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         Ryokan:     more books (100)
  1. Ryokan: A Japanese Tradition (Art in Hand) by Narami Hatano, Konemann Inc., 2001-08
  2. Ryokan Zen Monk-Poet of Japan by Ryoikan, 1977
  3. Japanese Calligraphers: Emperor Saga, Fujiwara No Teika, Kukai, Tomioka Tessai, Ryokan, Honami Koetsu, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Yishan Yining
  4. Poète Japonais: Takeshi Kitano, Kenshin Sumitaku, Shuji Terayama, Basho Matsuo, Kenji Miyazawa, Sokan Yamazaki, Ryokan, Issa Kobayashi (French Edition)
  5. Japanese Calligraphy: Japanese Calligraphers, Emperor Saga, Fujiwara No Teika, Kukai, Tomioka Tessai, Ryokan, Honami Koetsu, Kazuaki Tanahashi
  6. Maître Zen: Thich Nhat Hanh, Dogen, Ryokan, Gudo Wafu Nishijima, Kodo Sawaki, Taisen Deshimaru, Hakuin Ekaku, Roland Rech, Eisai, Ikkyu Sojun (French Edition)
  7. The Japanese Inn Ryokan by Edward Shufunotomo, 1985
  8. Hotellerie: The Leading Hotels of the World, Hotelstern, Love Hotel, Xenia, Holidaycheck, Unternehmensgruppe Nordmann, Ryokan, Check-In (German Edition)
  9. 710s Architecture: Al-Aqsa Mosque, Umayyad Mosque, Qasr Amra, White Mosque, Heijo Palace, Great Mosque of Aleppo, Hoshi Ryokan
  10. Between Two Souls Conversations with Ryokan by Mary Lou Kownacki, 2004
  11. 710s Works: 710s Architecture, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Umayyad Mosque, Qasr Amra, White Mosque, Heijo Palace, Great Mosque of Aleppo, Hoshi Ryokan
  12. Les 99 haiku de Ryokan by Ryokan, 1990-03-01
  13. On Rainy Days the Monk Ryokan Feels Sorry For Himself by Ron Throop, 2002-10-02
  14. RYOKAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Buddhism</i> by DAVID E. RIGGS, 2003

41. Japanese Ryokan Bed And Breakfast
The ryokan, which is the Japanese version of the Western bedand-breakfast, is a recommended experience for people visiting in Japan. The ryokan is an excellent example of what
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Japanese Ryokan
By Anna Lynn Sibal The ryokan, which is the Japanese version of the Western bed-and-breakfast, is a recommended experience for people visiting in Japan. The ryokan is an excellent example of what the traditional Japanese atmosphere feels like. Although the ryokan is commonly associated with the onsen or hot springs, there are many ryokan that can be found even in the cities. The price of an overnight stay in a ryokan can be expensive, especially if it is a large and fancy establishment. However, there are also plenty of ryokan where a tourist can stay for a fraction of the price. What can a guest expect from a visit to a ryokan? Because a ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn, the floors are made of tatami mats and the rooms are fitted with sliding doors. Upon arrival at the ryokan, the guests are made to remove their shoes and store them at the entry hall of the ryokan. In lieu of shoes, they are given slippers to wear while walking around the ryokan. However, the guests are not supposed to wear the slippers while inside their rooms. They are also provided a yukata, which is traditional Japanese casual wear. It is similar to the kimono except that the kimono is made of silk while the yukata is made of cotton. The yukata is worn while walking around the ryokan. It can also be used for sleepwear. In hot spring resorts, the yukata can also be worn for going out and many ryokan provide their guests with geta, the traditional Japanese sandals.

