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         Sterling Bruce:     more books (101)
  1. Tomorrow Now : Envisioning the Next Fifty Years by Bruce Sterling, 2002-01-01
  2. Heavy Weather by Bruce Sterling, 1995-12-01
  3. A Good Old-Fashioned Future by Bruce Sterling, 1999-06-01
  4. Distraction by Bruce Sterling, 1999-10-05
  5. Involution Ocean by Bruce Sterling, 1988-04-01
  6. Thinking Robots, an Aware Internet, and Cyberpunk Librarians: The 1992 Lita President's Program : Presentations by Hans Moravec, Bruce Sterling, and (Last Quarter Century) by R. Bruce Miller, 1992-09
  7. Year's Best Fantasy 6 (No. 6) by Bruce Sterling, Esther Friesner, et all 2006-09-15
  8. Crystal Express by Bruce Sterling, 1990-12-01
  9. Spasm: Virtual Reality, Android Music and Electric Flesh (Culturetexts) by Arthur Kroker, 1993-08-15
  10. MIRRORSHADES (Mirror Shades) - The Cyberpunk Anthology: The Gernsback Contiuum ; by Bruce (editor) (William Gibson; Rudy Rucker; Tom Maddox; Pat Cadigan; Sterling, 1988
  12. Le gamin artificiel by Bruce Sterling, 1982-05-26
  13. Hollywood Kremlin (Great Science Fiction Stories) by Bruce Sterling, 1998-01
  14. Inseln im Netz. by Bruce Sterling, 2002-01-01

21. Feature
The Spirit of Mega
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    The Spirit of Mega

    By Bruce Sterling
    Think the project you're working on is big? Because we're talking huge. Monumental. Triple Xtra Large. Bruce Sterling reports on how hubris and $20 billion can still buy a pretty big chunk of Planet Earth.
    I'm doing lunch at Le Jules Verne, the only Michelin-starred restaurant ever named for a science fiction writer. At my linen-decked table, bow-tied, manicured French waiters are deploying a fabulous array of advanced culinary technology. I've got a two-decker tray for my flavored coffee sugars, a chromed pedestal for the wine bucket, a dizzying multitude of silver Christofle forks. It's April in Paris, and I'm dining on the second-stage landing of the Eiffel Tower. This is the 19th century's tallest megaproject, the sine qua non of prestigious erections. The Eiffel Tower is an essential first stop in a swift Vernesque reconnaissance of the Mega realm. Mind you, I'm not interested in creations that are

22. Sterling Bruce | Waltham, MA |
Sterling Bruce 1969 graduate of Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, MA is on See pictures, plan your class reunion and get caught up with Sterling and other high

23. Bruce Mississippi Bruce Sterling Bruce Perens Bruce Campbell
Bruce Mississippi Bruce Sterling Bruce Perens Bruce Campbell Canadian Gateway, Business Guides, Entertainment, Travel. Listing and reviews of Canadian Web sites.
var GLB_RIS='';var GLB_RIR='/cincshared/external';var GLB_MMS='';var GLB_MIR='/site/image';GLB_MML='/'; document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); Science People Non User Locations ... Timeline A2('N'); Index: A B C D ... Z A3('s','.','htm','','N');
Bruce is a town located in Calhoun County, Mississippi . As of the census, the town had a total population of 2,097.
1 Geography
Bruce is located at 3359'31" North, 8920'32" West (33.991971, -89.342197) According to the United States Census Bureau , the town has a total area of 6.6 km mi ). 6.6 km (2.6 mi) of it is land and none of it is covered by water.
2 Demographics
As of the census of , there are 2,097 people, 889 households, and 562 families residing in the town. The population density is 316.3/km (818.8/mi). There are 1,005 housing units at an average density of 151.6/km (392.4/mi). The racial makeup of the town is 53.27% White African American Native American Asian ... Pacific Islander , 0.86% from other races , and 1.00% from two or more races. 1.19% of the population are

24. Wired 1.01: War Is Virtual Hell
War Is Virtual Hell
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    War Is Virtual Hell
    Bruce Sterling reports back from the electronic battlefield.

