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  1. In Anyone's Tongue: Poems in Dual TextRussian/English by Vyacheslav Kupriyanov, 1993-06-01
  2. Overseas poetry in translation Vyacheslav Kupriyanov / Zarubezhnaya poeziya v perevodakh Vyacheslava Kupriyanova by Kupriyanov V., 2009

1. The Web Poetry Corner - Kupriyanov Vyacheslav - Singing Lesson
It is now possible to read this poem aloud, record it and post it on this site. Click HERE to find out how.

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3. Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
In Anyone's Tongue Poems Average customer rating In Anyone's Tongue Poems Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
Average customer rating: In Anyone's Tongue: Poems
Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
Manufacturer: Forest Books
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • 4. Poetry By Wjatscheslaw Kuprijanow
    An excerpt from the cycle In Anyone s Tongue . With a link to a biography / bibliography of the Russian poet and translator.
    Poetry by
    Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
    In Anyone's Tongue
    in the wet tongue of water
    we are the uppermost of fish
    we are a splash
    as if of a stone
    we are a form
    fickle as a cloud
    we are flesh
    we are warmth
    we are thirst
    in the far-off lexicon of stars
    we are still being counted in the class of interjections in the heavenly tongue of space we are the feelers of earth we feel ourselves we twine with each other before we stretch up towards the stars resin is eternity in the tongue of trees trees are minutes in the tongue of resin we are seconds with the axes of cutting questions at the feet of omniscient minutes Translated from Russian by Francis R. Jones. An excerpt from: In Anyone's Tongue
    Other poems
    Human love
    The terrible attraction to strangers The fear like a burden of how to be with your loved ones O the solemn certainty of plants! Their love they have entrusted to the insects the birds and the wind
    The pyramids
    The Egyptian pyramids those bunkers for state mummies raised up against cataclysm poor boys they don't realise that their curious descendants long ago made them exhibits in defenceless museums
    Long life
    All thruogh my long life the darkness of the night has not altered But it seemed to me that the stars grew more attentive one to another
    Shark - 1
    One night it swims up to the top of your bed and stretches wide its jaws: your army-issue iron bedstead is what saves you Before dawn half asleep you think how good that you're still a soldier

    5. Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
    KUPRIYANOV VYACHESLAV USSR 1988. Council on Foreign Relations. Annual Report. 1988 (32) pages cited this search 1 Order hard copy of these pages
    USSR 1988
    pages cited this search: 1
    Order hard copy of these pages

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    Poetry by Vyacheslav Kuprianov An excerpt from the cycle In Anyone's Tongue . With a link to a biography / bibliography of the Russian poet and translator.
  • Poetry by Vyacheslav Kuprianov - An excerpt from the cycle "In Anyone's Tongue". With a link to a biography / bibliography of the Russian poet and translator.
  • 8. In Anyone S Tongue - Íŕ ˙çűęĺ âńĺő - Russian-English (Ęóďđč˙íîâ Â˙÷ĺńëŕâ) / Ńňčő
    Vyacheslav Kupriyanov Vyacheslav Kupriyanov is rapidly becoming recognised, V both within and beyond his country's borders, as one of the most skilful and stimulating of contemporary
    In Anyone s Tongue - Íŕ ˙çűęĺ âńĺő - Russian-English
    In Anyone's Tongue
    Poems by Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
    20 Forest View, London E4 7AY, UK
    P.O. Box 312, Lincoln Centre, MA 01773, USA
    Typeset in Great Britain by Cover to Cover, Cambridge
    Printed by BPCC Wheatons Ltd, Exeter
    Translations © Francis R. Jones
    Original poems © Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
    Cover design © Ian Evans British Library Catalogue in Publication Data: A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library ISBN 1 85610 012 X Library of Congress Catalog Card No: Forest Books gratefully acknowledge financial support for this publication from the Arts Council of Great Britain Contents THE WORD IN EVERYONE'S BLOOD: THE POETRY OF VYACHESLAV KUPRIYANOV vii From FIRST PERSON (Ot pervovo litsa, Sovremennik, 1981) Lull 3 Signs of Autumn 3 The hills, decked with the gold of birches ... 5 From LIFE GOES ON (Ziznj idet, Sovjetskij pisatelj, 1982) A white coat 9 Creativity 11 Human injustice 13 Heaven on earth 15 Appeal 15 Face 17 Thirst 17 The morning when wishes come true 19 Geography lesson 21 Drawing lesson 1 23 Drawing lesson 2 25 Singing lesson 27 Metaphor 27 Blind man's buff 29 Twlight of vanity 29 The age of paper kites 31 Invitation 33 Evolution 35 Golden-hearted man 37 Living in the past 37 Golden autumn 39 Report on an angel 41 Relativity 43 In a strange town 45 Ernst Barlach - sculpture of the flying angel 47 An interpretation of the sky 47 Divination 49

