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         Milton John:     more books (100)
  1. John Milton: "Reasoning Words"
  2. Milton dans la litterature francaise (Burt Franklin research & source works series. Selected essays & texts in literature & criticism, 178) (French Edition) by John Martin Telleen, 1972
  3. The Complete Prose Works of John Milton, Vol. 8: 1666-1682 by John Milton, 1982-10
  4. Creating States: Studies in the Performative Language of John Milton and William Blake by Angela Esterhammer, 1994-08-10
  5. Tracing Paradise: Two Years in Harmony with John Milton by Dawn Potter, 2008-05-31
  6. Milton's Comus by John Milton, 2010-07-12
  7. Kant and Milton by Sanford Budick, 2010-04-01
  8. John Milton: Selected Prose by John Milton, 1986-01
  9. The Prose Works of John Milton (Volume 3); The Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings Out of the Church. Animadversions Upon the Remonstrants' by John Milton, 2010-10-14
  10. Essays, Civil and Moral & The New Atlantis by Francis Bacon; Aeropagitica & Tractate of Education by John Milton; Religio Medici by Sir Thomas Browne: ... Shelf of Classics, Vol. III (in 51 volumes) by Francis Bacon, John Milton, 2010-02-01
  11. Milton's God. by William Empson, 1979-01-17
  12. John Steinbeck (Up Close) by Milton Meltzer, 2008-01-10
  13. The Complete Poems of John Milton: The Five Foot Shelf of Classics, Vol. IV (in 51 volumes) by John Milton, 2010-02-01
  14. The Poetical Works Of John Milton by John Milton, 2006-06-08

81. Milton, John - Literature Network Forums
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82. Milton: Samson Agonistes
Etext with annotations, links and research aids from Dartmouth University.
Milton Reading Room

83. Error 404: Page Not Found | Emory University | Atlanta, GA
Pictures of pages from an early edition.

84. Infomotions Samson Agonistes
ASCII etext.

85. [EMLS 5.2 (September, 1999]: 3.1-27 "In This Dark World And Wide": Samson Agonis
An article by Carol Barton.
"In this dark world and wide": Samson Agonistes and the Meaning of Christian Heroism
Carol Barton
Averett College

Barton, Carol. ""In this dark world and wide": Samson Agonistes and the Meaning of Christian Heroism." Early Modern Literary Studies 5.2 (September, 1999): 3.1-27 URL: We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes; we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. (Isaiah 59:10)
  • To my mind, Samson Agonistes Paradise Regained Samson Agonistes is perhaps therefore even more interesting as a theodicy in process than it is as the classical tragedy/Christian comedy so many readers have judged as having fallen too far short of its implicit mark. Given that a vast body of scholarship has already been devoted to the political and psychological correspondences between the benighted poet and the beleaguered Old Testament Nazarite, to belabour the point that John Milton and the hero of Judges 13-16 had much more in common than their sightlessness would be an exercise in redundancy. For the purpose of supporting a paradigm that envisions Samson as devolving from the Jesus of Paradise Regained , and evolving into the hero and heroine of Paradise Lost , however, it will be helpful to summarize the attitudes, conduct, and experiences that the author and character have traditionally been held to share, since it is these commonalities that justify viewing Samson as a crude (and therefore to some degree problematic) model of Christian heroism more profoundly human and mortally attainable than the all-but-unreachable paragon of virtue Milton explored in
    Plain text from Sheffield Hallam University.
    SAMSON AGONISTES, A DRAMATIC POEM. THE AUTHOR J O H N M I L T O N. Aristot. Poet. Cap. 6. Tragwdia mimhsiV praxewV vs daiaV, perficiens talium affectuum lustrationem. Of that sort of Dramatic Poem which is call'd Tragedy. Christ suffering. THE ARGUMENT. THE PERSONS. S AMSON. M ANOAH, the Father of Samson. D ALILA, his Wife. H ARAPHA of Gath. Public Officer. Messenger. Chorus of Danites. The S CENE before the Prison in Gaza. SAMS. A Little onward lend thy guiding hand To these dark steps, a little further on; For yonder bank hath choice of sun or shade: There I am wont to sit, when any chance Relieves me from my task of servile toil, 5 Daily' in the common prison else injoin'd me, Where I a prisoner chain'd, scarce freely draw The air imprison'd also, close and damp, Unwholesome draught: but here I feel amends, The breath of Heav'n fresh blowing, pure and sweet, 10 With day-spring born; here leave me to respire. This day a solemn feast the people hold To Dagon their sea-idol, and forbid Laborious works; unwillingly this rest

    87. Representative Poetry Online Redirection Page
    Footnoted text provides interpretation and critical apparatus with historical background.
    Representative Poetry Online has moved.
    The new URL for the page you requested is: Please update your bookmarks. Please click the above link, or wait thirty seconds to be redirected to the new site.

