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         Simenon Georges:     more books (100)
  1. Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard (Inspector Maigret Mysteries) by Georges Simenon, 2007-12-18
  2. The Hotel Majestic (Penguin Mysteries) by Georges Simenon, 2006-12-26
  3. The Madman of Bergerac by Georges Simenon, 2007-06-05
  4. Dirty Snow (New York Review Books Classics) by Georges Simenon, 2003-08-31
  5. The Man Who Watched Trains Go By (New York Review Books Classics) by Georges Simenon, 2005-06-10
  6. The Bar on the Seine (Penguin Mysteries) by Georges Simenon, 2006-12-26
  7. The Widow (New York Review Books Classics) by Georges Simenon, 2008-03-25
  8. Maigret in Holland (Maigret Mystery Series) by Georges Simenon, 2003-06-16
  9. Maigret and the Fortuneteller by Georges Simenon, 1990-05
  10. Maigret's Pipe: Seventeen Stories (A Harvest Book) by Georges Simenon, 1994-10-14
  11. Tropic Moon (New York Review Books Classics) by Georges Simenon, Marc Romano, et all 2005-09-01
  12. Maigret Et I'homme Du Banc (French Edition) by Georges Simenon, 2001-03-07
  13. Maigret and the Flemish Shop by Georges Simenon, 1990-05
  14. Act of Passion by Georges Simenon, 2011-06-14

1. Simenon, Georges - El Fondo De La -
Simenon, Georges El Fondo De La Botella - download at 4shared. Simenon, Georges - El Fondo De La Botella is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and

2. Georges Simenon, Mystery And Suspense Writer
Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (aka Georges Sim) 1903 1989 Novels Characters Maigret; Jean Dollent. Simenon, Georges, The Strange Case of Peter the Lett, 1931.
Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (aka Georges Sim)
Characters: Maigret; Jean Dollent
Simenon, Georges,
The Strange Case of Peter the Lett,
The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By,
The Little Doctor,
Collections of Short Fiction
Simenon, Georges,
The Thirteen Culprits, Les 13 Coupables
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Simenon, Georges,
When I Was Old

3. Simenon's Inspector Maigret
Georges Simenon's Inspector Maigret Bibliography, texts, articles, bulletin board, cover images
Bibliography Reference Forum Plots ... Links updated: Simenon and his Inspector
Le Commissaire Maigret
Police Judiciaire
The Maigret Forum This is not a static website. It changes almost daily. The Maigret " Forum ," an open bulletin board for notices, opinions, information and discussion related to Maigret and Simenon, has become the most active feature of this site. It's where new books, websites, articles and features are first announced and displayed, and includes an indexed archive of the entire past Forum... back to 1997! Click here for the current Forum.
Here's a recent sample -
Maigret of the Month: Jeumont, 51 minutes d'arrêt ! (Jeumont, 51 minutes stop)
Maigrets of the month . The "body on a train" is a theme we know from the beginning of the corpus: cf. Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett LET . We find additionally another reminder of that novel: the victim was killed with a needle to the heart, the same method used therein for Torrence. The setting of this story also recurs several times in the corpus... Jeumont, this border point between France and Belgium, is a location where Maigret often finds suspects seeking to escape French justice - we can recall, for example, M. Martin in Maigret Mystified OMB And yet another reminiscence in this story... its introduction. The story indeed opens with a scene found numerous times in the novels. Maigret, asleep in his bed, is awakened in the middle of the night by the ringing of his phone. But this time, rather than a call from the Quai des Orfèvres, it's his nephew who's asking for his help. So thus we learn a little more about Maigret's family, though this information does more to muddle than to clarify the family relations of the Chief Inspector and his wife. We know, through the novel

4. Georges Simenon - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Simenon, Georges Alternative names Short description Date of birth February 13, 1903 Place of birth Li ge, Belgium Date of death September 4, 1989 Place of death
Georges Simenon
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Georges Simenon
Born Georges Simenon
13 February 1903
Belgium Died
Switzerland Occupation Novelist Notable award(s) Académie royale de Belgique French literature By category French literary history Medieval
16th century
17th century
18th century
... Contemporary French writers Chronological list
Writers by category