    9. The Web Poetry Corner
    The poetry of Kupriyanov Vyacheslav of Moscow, Russia If you have comments or suggestions for Kupriyanov Vyacheslav, you can contact him or her at
    The Web Poetry Corner
    is a Dream Machine Site
    The Dream Machine
    - The Imagination of the World Wide Web
    The Web Poetry Corner
    Kupriyanov Vyacheslav
    Moscow, Russia
    Home Authors Alphabetically Authors Date Submitted Authors Country ...
    If you have comments or suggestions for Kupriyanov Vyacheslav, you can contact him or her at: (Kupriyanov Vyacheslav)
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    Singing lesson
    Kupriyanov Vyacheslav
    invented the cage
    inveting wings
    In cages
    the winged sing
    of the freedom
    of flight
    Before the cages the wingless sing of the justice of cages from Russian by F.R.Jones

    VYACHESLAV KUPRIYANOV Vyacheslav Glebovich Kupriyanov nato in Russia, a Novosibirsk nel 1939. I suoi primi lavori pubblicati sono stati traduzioni di poeti dal tedesco (H lderlin

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    14. Diwan 13 - 14
    Kupriyanov, Vyacheslav (1992.), In Anyone's Tongue . Izbor i prev. s ruskog Francis R. Jones , London Forest. Lalić, Ivan V. (1981.), The Works of Love .
    Diwan Francis R. Jones ČETVEROSMJERNA KRIŽALJKA Prijevod s engleskog Rusmir Mahmutćehajić Ovaj članak, napisan 1998. godine, nastavlja temu o strategijama prevođenja pjesništva. On uvodi i dvije nove podteme. Prva istražuje korjenitije pristupe ciljnom tekstu nego što je uobičajeno u prevođenju engleskog pjesništva (krajnji arhaizam, naprimjer). Druga tema tiče se etičkog izbora i odgovornosti književnog prevoditelja. Mnogi primjeri su iz mađarskog Miklósa Radnótija. Iako na prvi pogled to ima slabu vezu s bosansko-hrvatsko-srpskim žarištem ove knjige, on je značajan s obzirom na nekoliko bitnih sadržaja. Prvi je preko mađarskog udjela u mom iskustvu bivše Jugoslavije, kako je to opisano u “Krajini”. Tu vezu ojačava činjenica da su pjesme iz knjige Bori notesz , iz Radnótijevog cjelovitog dnevnika posljednjih mjeseci holokausta, koji je počeo pisati u koncentracionom logoru Žagubica u blizini Bora. Druga veza je sinhronija između 1944., kada je Radnóti pisao svoj zadnji rukopis, i 1993., kada sam ga prevodio – vremena kada sam bio posve svjestan da se u Evropi zbiva drugi genocid. Uvod Prevođenje pjesništva nazivano je “igrom slagalicom bez ploče” (Moffet, 1989.). Htio bih proširiti tu usporedbu i opisati je kao višedimenzionalnu slagalicu ili rješavanje ukrštenih riječi, gdje elementi moraju biti uklopljeni u međuspojeni sastav istodobno u nekoliko različitih smjerova. Zapravo, htio bih istaknuti da vrlo poznata poteškoća pjesništva za prevoditelja nije toliko u tome da su njegove zadaće posebne. Reklame često koriste, recimo, rimu i ritam (Cook, 1989.), a financijski žurnalizam često koristi metaforu. Zapravo, poteškoća je to što se pjesništvo, uspoređeno s drugim žanrovima, mora baviti mnoštvom ekvivalentnosti/sadržaja odjednom, unutar vrlo ograničenog prostora.

