrna Kostash Myrna Driedger Canadian Gateway, Business Guides, Entertainment, Travel. Listing and reviews of Canadian Web sites.
var GLB_RIS='';var GLB_RIR='/cincshared/external';var GLB_MMS='';var GLB_MIR='/site/image';GLB_MML='/'; document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); Science People Non User Locations ... Timeline A2('N'); Index: A B C D ... Z A3('s','.','htm','','N');
Myrna Loy August 2 December 14 ) was a United States actress, well known for her motion picture work.
Born Myrna Adele Williams in Raidersburg (near Helena, Montana ), she moved to Los Angeles, California when she was young. At the age of fifteen she began appearing in local stage productions. Rudolph Valentino arranged a screen test for her which she failed, but she persevered, and in appeared in the movie What Price Beauty . Her silent film roles were mainly those of vampish exotic women and for a few years she struggled to overcome this stereotype with many producers and directors believing that while she was perfect as these femme fatales, she was capable of little more. During her nine year struggle to establish herself, she appeared in nearly 80 films. Her breakthrough occurred in with two very successful films. The first was

10. Central Europe Review - Bookshop: Books On Ukraine
Pavlychko, Solomea and Kostash, Myrna (trans); Letters from Kiev (1992) (from, (from Solomea Pavlychko, a Ukrainian public figure, reflects on the
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  • Language Literature Allworth, Edward; The Tatars of the Crimea: Return to the Homeland: Studies and Documents (Central Asia Book Series) from from A history of the deportation and recent return of the Tatar ethnic group to their homeland in Crimea (Southern Ukraine). Banaian, King; The Ukrainian Economy Since Independence from from In this analysis of the path of economic reform in Ukraine, the author pinpoints the major factors contributing to the failure of its successful realization. Bertsch, Gary and Potter, William; Dangerous Weapons, Desperate States: Russia, Belarus, Kazakstan, and Ukraine from from A collection of articles on the challenges posed by military systems and weapons of mass destruction inherited by the NIS countries after the breakup of the USSR. Experts from the NIS and USA discuss how the newly independent states can manage problems in controlling military-related exports in unstable political and economic systems. D'Anieri, Paul; Kravchuk, Robert and Kuzio, Taras;

Inside the Copper Mountain The life and works of Ukrainian dissident poet Vasyl Stus, as written by Myrna Kostash. Myrna Kostash - List of publications for this Alberta writer and
  • Inside the Copper Mountain - The life and works of Ukrainian dissident poet Vasyl Stus, as written by Myrna Kostash.
  • Myrna Kostash - List of publications for this Alberta writer and feminist.
  • Myrna Kostash's Favourite Place - The author describes her piece of land near Two Hills, Alberta.
  • Myrna Kostash's new book provides historical narratives via a personal journey - Review of 'The Doomed Bridegroom: A Memoir'.
  • Paris To Kyiv - Myrna Kostash's review of 'Night Songs From a Neighbouring Village'.
  • Profile of the Rapist as an Ordinary Man - Article written by Kostash for the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter.
  • Ukrainian Weekly: Interview - Myrna Kostash on multiculturalism and reconciliation.
  • Zdorov! Magazine - Review of 'The Doomed Bridegroom: A Memoir'.
  • 12. K Biography
    Kostash, Myrna @ Krier, Leon @ Kucinich, Dennis @ Kober, Jeff @ Kenihan, Quentin @ Kat, The @ Keyes, Alan @ Kuttner, Henry @ Koontz, Dean @ Kooning, Willem de@
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    Suzanne Collins, Ursula K. LeGuin, Peter Yarrow and Ian Morris are among the literary lights visiting the Northwest in November.
    Biography of Nachi Nozawa
    This is a biography for Japanese anime voice actor Nachi Nozawa.
    How Murkowski Could Fare as a Write-In
    To understand how Lisa Murkowski could fare in her write-in candidacy to keep her Senate seat, consider one of the states first senators, Ernest Gruening.
    Wal-Mart to end employee profit-sharing in February
    Wal-Mart Stores, which employs nearly 31,000 in Kentucky, plans to end profit-sharing contributions in February, replacing them with matches to employee 401(k) retirement plans to bring down benefits costs.
    When Paying Off Debt With Your 401(K) Makes Sense

    13. Ukrainian Genealogy Group - National Capital Region
    Kostash, Myrna 1977 History Book English All of Baba's Children Kostash, Myrna 1977 Novel Book English Amerykanska Polonia Szuka Swych Korzeni W Polsce
    Ukrainian Genealogy Group
    National Capital Region - Canada
    Ukrainska Henealoichna Hrupa
    Stolynochnoho Raionu Kanady
    Today's date is: NEW ACCESS/BORROWING PROCEDURES Some changes to our Library have been implemented to ensure better access to and control over our UGG-NCR resource materials. As before, all attendees are welcome to browse through the material found in the open cabinet during the meetings and to return them before the end of the evening. However for anyone wishing to borrow material for the upcoming month, please see either Mike, Bud, or Myron .. who will record the loan in a log that will be hanging on the inside of the cabinet door. In this way we will have a record of who has borrowed which item and when. Materials should normally be borrowed for no more than a month. For anyone who has previously borrowed materials and still have them in their possession, we would kindly ask that you bring them back to us as soon as possible. Title Volume Author Date Category Media Language 1880 US / 1881 Canada Census, Info Pkg

