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         Sterling Bruce:     more books (101)
  1. Schismatrix Plus (Complete Shapers-Mechanists Universe) by Bruce Sterling, 1996-12-01
  2. Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next 50 Years by Bruce Sterling, 2003-12-23
  3. The Caryatids by Bruce Sterling, 2009-02-24
  4. The Zenith Angle by Bruce Sterling, 2005-04-26
  5. Holy Fire (Bantam Spectra Book) by Bruce Sterling, 1997-10-01
  6. Shaping Things (Mediaworks Pamphlets) by Bruce Sterling, 2005-09-01
  7. Zeitgeist by Bruce Sterling, 2001-07-31
  8. Black Swan by Bruce Sterling, 2010-09-08
  9. Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling, 1994
  10. Visionary in Residence: Stories by Bruce Sterling, 2006-02-08
  11. The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling, 1992-10-01
  12. The Difference Engine (Spectra special editions) by William Gibson, 1992-01-01
  13. The Parthenopean Scalpel by Bruce Sterling, 2010-09-27
  14. The Artificial Kid (Context (San Francisco).) by Bruce Sterling, 1997-08

1. Sterling, Bruce. HOLY FIRE. At
Sterling, Bruce. HOLY FIRE. New York Bantam, (1996.) at

2. Bruce Sterling: - ZoomInfo Business Information
Sterling, Bruce 21C Magazine Sterling, Bruce Electronic Frontier Foundation Sterling, Bruce Miss Black USA Sterling, Bruce
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Bruce Sterling
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Employment History
  • Mob Boss Spirits Transylvania Twist Warlords
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3. Bruce Sterling, Position In Dead Media, 21C Magazine: - ZoomInfo Business Inform
Sterling, Bruce Calgary Real Estate Board Sterling, Bruce San Diego Yacht Club Sterling, Bruce Electronic Frontier Foundation
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21C Magazine
Multiple Piercings for the Mind. A forum for vanguard criticism, literary journalism and trendsetting design, 21C will be the late-night reading of extreme thinkers...
Bruce Sterling
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4. Bruce Sterling, Science Fiction Writer
Michael Bruce Sterling April 14, 1954 (Brownsville, Texas) Novels. Sterling, Bruce, Involution Ocean, 1977. The Artificial Kid, 1980. Schismatrix, 1985.
Michael Bruce Sterling
April 14, 1954 (Brownsville, Texas) -
Sterling, Bruce,
Involution Ocean,
The Artificial Kid,
Islands in the Net, John W. Campbell Award
Heavy Weather,
Holy Fire,
Bantam Spectra, New York, 1996.
Distraction, Arthur C. Clarke Award
with Gibson, William,
The Difference Engine, Bantam, New York, 1991.
Original Short Fiction
Sterling, Bruce,
Nature Omni Universe
Collections of Short Fiction
Sterling, Bruce, Crystal Express, Arkham House, Sauk City, Wisconsin, 1989. ISBN: 0-87054-158-7 Globalhead, Bantam Spectra, New York, 1992. ISBN: 0-553-56281-9 Schismatrix Plus Ace, New York, 1996. ISBN: 0-441-00370-2 Good Old-Fashioned Future,
Sterling, Bruce, The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, Tomorrow Now,
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Bruce Sterling: Unstable Networks, in Locus, May, 1996. (interview) Bruce Sterling: 21st-Century Dude, in Locus, #483, April, 2001. (interview)
Anthologies of Short Fiction Edited
Sterling, Bruce (ed.)

5. Sterling, Bruce - El Chico Artificial.rar - - Online
Sterling, Bruce El Chico Artificial - download at 4shared. Sterling, Bruce - El Chico Artificial is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and

6. Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive
Bruce s unofficial webpage

Ever wonder where the authors of science fiction get their ideas? Judge the process for yourself in the MIRRORSHADES Postmodern Archive on the WELL . It's a mix of weblog, archive, and commonplace book, plucked out of Bruce Sterling's email and from websites worldwide. Currently tracking: art, science, design, environmental catastrophe, crime, virtual war, rip-off cybercreeps, dead media, anarchy, spooks, sickening outrages and cheering developments. If it's in MIRRORSHADES, it's already science fiction. The world just doesn't know it yet.

