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  1. The war poems of Siegfried Sassoon by Siegfried Sassoon, 2010-09-10
  2. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon, 1930-12-01
  3. The memoirs of George Sherston: Memoirs of a fox-hunting man, Memoirs of an infantry officer, Sherston's progress by Siegfried Sassoon, 1937
  4. Siegfried Sassoon: A Life by Max Egremont, 2005-12-13
  5. Not About Heroes: The Friendship of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen by Stephen MacDonald, 2010-09-27
  6. Counter-Attack and Other Poems by Siegfried Sassoon, 2009-11-08
  7. The Collected War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon (Halcyon Classics) by Siegfried Sassoon, 2010-01-18
  8. Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man by Siegfried Sassoon, 1953
  9. Siegfried Sassoon: The Journey from the Trenches, A Biography (1918-1967) by Jean Moorcroft Wilson, 2003-04-30
  10. Siegfried Sassoon by John Stuart Roberts, 2000-06-01
  11. Poets of World War I: Rupert Brooke and Siegfried Sassoon (Bloom's Major Poets) (Part 2)
  12. Siegfried Sassoon: Diaries, 1920-1922 by Siegfried Sassoon, 1981
  13. Siegfried Sassoon Letters to Max Beerbohm: With a Few Answers by Siegfried Sassoon, 1986-01
  14. Collected Poems, 1908-1956 by Siegfried Sassoon, 1986-01-01

1. Siegfried Sassoon (1886–1967) British Writer.
(1886–1967) British writer. Siegfried Sassoon was an officer in World War I. Sassoon's poetry is filled with images, which dramatize the brutality, horrors, and futility of war
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  • Books About Siegfreid Sassoon Siegfreid Sassoon was a British officer in World War I. While he was recognized for his courage, he expressed his anti-war views through his poetry. He was later recognized for his prose work. Read more about the life and works of Siegfreid Sassoon.
    Siegfried Sassoon
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    2. Sassoon, Siegfried (Open Library)
    Books by Sassoon, Siegfried Memoirs of a foxhunting man 38 editions - first published in 1928 Read

    3. BBC - History - Historic Figures: Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)
    World War One soldier, poet Siegfried Sassoon An English war poet, Sassoon was also known for his fictionalised autobiographies, praised for their evocation of English
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    Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)
    Siegfried Sassoon   An English war poet, Sassoon was also known for his fictionalised autobiographies, praised for their evocation of English country life. Siegfried Sassoon was born on 8 September 1886 in Kent. His father was part of a Jewish merchant family, originally from Iran and India, and his mother part of the artistic Thorneycroft family. Sassoon studied at Cambridge University but left without a degree. He then lived the life of a country gentleman, hunting and playing cricket while also publishing small volumes of poetry. In May 1915, Sassoon was commissioned into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and went to France. He impressed many with his bravery in the front line and was given the nickname 'Mad Jack' for his near-suicidal exploits. He was decorated twice. His brother Hamo was killed in November 1915 at Gallipoli.

    4. Siegfried Sassoon Collection At
    Sassoon, Siegfried. WORKS His poetry—at times violent, always honest—expressed his conviction of the brutality and waste of war in grim, forceful, realistic verse.

    5. Siegfried Sassoon - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Siegfried Sassoon; Siegfried Sassoon, 1916 Born 8 September 1886 (188609-08) Matfield, Kent, England Died 1 September 1967 (aged 80) Heytesbury, Wiltshire
    Siegfried Sassoon
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Siegfried Sassoon
    Siegfried Sassoon, 1916 Born 8 September 1886
    Kent , England Died 1 September 1967
    Wiltshire Occupation Poet, Diarist Memoirist Nationality British Period Early 20th century Genres Poetry Fiction Biography Notable work(s) The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston Influences E. M. Forster Henry Vaughan Influenced Wilfred Owen Edmund Blunden Robert Graves Signature Siegfried Loraine Sassoon CBE MC (8 September 1886 – 1 September 1967) was an English poet , author and soldier. He became known as one of the leading poets of the First World War . His poetry both described the horrors of the trenches, and satirised the patriotic pretensions of those who, in Sassoon's view, were responsible for the pointless death of millions. He later won acclaim for his prose work, notably his three-volume fictionalised autobiography, collectively known as the "Sherston Trilogy".
    edit Early life and education
    Siegfried Sassoon was born at Weirleigh hospital (which still stands) in Matfield Kent , to a Jewish father and an Anglo-Catholic mother. His father, Alfred Ezra Sassoon (1861–1895) (son of