Playwrights ... Literature portal This box: view talk edit Georges Joseph Christian Simenon [ʒɔʁʒ simˈnɔ̃] ; February 13, 1903 – September 4, 1989) was a Belgian writer . A prolific author who published nearly 200 novels and numerous short works, Simenon is best known for the creation of the fictional detective Maigret
edit Early life and education
Georges Simenon was born at 26 rue Léopold (now number 24) in Liège to Désiré Simenon and his wife Henriette. Désiré Simenon worked in an accounting office at an insurance company and had married Henriette in April 1902. Although Georges Simenon was born on February 13 superstition resulted in his birth being registered as having been on the 12th. This story of his birth is recounted at the beginning of his novel

5. Simenon, Georges | Definition Of Simenon, Georges | Online Diction
Find out what Simenon, Georges means The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations has the definition of Simenon, Georges. Research related newspaper, magazine, and journal

6. Simenon Alias Gomgut
Biographie, livres, liens.

7. Simenon, Georges (Joseph Christian) Definition Of Simenon, Georges (Joseph Chris
Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only., Georges (Joseph Christian)

8. Simenon, Georges Definition Of Simenon, Georges In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Simenon, Georges (zh rzh sēmən N`), 1903–89, Belgian novelist. One of the most prolific of modern authors, he is best known for the detective stories featuring Inspector, Georges

9. Simenon (Georges, Novelist, 1903-89)
LotSimenon (Georges, novelist, 190389), Lot Number249, Starting Bid 40, AuctioneerBloomsbury Auctions, AuctionBooks and Manuscripts, Date400 AM PT - Jul 8th, 2010

10. George Simenon
Notizie, cenni biografici, massime e link a risorse correlate.
george simenon G eorge Simenon non era francese, ma belga, essendo nato a Liegi il 13 di febbraio del 1903, un venerd.
Il padre, impiegato presso una compagnia di assicurazioni, era un tantinello superstizioso e fece registrare la nascita il giorno prima.
La madre, invece, figlia di padre tedesco e madre olandese, dovette presto assumere il controllo economico della famiglia, andando a lavorare come commessa. Contemporaneamente, il bisogno di entrate, costrinse la famiglia Simenon ad affittare alcune stanze della casa a studenti stranieri, polacchi e soprattutto russi. Fu cos che il giovane George si appassion ben presto ai classici della letteratura russa.
Cominci, comunque, a lavorare giovane come redattore della Gazette de Lige , occupandosi di cronaca locale, cosa che gli permise di buttare un occhio anche a realt alquanto differenti da quella della sua famiglia piccolo-borghese.
Nel 1924 cominci a scrivere, soprattutto romanzi leggeri, avvalendosi di uno pseudonimo.
Il primo romanzo dedicato al Commissario Maigret, usc, a suo nome, nel 1931 (Maigret e il Lttone).

11. Georges Simenon
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by Bamber Gascoigne
Georges (Joseph Christian) Simenon (1903-1989) Belgian-born French novelist, one of the most skilled and literate writers of detective fiction. Simenon is best known as the creator of Paris police detective Inspector Maigret. He turned out 84 Maigret mysteries and 136 other novels, but he never wrote the 'big' novel that many critics demanded of him. Over 500 million copies of Simenon's books have been printed and translated into 50 languages. "'Truth never seems true. I don't mean only in literature or in painting. I won't remind you either of those Doric columns whose lines seem to us strictly perpendicular and which only give that impression because they are slightly curved. If they were straight, they'd look as if they were swelling, don't you see?'" (from Maigret's Memoirs . This experience provided the young Simenon with the perfect apprenticeship. At the age of seventeen he published his first novel. He joined a group of painters, writers, and dilettantes who called themselves La Caque In 1922 Simenon went to Paris, publishing short stories and popular novels under almost two dozen different pen names. He worked as an office clerk for a right-wing writer, and was a secretary to a wealthy aristocrat, the Marquis de Tracy. Simenon lived in France from 1923 to 1939, during which time his writing turned into an industry of novels. Between 1923 and 1933 Simenon produced more than 200 books of pulp fiction under several pseudonyms. From 1931 to 1934 Simenon wrote 19 Maigret novels. After a pause of 8 years, Maigret returned again in 1942 with three new stories.

