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         Sayers Dorothy L:     more books (106)
  1. Busman's Honeymoon: A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery with Harriet Vane by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-04-01
  2. Dorothy L. Sayers: The Complete Stories by Dorothy L. Sayers, 2002-08-01
  3. The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1966-09-28
  4. In the Teeth of the Evidence (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-06-01
  5. Thrones, Dominations (A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery) by Dorothy L. Sayers, Jill Paton Walsh, 1999-03-15
  6. Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-04-01
  7. Unnatural Death (Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1993-07
  8. Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-08-01
  9. Lord Peter : The Complete Lord Peter Wimsey Stories by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1986-12-03
  10. Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-06-01
  11. Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1987-01
  12. Murder Must Advertise (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 1995-06-01
  13. Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers (Halcyon Classics) by Dorothy L. Sayers, 2010-08-16
  14. Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers, 2005-01-17

1. Dorothy L. Sayers, Mystery Writer
Dorothy L. Sayers 1893 1957 Novels Character Lord Peter Wimsey. Sayers, Dorothy L., Busman's Honeymoon,Clouds of Witness,The Documents in the Case,
Dorothy L. Sayers
Character: Lord Peter Wimsey
Sayers, Dorothy L.,
Clouds of Witness,
The Documents in the Case,
Strong Poison,
The Five Red Herrings,
HarperPaperbacks, New York, 1931. ISBN: 0-06-104363-X
The Nine Tailors,
Gaudy Night,
Have His Carcase,
In the Teeth of the Evidence,
Lord Peter Views the Body,
Murder Must Advertise, Unnatural Death, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Whose Body?
Original Short Fiction
Sayers, Dorothy L., Alfred Hitchcock Ellery Queen
Collections of Short Fiction
Sayers, Dorothy L., In the Teeth of the Evidence Lord Peter
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Sandoe, James, Introduction, in Lord Peter, Heilbrun, Carolyn, Sayers, Lord Peter, and God, in Lord Peter, Muller, Marcia, and Bill Pronzini (eds.), in The Web She Weaves, William Morrow, New York, 1983. ISBN: 0-68802453-X

2. Sayers, Dorothy L.rar - - Online File Sharing And
Sayers, Dorothy L download at 4shared. Sayers, Dorothy L is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration

3. The Dorothy L Sayers Society
Official fan club page. Good pictures, biography, broad bibliography focusing on Wimsey.
The Dorothy L Sayers Society
Welcome to the home pages of the Dorothy L Sayers Society. There is some more information here on the Society , including how to join Or you can read a very short biography of DLS If you are interested in discussing the works of (or anything else about) DLS, there are several very good places to start (apart from this site, of course!). In fact, there are so many good places around that we’ve put links on a page of their own . If you know of any useful links to other pages which are relevant to DLS, her life, works, or indeed anything else vaguely related, please let us know If you have a question about DLS or her works, do also have a look at our own Frequently Asked Questions page – your question might already have been answered! If what you find on this site encourages you to join, please mention that you found us on the Net when you write in! HIGHLIGHTS: (Don’t forget to check our News page for details of forthcoming events, including “stop-press” entries which have arrived since the latest Bulletin!)
  • E-books now available in the UK.

4. The Mind Of The Maker - Sayers, Dorothy L. &
This classic, with a new introduction by Madeleine L'Engle, is by Sayers, Dorothy L. $7.92......Item

5. Dorothy L. Sayers - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Dorothy Leigh Sayers was a renowned English crime writer, poet, playwright, essayist, translator and Christian humanist.
Dorothy L. Sayers
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Dorothy L. Sayers File:Lsh Born 13 June 1893
, UK Died 17 December 1957
, Essex, UK Occupation Novelist, Playwright, Essayist translator , Copywriter, Poet Genres crime fiction Literary movement Golden Age of Detective Fiction Influenced Stieg Larsson Dorothy Leigh Sayers (usually pronounced /ˈseɪ.ərz/ , although Sayers herself preferred [ˈsɛːz] and encouraged the use of her middle initial to facilitate this pronunciation Oxford , 13 June 1893 – Witham , 17 December 1957) was a renowned English crime writer , poet, playwright, essayist, translator and Christian humanist . She was also a student of classical and modern languages. She is best known for her mysteries, a series of novels and short stories set between World War I and World War II that feature English aristocrat and amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey . However, Sayers herself considered her translation of Dante 's Divina Commedia to be her best work. She is also known for her plays and essays.

6. SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957), Plaque
Information about the SAYERS, Dorothy L. (18931957), sight and the area for visitors and tourist.
London Plaques Start London Plaque Thursday, 04-Nov-2010 06:02:44 GMT My London Juerg's London

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Sandra's Pub user guide Restaurants (by rating) Restaurants - Comparison Other Sites London Transport Tube Travel Planer Tube Travel Planer Rail ... More Pictures SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957), site Juerg's London Switzerland Pictures ... Wisdom's About SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957), Writer of Detective Stories, lived here 1921-1929. 24 Great James Street, WC1 Location of SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957), Sight Other links to SAYERS, Dorothy L. (1893-1957), Restaurants in the area Pied Terre Rhodes Twenty Four Local Pubs Crown and Septre George, The

7. Dorothy L Sayers, Writer And Theologian
Brief biography; reviews of her works.
Dorothy Leigh Sayers was an English writer and scholar, born at Oxford in 1893, the only child of an Anglican clergyman. She studied medieval literature at Oxford (Somerville College), being one of the first women to graduate (1915) from that university. Her first published writings were two volumes of verse, 1916 Op. 1 1919 Catholic Tales
Here is a sample from the former volume:
Christ walks the world again, his lute upon his back, His red robe worn to tatters, his riches gone to rack. The wind that wakes the morning blows his hair about his face, And his arms and legs are ragged with the thorny briar's embrace, For the hunt is up behind him, and his sword is at his side. Christ the bonny outlaw walks the whole world wide, Singing: "Lady, lady, will you come away with me,
To lie among the bracken, and eat the barley bread?
We shall see new suns arise, in golden far-off skies,
for the son of God and woman has not where to lay his head."
She worked for several years writing advertising copy, until she was able to support herself by the sale of her books and stories. During these years she joined a motorcycle gang, fell in love with a member, and bore him a son, Anthony. A friend of mine remarks: "What a shame that she did not convert C S Lewis and his friends to motor-cycling. I can see them now, cruising down the road seven abreast, at the sacred speed of 153 miles per hour [a reference to numerological speculations about John 21:11], shrieking their dreaded war-cry of

8. Sayers, Dorothy L - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Sayers
Sayers, Dorothy L(eigh) (1893–1957) English writer of detective fiction, playwright, and translator. Her books, which feature the detective Lord Peter Wimsey and the heroine, Dorothy L

9. Sayers, Dorothy L. Quote - Trouble Shared Is Trouble Halved....
Famous quote by Sayers, Dorothy L. Trouble shared is trouble halved. on Quotations Book

10. Dorothy L. Sayers
Concise biography and bibliography.
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by Bamber Gascoigne
Dorothy L(eigh) Sayers (1893-1957) British novelist, essayist, medieval scholar and anthologist. Sayers is best-known for her stories about the amateur aristocratic detective hero Lord Peter Wimsey, who made his breakthrough in the novel WHOSE BODY? (1923), wearing a top hat like Fred Astaire. After the late 1930s, Sayers wrote no more detective novels, but concentrated on theological dramas, radio plays and verse. "Lord Peter's library was one of the most delightful bachelor rooms in London. Its scheme was black and primrose; its walls were lined with rare editions, and its chairs and Chesterfield sofa suggested the embraces of the houris. In one corner stood a black baby-grand, and wood fire leaped on a wide old-fashioned hearth, and the Sevres vases on the chimney-piece were filled with ruddy and gold chrysanthemums." (from Whose Body?