    6. Sassoon, Siegfried Quotes | Quotations At
    The trouble about soldiers in Mr. Siegfried Sassoon's poetry is that they are the kind of people who in a railroad train have to travel See more., Siegfried

    7. Sassoon, Owen
    Biography and commentary on his works.
    Interactive literature
    Sassoon, Siegfried (Lorraine) P oet, novelist. Born September 8, 1886 in Brenchley, Kent. Sassoon spent his childhood at the family home in Weirleigh, in the protected and somewhat rarefied atmosphere of a family near the center of the late Victorian and Edwardian literary and artistic world. He was formally educated at Marlborough School and at Clare College, Cambridge, and began publishing poems privately in 1906. However, Sassoon's distinctive voice was not heard until the publication of his war poemsin The Old Huntsman (1917) and Counter-attack (1918). He was the first of the younger Georgian poets to react violently against sentimentally patriotic notions of the glories of war; these poems have an extraordinary vigora stridency of tone, in factexpressing with unconcealed irony and in colloquial terms a passionate hatred of the horrors of war. Some of Sassoon's contemporaries produced poems that addressed more seriously the confusion of values that World War I revealed; but none responded with such passion or with such hatred of the ignorance and folly that permitted such pain. Sassoon's poems of the 1920srepresented in Satirical Poems (1926 and 1933) and in The Road to Ruin (1933although they set out to satirize the corruptions and the pretensions of a disintegrating and confused materialistic society, were more controlled, artificial, less intenseand vastly less effective than the war poems.

    8. Poet: Siegfried Sassoon - All Poems Of Siegfried Sassoon
    Poet Siegfried Sassoon All poems of Siegfried Sassoon .. poetry

    9. Great War Literature | Educational Study Guides On First World War Literature
    Great War Literature Providing knowledge support to GCSE and ALevel English Literature students and teachers. Great War Literature Publishing produces e-books, print-on
    Great War Literature Publishing LLP Non-printable e-Books Poem Analysis e-Books Sassoon, Siegfried Printable version
    Sassoon, Siegfried
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    10. Sassoon, Siegfried. 1918. The Old Huntsman And Other Poems
    HTML version.

    11. Glbtq >> Literature >> Sassoon, Siegfried
    For war poet and memoirist Siegfried Sassoon, the grueling years of World War I left an indelible impression of devastation and futility that colored his entire life.
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    Sassoon, Siegfried (1886-1967) page: The grueling, seemingly endless years of World War I brought a quick education in devastation and futility to hundreds of thousands of young British men, including those who grew up in privilege. One of these was the gay "war poet," Siegfried Sassoon. Brought up in the leisured life of a country gentleman, Sassoon enlisted in the military just as the war was beginning. His poetry reflects the evolution of his attitudes towards war, beginning with a vision of combat as an exploit reflecting glory and nobility, and ending with muddy, bloody realism and bitter recrimination towards those who profited from the destruction of young soldiers. Sponsor Message.

    12. Article: Rediscovering Sassoon.(Siegfried Sassoon: A Life)(Book Review) | Access
    Free article about 'Rediscovering Sassoon.(Siegfried Sassoon A Life)(Book Review)' at Search information that libraries trust!

    13. Siegfried Sassoon
    Biographical article from the Spartacus Encyclopedia.
    Home Email Search Author ... Index Page
    Siegfried Sassoon was born on 8th September 1886 at Weirleigh, near Paddock Wood in Kent. After Marlborough College he went to Clare College, Cambridge , but left without a degree. For the next eight years lived the life of a country gentleman. He spent his tie hunting, playing sports and writing poetry. Published privately, Sassoon's poetry made very little impact on the critics or the book buying public.
    On the outbreak of the First World War Sassoon enlisted as a cavalry trooper in the Sussex Yeomanry. In May 1915 Sassoon became an officer in the Royal Fusiliers, and was posted to the Western Front in France. Considered to be recklessly brave, he soon obtained the nickname 'Mad Jack'. In June 1916 he was awarded the Military Cross for bringing a wounded man back to the British lines while under heavy fire. While in France he met the p oets Robert Graves and Wilfred Owen
    After being wounded in April 1917, Sassoon was sent back to England. Sassoon had grown increasingly angry about the tactics being employed by the British Army and in July 1917 published a Soldier's Declaration , which announced that "I am making this statement as an act of willful defiance of military authority, because I believe that the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it."