12. Georges Simenon
Biographie, bibliographie, analyse du style, vocation du personnage de Maigret, filmographie et pisodes des s ries t l vis es.
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Georges Simenon
Maigret Maigret
Qui est le vrai Simenon ? Un romancier dont la vie
et d'une importante "Dans tout raisonnement sur le roman contemporain, il y a un os. Cet os s'appelle Simenon"
Georges Simenon est sans doute l'écrivain le plus totalement "citoyen de la francophonie" : né en Wallonie, promenant son Maigret dans les rues de Paris, et, après un détour par les États-Unis, a installé ses tables de travail en Suisse et épousé une Québécoise. Aux yeux de Simenon, son besoin de découvrir l'homme justifie l'ensemble de ses actes. " ".
: "Comprendre et ne pas juger"... Jamais Simenon ne juge ses personnages, en proie à la ténébreuse destinée humaine.
"J'ai toujours été curieux de l'homme et de la différence entre l'homme habillé et l'homme nu. L'homme tel qu'il est lui-même, et l'homme tel qu'il se montre en public, et même tel qu'il se regarde dans la glace. Tous mes romans, toute ma vie n'ont été qu'une recherche de l'homme nu"

13. Simenon, Georges - Definition Of Simenon, Georges By The Free Online Dictionary,
Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Georges Simenon French writer (born in Belgium) best known for his detective novels featuring Inspector Maigret (1903-1989), Georges

14. Maigret - Simenon
Simenon, Georges (Joseph Christian) (b. Feb. 13, 1903, Li ge, Belg. – d. Sept. 4, 1989, Lausanne, Switz.), BelgianFrench novelist whose prolific output surpassed that of any of
Bibliography Reference Forum Plots ... Texts Simenon Gallery Shopping Film Links
Georges Joseph Christian Simenon
died September 4, 1989, Lausanne, Switzerland. The Date of Georges Simenon's Birth Selected biographies, bibliographies and critical works Bernd Fischer's " Bibliography of Works about Simenon 1939-2007
MS Word
(40 mb) PDF (14 mb)
Britannica article
Publications dedicated to Simenon

Simenon Festivals and Expos

Magazine Biographies

Simenon, Georges (Joseph Christian)
Simenon began working on a local newspaper at age 16, and at 19 he went to Paris determined to be successful. Typing some 80 pages each day, he wrote, between 1923 and 1933, more than 200 books of pulp fiction under 16 different pseudonyms, the sales of which soon made him a millionaire. The first novel to appear under his own name was Pietr-le-Letton The Case of Peter the Lett ), in which he introduced the imperturbable, pipe-smoking Parisian police inspector Jules Maigret to fiction. Simenon went on to write about 80 more detective novels featuring Inspector Maigret, as well as about 130 psychological novels. His total literary output consisted of about 425 books that were translated into some 50 languages and which sold more than 600 million copies worldwide. In 1967 the publication of Simenon's complete works began in France and Italy. Simenon's Inspector Maigret is one of the best-known characters in detective fiction. Unlike those fictional detectives who rely on their immense deductive powers, Maigret solved murders using mainly his psychological intuition and a patiently sought, compassionate understanding of the perpetrator's motives and emotional makeup. Besides psychological novels and detective stories, Simenon's other books include short-story collections and autobiographical works.

