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         Prynne J H:     more books (41)
  1. Poems by J.H. Prynne, 1982-01-01
  2. Nearly Too Much : The Poetry of J.H. Prynne by N. H. Reeve, Richard Kerridge, 1996-04-01
  3. New Songs from a Jade Terrace: An Anthology of Early Chinese Love Poetry (Penguin Classics) by Various, 1987-02-03
  4. Stars,Tigers and the Shape of Words (The William Matthews lectures) by J.H. Prynne, 1993-03-01
  5. High pink on chrome by J. H Prynne, 1975
  6. Into the day by J. H Prynne, 1972
  7. Brass by J. H Prynne, 1971
  8. Kitchen poems by J. H Prynne, 1968
  9. News of warring clans by J. H Prynne, 1977
  10. Red D Gypsum by J. H. Prynne, 1998-06-01
  11. Furtherance by J.H. Prynne, 2004-01-01
  12. Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary: On the Poems of J.H. Prynne (Volume 2) by Ryan Dobran, Josh Stanley, et all 2010-04-01
  13. Biography - Prynne, J(eremy) H(alvard) (1936-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  14. Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary: Open-Topic (Volume 3) by J. H. Prynne, Carsten Madsen, et all 2010-09-27

1. Prynne, J. H.
New Songs from a Jade Terrace An Anthology of Early Chinese Love Poetry (Penguin Classics), Poems, Brass, Furtherance, Into the day, News of warring clans, The white stones, Poems
Prynne, J. H.
Average customer rating: New Songs from a Jade Terrace: An Anthology of Early Chinese Love Poetry (Penguin Classics)
Manufacturer: Penguin Classics
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • The Book of Songs: The Ancient Chinese Classic of Poetry

  • ASIN:
    Average customer rating:
    • A highly recommended read for all dedicated poetry lovers as well as students of philosophy blow to the head A major poet Do ya like good music?
    J. H. Prynne
    Manufacturer: Bloodaxe Books
    ProductGroup: Book Binding: Hardcover ASIN: Customer Reviews: A highly recommended read for all dedicated poetry lovers as well as students of philosophy Poems is an inspired and inspirational collection of Britain's leading late Modernist poet J.H. Prynne. Prynne's highly acclaimed collection of poems, now expanded upon in this second edition of Poems, will alter the perceiving nature of the reader as the words manipulate the language to induce questioning on the minds of every reader. Poems is a highly recommended read for all dedicated poetry lovers as well as students of philosophy. Swallow Your Pride: At work on the potash table/reckoning up for a new song/put one, put one, from between the fingers/or at the checkout you are lost to view;/just a little better/making a fresh start/in promise to see all these signs/sit stable and by heart: so long/further to got, about to part. blow to the head Shocking that only two reviews up for this. I suppose as most of the work from `Brass`(1971) onwards is gunning for bogus aesthetes, it is hardly pleasant to find it`s you, you media-produced swathe of complacent compliance. This kind of distance sets the chances of you aiming to interface with your own complicities - in what would no doubt have been a rather hit and miss affair - at next to zero. If you agree that looking gift horses in the mouth is hardly sensible, look this bunch of negativities in the teeth and see why you fail to agree to fail, want to understand what understanding might make untrue, or start wondering how contaminated your egotistical sublimation may actually have become, and ask what translates as the best thing to do about it. Bonne chance!

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    Prynne, J. H.
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    The number after the subject (topic or theme) tells how many books on this subject the author has. Please click on the subject to see books. Alternatively, you can see the alphabetically ordered bibliography of Prynne, J. H. English poetry Blake, William,1757-1827 Criticism and interpretation Literature Collections ... Contact

