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  1. Be Your Own Doctor With Acupressure
  2. Acupressure Health Book by Frank Bahr, 1982-07
  3. Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Acupressure, & Chinese Herbs by Andy Rosenfarb, 2007-06-19
  4. Acupressure's Potent Points by Michael Reed Gach, 1990-01-01
  5. The Bum Back Book: Acupressure Self-Help Back Care for Relieving Tension and Pain by Michael Reed Gach, 1995-11-01
  6. Finger Acupressure: Treatment for Many Common Ailments from Migraine to Insomnia by Using Finger Massage on Acupuncture Points by Pedro Chan, 1980-05
  7. Acupressure for Common Ailments by Chris Jarmey, John Tindall, 2006-01-15
  8. Acupressure for Athletes (Owl Books) by David J. Nickel, 1987-01
  9. G-Jo Hand Acupressure: Micro-Acupressure Series (The G-Jo Institute self-health series) by Michael Blate, 2005-06-29
  10. Touch for Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Health Using Acupressure Touch and Massage to Improve Postural Balance and Reduce Physical and Mental Pain and Tension by John F. Thie, 1979
  11. Dr. Bahr's Acu-Diet: Weight Loss at Your Fingertips -- The 10-Second-a-Day Acupressure Reducing and Diet Book by Frank R Bahr, 1978
  12. Acupressure for the Soul: How to Awaken Biological Spirituality and the Gifts of the Emotions by Nancy Fallon, 1993-10
  13. All You Wanted to Know About Acupressure in Daily Life by Savitri Ramaiah, 2000-02-04
  14. Finger Acupressure by Chan Pedro, 1985-05-12

61. Donnelly's Chinese Therapist
Offers traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure. Profile, therapies and prices.
Martin Donnelly
Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acupressure

62. Acupressure
acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine bodywork technique based on the same ideas as acupuncture. It involves placing physical pressure, by hand, elbow, or with the aid of
Science Reference
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Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine bodywork technique based on the same ideas as acupuncture. See also: It involves placing physical pressure, by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices, on different pressure points on the surface of the body (which may be far distant from the symptom, related by what is called the meridian system) to bring about relief through greater balance and circulation of fluids (blood, lymph) and metabolic energies in the body (heat, qi). For more information about the topic Acupressure , read the full article at , or see the following related articles: Massage read more Traditional Chinese medicine read more ... read more Note: This page refers to an article that is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License . It uses material from the article Acupressure at See the page for more details. Editor's Note : This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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Acupressure Relieves Low Back Pain (February 17, 2006)

63. Chinese Herb Shop - Your Online Source For Chinese Herbs - Since 1997.
Offers acupressure services and Chinese remedies and herbal teas. Online ordering available.
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64. Acupressure -
Learn about acupressure on Find info and videos including About acupressure, How to Define acupressure, acupressure for Stress and much more.
  • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
Home Acupressure
Acupressure Featured Articles
  • About Acupressure Acupressure is a form of ancient Chinese medicine which is similar to acupuncture with the exception that needles are not used. Acupressure is based upon the principles of acupuncture; there are 14 meridians-or channels-that run throughout the body. These channels, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as tsubos, allow... What is Acupressure? The American Chiropractic Association describes acupressure as manual pressure applied to specific points on the body for the purpose of restoring organ, gland and tissue function through neurological pathways. Acupressure originated in China about 5000 years ago. It is one arm of the family of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques,... How to Apply Acupressure Acupressure points are often called by other names. Acupuncture points, pressure points and acupoints all refer to the same thing. Strongly linked to acupuncture, acupressure seeks to regulate the energies of the body by manipulating points on the physical body. Acupressure is used to treat stress, physical ailments and improve... How to Benefit From Acupressure Acupressure is a technique in traditional Chinese medicine similar to acupuncture. It is a combination of the words "acupuncture" and "pressure," which reflects the use of pressure instead of needles to stimulate the acupuncture points (also known as meridians) on the surface of the body. The following steps will show how to benefit...