42. Ryokan KYOKA
Small property in Shimogyo-ku offering rooms with and without baths and showers.
Ryokan Kyoka Phone(075)371-2709 Fax (075)371-2709 Shimojuzuyamachi-dori, Higashinotouin, Higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600 Japan §600 ‹ž“sŽs‰º‹ž‹æ‰ºŽì”‰®’¬’Ê“Œ“´‰@“Œ“üƒ‹ Conveniently located for sightseeing in Kyoto. Japanese-style rooms are all quiet, tidy and comfortable. Common bath and shower in private use, and coin laundry are available. There's one room with bath. Each room has air conditioner, and bilingual TV set. RATE STAY: ‚S,‚Q‚O‚Oyen (per person, per night/without bath) ‚U,‚R‚O‚Oyen (per person, per night/with bath) Breakfast: 350yen (Aset: bread, and coffee or tea) 600yen (Bset: bread, Scrambled egg, and coffee or tea) 1,000yen (Japanese-style breakfast) REMARKS: The number of the rooms is twelve The payment is only accepted by cash, VISA and AMEX Check in time is from 3p.m. Check out time is 10a.m. Front is closed at 11p.m. Please let us know the time you arrive when you reserve a room. ACCESS: 10 minutes' walk from JR Kyoto Station. (Close to Higashi-honganji Temple.) A parking lot is available. Please reserve a room by phone, fax, or letter.

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44. 旅館 村上家
Includes price list, directions and map. Reservations by FAX. Located about 8 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station.
Go to English Site 旧館 旅館 " " ( 現在閉館 ) 新館 旅館 " " ( 新築オープン / 2007年 4月 ) New Web Site

45. Ryokan - Japanese Inn, The Very Essence Of Traditional Japan
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Japan Home
From Tokyo To Cairo Insights Japan - Farm Stay Ryokan - Japanese Inn Upon Reaching the Ryokan

Take your shoes off just as you walk in the entrance (right before where the slippers are placed) and put on the slippers. The slippers are used for walking inside the RYOKAN on the corridor, lobby, dining hall and to the bath. The shoes are handled by the RYOKAN and will be placed at the entrance when you wish to go out. For short strolls near the RYOKAN you can use the RYOKAN's sandal or GETA (wooden clogs). The front or lobby and entrance will close at a certain time. Confirm that time and if you should foresee a delay, inform the RYOKAN of this. Furthermore, the check-in/checkout times differ with the various RYOKANs so you should confirm this with the RYOKAN. Texts courtesy of Japan Inns Group RYOKAN:
When Going to Bed

At the Ryokan Sleeping on quilts laid out directly on the TATAMI (straw mat) will give you a different experience from sleeping on beds.

46. —·ŠÙ
With introduction, map, nearby shops and restaurants, list of annual Kyoto events, rooms, rates, pictures, and e-mail reservation form.

47. 大阪道頓堀 かねよし旅館ーご宿泊とご宴会と大阪観光の宿ã
Located in Dotombori, Osaka. With directions, room availability, rates, and reservations online.

48. Ryokan KATSUTARO__Annex KATSUTARO Ryokan
ryokan Katsutaro, a traditional Japanese Inn located near the Ueno Park in Taitoku, Tokyo

49. ŒÃ–q‰·ò@ÂX‰®
Guide to ryokan in Komaki, Oirase, and Towadako. Includes photo gallery, access tips, and local points of interest.

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u‚Ý‚¿‚Ì‚­Õ‚è‚âv‚ɁA”ªŒËŽOŽÐ‘åÕ Å—DGÜŽóÜ‚ÌŽRŽÔ‚ª“oêI

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50. Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo In Japan | Traditional Japanese Inn/Hotel
ryokan Yachiyo/Hotel/Inn is located in Kyoto Japan, a beautiful and historic city in Japan
Kyoto Ryokan Yachiyo,Hotel in Japan Traditional Japanese Inn/Hotel,hôtel

Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo/Hotel/Budget Inn Overview
Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo,Traditional Japanese Inn/Hotel,Gion
34 Nanzenji Fukuji-cho
Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi
Kyoto 606-8435 JAPAN
  • Telephone Fax International 81-75-771-4140 Email
    FAQ (make a call to yachiyo-kyoto)
    The Quick reservation and romm rates of five months from today : here