    By Bruce Sterling
    SEE ALSO Archive Category: Future of War
    The First Company of the 12th Armored Cavalry Regiment prepared for virtual battle.
    At the Combined Arms and Tactical Training Center (CATTC) in Fort Knox, Ky., the troops prepared to enter SIMNET - a virtual war delivered via network links. With the almost Disney-like mimicry typical of SIMNET operations, the warriors were briefed in an actual field command-post, with folding camp-stools, fly swatters, and stenciled jerry cans. The young tankers wore green- and-brown forest camouflage fatigues, black combat boots, and forage caps.
    Their command-post canvas tent was pitched inside the giant CATTC barn, right in the midst of silent rows of plastic tank simulators. The Americans listened to a British officer on NATO exchange, Maj. Rogers, a two-year veteran of Fort Knox's simulator network. The major wore British olive-green, with rolled sleeves and gold-crowned epaulets and a Union Jack at the shoulder. He swiftly explained the tactical situation with deft scribbles on the plastic overlay covering a large topographical map.

25. Sterling, Bruce - NetLingo The Internet Dictionary: Online Dictionary Of Compute
NetLingo has thousands of definitions that explain the online world of business, technology, and communication, plus the largest list of text and chat acronyms ;)

Article Wired 1.01 War Is Virtual Hell Article Wired 1.04 - Life On the Net, 2015 Article Wired 2.07 - So, people, we have a fight on our hands.
  • Article: Wired 1.01: - War Is Virtual Hell
  • Article: Wired 1.04 - Life On the Net, 2015
  • Article: Wired 2.07 - So, people, we have a fight on our hands.
  • Article: Wired 3.01 - Triumph of the Plastic People
  • Article: Wired 3.05 - Good Cop, Bad Hacker
  • Article: Wired 4.01 - The Aleph
  • Article: 4.07 - Is Phoenix Burning
  • Article: Wired 4.11 - Greetings from Burning Man!
  • Article: Wired 6.01 - Art And Corruption
  • Article: Wired 6.07 - The Spirit of Mega
  • Article: Feed Magazine - about Iridium's Sorry Decline
  • Article: Time Magazine - A Century Of Science Fiction
  • Article: Wired Scenarios - The Future? You don't want to know.
  • Audio Interview (mp3): The A-Infos Radio Project - Sterling discusses his work, and his ideas for making Green politics attractive and viable.
  • Books reviewed by Danny Yee - Very very short reviews of Bruce Sterling's novels "The Difference Engine" and "Holy Fire".
  • Bruce Sterling Online Index - Bruce Sterling's online writings. Link to articles, speeches, interviews, and other stuff you won't find on old-fashioned paper.
  • Bruce Sterling's The Hacker Crackdown - Complete plain-text of the book. This isn't exactly sf, but does provide insite into the origins, thinking and culture which produced "cyberpunk."
  • 27. Wired 3.01: Triumph Of The Plastic People
    Triumph of the Plastic People
    • Wired Home Subscribe Sections All Wired Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs Video
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      Triumph of the Plastic People
      When the return-of-the-repressed came, and the Communist regime cracked and fell apart, these mad Czech hippies acquired a cultural authority and credibility like no mad hippies have had ever before, anywhere, any time.

      By Bruce Sterling SEE ALSO Archive Category: Connectivity

      Literatura , words-in-a-row, still means something here in Prague. A lot of odd guff is talked about this town, but when they said that Prague was literary, they were living in truth. This is probably the most utterly literary city on the planet. On the subject of modems and phone lines, Martin and his '89er friends still talk about "the Japanese guy." Back in '89, Czech students were trying to coordinate the uprising across the nation, and the technical students, including Martin, were running the telecom angle. They used a 300-baud device with the size, shape, and heat of a kitchen toaster. The Czech secret police were far too stupid and primitive to keep up with digital telecommunications, so the student-radical modem network was relatively secure from bugging and taps. Fidonet BBSes were springing up surreptitiously on campuses whenever an activist could sneak a modem past the border guards. Modems were, of course, illegal. Most of the Czech cops, however, had no idea what modems were.