65. Scalar Wave Laser, Healing Lasers, Water Ionizers, Aranizers, Spa Tables
Offering massage and reiki tables, air and water filters, spa equipment, and acupressure tools and accessories.
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Pamper with Portable Massage Tables , Reiki table, Salon and Spa Tables Massage Chairs and Massage Therapy Tables
Learn about Acupressure healing, electro

66. Acupressure - How To Information |
acupressure how to articles and videos including Instructions for Finding Maternity acupressure Points, acupressure Hip Pain, Benefits of acupressure Facial Massages … and
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Home Health Alternative Medicine ... Acupressure
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  • Acupressure Beads and Weight Loss Acupressure beads, in the form of vicaria seeds positioned at the ear, can balance your metabolic and digestive systems to aid in your weight loss efforts. Learn how acupuncture beads can help... Acupressure for Sex Acupressure can improve your sex life by treating such common problems as infertility and impotence, using the big toe, liver-three, kidney-one and solar plexus foot points. Address your sexual... Acupressure to Induce Pregnancy Acupressure on a specific point called Zi Gong helps to encourage ovulation and induce pregnancy, while other techniques increase circulation and maintain the best body temperatures for... Acupressure and massage techniques can work together to relieve tension at your tigger points and improve circulation throughout the body. Discover new ways to rejuvenate yourself in this free... Tapping Acupressure Technique for Motion Sickness Acupressure can relieve the nausea and vomiting of motion sickness simply by tapping a certain point on the wrist, improving the flow of chi in your body. Learn how to make that motion sickness go... Acupressure to Lower High Blood Pressure High blood pressure afflicts millions of Americans, but did you know that acupressure on certain heart and large intestine points can actually help lower blood pressure? Fight hypertension the...

67. Natural Skin Care Products, Organic Skin Care, Cosmetics, Beauty Products DSA
Holistic health consulting business with emphasis on aromatherapy lotions and oils, acupressure, and Chinese herbals.

Essential Oils

Carrier Oils

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68. New Choices In Natural Healing Acupressure
acupressure Let Your Fingers Do the Healing. You?ve probably heard of acupuncture, or seen a photo of someone receiving the treatment?looking a bit like a human pincushion
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Chapter List For: New Choices in Natural Healing:
  • The Most Natural of Remedies How to Use Acupressure The Many Flavors ... New Choices in Natural Healing
    From the Rodale book, New Choices in Natural Healing:
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    Let Your Fingers Do the Healing
    You?ve probably heard of acupuncture, or seen a photo of someone receiving the treatment?looking a bit like a human pincushion, with dozens of little needles sticking out of his body. But how much do you know about acupressure? With acupressure, you use finger or hand pressure instead of needles. But its goal is the same as acupuncture?s: to stimulate what Chinese medical practitioners call chi?the body?s most basic healing energy. Acupressure is the older, original technique, a Chinese home remedy that gave rise to the more ?technological? approach of acupuncture. (In much the same way, the herb willow bark was the predecessor of aspirin.) Many American physicians and health professionals say that both of these techniques are powerful methods for pain relief and disease treatment.
  • 69. Unihealth Group . Comprehensive Alternative Health Solutions
    Offers free alternative health care advice and suggested herbs to cure almost any ailment. Also acupressure and reflexology suggestions.
    Unihealth Group provides the general public with an affordable, alternative avenue to tend to physical ailments by offering a non-surgical and drug-free approach to healing. Our healing philosophy is derived from a blend of Eastern tradition and Western influence.
    Tony Au
    I have been practicing Shitoryu Karate for over 30 years... more By Location: Choose a location Aspen Calgary Burnaby Centre Burnaby North Centre Coquitlam Centre Downtown Calgary Downtown Toronto Downtown Vancouver East Vancouver Centre Etobicoke Centre North Vancouver Centre North York Centre Richmond Centre Surrey Centre Vancouver (Head Office) West Vancouver Members Sign In
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    membership: Web-booking ... Affordable Health Care Use our categorized listings of health-related services to find a practitioner or service near you.