    3. J. H. Prynne: A Checklist
    A bibliography. Compiled by Nate Dorward.
    Music Reviews The Gig/Poetry Contact
    J. H. Prynne
    A Checklist
    Last update: 21 December 2004 Prefatory Note Poetry: Books and Pamphlets Prose Editorial Work ... Miscellaneous
    Prefatory Note
    Brass Collection The Holy Forest Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play Articulate Energy Radon Daughters With reference to The English Intelligencer TEI in different ways, often numbering the fascicles according to different systems (Cambridge UL does not restart numbering with the beginning of the 3rd series, for instance). I have relied on a partial set in my hands, and on xeroxes from Cambridge UL. Reader ( London, 1992): J.H. Prynne, in lit. , 15 September 1985. Please send any additions or corrections to: Nate Dorward 109 Hounslow Ave. Willowdale, ON Canada
    Poetry: Books and Pamphlets
    Force of Circumstance and Other Poems Kitchen Poems . London: Cape Goliard, 1968; New York: Grossman, 1968. Day Light Songs . Pampisford, Cambridgeshire: R Books, 1968. Aristeas The White Stones . Lincoln: Grosseteste Press, 1969. Fire Lizard Brass . London: Ferry Press, 1971.

    4. - What Does Pace Mean In Poem Term
    Chicago Review; Jan 1, 2010; Prynne, J. H.; 700+ Words unusual in demographic terms, but is actually characteristics of how poems work.

    5. Jacket # 7 - An Introduction To The Poetry Of J.H.Prynne, By Rod Mengham And Joh
    By Rod Mengham and John Kinsella. From Jacket 7.
    C O N T E N T S H O M E P A G E
    An Introduction to the Poetry of J.H.Prynne
    by Rod Mengham and John Kinsella
    This piece first appeared in the Bloodaxe Books catalogue advertising the Collected Poems of J.H.Prynne (1999), and on John Kinsella's Internet homepage. Jacket thanks Bloodaxe Books and John Kinsella for permission to reprint.
    Long respected as a teacher at Cambridge University and librarian at Gonville and Caius College, J.H. Prynne is possibly the most significant English poet of the late twentieth century. A lyrical experimentalist, his work has mesmerised and attracted readers from around the world for three decades. It has brought some to Cambridge in pursuit of new and unread texts, it has inspired students to develop their own ways of investigating the processes of poetry, to question the prescribed ways of reading, and led translators such as the late and brilliant Bernard Dubourg to dedicate themselves to exploring the nuances and variations in language and potentials of "meaning" that lie in its structures.
    Nearly Too Much (Liverpool University Press, 1995), write of the 'indeterminacy' and the 'avoidance of totality and closure' in Prynne's poetry and we might cite this as reason for the poet's rejection of his earlier, more "traditional"/linear material (not included in Poems).

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    Arts/Literature/Authors/P/Prynne, J. H. Arts/Literature/Authors/C/Chatwin, Bruce; Arts/Literature/Authors/R/Rushdie, Salman; Arts/Literature/Authors/C/Chesterton, G. K.

    7. Kitchen Poems. - PRYNNE, J. H.
    Kitchen poems.; PRYNNE, J. H.. Offered by William Nina Matheson Books, Inc. (ABAA)
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    PRYNNE, J. H. Kitchen poems.
    New York, Grossman Publishers Inc. in association with Cape Goliard, London, 1968.. Fine in lightly rubbed dust jacket with a few nicks. First edition, American issue. 1,400 copies printed for distribution in the United States by Grossman Publishers Inc. (of the 1400 this is one of 400 case bound).
    - Book number: 44228
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    8. Connecticut Archives Online
    editor. poetry@editing. massachusetts@cultural affairs@literature. prynne j h 1936 @correspondence. publishers and publishing@united states

    9. Schon Zerreißt Es Dich Ganz
    Einige Gedichte aus dem Band Down where changed von J. H. Prynne in deutscher bersetzung.
    J. H. Prynne
    Einige Gedichte aus Down where changed
    in deutscher Übersetzung von Johannes Beilharz Schon zerreißt es dich ganz
    zu still auf der flachen Ebene
    stillgelegt und frontal wo Wasser brennt wie Wachs
    und seinerseits wieder ins
    drusige Auge ewigen Sturms fließt
    wird diese verdunkelte Flamme
    die Richtlinie schmelzen, sagst du. "Already you get torn up" Wie durch ihren Linsenabszeß
    härtet die Sonne die Tagesmode im Blattfall
    bei stumpfem Silikat ist der Paß konzessionär bis über den
    Ausgang geschweißt, du siehst
    was Not tut; falls überhaupt geht der Vergnügungspalast unter unser billiger Ausritt wird erbeben wie ein besonnter Taschenbuchrücken und Beryls lenzige Gefallen werden erkalten und entweder weichen oder einen anstrengenden Tag lang erhalten bleiben. "As through its lentil abscess" Kälte bis an den Nacken wie in Ingwer enthüllt dem du nie den Schlüssel zu diesem Schloß anvertrauen würdest so werden roh aber wahr beide zu einer Betrachtung gezwungen.

