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         Sudham Pira:     more books (23)
  1. siamese drama by Pira Sudham, 1989
  2. Monsoon Country , Thailand in Transition by Pira Sudham, 1991
  3. People of Esarn. Third Edition by Pira Sudham, 1988
  4. MONSOON COUNTRY by Pira Sudham, 1988
  5. MONSOON COUNTRY by Pira Sudham, 1993
  6. Siamese Drama and Other Stories from Thailand by Pira Sudham, 1988-01-01
  7. Terre de mousson by Pira Sudham, 1998-09-03
  8. Pira Sudham's Best: Siamese Drama and Other Stories From Thaliand

21. Literature In Thailand Rama Writers Thai Called Epic Culture
and east, and by Cambodia to the south; to the west it is separated from Northern region has produced two notably sociocritical writers in Kamsing Srinok and Pira Sudham Pira

22. Pattaya Mail - Vol. XIV No. 5 - Friday February 3 - February 9, 2006 Community H
The guest speaker at the Pattaya City Expats Club meeting on Sunday February 5, will be the acclaimed Thai author Pira Canning Sudham. Pira, though born and brought up in an Isan

Pattaya Mail turns 12

Pattaya Mail Web Vol. XIV No. 5
Friday February 3 - February 9, 2006




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Pattaya Mail About Us Subscribe Advertising Rates Updated every Friday by Saichon Paewsoongnern COMMUNITY HAPPENINGS Do you have an event at your place,or do you have special offers? To be listed in these columns, please write to “Community Happenings ” Fax: 038- 427 596 E-Mail: Community Happenings is an opportunity for all clubs, businesses, hotels, restaurants and entertainment outlets to inform the Pattaya Mail’s readers what new “happenings” are coming up. Send us your happening by email to: or by fax 038 427 596. Clubs Pattaya International Ladies Club will be holding their annual general meeting followed by a buffet luncheon on Tuesday February 7, 2006 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club , 274/1-9 Moo 4 Sukhumvit Highway (km 157). Tel: 038-237-310. We welcome all members to attend.

23. Open Site - Arts: Literature: Authors: S
Sudham, Pira Suetonius Sukenick, Ronald Surtees, Robert Smith Suzuki, David Svich, Caridad Swenson, May Swift, Jonathan Swinburne, Algernon Charles

24. Currency The Local Currency Is The Thai Baht. Changing Money In
Sudham, Pira, Siamese Drama and People of Esarn. Bangkok Siam Media International. Young, Gordon, The Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand. Third Edition.

25. Ken And Lat's Links
Sudham, Pira Samuri Bookie or - DCO Thai Sudham, Pira Shadowed Country - or - DCO Thai Sudham, Pira The Force of Karma - or - DCO Thai Sudham, Pira Tales of Thailand Amazon - or - DCO Thai

26. Jono's Bookshelf: All (showing 1-30 Of 83) (sorted By: Date Added) Jono Has 83 B
Feb 05, 2010 Mar 15 view Tales of Thailand Sudham, Pira 2010 Goodreads Inc

27. Asia Bookroom :: Thailand - Modern Society
SUDHAM, PIRA. Stock ID 73499 231pp, stamp and author's signature on title page, gilt lettering, creased and rubbed dustjacket. This novel is set in Thailand, England and Germany to
04 Nov 2010 Home Search Express Order About Us ... Inside Southeast Asia. Religion, Everyday Life, Cultural Change. MULDER, NIELS.
Stock ID: 48774
viii + 231pp, index, paperback. (New Book) This book explores how modern, urban Southeast Asians view and manage their social life. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 48774) ... more AU$31.00
Thailand's Crisis.
Stock ID: 48762
Black and white illustrations, graphs, charts, viii + 275pp, glossary, bibliography, index, paperback. (New Book) Account of how Thailand reacted as a society and culture to its worst-ever economic disaster. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 48762) ... more AU$39.00
Thailand. Land of the Eternal Smile.
Stock ID: 79433
Colour map, profuse colour photographic illustrations, 127pp, index, dustjacket, folio. Illustrated throughout with striking colour photographs this large format book gives a good visual picture of modern Thailand with its mixture of the traditional alongside the modern. Suitable for secondary. (When referring to this item please quote stockid 79433) ... more AU$55.00

28. Paknam Web: Amazing Thailand Facts! (Part 4) - (Thailand Travel, Culture, Food A
Pira Sudham. Pira Sudham from Buriram was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature for his novel Monsoon Country, The Voice of Isarn (Surawat)