    88. The Masque In Milton's Arcades And Comus.
    Analysis of the genesis of the piece, a discussion as to its genre, and background material on its wedding to the then-new Baroque music.
    The Masque in Milton's Arcades and Comus.
    John Rottenburg
    On Michaelmas Day, 1634, John Milton's Masque, Comus Comus Milton's plot in his masque, Comus Lives Of The Poets , he believed Milton's plot in Comus Comus fragmented? Or is Johnson imposing dramatic criticism on a supposedly non-dramatic work? There is evidence to support both assumptions. If we do impose dramatic criticism on Milton's masque, and more specifically, Renaissance dramatic criticism, then there is some evidence that would support Johnson's opinion. Comus Romeo and Juliet , but instead telling the audience about it. In the prologue of Comus, deus ex machina . It is evoked when The Attendant Spirit rescues the Lady from Comus. Perhaps Milton's attempt to incorporate an Aristotelian plot within his masque gave Johnson enough evidence to argue against Comus as being a unified drama, especially when the masque elements of Comus are considered, namely that of the music, song, and dance. Milton's masque is different from a conventional masque because Milton creates his masque with a different type of music, Baroque music. Instead of the Renaissance styles of music used by the earlier masquers, namely that of Ben Johnson, Milton chose to work with Henry Lawes, who preferred the new Baroque. Bukofzer, in his Music in the Baroque Era , makes this distinction between the two different styles, he says:
      stile rappresentativo to the English language...The masters to be mentioned here are Nicholas Lanier (d.1666), William Lawes (d.1645), [and] Henry Lawes (d.1662).

    89. Paradise Lost By John Milton. Search, Read, Study, Discuss.
    HTML etext, with search feature and brief plot synopsis.
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    An epic poem in blank verse, considered by many scholars to be one of the greatest poems of the English language. Paradise Lost tells the biblical story of the fall from grace of Adam and Eve (and, by extension, all humanity) in language that is a supreme achievement of rhythm and sound. The main characters in the poem are God, Lucifer (Satan), Adam, and Eve. Much has been written about Milton's powerful and sympathetic characterization of Satan. The Romantic poets William Blake and Percy Bysshe Shelley saw Satan as the real hero of the poem and applauded his rebellion against the tyranny of Heaven. Many other works of art have been inspired by Paradise Lost , notably Joseph Haydn's oratorio The Creation (1798) and John Keats's long poem "Endymion" (1818). Milton's

    90. Paradise Lost - John Milton - Hypertext - EBooks
    Completely indexed hypertext of the classic poem by John Milton.
    Palm eBook
    Paradise Lost
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    91. Paradise Lost
    Article about Milton and the writing of Paradise Lost.
    Search / Site Map Contacts
    A History of Horror
    The Timeline ... Horror in Theatre ARTICLES Vlad Dracula The Inquisition The Danse Macabre Dante ... Faust Paradise Lost The Marquis de Sade Gothic Novels Byron, the Shelleys and Frankenstein ... Richard Matheson RELATED CONTENT Modern Horror On the Page On the Screen Australian Genre ... Reviews
    Paradise Last
    by Kyla Ward
    First Appeared in Tabula Rasa#3
    "And long it was not after, when I was confirmed in this opinion, that he who would not be frustrate of his hope to write well hereafter in laudable things, ought himself to be a true poem, that is, a composition and pattern of the best and honourablest things; not presuming to sing high praises of heroic men or famous cities unless he have in himself the experience and practice of all that which is praiseworthy." An Apology for Smectymnuus, 1642 We can presume John Milton, born 1608, believed what he wrote. This goes for both Paradise Lost and the political article above. He certainly made every effort to live up to it, on his own terms. Milton lived and acted in a time of crises, the civil war where England went to the brink France came to in 1789, and then came

    92. Paradise Lost Study Guide & Literature Essays | GradeSaver
    Full summary and analysis of Milton s Paradise Lost written by Harvard students. Also includes a biography, message board, and background information.

    93. Paradise Lost (1667)
    From the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library.
    Milton, John, 1608-1674. Paradise Lost (1667)
    Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
    The entire work
    630 KB Table of Contents for this work All on-line databases Etext Center Homepage
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  • 94. Paradise Lost By John Milton - Project Gutenberg
    Believed to be the earliest e-text of Milton s poem. Was originally put in computer format in 1964-1965. Available in plain text or as a zip file from Project Gutenberg.
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    Paradise Lost by John Milton
    Bibliographic Record
    Author Milton, John, 1608-1674 Title Paradise Lost Language English LoC Class PR: Language and Literatures: English literature Subject Religion Subject Poetry Category Text EBook-No. Release Date Feb 1, 1992 Public domain in the USA. Downloads
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    95. Paradise Lost
    HTML, one book per file. Also available in Microsoft Reader format. At Christian Classics Ethereal Library.
    BOOK I. [ Of Mans First Disobedience, and the F...]
    BOOK II. ... [ Thus they in lowliest plight repentan...]
    Other formats available:

