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         Stith John E:     more books (30)
  1. Death Tolls by John E. Stith, 2002-03-01
  2. Deep Quarry by John E. Stith, 2002-03-01
  3. Redshift Rendezvous by John E. Stith, 2001-02-01
  4. Reckoning Infinity by John E. Stith, 2010-07-01
  5. Scapescope by John E. Stith, 1984-11-01
  6. All for Naught by John E. Stith, 2005-04-28
  7. Memory Blank by John E. Stith, 1986-01-01
  8. Reunion on Neverend by John E. Stith, 1994-08-01
  9. Manhattan Transfer by John E Stith, 1993-01-01
  10. Reunion on Neverend by John E. Stith, 1995
  11. Biography - Stith, John E(dward) (1947-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  12. Redshift Rendezvous by John E. Stith,
  13. Death Tolls by John E. Stith, 1987-01-01
  14. Rückkehr nach Neverend by John E. Stith, 1998

1. STITH, JOHN E.; Bibliography By Subject
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Stith, John E. MANHATTAN TRANSFER New York Tom Doherty Associates, 1993. at

Stith, John E. MANHATTAN TRANSFER New York Tom Doherty Associates, 1993. at

4. John E. Stith, Science Fiction And Science Fact Writer
John E. Stith Novels. Stith, John E., Scapescope,Memory Blank,Death Tolls,Deep Quarry,Redshift Rendezvous,Reunion on Neverend, TOR, New York Manhattan Transfer, TOR, New
John E. Stith
Novels Stith, John E., Scapescope, Memory Blank, Death Tolls, Deep Quarry, Redshift Rendezvous, Reunion on Neverend, TOR, New York Manhattan Transfer, TOR, New York Reckoning Infinity, TOR, New York, 1997. ISBN: 0-312-86298-9
Original Short Fiction
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5. STITH John E. : Une Page Non Officielle
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6. Stith John E
Stith, John E. Buy the Hardcover 'Manhattan Transfer Hardcover' Manhattan Transfer (1975) Directed by Ron Field Written by Cast n Tim Hauser as

7. John E. Stith Website |
Home page of writer John E. Stith.
Home page of writer John E. Stith
Site Links
John E. Stith Website
Science-fiction author John E. Stith's works include REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS (Nebula Award nominee), MANHATTAN TRANSFER (Hugo Award Honorable Mention), REUNION ON NEVEREND , and RECKONING INFINITY (on Science Fiction Chronicle's Best Science Fiction Novels list for its publication year, on the Nebula Award preliminary ballot). His other novels are SCAPESCOPE MEMORY BLANK, DEATH TOLLS , and DEEP QUARRY. He's the author of ALL FOR NAUGHT , which collects "Naught for Hire," and "Naught Again" both first appearing in ANALOG . If you hear about "Naught for Hire" verbally, you might think the title is "Not for Hire" but it's not. Check out the Naught for Hire website for even more info on the upcoming webisode series starring Ben Browder. There's also a bit of NAUGHT FOR HIRE info here Want to help spread the word about John E. Stith? See the Con Flyers page. Or join the Facebook page In addition to the original hardcover and paperback publications, MANHATTAN TRANSFER, REDSHIFT RENDEZVOUS, DEATH TOLLS

8. Buy Stith John E
A fastmoving entity, the size of a small moon, has entered our solar system. Is it a ship? A new life form? An alien probe sent to destroy other sentient races?......
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Stith John E
Memory Blank List Price:
Imagine what it must be like to be Cal Donley. He regained consciousness on the orbital colony Daedalus. It's a beautiful place, home for more than a million people, but Cal doesn't remember leaving Earth. In fact, he can't remember his name or most of the past dozen years. What disaster has stripped away so much of his memory? Why? And what about the dried blood on his hands? "In the realm of novels, John E. Stith's Memory a good solid mystery, a good adventure, and even a good science-fiction novelall between one set of covers." STARLOG
Customer Reviews
Explores memory, mind, and self in action format I believe that this is Stith's best (haven't read 'Reckoning Infinity' or 'Scapescope'). Protagonist is an individual living in an O'Neil type habitat who has undergone a procedure that rmoves memories of personal past for the previous several years. The rest of the book is the story of regaining his memory with the help of a cleverly written AI, and, of course, foiling a plot to end civilization as we know it. I really like Stith's writing; his characters are not necessarily the deepest, most convoluted personalities you could concoct, but they are very engaging. His writing, combined with an inventive plot, and the exploration of what memory is and how it relates to ego make this a very enjoyable novel. The worst thing about it is that it is out of print.

9. Sci-fi And Fantasy Used Book List Of Titles
Stith, John E. MANHATTAN TRANSFER 1993 Stith, John E. REUNION ON NEVEREND 1994 Sucharitkul, Somtow
Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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11. Redshift Rendezvous By John E. Stith - Powell's Books
Stith, John E. Publisher Wildside Press Subject Science Fiction General Subject Science fiction Subject Fiction-Science Fiction - General Subject

12. Woodend Bookshop
Ace SF 1984 Softcover. A time travel story. Very good, rem hole on front cover. Keywords time travel......ID 177249 Author Stith, John E Title Scapescope

13. L-i-n-k-s
Stith, John E. Turtledove, Harry; Vinge, Vernor; Vukcevich, Ray; Williams, Walter Jon; Willis, Connie; Wilson, F. Paul; Zebrowski, George. Organizations. SFWA Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers

14. Bookfinder.US: Stith John E
Manhattan Transfer John E. Stith 1587154870 February 2002 Paperback From Publishers Weekly In this somewhat oldfashioned hard SF novel, aliens abruptly wrap the island of

