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  1. How to Teach Accelerated Phonics Through Learning Styles: K-12, College and Adult by Ricki Linksman, 1993-10
  2. Accelerated Learning In's and Out's by ebook, 2009-04-14

1. - "Gifted Voice" Newsletter
skipping grades/accelerated learning - teach more competency/survival skills as opposed to gathering knowledge and facts _ Preparing Gifted Children
Supporting Giftedness
and Gifted Education
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"Gifted Voice" Newsletter
Winter 2005-06 Issue
I Get Super Grades! Now What?
(by Otto Schmidt, Gifted Programming Consultant, , Toronto, Canada)
What should gifted students do once they achieve great academic results? When marks are super high regularly, it usually means that learning skills are well mastered, motivation and responsibility are high, and there is probably plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction in the effort. Once that level of operation has been reached, gifted students can be led into other areas to further enrich and enhance their lives:
Become Consistent
Work to have all marks at roughly the same high level. A spread of 5-10 marks, or more can suggest: effort is not consistent, like and dislike of courses, not as disciplined in some subjects as others.
Do Volunteer Work Develop New Interests Start collections, read new magazines, get involved in local groups or school clubs, take a night school course, listen to new kinds of music, learn to play a musical instrument, get into crafts, learn to meditate, become an environmentalist. Tutoring There are many students who would appreciate assistance with subjects that are difficult. Teach the "weakest" subject to increase abilities.

2. Departments And Directories
Personalized Accelerated Learning. TEACH. TLC Lab Tutoring, Learning, Computing Lab. Career Technical Education. International Students Program

3. Academy Of Accelerated Learning — Academics
The instructors at Academy of Accelerated Learning teach science with handson investigative lessons using real-world tools. Students are guided to ask and answer questions using
Academy of Accelerated Learning Academics The Academy of Accelerated Learning curriculum is based on the MPS District Learning Targets, which are aligned to Wisconsin State Standards. The staff at the Academy of Accelerated Learning guides students on their paths to becoming independent, self-confident learners with strong, real-world skills and good decision-making abilities, prepared to succeed in upper grades and beyond. Please click on the image below to download the Learning Targets brochures. Language Arts/Writing Reading Math Science ...
Library/Media Center
Language Arts/Writing
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Mathematics K4 children learn that numbers represent quantities and they practice counting, sorting, patterning and comparing groups of objects. They also learn about colors and shapes. In K5, children continue to count, compare, add and subtract numbers in a story context. They sort, describe and compare shapes. K5 children also collect, sort, and represent data. Students in grade 1 learn basic processes of addition and subtraction. They identify shapes and recognize patterns. In grade 2, children increase their knowledge of geometrical shapes, describe data and use measurement tools. Grade 3 children learn multiplication and division. Students expand their understanding and use of multiplication and division in grade 4. They also work with fractions and decimals and begin to study basic concepts of geometry, algebra and data. In grade 5, children learn more about using mathematical data to solve problems, including how to estimate, measure and predict outcomes.

skipping grades/accelerated learning; teach more competency/survival skills as opposed to gathering knowledge and facts; Back to Top
April, 2004 Issue 4-4 Courtesy of: O. Schmidt, Gifted Programming Consultant, Publisher. Professional Site: See back issues of this newsletter at Contributions to this newsletter will be published. Become famous.
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Feature Article 1
Is Your Child Gifted or Stricken with ADD?
(source unknown) Some really bright children are getting medicated for ADD instead of being identified as gifted! Believe it or not, there is actually a high risk of that happening. Some of the following are common to both:
  • underachieving in many areas of life disorganized daily routines sloppy work that is rushed and/or poorly done handwriting that is difficult to read self-centered and individualistic attitude difficulty in conforming to societal norms stubborn and persistent in getting his/her own way noticeable mood changes and swings a kind of "spacey" look about them, not quite connected

5. 101 Open Courses To Improve Your Teaching This Summer | Online Universities
Introduction to Accelerated Learning Teach with accelerated learning using this introductory course. Open U Educational Theory and Practice I This course takes a look at what
Online Universties Home Online University Blog
101 Open Courses To Improve Your Teaching This Summer
July 25th, 2010 online universities , you can put your summer to good use. General Find general teaching education in these courses.
  • Looking Forward and Looking Back on Education : Eric Klopfer covers the past and future of education in K-12 settings. [MIT] Thinking About How I Work With Other Professionals : Think about teamwork with other teachers through this course. [Open U] Contemplation and the First Year Experience : See how students can improve academic life with this course. [ND] Introduction to Education : Introduction to Education will help you understand and evaluate education. [MIT] Integrating Thinking for Future Leaders in Education : See how you can use integrative thinking to educate children. [Connexions] : Make sense of teaching in higher education with this course. [UNESCO] Experiments in Education : This seminar takes a look at how learning should happen. [MIT] Mentorship for Teacher Leaders : See how you can be an active mentor with this course. [Connexions] Understanding IQ Testing and Special Programming for Advanced Learners : This course offers a foundation in multicultural issues and initiatives in ESL. [Dixie]
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    7. Music Classrooms Articles - Page 1 -
    Tags accelerated learning techniques, accelerated learning; Teach Music With Much Comfort And Efficiency By Earl Marsden Who would not desire to teach music without stress and Classrooms

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