    96. Paradise Regained / By John Milton
    From the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library.
    Milton, John, 1608-1674 . Paradise Regained / by John Milton
    Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
    The entire work
    KB Table of Contents for this work All on-line databases Etext Center Homepage
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  • 97. Selected Papers
    From the West Virginia Shakespeare and Renaissance Conference comes the article, Poetical Historiography Milton s History of Britain as a Literary Text, by James Egan. of Contents

    98. The Father's House
    The Father s House Samson Agonistes in its Historical Moment, by John Guillory. Excerpt from the book, Re-Membering Milton Essays on the Texts and Traditions, ed. Mary Nyquist and Margaret W. Ferguson.
    Guillory, John. Samson Agonistes in its Historic Moment. Annabel Patterson, ed. John Milton . NY: Longman (1992) 202-225. (excerpted by Clifford Stetner 14 The Father's House: Samson Agonistes in its Historical Moment* JOHN GUILLORY * Reprinted from Re-Membering Milton: Essays on the Texts and Traditions, ed. Mary Nyquist and Margaret W. Ferguson (New York and London: Methuen, 1987). Samson Agonistes in its Historical Moment which is mutating into something more like our concept of the' career' , a kind of working life. It seemed to me that the historical moment of tension between these meanings of vocation was registered in the drama as the choice between Manoa's house and the father God's house. In both essays, then, I hoped to be able to read Milton's redaction of the biblical narrative of Samson in such a way as to demonstrate that Milton's drama expressed historical tensions for which no conceptual vocabulary yet existed in Milton's own time. Life-narratives The difference such a reading would make can be suggested by glancing briefly at the three contextual decodings of the narrative heretofore governing criticism. These are, first, a political context, in which Milton's redaction of the Samson story records a certain response to the failure of the Commonwealth and the restoration of the monarchy. Second, an autobiographical context, in which the life of Samson is identified with the professional, literary, or domestic life of Milton. And third, a theological context (currently the most favored), in which the narrative recapitulates the stages leading up to the 'regeneration' of the 'elect' Protestant.1 None of these contextual readings, or their many

    99. Milton And De Doctrina Christiana
    From the Fourth International Milton Symposium. History of the manuscript, its physical characteristics, debate regarding Milton s authorship.
    JOHN K. HALE (
    5 October 1996
    We are conscious that on the same day that we are delivering our conclusions to the community of British Miltonists, a memorial service is being conducted in Manchester for one of our number. John Stachniewski of the University of Manchester died very recently, aged 42; we should like to dedicate this occasion to his memory.
    1. Introduction
    In August 1991 William Hunter used the occasion of the Fourth International Milton Symposium, in Vancouver, to set out his view that the attribution of De Doctrina Christiana to John Milton was unsafe. Responses by Barbara Lewalski and John Shawcross on the same day initiated a debate to which this report is a contribution. The research group was convened and co-ordinated by Thomas Corns (Bangor), whose expertise is centred on seventeenth-century prose and literary and linguistic computing. The other members of the group are Gordon Campbell (Leicester), who has archival skills and long experience of seventeenth-century theology, John Hale (Otago), a classicist with a unique command of Milton's languages, David Holmes (West of England, Bristol), a stylometrician whose reputation has been built on authorship attribution studies, and Fiona Tweedie (Glasgow), an applied statistician and stylometrist who has undertaken the computer analyses that lie at the heart of this study.

    100. [iEMLS Postprint] Milton's Works And Life: Select Studies And Resources
    Many bibliographic entries of primary and secondary sources. From R.G. Siemens, University of Alberta.
    Milton's Works and Life: Select Studies and Resources
    R.G. Siemens
    University of Alberta

    Malaspina University-College
    Siemens, R.G. "Milton's Works and Life: Select Studies and Resources ." Early Modern Literary Studies . The Cambridge Companion to Milton. 2nd ed. Cambridge, 1999. Pp. 268-90. Note : I wish to express my gratitude to Thomas Corns, Dennis Danielson, Roy Flannagan, David Gay, John Hale, and Paul J. Klemp for their very helpful comments on earlier versions of this piece. Their suggestions have improved it greatly, though it is my sincere regret that, in several instances, limitations of length and scope have prevented me from adhering to them fully. My gratitude, also, must be extended to the Killam Trust, for its generous and kind support during the time during which I was at work on this chapter, and to Cambridge University Press, for their permission to co-publish this chapter in electronic format with Early Modern Literary Studies The electronic version of this piece differs slightly from that version published by Cambridge UP; it also contains a small number of emendations.

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