Authors A-Z
Stith John E Manhattan Transfer
John E. Stith
February 2002
From Publishers Weekly
In this somewhat old-fashioned hard SF novel, aliens abruptly wrap the island of Manhattan in a cocoon, move it through space and plop itlock, stock and populacein the middle of an extensive plain. In the distance lie similarly transported communities, of alien origin. Civil authorities, led by the city's first black woman mayor, strive to maintain order in the face of panic and the exhortations of a religious fanatic, while techies and scientists try to find out what has occurred. An expedition to some of the other cities, led by masterful army officer Matt Sheehan and young computer genius Bobby Joe Brewster, discovers evidence that the municipalities are transported just before disaster strikes their home planets. In one such city, the expedition learns, the inhabitants have all committed suicide. On... All for Naught
John E. Stith
April 2005
Download Description ALL FOR NAUGHT collects a novella and a novelette: "Naught for Hire" and "Naught Again." "Naught for Hire" is a quirky, action-packed, comedy set just a few years from now. Nick Naught, private eye, walks down some strange mean streets as he tries to stay ahead of the killers on his tail and tries to cope in a world where all the irritations we have with technology are magnified. Gadgets act up in big ways, including voice operated machines that talk back to people. Nick Naught winds up on a hit list, but he doesn't even realize it at first, because the "accidents" are so much like his normal hazardous life. Annette Taylor, Nick's former lover, shows up in his office shortly after she runs into trouble too. "Naught Again" follows Nick's adventures as he looks into trouble at the local cryogenics lab. ALL FOR NAUGHT...

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Stith John E. Stoker Abraham Storm Sue Stout Amy Straczynski Joseph Straub Peter Strete Craig Strickland Brad Strieber Whitley Strugatsky Arkady

  • Saint Clair Margaret Sallee Wayne Allen Salvatore R.A. Sapir Richard Shaver Richard Shea Robert Sheldon Walt Shepherd Mark Sherman Delia Sherman Josepha Shetterly Will Shiner Lewis ... Shwartz Susan Siegel Barbara Siegel Scott Silva David B. Simmons Dan Simner Janni Lee Simons Walton Skal David J. Skeet Michael Skipp John Sladek John Sleator William Slesar Henry Slonczewski Joan Smith Clarck Ashton Smith David Alexander Smith David C. Smith Dean Wesley Smith Edward E. Smith Evelyn E. Smith George Smith Guy N. Smith Joy V. Smith Julie Smith L.J. Smith L. Neil Smith Mark Smith Michael Marshall Smith Sarah Smith Sherwood Snegov Sergei Snodgrass Melinda M. Snyder Midori Snyder Zilpha Keatley Sohl Jerry Somtow S.P. Soukup Martha Sparhawk Bud Spector Craig Spencer William Browning Springer Nancy Stableford Brian Stackpole Michael A. Stacy Jan Stapledon Olaf Stasheff Christopher Steele Alan Steiber Ellen Stephenson Neal Sterling Bruce Stevens James A. Stewart Ian Stewart W.Gregory Stewart Sean Stiegler Marc Stine George Stine Robert Stirling Stephen Stith John E. Stoker Abraham Storm Sue Stout Amy Straczynski Joseph Straub Peter Strete Craig Strickland Brad Strieber Whitley Strugatsky Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strumfels David J Sullivan Timothy Robert Sumner Mark Sussex Lucy Sutcliff Rosemary Swann S Andrew Swann Thomas Burnett

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    Stith, John E. GoH Bubonicon 20 (1988) Turtledove, Harry GoH Bubonicon 27 (1995) Williams, Walter Jon GoH Bubonicon 32 (2000) Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn GoH Bubonicon
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  • Cornett, Robert C. Co-GoH: Bubonicon 25 (1993)
  • Dickson, Gordon R. GoH: Bubonicon 10 (1978)
  • 17. Textbooks - Easy. Fast. Cheap!
    Author Stith, John E. (Author) August 1, 1987. ISBN 10 0441142141. ISBN 13 9780441142149. New Copy This item is temporarily unavailable from the publisher, but is expected in soon.

    18. STITH, John E.
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    19. Reader's Bookshelf Home Page
    Stith, John E. Reckoning Infinity Tiptree, James Jr. Meet Me at Infinity Thomas, Maggy Broken Time Varley, John The Golden Globe Vance, Jack The Demon Princes
    Book Reviews:
    (Alphabetically by Author) Barnes, John Candle Earth Made of Glass Finity Bear, Greg Foundation and Chaos Benford, Gregory Foundation's Fear Gregory Benford and David Brin Heart of the Comet Chalker, Jack L. Priam's Lens The Sea Is Full Of Stars Cherryh, C.J. Cloud's Rider The Faded Sun: Kesrith Clemens, James Wit'ch Fire Cook, Glen Faded Steel Heat Cramer, John Enistein's Bridge Feintuch, David Children of Hope Forstchen, William R. Article 23 Foster, Alan Dean Carnivores of Light and Darkness Dirge ... Parallelities Friedman, C. S. This Alien Shore Green, Terence M. Blue Limbo Hamilton, Peter F. A Quantum Murder The Reality Dysfunction The Naked God Hartmann, William K. Mars Underground Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers [Extra] Hogan, James P. Voyage from Yesteryear Peter Jurasik and William H. Keith, Jr. Diplomatic Act Keyes, J. Gregory

    20. "Bibliographie De Stith John"
    Bibliographie de Stith John LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR STITH JOHN E. (USA, 1947 ) R compense et prix litt raire de Science-fiction d cern John Stith
    • HOMer Award : en 1990
    Paul Denis
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