15. Georges Simenon
Georges Simenon (Georges Joseph Christian Simenon) Belgium (1903 1989) Georges Simenon was born in Li ge, Belgium. At sixteen he began work as a
Fantastic Fiction Authors S Georges Simenon Preferences Home New Authors New Books ... Awards Browse Authors A H O V ... U
Georges Simenon
(Georges Joseph Christian Simenon) Belgium Search Authors Search Books About Georges Simenon Series Inspector Maigret The Crime of Inspector Maigret aka Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets The Death of Monsieur Gallet aka Maigret Stonewalled The Crossroads Murders Inspector Maigret Investigates (omnibus) Introducing Inspector Maigret (omnibus) Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett aka The Strange Case of Peter the Lett The Crime at Lock 14 aka Maigret Meets a Milord The Shadow in the Courtyard Triumph of Inspector Maigret (omnibus) A Battle of Nerves aka Maigret's War of Nerves A Face for a Clue The Patience of Maigret (omnibus) The Flemish Shop The Guinguette by the Seine Liberty Bar The Madman of Bergerac ... Maigret Abroad (omnibus) Maigret At the Gai-Moulin aka At the Gai-Moulin Maigret in Holland aka A Crime in Holland Maigret Keeps a Rendezvous (omnibus) Maigret to the Rescue (omnibus) Maigret Travels South (omnibus) The Sailor's Rendezvous The Saint-Fiacre Affair The Lock at Charenton Maigret and Monsieur Labbe ... Maigret Sits It Out (omnibus) A Battle of Nerves / At the 'Gai Moulin' (omnibus) Maigret on Holiday (omnibus) A Summer Holiday To Any Lengths Maigret's Christmas (omnibus) Maigret and the Mad Killers Maigret in Montmartre aka Maigret and the Strangled Stripper Maigret Right and Wrong: Maigret in Montmartre / Maigret's mistake (omnibus) Maigret's Mistake Maigret and the Burglar's Wife Maigret and the Dead Girl Maigret and the Young Girl ... Maigret's Little Joke aka

16. Georges Simenon Books (Used, New, Out-of-Print) - Alibris,
Georges Simenon. Georges Simenon (19031989) was born in Liege, Belgium. As a young man he worked as a baker, journalist, and bookseller and published his first novel at seventeen., Georges
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17. Georges Simenon - Sonntag / Dimanche - LESELUST-Rezension
Rezension von Daniela Ecker in der Leselust .
Georges Simenon - Sonntag
Originaltitel: Dimanche
Roman. Diogenes 2001
176 Seiten, ISBN: 3257203756
Diesen Sonntag ist es soweit. Heute. Endlich; ein Jahr lang feilt Emile schon an seinem Plan, wie er seinen verhasste Frau aus dem Weg rumen kann. Ja, er hat ein Verhltnis mit einer anderen Frau, mit Ada, und Berthe wei auch davon. Aber das ist nicht der Grund fr seinen Entschluss; die Wurzeln dafr liegen viel weiter zurck.
Man knnte sagen, dass sie so weit zurck liegen, wie er berhaupt denken kann. Damals, noch als Kind, kannte er die zwei Jahre ltere Berthe auch schon. Ihre Eltern hatten sich dann entschlossen, dem trben Klima im Norden Frankreichs endlich auszuweichen und einen Gasthof an der Cote gekauft. Jahre spter, als Emile schon ein erfolgreicher Koch ist, bittet ihn Berthes Vater, doch fr einen Sommer bei ihm zu arbeiten.
Der Gasthof hatte nicht den Erwartungen entsprochen, die man ursprnglich in ihn gesetzt hatte; die Gste blieben aus, die Winter waren trotzdem kalt, und fr die Dorfgemeinschaft blieben sie die Fremden. Emile mit seinen Kochknsten brachte dann die Wende; pltzlich fingen die Leute an, die Bastide zu besuchen, das hervorragende Essen zu genieen, und als Berthes Vater starb, hinterlie er einen gutgehenden Gasthof.
Berthes Mutter wollte nur eines: zurck in den Norden, zu ihrer Familie. Aber den Gasthof zu verkaufen, hiee, eine Menge Geld zu verlieren. Es dauerte lange, ehe Emile begriff, was von ihm erwartet wurde. Was von ihm aus Vernunftgrnden entschieden wurde, wurde von Berthe allerdings leidenschaftlich erwidert; erschreckt stellte er fest, dass sie ihn wohl schon seit langem liebte.

18. Georges Simenon —
Encyclopedia Simenon, Georges. Simenon, Georges (zh rzh sēm u n N') , 1903 – 89, Belgian novelist. One of the most prolific of modern authors, he is best known for the detective

19. Simenon, Georges Quotes On Quotations Book
Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (February 13, 1903September 4, 1989) was a Belgian writer who wrote in French. Can we improve this biography or this incorrect?

20. Georges Simenon - Wikipedia, Den Frie Encyklopædi

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