    Restaurant photos We renvated our garden restaurant to expand the seats by the garden side. Feel free to visit our new garden restaurant and enjoy being in Japan!!
Room Rates for the Limited Time Vaule Budget Package Room rates for the Winter Season (From Dec, 2010 through Feb, 2011.) are different from the regular rate!!
  • iPhone and iPad is lent . Let's enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto with the iPhone. iPhone and iPad for rental for free •Ryokan Yachiyo Inn is a famous (RYOTEI) restaurant in Kyoto. kaiseki and Japanese cuisine can be chosen through an standard course, a deluxe course, and a luxury course and Sushi,Tempra,Sukiyaki,Shabushabu ,A vegetarian Dinner courses . The breakfast is in Japanese style"Bento", which is YUDOFU boiled tofu, grilled fish, Japanese omelette, vegetables, MISO soup, and rice or Western style, which is Bread, a salad, Fruits the breakfast centering on an egg dish.. Japan Snow Reports Niseko and Hakuba can be reached relatively easily not only from Tokyo, but also from the Kyoto and Osaka regions. . In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are hot springs (onsen) available around town.

51. Ryokan | Define Ryokan At
–noun, plural kan, -kans. a traditional Japanese inn or small hotel whose floors are covered with tatami. Use ryokan in a Sentence See images of ryokan Search ryokan on the

52. TOKYO RYOKAN Traditional Japanese Inn Ueno SAWANOYA RYOKAN
Located in Taito-ku. With guide to aceess, rates, reservations, news, events, internet access, and photos.
Tokyo, Yanaka (near ueno area)

An English version of SAWANOYA RYOKAN's book was published!!
Visit Japan Campaign
English web site

You are the th traveler
Go to Japanese

Thank's photograph
Since 15,June,1998
Traditional Japanese Inn SAWANOYA RYOKAN Address 2-3-11,Yanaka,Taito-Ku,Tokyo, 110-0001 JAPAN Phone 81(Japan)-3(Tokyo)-3822-2251 Facsimile 81(Japan)-3(Tokyo)-3822-2252 E-mail

53. Hotels In Kyoto At Frommer's
Hotels in Kyoto. If you've never stayed in a ryokan, Kyoto is probably the best place to do so.

54. RYOKAN KANGETSU-Tokyo Budget Hotel-Economy Accommodation Cheap Inn Japan Booking
LOcated in Ohta-ku, Tokyo. With access map, net access, area guide, and online reservation form.
1-2-20 Chidori Ota-ku Tokyo Japan
e-mail :
TEL : +81-3-3751-0007
FAX : +81-3-3751-0046 Tokyo budget Hotel * Tokyo Ryokan * Cheap hostel * Reasonable Accommodation It may not be lap of luxury, but we will welcome you to our traditional Economy Japanese Hotel (Ryokan) with Japanese-style Hospitality at very reasonable fee. We'll be happy to help you get your fill of authentic Japanese Culture.
We are conveniently located in southern part of metropolitan Tokyo, offering easy access to business districts and popular sightseeing locations such as Kamakura and Hakone. [ Topics ] "ANNEX" newly opened in Sep 2004 !!
Japanese Gate Japanese Garden "Tourou" &"Kakine" Lobby Small Space Open-air Bath Annex Deluxe Room Deluxe Twin Room Standard Room (J-S) Annex Room (j-S)
Room Rates Room Category 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons
(with public bath) Standard Room
(with public bath)
Deluxe Room
There are 6 room types. · "YUKATA" (Japanese bathrobe) Hotel Facilities "Small Space"

55. Gogö-an: Ryokan's Hermit Hut - Articles - House Of Hermits - Hermitary
Gog an ryokan's Hermit Hut. Unlike some Chinese and Japanese chroniclers who wrote accounts of their hermit huts, the celebrated Japanese poet and Zen monk ryokan did
HOME Articles Book Reviews Features ARTICLES: HOUSE OF HERMITS
: Ryokan's Hermit Hut
Unlike some Chinese and Japanese chroniclers who wrote accounts of their hermit huts, the celebrated Japanese poet and Zen monk Ryokan did not compose anything so specific. Ryokan was a poet, not a chronicler, but in his poetry, his hut is the setting and context of his life and practice. This is hardly a coincidence for the little hermitage is an obvious metaphor for life itself: I sit quietly, listening to the falling leaves
A lonely hut, a life of renunciation ... and this hut of sticks,
flimsy as the world itself. Ryokan was born in the cold and isolated Chigo (now Nigata) province in the village of Izumozaki. His father was well off, a merchant and the village elder, who passed on to his son a love of poetry. Ryokan's quiet childhood included both literature and religion, and his reticent nature rebelled at the notion of succeeding his father in business and politics. He became a Buddhist monk at the local Zen temple, and left to train twelve years with a master, cultivating as well the study of Chinese poetry and calligraphy. After the death of his master, Ryokan traveled as a pilgrim for five years, returning to his native village after his father's death, and settling himself in a nearby mountain hermitage. He was now forty. Ryokan remained twenty years, leaving reluctantly upon bad health, moving to quarters close to town. However, he always remained a hermit.