    28. Feature
    Art And Corruption
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      Art And Corruption

      By Bruce Sterling
      SEE ALSO Archive Category:
      Global Economy

      Space Exploration


      Bruce Sterling, in Saint Petersburg, on what's really going on in Russia.
      Czarist Russia didn't do restraint. Czarist Russia was the political and economic heyday of Saint Petersburg, and it despised restraint; they did something they liked to think of as "grand magnificence." Czarist taste is nervous and full of psychic overcompensation: if the fountains of Versailles are elegant, then a field of fountains the size of an aircraft carrier has got to be better yet. If one gilded cherub is good, then a whole flying death squad of gilded cherubs must be right on the money. The locale was not a natural choice for a city; it's a river delta, a swamp. All these grand temples to czarist autocracy are set on pilings, built on sand. The streets are ruinous; they settle, they freeze, they crack. It didn't help that the Nazis exploded 100,000 bombs inside the city limits; it's as if the whole city had been picked up and dropped. The Soviets never quite repaired all the war devastation, being busy with their own madly impressive enterprises: tanks, nuclear reactors, giant dams, expensive spacecraft. Saint Petersburg isn't Europe: not even now, not by half. It's Moscow's sweeter, kinder, sissy kid sister - the San Francisco of Russia, a place to go when you have the atavistic urge to wear flowers in your hair. Modern Saint Petersburg is Petersburg 3.0: the first release was czarist, the second was the communist Leningrad, the third is global-capitalist Sankt-Piterburg, just another friendly Baltic seaport, a big tourist draw. Built as Russia's Window on the West, it has become the visiting Westerner's Window on the East.

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    30. Wired 2.07: So, People, We Have A Fight On Our Hands.
    So, people, we have a fight on our hands.
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      So, people, we have a fight on our hands.

      By Bruce Sterling Since I'm the last guy to officially speak at CFP '94, I want to seize the chance to grandstand and do a kind of pontifical summation of the event. And get some irrepressible feelings off my chest. What am I going to remember from CFP '94? I'm going to remember the chief counsel of the NSA and his impassioned insistence that key escrow cryptography represents normality and the status quo and that unlicensed hard cryptography is a rash and radical leap into unplumbed depths of lawlessness. He made a literary reference to "Brave New World". What he said in so many words was, "We're not the Brave New World, Clipper's opponents are the Brave New World." And I believe he meant that. As a professional science fiction writer I remember being immediately struck by the deep conviction that there was plenty of Brave New World to go around. I've been to all four CFPs, and in my opinion this is the darkest one by far. I hear ancestral voices prophesying war. All previous CFPs had a weird kind of camaraderie about them. People from the most disparate groups found something useful to tell each other. But now that America's premiere spookocracy has arrived on stage and spoken up, I think the CFP community has finally found a group of outsiders that it cannot metabolize. The trenchworks are going up and I see nothing but confrontation ahead.

    31. Sterling, Bruce Definition Of Sterling, Bruce In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
    Sterling, Bruce (born April 14, 1954, Brownsville, Texas, U.S.) U.S. sciencefiction writer. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1976, the year his first story, “Man, Bruce