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    16. Poem
    VYACHESLAV KUPRIYANOV Vyacheslav Glebovich Kupriyanov was born in Novosibirsk in 1939. His first published works were translations of poetry from German (H lderlin, Novalis
    Vyacheslav Kupryanov
    The monument to an unknown fool
    It has become known
    that of many us
    are building a monument
    to the unknown fool It is known
    that a fool only deserves
    a monument
    during his lifetime For the fool we know
    will soon be relieved
    by an unknown fool
    who will not suffer the memory
    of one who is known For the fool we known can only cast his shadow on this radiant today where many of us are building a monument for the unknown fool. Tr. Francis R. Jones The morning when wishes come true Such a transparent morning as if people with aquariums were running seawards to release golden fish into the sea Wishes have gathered You have only to grow old and cast your net. VYACHESLAV KUPRIYANOV His published works include: Prose: "The shoe of Empedokles" (Novel), 1996, 2000 (Moscow), and short stories (including science-fiction) published in various magazines. His translated works include: In Polish: "The Circle of life", 1986.

    17. Open Site - Arts: Literature: Authors: K
    Kupriyanov, Vyacheslav Kureishi, Hanif Kurth, Peter Kurtz, Katherine Kushner, Ellen Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk Kuttner, Henry Kyber, Manfred

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    19. Movies, Trailers, Reviews, TV Shows, DVDS, And Celebrities |
    Kupriyanov, Vyacheslav 20062010 RealNetworks. All Rights Reserved.

    20. POBEDITELI — Soldiers Of The Great War | Russia / Northwestern District / Volo
    K Surviving veterans in Vologda Region, listed by surname Kupriyanov Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, b. 03.02.1926
    Russia Northwestern District / Vologda Region
    Russia / Northwestern District /
    Vologda Region
    other region Russia or overseas Region District or city K
    Surviving veterans in Vologda Region, listed by surname:
    A B C D ... I K L M N O ... Kru-Kul Kum-Kyn Kumirov Il'ya Fedorovich, b. 02.08.1927 Kumzerov Mihail Alekseevich, b. 15.03.1921 Kunavina Lidiya Fedorovna, b. 08.03.1919 Kunihin Valentin Kuz'mich, b. 02.10.1924 Kunina Mariya Ivanovna, b. 14.01.1913 Kunitsin Boris Mihailovich, b. 01.09.1926 Kuplyakov Ivan Nikolaevich, b. 19.06.1915 Kupreeva Zinaida Ivanovna, b. 14.11.1924 Kuprin Vasilii Kuz'mich, b. 27.12.1923 Kuprina Valentina Dmitrievna, b. 29.07.1931 Kuprina Vera Alekseevna, b. 07.03.1921 Kupriyanov Anatolii Konstantinovich, b. 01.10.1922 Kupriyanov Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, b. 03.02.1926 Kupriyanovskii Mihail Nikolaevich, b. 01.08.1923 Kupryazhkina Nina Ivanovna, b. 26.12.1918 Kuptsov Gennadii Vasil'evich, b. 23.10.1926 Kuptsov Mihail Petrovich, b. 24.09.1924 Kuptsov Vasilii Ivanovich, b. 22.09.1918 Kuraev Nikolai Afanas'evich, b. 05.02.1923 Kurakin Aleksandr Ivanovich, b. 15.08.1925

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