56. Tokyo Japanese Style Hotel Ryumeikan
Traditional Japanese inn with 12 rooms, all with broadband internet access. Includes information on rooms, reservations, prices, and access. Located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Special Price!
A relaxing ryokan-style-hotel at the hills of Ochanomizu. We have 12 fine Japanese-style rooms, different banquet and
meeting rooms and a Japanese restaurant KEYAKI. We pride our-
selves on our delicious Shabu-Shabu cuisine and Dinner menu. FACILITIES ; High-speed broadband in all rooms perfection, air-conditioning,
dining room,TV, refrigerator, international telephone,parking.
[PRICES]Japanese-style Room Rate / with Japanese Breakfast;
room for type A type B Without breakfast,
each rate is 800 yen lower.
*Taxs are included.
:CREDIT CARDS: Amex, Visa, MC, DC, JCB, UC, Diners`Club Traveler`s checks are not authorized. :CHECK-IN 14:00 :CHECK-OUT 10:00 :Extension charge 1,500 yen per hour. :Check in / out, not available from 2:00 to 5:00 midnight JR Line ; 3-minute walk from JR Ochanomizu Sta. SUBWAY ; 3-minute walk from Shin-Ochanomizu Sta., or Ogawamachi Sta., or Awajicho Sta. Ryokan RYUMEIKAN-HONTEN TEL FAX ADDRESS 3-4Surugadai Kanda Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0062

57. Taigu Ryokan At Old Poetry
Old Poetry at Oldpoetry appreciate the poetic greats! Learn from Whitman, Keats, and all those who spent their life in pursuit of a poetic ideal. Help point out nuances in
Poetry Poets Essays Forums
Taigu Ryokan
I lived from 1758-1831. I was from Japan, and am in the Asian category. Taigu Ryokan was born in the Echigo (now Nigata) Province of northern Japan in 1785. The son of the village headman a successful merchant and haiku poet of some note Ryokan was schooled in Japanese and Chinese literature as well as religion and calligraphy. Read full description by Wikipedia, et al.... When he was eighteen years old Ryokan met the Zen Master Kokusen and accompanied him to the Entsu-Ji temple in Tamashima where he became a Buddhist monk. Ryokan excelled at his monastic studies and was offered the position of head of the monastery when Kokusen died. But he rejected both the position and the title of Master, electing to instead wander the countryside of Japan, begging and writing poetry. He eventually moved into a hermitage (called Gogo-an or 'Five Measures of Rice') at the foot of Mt. Kugami where he lived for the remainder of his life.
Picture Source -
Popular poetry
Search my poetry: 1 - 30 of 45 Show all by written popularity title first line ...

58. Ryokan Asakusa SHIGETSU
Japanese and Western-style rooms in Asakusa. Some rooms have private baths, others share communal facilities.

59. Japan Ryokan Association Kinki
A ryokan embodies the very essence of Japan and is surely the accommodation of choice if you wish to personally experience the uniqueness of Japan
The Kansai region of Japan includes the cities of Kyoto, Nara, and Himeji, where you can learn about Japan’s ancient history and culture while experiencing the beauty of the four seasons.
Osaka, Kobe, and other urban areas are showcases of modern culture and home to numerous tourist spots, and also offer the opportunity to enjoy shopping and dining out.
Ryokans and hot springs are unique parts of Japanese culture, providing the chance to encounter a side of Japan that cannot be experienced through sightseeing alone.
Please use this site to find a ryokan that’s perfect for you.
Once you decide on your accommodation, make a direct reservation!
We hope you have a memorable visit to the Kansai region!

ryokan with 20 Japanese-style rooms in Asakusa, Taito-ku. Provides traditional meals, cultural tours, and discounts for large groups.

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