    32. Wired 4.01: The Aleph
    The Aleph
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      The Aleph

      By Bruce Sterling Some scientists believe that a petaflops (1 million billion floating-point operations per second) computer could correct bad image-processing in real time. I'd like to push that idea. Perhaps a petaflops computer could become a kind of universal camera. It might be able to re-create 360-degree landscapes, in any depth of focus and from any angle, through the light impinging on the surface of a black globe. No lenses, no film, none of that antiquated frippery - just raw photons and computational power. I imagine Public Telepresence Points, consisting of a rather mystical-looking black globe high on a mirrored stalk. The poetic obverse of a charlatan's crystal ball that people all over the world can peer into - or rather peer out from - this globe. Perhaps with a headmounted display, the computer simply calculates the viewer's needs in real time and composes the appropriate image, binocularly, for human vision. Subjectively speaking, you would have the experience of simply looking out over Trafalgar Square anywhere. - Bruce Sterling

    33. Sterling, Bruce - William, Texas, Global, And World
    (US, 1954– ) Born in Brownsville, Texas, Sterling was educated at the University of Texas and, with William Gibson, is regarded as an originator of ‘cyfi’.

    34. Wired 3.05: Good Cop, Bad Hacker
    Good Cop, Bad Hacker
    • Wired Home Subscribe Sections All Wired Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs Video
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      Good Cop, Bad Hacker
      Bruce Sterling has a "frank chat" with some cops.

      By Bruce Sterling SEE ALSO Archive Category:
      Internet Law

      Last November, sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling addressed police and private security officers at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association. The transcript of his talk has been edited for Wired . The best thing that can be said for the speech, Sterling quips, is that it allowed "American law enforcement personnel to receive training credits for sitting still and listening to it." My name is Bruce Sterling, and I'm a sometime computer crime journalist and a longtime science fiction writer from Austin, Texas. I'm the guy who wrote Hacker Crackdown, which is the book you're getting on one of those floppy disks that are being distributed at this gig like party favors. People in law enforcement often ask me, Mr. Sterling, if you're a science fiction writer like you say you are, then why should you care about American computer police and private security? And also, how come my kids can never find any copies of your sci-fi novels? Well, as to the second question, my publishers do their best. As to the first, the truth is that I've survived my brief career as a computer-crime journalist. I'm now back to writing science fiction full time, like I want to do and like I ought to do. I really can't help the rest of it.

    35. Sterling, Bruce: EServer Technical Communication Library
    A bibliography of works by Sterling, Bruce in the field of technical communication.,_Bruce
    Sterling, Bruce
    2 found. find items containing author is category contains language is publisher is title contains year published is
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    Look at the Underside First
    In a recent issue of Nature magazine (8 April 1999), lithography rises again, in a new, ultra-high-tech guise! Sterling, Bruce Upper and lowercase Magazine Articles Publishing ...
    When Anything Is Possible
    Typography traditionally thrived on its technical limits. Letterforms reflected material constraints. Typography was part of an ancient, terrific combat with the world’s physical limits. Sterling, Bruce Upper and lowercase Magazine Design Typography ... Register.

    36. 4.07: Is Phoenix Burning
    Is Phoenix Burning
    Is Phoenix Burning
    By Bruce Sterling
    I'm in Phoenix, Arizona - not for the Superbowl, like the 100,000 other people who flew in this weekend, but I've got my reasons - and I'm paging through the latest issue of The Arizona Republic. The paper's a lot like the community it serves: glossy, nuttily conservative, and oddly punch-drunk. Friday, January 26, 1996, an article on page B2: Culprits in Rock Barrage Elude Chandler Police Surveillance Rocks and chunks of concrete larger than softballs have been raining on a Chandler neighborhood, pounding roofs and smashing into cars. Police have posted surveillance and have increased patrols, but the rain of rocks continues. Neighborhood Block Watches have been able to do nothing more than collect the rocks - as many as 30 after an attack Tuesday night. Residents believe some device is being used to hurl the missiles. But here's the coverage I'm looking for, on page D7: Rampaging Robots Ready to Wreak Havoc Downtown Some 30 tons of crashing, fire-spitting robotic machinery will perform at 11 PM Saturday at the Icehouse, 429 West Jackson Street, Phoenix. Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) of San Francisco will present its "Million Inconsiderate Experiments," with machine art tromping, stomping and shooting flames. The show, under the direction of artist Mark Pauline, has toured Europe and has been performed in Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. I'm pretty sure I can solve this mystery in Chandler, if the authorities are interested. Put out an APB for a scruffy male adolescent, a bright kid who sits at the family table sullenly radiating poltergeist vibrations and bending fork tines with his molars. He has a deep, secret interest in junkyards, whence he found those hinges, bolts, one-by-twelves, bungee cords, and powerful springs. Look for this kid, and while you're at it, look for his prankster friends.