7. Bruce Sterling - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Sterling, Bruce Alternative names Sterling, Michael Bruce Short description American writer, speaker, futurist, and design instructor Date of birth
Bruce Sterling
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other people named Bruce Sterling, see Bruce Sterling (disambiguation) Bruce Sterling Born April 14, 1954
Austin, Texas
, U.S. Pen name Vincent Omniaveritas (in fanzine Cheap Truth Occupation Writer, speaker, futurist , design instructor Nationality American Period 1970s-present Genres Science fiction Subjects Cyberpunk Literary movement Cyberpunk/ postcyberpunk Influences J. G. Ballard Alfred Bester Samuel R. Delany Chad Oliver Influenced Charles Stross Alastair Reynolds Signature Michael Bruce Sterling (born April 14, 1954) is an American science fiction author , best known for his novels and his work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which helped define the cyberpunk genre.
edit Writings
Sterling is, along with William Gibson Rudy Rucker John Shirley Lewis Shiner , and Pat Cadigan , one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction, as well as its chief ideological promulgator, and one whose polemics on the topic earned him the nickname "Chairman Bruce".

8. Sterling, Bruce - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Sterling
Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only., Bruce

9. Sterling, Bruce Textbooks | - Easy. Fast. Cheap!
Sterling, Bruce Textbooks Save up to 90% on the cheapest textbooks. Rent Textbooks, Buy Used New Textbooks, eTextbooks, Textbook Sales and Textbook Rentals. Sell your Textbooks, Bruce/book-search
var test_s_account = 'ecampusnew,ecampusprod'; Textbooks Return your rental Shopping Cart items) Total Find Textbooks Can't find the books you're looking for? Go to Advanced Search FREE SHIPPING! details Books > "Sterling, Bruce" Displaying to of 49 Results Sort By: Relevance Release Date List Price (Low-Hi) List Price (Hi-Low) Popularity Title List Price: Save up to Prices Marketplace from $21.83
The Caryatids
Author: STERLING, BRUCE February 24, 2009 ISBN 10: 0345460626 ISBN 13: 9780345460622 New Copy: Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
List Price: Save up to Prices
The Difference Engine
Author: Gibson and Bruce Sterling, William November 1, 2010 ISBN 10: 1441890750 ISBN 13: 9781441890757 New Copy: Usually Ships in 5-7 Business Days
The Difference Engine is an alternate history novel by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. It is a prime example of the steampunk sub-genre; It posits a Victorian Britain in which great technological... more List Price: Save up to
The Difference Engine
(Compact Disc)
Author: Gibson and Bruce Sterling, William

10. Slashdot | The Interview With Bruce Sterling
The Interview with Bruce Sterling

11. Sterling Bruce | Mortgage News | Daily National And State Headlines
Three members of an alleged mortgage fraud scheme that falsely promised to help homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes and repair their damaged credit were arrested on
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Sterling Bruce
Three in New Jersey arrested for role in foreclosure rescue scam
Thu, 2010-06-24 09:35 — NationalMortgag... Three members of an alleged mortgage fraud scheme that falsely promised to help homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes and repair their damaged credit were arrested on wire fraud conspiracy charges, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. Ronald Harris Jr. of West Orange, N.J., Sterling Bruce of Old Bridge, N.J. and Sabir Muhammad of South Plainfield, N.J. were arrested by postal inspectors of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Read more
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12. The Hacker Crackdown
Complete text of the book by Bruce Sterling. Provides an insight into the origins, thinking and culture which produced cyberpunk.
The Hacker Crackdown
Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
    Bruce Sterling
Literary Freeware: Not for Commercial Use Translated to HTML by Bryan O'Sullivan
  • Preface to the Electronic Release of The Hacker Crackdown
  • Chronology of the Hacker Crackdown
  • Introduction
    Part 1 : Crashing the System
    A Brief History of Telephony / Bell's Golden Vaporware / Universal Service / Wild Boys and Wire Women / The Electronic Communities / The Ungentle Giant / The Breakup / In Defense of the System / The Crash PostMortem / Landslides in Cyberspace
    Part 2 : The Digital Underground
    Steal This Phone / Phreaking and Hacking / The View From Under the Floorboards / Boards: Core of the Underground / Phile Phun / The Rake's Progress / Strongholds of the Elite / Sting Boards / Hot Potatoes / War on the Legion / Terminus / Phile 9-1-1 / War Games / Real Cyberpunk
    Part 3 : Law and Order
    Crooked Boards / The World's Biggest Hacker Bust / Teach Them a Lesson / The U.S. Secret Service / The Secret Service Battles the Boodlers / A Walk Downtown / FCIC: The Cutting-Edge Mess / Cyberspace Rangers / FLETC: Training the Hacker-Trackers
    Part 4 : The Civil Libertarians
    NuPrometheus + FBI = Grateful Dead / Whole Earth + Computer Revolution = WELL / Phiber Runs Underground and Acid Spikes the Well / The Trial of Knight Lightning / Shadowhawk Plummets to Earth / Kyrie in the Confessional / $79,499 / A Scholar Investigates / Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
  • 13. The SF Site Convention Report: A Chat With Bruce Sterling
    A chat with Bruce Sterling
    Chatting with Bruce Sterling at LoneStarCon 2
    By Thomas Myer
    August 29, 1997
    Bruce Sterling
    "History never repeats itself, but it does kind of rhyme." Bruce Sterling can be called an author, a journalist, an editor, a critic or many other things. He is adept at them all. He is the author of Involution Ocean The Artificial Kid Schismatrix Islands in the Net Heavy Weather (1994), and Holy Fire Bruce Sterling Tribute Site
    Bruce Sterling agreed to chat with me about cyberpunk, the 19th Century, government-sponsored orgies during the Roman Empire, and technology in general all this after a two-hour session in which he talked in front of two dozen fans about his new novel, Holy Fire from Bantam Spectra. Undaunted, he was in high spirits, making incredible leaps and connections but what more can you expect from a Hugo winner?
    You're probably going to go to your grave, and folks will identify you as part of the first wave of cyberpunk writers, no matter what you've done after that period. How do you see Holy Fire do you consider it cyberpunk? How would you answer critics who claim it is just "another cyberpunk novel"?