29. Towards A Multicultural View Of Tourism Politics
Sudham, Pira, (1988) Monsoon Country, Bangkok, Shire Books (1988) People of Esarn, Bangkok, Shire Books (1996) Tales of Thailand, Bangkok Shire Books
Towards a Multicultural View of Tourism Politics By
Robert Charles Grant Dodson
English Language Center (ELC)
Assumption University
  • Abstract
  • Historical Background
  • The Modern Period
  • Research in the Contemporary Period
    Abstract This paper aims to offer an insight into the 'world of tourism'. It opens with a selective historical introduction which gives an overview of the development of the phenomenon up to the mass international tourism of the present day as seen from western experience. Three historical periods form a framework for the foundation of modern international tourism. It is suggested that a number of events during these periods are significant in that they prepare the way for the phenomenal growth of tourism today. The paper then reviews the literature from many areas and disciplines. With few dissenters, tourism is seen to be an interdisciplinary field of study. Whilst it has only recently attracted the attention of the academic, it has now become fertile ground for some social scientists, for example, geographers, sociologists, economists, and anthropologists. However, the field of study remains under researched, especially in the areas of political science and international politics (Matthews 1975; Richter 1983; Klosters 1984; Stock 1987; Richter 1989; Hall 1994). Historical Background Tourism as a practice, as well as travel for specifically educational purposes, has a very long history. Holloway (1985:22) notes that although the term tourism dates from the early 19th century, the activity occurred as early as 776BC when the Greeks hosted the first Olympic Games. Others, for example Lickorish and Jenkins (1997:11) place prehistory tourism as being from English medieval times to the early 17th Century. Prior to this time, it seems reasonable to assume that explorers, pilgrims and traders were the ancestors of today's tourists, before the division of the world into recognisable political units.

30. Book For A Thai-sick Farang....
if you're interested in isaan then try some pira sudham. Pira Sudham Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

31. ABAC Journal September-December, 1999
Pira Sudham. Pira Sudham is a Thai writer who writes entirely in English, and in a deceptively easy style, conjures up in his novel, Monsoon Country, a picture of rural Thailand
THEMES, CHARACTERS AND INFLUENCE IN CONTEMPORARY THAI WRITING IN ENGLISH* By Suthira Duangsamosorn Chairperson, Department of Business English Faculty of Arts Assumption University of Thailand INTRODUCTION First of all, I would like to define the Asian Diaspora in the Thai context. The Thai Diaspora is a rare species, because Thai writers normally do not see the necessity to communicate in any other language than their own. However, there is a phenomenon we could define as Contemporary Thai Writing in English, and my presentation here is meant as an introduction to those works accessible to international readership. Strictly speaking, there are only two Thais who have written and published literary works in English with some success. One is SP Somtow, or Somtow Sucharitkul who was born in Bangkok, educated at Eton and St. Catarine's College, Cambridge, and belongs to, what may loosely be defined as, the privileged class. In his ancestry mention is made of a grandfather whose two sisters were married to King Rama VI. Somtow's work include avant-garde musical compositions and 27 genre novels. His most recent novel, Jasmine Nights, has earned much acclaim by the international community in Bangkok. He commutes between his home in Bangkok and Los Angeles. The other writer Pira Sudham, who hails from the poorest part of Thailand, the Northeastern plains, discovered poetry and his love for English as a young boy minding the buffaloes in the fields. He later won a prestigious scholarship to study English literature at Victoria University, New Zealand. Pira Sudham has lived in Australia, England and Hongkong, and today he maintains homes in Bangkok, and his native village in Napo, Buriram. He was nominated to the Nobel Prize for Literature, and has been singled out for his creation of grassroots characters hitherto unknown in Thai literature.

32. Alexa - Top Sites By Category: Arts/Literature/Authors/S
Sudham, Pira (1) Sukenick, Ronald (3) Surtees, Robert Smith (2)

33. Canadian Content > Literature
Sudham, Pira Suetonius @ Sukenick, Ronald Surtees, Robert Smith Suzuki, David @ Svich, Caridad @ Swenson, May Swift, Jonathan Swinburne, Algernon Charles
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34. Chronological List
SUDHAM, PIRA (1942 ) How to Ride a Water Buffalo (ss) Short Story International Aug 1978; Thailand. Rains (ss) The Bangkok Post 1979 Title Deed and the Glory (ss) Living 1979
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