11. Sayers, Dorothy L. Summary |
Sayers, Dorothy L.. Sayers, Dorothy L. summary with 3 pages of encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

12. Are Women Human? - Sayers, Dorothy L. & Shideler, Mary McDermott
By Sayers, Dorothy L., Shideler, Mary McDermott Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company ISBN 0802829961 ISBN13 9780802829962 UPC 9780802829962

13. Dorothy L. Sayers
Picture and brief biography.
@import url("/includes/styles/mysterynet.css");
Dorothy L. Sayers
All about Dorothy L. Sayers, bio, pictures, links to books
Dorothy Sayers Dorothy L. Sayers Books Oxford-educated Dorothy Leigh Sayers (1893-1957) was one of the most popular authors of the Golden Age era. Born in England in 1893, Dorothy Sayers received her degree at university in medieval literature. Following her graduation, besides publishing two volumes of poetry, she began to write detective stories to earn money. Mystery Time Line Welcome Mystery Time Line Profiles History of the Mystery Cicero Edgar Allan Poe Sherlock Holmes ... Nancy Drew Mystery Greats Websites Agatha Christie Nancy Drew Alfred Hitchcock Charlie Chan ... Clue Chronicles Her first novel, "Whose Body?" (1923), introduced Lord Peter Wimsey, the character for which she is best known. Wimsey, with his signature monocle and somewhat foppish air, appeared in eleven novels and several short stories. Working with his friend, Inspector Parker of Scotland Yard, Wimsey solved cases usually involving relatives or close friends. Dorothy L. Sayers was well known for "combining detective writing with expert novelistic writing," and the imaginative ways in which her victims were disposed of. Among the many causes of death seen in her novels were, among others, poisoned teeth fillings, a cat with poisoned claws, and a dagger made of ice! (The Whodunit)

14. Sayers, Dorothy L Definition Of Sayers, Dorothy L In The Free Online Encyclopedi
Sayers, Dorothy L(eigh) (born June 13, 1893, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Eng.—died Dec. 17, 1957, Witham, Essex) English scholar and writer. In 1915 Sayers became one of the first women, Dorothy L

15. Reviewed By Liz » Sayers, Dorothy L.
Reviewed By Liz Because life is too short for mediocre books!

16. An Annotated Wimsey
Notes on several of the Wimsey novels and short stories.
An Annotated Wimsey
The LordPeter mailing list has undertaken the project of reading and discussing all the Lord Peter Wimsey stories in something like chronological order. As I started rereading Whose Body? , I was reminded of how many times I've wished there were an Annotated Wimsey. But alas, Sayers had not yet found her Martin Gardner. So I thought, anyway. Lacking the time or the knowledge to make up for the lack, I managed to use the occasion to compile as many notes as possible on the maze of allusions in the stories, particularly the variously obscure matters of literature, music, and 20s history. And science, which I do know something about. The good news is that there is an Annotated Wimsey: Stephan Clarke's The Lord Peter Wimsey Companion . This was originally issued in 1985 by the Mysterious Press (ISBN 0892968508) and was an instant rarity after a major publisher bought that operation and promptly shredded its backlist. The most recent copies I've seen on the used-book market were listed around $250, which makes the high price I paid a few years ago look like a bargain. But the really good news is that it's back in print, and better than ever. The second edition was released at the end of 2002 by

17. Gadetection / Sayers, Dorothy L
Source Wikipedia. Dorothy Leigh Sayers (Oxford, 13 June 1893 – Witham, 17 December 1957) was a British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian, Dorothy L

18. Catholic Tales And Christian Songs, By Dorothy Leigh Sayers
Religious poetry.
* "Nowell, nowell, nowell, nowell,
A Catholic tale have I to tell,
And a Christian song have I to sing
While all the bells in Arundel ring."
* And forthwith he came to Jesus, and said, Hail, Master; and kissed Him. And Jesus said unto him, Friend . . . JESUS, if, against my will,
I have wrought Thee any ill,
And, seeking but to do Thee grace,
Have smitten Thee upon the face,
If my kiss for Thee be not
Of John, but of Iscariot, Prithee then, good Jesus, pardon As Thou once didst in the garden, Call me "Friend," and with my crime Build Thou Thy passion more sublime.
Desdichado 7 The Triumph of Christ 9 Christ the Companion 10 [Pantas Elkyso [in Greek -ed.]] 12 ... The House of the Soul: Lay 54 * "Rex Doloris" is reprinted, by the courtesy of the Editor, from The New Witness
* This is the Heir; come let us kill Him. * Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved? CHRIST walks the world again, His lute upon His back

19. Sayers, Dorothy L. Quotes On Quotations Book
Dorothy Leigh Sayers (Oxford, 13 June 1893 Witham, 17 December 1957) was a British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist.

20. Sayers Dorothy L. Dante | LibraryThing
LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers

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