    14. CCLH Books -- Les Livres De CCHT
    Kostash, Myrna, Long Way From Home Owram, Doug, Born at the Right Time Some useful Web sites are listed at the end of this outline . Lecture Schedule

    About CCLH



    Teching Labour History
    History 3220B
    Winter, 1999
    Youth Culture in Canada
    Under Construction
    Michael S. Cross
    1435 Seymour St., Room 23
    Ph: 494-3643 (Office)
    457-2071 (Home)
    A binder containing all assigned readings is available for purchase from the History department.
    Background Material:
    Students wishing general background may consult:
    Bothwell, Robert, Ian Drummond and John English, Canada Since 1945
    The following texts are on 24 hour reserve at the Killam Library:
    Kostash, Myrna, Long Way From Home Owram, Doug, Born at the Right Time
    Some useful Web sites are listed at the end of this outline
    Lecture Schedule:
    Introduction Background: influences on youth Education Pop culture Television Television Canada goes to the movies The roots of rock n' roll
    Universities Universities Rock and the stirrings of youth TEST Ideologies Ideologies
    February 22-24 - Study Break
    Youth politics Youth politics The rising of the minorities Women and youth culture The style of the 60s The style of the 60s Street culture Experiments in living Nationalism and youth culture The decline of the movement
    The Great Rock n' Roll Trivia Contest TEST
    Week of 4th: No Groups Week of 11th: Introduction to groups Week of 18th: Suburban life:
    John Seeley et al.

    15. New Left
    Kostash, Myrna. http// Params=A1ARTA0005704

    16. Sociology 211 Project Fall 2004
    Kostash, Myrna, All of Baba’s children. FC106 U4 K4. Kymlicka, Will, Finding our way rethinking ethnocultural relations in Canada. FC105 M8 K95 1998
    Sociology 211 Project Fall 2004 The project is to be either (a) a report on media and ethnicity in the media or (b) a book review. The report or review is due on December 6. The project comprises twenty per cent of the grade for Sociology 211. a. Report on media and ethnicity If you select this option, your task is to prepare a report concerning media treatment of an issue or issues related to ethnicity or multiculturalism. Any one or more of print (newspapers or magazines), radio, television, film, or video could be form of media you examine. Choose an issue, program, or set of advertisements early in the semester and follow this through the semester, keeping notes or records of what you see, read, and hear. Near the end of the semester, write a summary report of seven to ten pages describing the issue and analyzing how the media have dealt with the issue. If you have extra materials such as tables, detailed notes on programs, or clippings, these could be added as an appendix in addition to the seven to ten pages. Use the concepts and discussion in the two texts as a guide to analyzing the issue.

    17. Leadmark: The Navy's Strategy For 2020
    Kostash, Myrna. The Next Canada In Search of Our Future Nation. Toronto McClelland Stewart, 2000. Maloney, Sean M.

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    Government Publications
    Canada in the World [Government statement on foreign affairs]. Ottawa: Department of Foreign Affairs, 1995. Human Security: Safety for People in a Changing World. Ottawa: Department of Foreign Affairs, 1999. Adjusting Course: A Naval Strategy for Canada. Ottawa: Canada Communications Group, 1997. Ottawa: NDHQ, RMA Operational Working Group, 31 May 1999. The Future Security Environment. The Law of Armed Conflict. Ottawa: NDHQ, Office of the Judge Advocate General [B-GG-005-027/AF-021], [nd, 2000]. Long Term Capital Plan (Equipment) June 2000. (Draft 3) Ottawa: DFPPC, 2000. The Military Assessment 2000. Ottawa: Directorate of Defence Analysis, Department of National Defence, 2000. The Naval Vision: Charting the Course for Canada's Maritime Forces into the Next Century.

    18. Green Thumb Theatre - Search For Plays
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    19. Off The Beaten Track Women Adventurers And Mountaineers In Western Canada By Cyn
    Kostash, Myrna. Vancouver, BC Douglas McIntyre. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1993. First Edition. Hardcover. 256 pp. Spine bumped . From Riverwash Books $15.00

    20. Abstracts: Alberta Under The Knife. The Shaman. Immigrant Mothers, Canadian Daug
    author Kostash, Myrna. Publisher Maclean Hunter Canadian Publishing Ltd. Publication Name Chatelaine
    @import "/abstracts/css/default.css"; Abstracts search homepage
    Abstracts index Women's issues/gender studies
    Alberta under the knife
    Article Abstract: Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has undertaken an ambitious program to cut the provincial budget by 20% over 3 years. This translates to lower funding for school, health and other community services. A look at Red Deer reveals how citizens of this Alberta city are coping with the cuts. author: Kostash, Myrna Publisher: Maclean Hunter Canadian Publishing Ltd.
    Publication Name: Chatelaine
    Subject: Women's issues/gender studies
    Analysis, Management, Economic aspects, Government spending policy, Alberta, Local finance, Local budgets User Contributions: Comment about this article or add new information about this topic: Comment: (50-4000 characters) Name: E-mail: Security Code: Display my email:
    Immigrant mothers, Canadian daughters
    Article Abstract: Immigrant mothers share a very delicate relationship with her Canadian-bred daughters. Faced with new expectations and modern beliefs, Canadian daughters may occassionaly clash with their mothers regarding the continued observance of time-honored traditions. author: Kostash, Myrna

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