    37. Sterling Bruce | Newark, NJ |
    Sterling Bruce 2002 graduate of East Side High School in Newark, NJ is on See pictures, plan your class reunion and get caught up with Sterling and other high

    38. Bruce Sterling Books (book Reviews)
    Short reviews of Bruce Sterling s novels The Difference Engine and Holy Fire .
    Danny Yee's Book Reviews
    Titles Authors ... Latest
    Bruce Sterling
    Book Reviews
    • The Difference Engine
      - a steam-driven information age in 19th century Britain
    • Holy Fire
      - a future dominated by a gerontocratic medical-industrial complex
    Subjects Titles Authors Best Books ...
    Book Reviews by Danny Yee

    39. Sterling, Bruce [WorldCat Identities]
    The hacker crackdown law and disorder on the electronic frontier by Bruce Sterling ( Book ) 15 editions published between 1992
    Wed Sep 1 02:18:49 2010 UTC lccn-n79-138206 lccn-n85-146890 Gibson, William lccn-nr99-20943 Bonnefoy, Jean trl lccn-n98-13172 Gibson, William ive lccn-no95-60530 Tiravanija, Rirkrit ill lccn-n85-26836 Brin, David lccn-nr99-4743 Wolfs, Rein adp lccn-n2003-1372 Parreno, Philippe lccn-n81-39515 Moravec, Hans P. lccn-nr2004-23472 Gross, Alex viaf-85135562 trl Sterling, Bruce Sterling, Bruce Science fiction Fantasy fiction Suspense fiction Short stories, American Science fiction, American Life on other planets Pacific OceanIslands of the Pacific Castaways Pacific Ocean Ghosts Art, Modern Art Shades and shadows Gross, Alex Themes, motives Exhibition catalogs LibrariesAutomation Conference proceedings Information technology Computers Science fiction Fantasy fiction Short stories, American Short stories Technology assessment Technological forecasting Suspense fiction Political fiction Rock groups Cyprus, Northern Fathers Washington (D.C.) Space surveillance Computer security Colorado Women astronomers Government investigators Married people Tornadoes Weather controlWar use Fantasy fiction, American

    40. Edge: BRUCE STERLING
    Read a biography of the Hackercrackdown author.
    Culture Home About Edge Features Edge Editions ... Subscribe "We sailed northeast. After two weeks we left the Pentacles behind. This part of the Sea of Dust was monopolized by a peculiar lifeform known as the lilypad. There were hundreds of acres of these strange plants. Their photosynthetic organ was a single round leaf, yards in diameter but only an inch thick. It floated on the surface, absorbing as much sunlight as possible. The gray sea was greenly polka-dotted with thousands of the plants; they were free-floating and strangely sensitive. When disturbed, the leaf curled inwards, wrinkling over its entire surface and withdrawing completely into its root; a thick, round bulb. This immediately sank its the opaque depths, away from the reach of herbivores." - from Involution Ocean Bruce Sterling BRUCE STERLING was born in 1954 in Brownsville, Texas. His grandfather was a rancher, his father an engineer. Sterling, purportedly a novelist by trade, actually spends most of his time aimlessly messing with computers, modems, and fax machines. He and his wife Nancy have a daughter Amy, born in 1987. They live in Austin, Texas. Sterling sold his first science fiction story in 1976. His solo novels include

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