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         Xenophon:     more books (100)
  1. The Sea, The Sea (Penguin Epics) by Xenophon, 2006-12-26
  2. Xenophons Socratic Discourse by Leo Strauss, 1998-01-30
  3. On Revenues (Dodo Press) by Xenophon, 2007-09-24
  4. Anabasis: The March Up Country by Xenophon, 2009-07-06
  5. The March of the Ten Thousand; Being a Translation of the Anabasis, Preceded by a Life of Xenophon by Xenophon, 2010-02-10
  6. Collected Works of Xenophon by Xenophon, 2009-04-30
  7. The Portable Greek Historians: The Essence of Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Polybius (Viking Portable Library)
  8. Hypnosis: A Scientific Approach (Master Work Series) by Theodore Xenophon Barber, 1995-06
  9. Economic Growth and Declining Social Welfare by Xenophon Zolotas, 1981-12-01
  10. The Shorter Socratic Writings: "Apology of Socrates to the Jury," "Oeconomicus," and "Symposium" by Xenophon, 2006-02-09
  11. Xenophon, V, Cyropaedia: Books 1-4 (Loeb Classical Library) (Bks. 1-4) by Xenophon, 1914-01-01
  12. Plato Apology of Socrates and Crito, With Extracts from the Phaedo and Symposium and from Xenophon's Memorabilia by Plato, 2002-12-14
  13. Untersuchungen zu Xenophons Kyrupadie (Beitrage zur Altertumskunde) (German Edition) by Christian Mueller-Goldingen, 1995
  14. The Expedition of Cyrus by Xenophon, 2009-12-27

61. Xenophon Quotes
10 quotes and quotations by xenophon Related Authors George S. Patton Marcus Aurelius Douglas MacArthur R. Lee Ermey

62. Roman History Books And More
Includes brief biography, links to ancient sources and contemporary works.

63. Ethics Of Socrates, Xenophon, And Plato By Sanderson Beck
BECK index Socrates, xenophon, and Plato Empedocles Socrates xenophon's Socrates Defense of Socrates Memoirs of Socrates Symposium Oikonomikos xenophon

64. The Little Sailing
Ancient Greek texts in Unicode encoding including Aeschylus, Apollodorous, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Euripides, Hesiod, Homer, Lucian, Plutarch, Thucydides, and xenophon. Some texts are with side-by-side translation.

65. Xenophon University Of Pennsylvania Department Of English
xenophon. xenophon, 431350 BCE, Athenian historian. xenophon served as a young man in the cavalry in the war between Athens and Sparta, after which he became a student of

66. Satraps And Satrapies
Map and concordance of Persian topographical names. It is based on the Greek authors Arrian, Herodotus, xenophon and Persian inscriptions.

67. Xenophon Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research xenophon and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

68. A Medical Officer S Diary And Narrative Of The First World War
The diary and memoirs of Travis Hampson MC, a Medical Officer with the Royal Army Medical Corps, for 1914 to 1919, covering his service on the Western Front.

Welcome to The xenophon Homepage. This is a new development which aims to provide a service for all those interested in xenophon, his life, his works and the times in which he

70. Xenophon - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Xenophon
xenophon (c. 430– c. 350 BC) Greek soldier and writer who was a disciple of Socrates (described in xenophon's Symposium). He joined the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger

71. Agesilaus
Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.

72. Anabasis
Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.

73. Hellenica
H.G. Dakyns translation at Project Gutenberg.

74. Hiero
Translation by H.G. Dakyns. Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

75. The Apology
Etext at Project Gutenberg from the H.G. Dakyns translation.

76. The Economist
Etext at Project Gutenberg, translated by H.G. Dakyns.

77. The Memorabilia
Plain text file of the H.G. Dakyns translation at Project Gutenberg.

78. The Cavalry General
Plain text file at Project Gutenberg. Translated by H.G. Dakyns.

79. Cyropaedia The Education Of Cyrus
Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

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