    10. Connecticut Archives Online
    londong england @cultural affairs@literature. manuscripts. poems. poet. poetry@editing. prynne j h 1936 @correspondence. publishers and printing@great britain

    11. Jacket # 6 - J.H. Prynne - Poem - Rich In Vitamin C - With A Commentary By John
    Poem by J. H. Prynne with a commentary by John Kinsella in Jacket 6.
    J A C K E T
    contents page
    J.H. Prynne
    Rich in Vitamin C
    This poem is followed by a commentary by John Kinsella Under her brow the snowy wing-case
    of days which slide under sunlight
    through the incomplete, the trusted. So
    of your pause like an apple pip,
    Or as syrup in a cloud, down below in
    cry of the finch's wit, this flush
    the surface, shews the arch there and in cross-fire from injustice too large and its echo: is this our screen, on some an idea bred to idiocy by the clear what cannot be left for its own the same tint I hear with the pulse it touches of the rose to its stock tips the bolt motto we call peace talks. And yes the John Kinsella: on the poem "Rich in Vitamin C" by J.H. Prynne A talk broadcast on BBC4 in the United Kingdom in 1998 This poem is from the "Ten Uncollected Poems" section of J.H. Prynne's forthcoming Poems , which collects thirty years work and will be published early next year, and was originally collected in the earlier Poems       The title is interesting in this context, as "Rich in Vitamin C" is both a scientific fact that has particular ramifications with regards to healthy growth - "it's supposed to ward off Colds!" - and an advertising slogan. Prynne seems to be taking to task the commercialising of the personal - love, as well as the political-military dialogue. The references to a "screen", "sight-lines", and "pulse", also suggest an interaction or collusiveness, even conflation of acts of the body - seeing, visualising, pumping blood - and the processes of the economic, military, and social machine. All of this is superbly united in four tight metrical nine-line stanzas. For Prynne, the field of the page, or maybe the space of the margins, the position of the text, and measurements of indentation and so on, are emphatic to meaning. They affect how something is said, and how it is read.

    12. Keston Sutherland — Blogs, Pictures, And More On WordPress
    Tags Literature, Poetry Literature, Literary criticism, Geoffrey Hill, Jeremy Prynne, J H Prynne, prynne., prynn, robert archambeau

    13. J.H.Prynne: On The Matter Of Thermal Packing
    Poem by J. H. Prynne.
    J.H.Prynne: On the Matter of Thermal Packing
    From The White Stones (1969), reprinted in Poems (1982). With grateful thanks to J.H.Prynne for his permission to reprint here.

    14. J H Prynne
    A selection of articles related to J H Prynne J. H. Prynne Encyclopedia Black Mountain poets. The Black Mountain poets, sometimes called the Projectivist poets, were a group of mid

    15. Douglas Clark: Jeremy Prynne
    J. H. Prynne is the major alternative voice in contemporary English poetry. Love him or loathe him he cannot be ignored
    Douglas Clark: Jeremy Prynne
    J.H.Prynne is the major alternative voice in contemporary English poetry. Love him or loathe him he cannot be ignored. He stands out from his mainstream contemporaries by his treatment of language. He learnt early from Olson to eschew the lyric `I'. He learnt from Bunting's `Briggflats' the importance of surface texture in poetry. He commonly combines several discourses in his text at the same time, entwining them together. These threads may be biological, geological, economic, or claimed from Shakespeare. It is hard work for the reader to make sense of it all. The reader has, in fact, to construct his own poem from the text prepared before him. This would be the view of the traditional reader of poetry but what Prynne is trying to do is to engulf the reader with information he cannot totally absorb and thus disorientate him from the natural world. Not many people can handle heteroglossial discourse. It is to make the reader a passive spectator before the poem. And the poem itself is passive in the traditional sense with no apparent tale to extract. My personal complaint about Prynne is that, although I find his surface texture initially invigorating, he provides no emotional sustenance to me as a reader. Which is part of what I consider to be a poet's duty. It is a bleak comfortless landscape. The remorseless words pile up on top of each other. Higgledy-piggledy.