    14. Beyond The Beyond
    *Or, “ubiquity with Chinese national characteristics.” http//

    15. Sterling Bruce | Bio Of Sterling Bruce | AEI Speakers Bureau
    Bruce Sterling. Bruce Sterling, author, journalist, editor, and critic, was born in 1954 in Brownsville, Texas. He has written eight science fiction novels and three short

    16. Wired 1.04: Life On The Net, 2015
    Life On the Net, 2015
    • Wired Home Subscribe Sections All Wired Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs Video
      Page 1 of 2

      Printing? Use this version
      Life On the Net, 2015

      By Bruce Sterling Earlier this year, Bruce Sterling testied before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance in Washington, DC. This is the transcript of his remarks. Hello everyone and thanks for inviting me here. My name is Bruce Sterling and I'm a science-fiction writer and sometime science journalist. Since writing my nonction book Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier, I have returned to writing science ction. And I've returned to that with some relief, frankly, since the world of science ction is in most ways rather less strange and less bizarre than the contemporary world of telecommunications policy. I hope therefore that you will forgive me if I testify today as a science- fiction writer. It's one of the perks of my profession to write about the future, or attempt to, and I thought you might like to meet someone from the telecommunications future that you are so busy creating. With your kind indulgence for my novelist's whimsy then, the rest of my brief presentation today will be given by a Mr. Bob Smith, who is an NREN network administrator from the year 2015. I present Mr. Smith.

    17. Sterling Bruce - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
    Everything you need to know about Sterling Bruce Email addresses, Phone numbers, Biography, Quantity, Distraction, Rudy Rucker, Fiction, EBook, Holy Fire bruce

    18. Sterling, Bruce (Harper's Magazine)
    October 2010. AMERICAN ELECTRA Feminism’s Ritual Matricide By Susan Faludi. THIRTY DAYS AS A CUBAN Pinching Pesos and Dropping Pounds in Havana By Patrick Symmes

    19. WIRED SCENARIOS: - The Future? You Don't Want To Know.
    The Future? You don t want to know.
    Karl Marx saw the future. A splendid vision of sunlit egalitarian uplands after the State withered away. Karl Marx was probably the greatest visionary futurist of the 19th century.

    he Soviet Union was a 20th-century futurist society. If streets, bridges, and railroads could be engineered, then economy, society, and the human soul should all be engineerable - it only makes sense. Bring on centralized state planning, the magnificent ultramodern vision of Leninist scientific socialism. Free the economy from the bizarre whims of top-hatted Rockefellers and the senseless petty greed of the bourgeoisie. Bring the full grandeur of the scientific method to bear. Analyze, reduce, find the basic principles. Identify the trends. Anticipate future demands. Channel the productivity of the best in the service of the rest. Put the full might and wealth of the State behind promising futuristic technologies like aviation, rocketry, electrification, and nuclear power. The result? When the Japanese face the future, they prefer a coherent intellectual grip. An island nation like Great Britain might accidentally blunder into an industrial revolution or even a global empire, but that kind of organic untidiness doesn't suit Japan.
    They don't produce - all they do is mediate between grumpy loners. Put engineers - those hardheaded can-do rationalists who understand spreadsheets and flow charts - in charge. Pour power and authority into the industrial ministries. Build enormously detailed demographic databases:

    20. Bruce Sterling - Summary Bibliography
    Under Heavy Weather An Interview with Bruce Sterling, The Cops and Hackers Can Go to Hell , Eye to Eye An Interview with Bruce Sterling, An Interview With Bruce Sterling, Bruce

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