    14. Sassoon, Siegfried Definition Of Sassoon, Siegfried In The Free
    Sassoon, Siegfried, 1886–1967, English poet and novelist. A heroic and decorated officer in World War I, he nonetheless expressed his conviction of the brutality and waste of war, Siegfried

    15. Cambridge University Library Online - Papers Of Siegfried Sassoon
    Index of manuscripts held at the Cambridge University Library.
    Home Newton Opening Hours Digital Library ... Search
    Papers of Siegfried Sassoon
    The poet Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) was an undergraduate at Clare College 1905-07, and was made an Honorary Fellow in 1953. His Cambridge friends included the musicologist E. J. Dent , the librarian A. T. Bartholomew, and the surgeon and bibliographer Sir Geoffrey Keynes. Keynes published A Bibliography of Siegfried Sassoon (London 1962) and collected Sassoon's books, manuscripts and letters, which came to CUL in 1982. Sassoon's library and papers were dispersed by sale after his death, and the Library has purchased items from time to time. Books from Sassoon's own library are in the rare books class CCC.39. Manuscripts of Sassoon's poems , and correspondence about publishing them:
    • Add. 8487, Picture Show (1919): MS, letters to A. T. Bartholomew Add. 8488, Recreations (1923): MS Add. 8491-93

    16. Sassoon Siegfried Free Encyclopedia Articles At
    Research Sassoon Siegfried and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

    17. SASSOON SIEGFRIED - Books At
    SASSOON SIEGFRIED Find used, rare and out-of-print books online from booksellers at SIEGFRIED

    18. First World - Prose & Poetry - Siegfried Sassoon
    Biography of the author of poetry and prose, including a list of his works.
    first world war .com
    a multimedia history of world war one
    The Details
    Site Information
    Siegfried Sassoon
    Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967) was born into a wealthy family on 8 September 1886 in Kent. After studying at Marlborough College Sassoon attended Clare College, Cambridge, but left without graduating in 1907 (he was subsequently made an Honorary Fellow in 1953). For the following eight years Sassoon lived the life of a country gentleman, spending his time hunting, playing cricket and golf, and writing poetry, the latter of which he had privately printed and which made little impact critically. With the onset of the war, and at the age of 28, Sassoon enlisted first as a cavalry trooper in the Sussex Yeomanry before transferring to the Royal Welch Fusiliers as an officer in May 1915, where he met Robert Graves . He quickly developed the nickname 'Mad Jack' for his fearless courage on the Western Front, often volunteering to lead night raids.

    19. Janus: Sassoon, Siegfried Loraine (1886-1967) Poet And Author
    Personal Names contains See earlier; Sargent, John Neptune (18261893) army officer Sargent, Sir Harold Malcolm Watts (1895-1967) Knight, conductor, Siegfried Loraine (18

    20. Modern History Sourcebook: Siegfried Sassoon: Attack
    HTML text of the poem.
    Back to Modern History SourceBook
    Modern History Sourcebook:
    Siegfried Sassoon: Attack
    At dawn the ridge emerges massed and dun
    In the wild purple of the glow'ring sun,
    Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud
    The menacing scarred slope; and, one by one,
    Tanks creep and topple forward to the wire.
    The barrage roars and lifts. Then, clumsily bowed
    With bombs and guns and shovels and battle-gear,
    Men jostle and climb to, meet the bristling fire.
    Lines of grey, muttering faces, masked with fear,
    They leave their trenches, going over the top, While time ticks blank and busy on their wrists, And hope, with furtive eyes and grappling fists, Flounders in mud. O Jesus, make it stop! Source: From Siegfried Sassoon, Collected Poems (New York: E. P. Dutton, 1918) This text is part of the Internet Modern History Sourcebook . The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts for introductory level classes in modern European and World history. Paul Halsall, July 1998

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