    16. Directory - Arts: Literature: World Literature: British: 20th Century
    Prynne, J. H. @ (6) Ronson, Jon @ (11) Rushdie, Salman @ (4) SackvilleWest, V. @ (7) Saki @ (7) Sayers, Dorothy L. @ (13) Sharpe, Tom @ Shaw, George Bernard @ (39)

    17. Vance Maverick: Partial Reading
    J. H. Prynne s On the Matter of Thermal Packing.
    Vance Maverick: Partial Reading
    J. H. Prynne's "On the Matter of Thermal Packing"
    When we call a poem "difficult", we often intend blame, or, perhaps less often, an unsatisfactory sort of praise. In these facile senses, it means the poem seems to be intended for an elite; and depending on whether one approves of the elite, that can be taken as good or bad, without really saying much about the poem. I would like to rescue the word "difficult" for a more useful meaning, one that suggests specific kinds of pleasure and value, as do more straightforward descriptive terms like narrative, satiric, lyric, strophic. There are real, "legitimate" reasons, as a poet, to choose to write a difficult poem, even one too difficult to be completely understood; and real reasons, as a reader, to choose to read it, even if one knows oneself imperfectly qualified for the effort. One common objection is that a poem is written to communicate something; and that if the reader can't resolve all the meanings of the text, its communication has failed. The problem with this view, though, is that hardly any worthwhile poem is ever completely understood. Even the seemingly transparent "Lucy" poems of Wordsworth, for instance, have exercised readers so long that there are now thick critical histories devoted to their reception, with no end in sight. And later in this essay, we will touch briefly on Herbert's "Virtue", short, tidy, and bottomlessly interpretable. Yet clearly these poems communicate: evidently, for centuries now, readers have been pleased, if not satisfied, by an incomplete understanding.

    18. - What Is Penu
    Chicago Review; Jan 1, 2010; Prynne, J. H.; 700+ Words depending on point of view. In my own case the language of unrealized possible poetic composition has drawn, initially

    19. George Rundle Prynne, By A. Clifton Kelway
    Biographical article by A. Clifton Kelway.
    Project Canterbury George Rundle Prynne
    An Early Chapter in the History of the Catholic Revival

    by A. Clifton Kelway London: Longmans, Green and Co, 1905. 248 pp.
    CHAPTER XIV An early hymnalAssociation with "Hymns Ancient and Modern""Jesu, meek and gentle"Circumstances of its composition Collected poetical works A hymn of the Annunciation. OF all Prynne's writings that which has attained the widest popularity is his hymn "Jesu, meek and gentle,
    Son of God Most High,
    Pitying, loving Saviour,
    Hear Thy children's cry." "What hath God wrought, let Britain see,
    Freed from the Papal tyranny." Prynne, anticipating "Hymns Ancient and Modern" by several years, brought out the first part of his Hymnal in 1854; in it he had put together 177 hymns, arranged in the order of the Church's year, and including a number translated from the Latin, some by himself, others by various scholars. Of the hymns published in this early collection, eighty-four were subsequently included in "Hymns Ancient and Modern." After the Hymnal had been published a little while it was supplemented with seventy additional hymns, one of these being "Jesu, grant me power to plead,"

    20. Salon Newsreal | The Mysteries Of Bill Clinton
    Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garc a M rquez compares the president s fate to that of Hester Prynne.
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    R E C E N T L Y A twisted tale of two brothers
    By Jeff Stein
    A year after the Birmingham abortion clinic bombing, the gay brother of suspect Eric Rudolph still mourns its victims
    Chasing Monica

    By Barbara Ehrenreich
    The House managers got their wish a chance to probe, examine and even "de-brief" the luscious Lewinsky
    The trickster president

    By Richard Goldstein Clinton's enemies have made him a culture hero No apologies By Debra Dickerson How I learned to fight for my country, proudly The dark prince By Joshua Micah Marshall House managers are hoping that deposing right-wing whipping boy Sidney Blumenthal will expose a hidden world of presidential dirty tricks. Don't bet on it Browse the Newsreal Archives The mysteries of Bill Clinton compares the president's fate to that of Hester Prynne.

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