    70. Acupressure Schools At Holistic Junction
    acupressure training schools teach an ancient healing therapy that was developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. There are a number of acupressure
    Acupressure Schools
    Acupressure Schools
    Acupressure training schools teach an ancient healing therapy that was developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. There are a number of acupressure schools that are available to teach students how to utilize the fingers to apply pressure to key locations on the skin's surface to promote natural healing. Acupressure facilitates the same reference points on the body that release muscular stress which encourages better blood circulation, improving overall health. There are various acupressure courses that can provide instruction in a number of practices of acupuncture.
    Read More About Available Acupressure Courses
    Acupressure is taught as a preventative therapy that can benefit not only the mind, but the body and spirit. Acupressure schools are available to teach students the benefits of acupressure treatments, and how pain can be relieved and the body brought back into harmonious balance. Acupressure's healing ability promotes stress reduction, improves circulation, relaxes the body and strengthens the immune system. With acupressure becoming more popular the number of schools that offer this type of training are also on the rise.
    In addition to providing typical acupressure sessions for clients, students of acupressure programs are instructed on how to develop their entrepreneurial skills to promote their individual practices. Two techniques commonly taught in acupressure schools are "Shiatsu," and "Jin Shin." Shiatsu acupressure, which is the most widely used therapy, is noted for its vigorous and firm pressure application. The Jin Shin acupressure technique is a more gentle form, which is the art of which points are softly held for a moment or two. Aspiring students can find their dream job by obtaining an education in fast-growing industries like

    71. Massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Pain, And Trigger Point Therapy
    Develops acupressure and massage tools including ShiatsuBag, massage rollers, bongers, and myo balls.
    ShiatsuMD develops and distributes massage and trigger point release tools that reduce muscle pain, provide soft tissue therapy, and promote comfort, health, and wellness. The MyoRollers TPRPal Bongers ShiatsuBag ... MyoBalls , and MyoVise , are all simple, innovative myofascial therapy products. They are made in the USA, require no electricity and are environmentally friendly. Self-Massage, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point release tools Adjustable MyoRollers Bongers HIgh Density Myoballs MyoVise Body Clamp ... TPRPal The Original Massaging ShiatsuBag The ShiatsuBag is a specially designed flexible adaptable massage bag of Myo-release balls and combines the benefits of tennis ball, foam roller, and trigger point, therapies used to treat myofascial pain syndrome, and provide trigger point release. MyoBalls, and other types of balls are the most highly recommended

    72. Stress, Accupressure, Oriental Medicine, Alternative Medicine,
    acupressure for the management of stress is described. acupressure. Practitioners of acupressure recommend that you identify the cause of your stress, which is essential for any
    Home Search Holisticonline Grandmas Remedies
    Quality vitamins, natural remedies
    Big savings on gemstones, jewelry and gifts. Alternative Medicine Stress Management Conditions/ Treatments Preferred Providers ... Holistic-online Home
    Practitioners of acupressure recommend that you identify the cause of your stress, which is essential for any therapy to be truly effective. In addition to practicing acupressure, create a strategy to manage stress through exercise meditation , and massage Before you begin, make sure that you are wearing loose, comfortable clothing-loosen your collar and belt if necessary-so that your circulation is free. If you have long nails, or if you find that your hands and fingers are not strong enough or cramp during a session, you can use a pencil eraser, golf ball, or other firm, blunt object to apply pressure on the points. There are several ways in which you can do acupressure, and you'll need to experiment to discover what feels best. Firm pressure using fingers, palms, or knuckles means applying pressure steadily for one to several minutes. Another technique is to knead the muscles with your fingers or heels of your hands, the motion is similar to kneading dough. Rubbing an acupressure point will increase circulation, and quick tapping with your fingertips or fists stimulates the muscles. You will experience different sensations for each point pressed, and while you may feel some soreness at particular points, you should not feel extreme pain.

    73. Acupressure Treatment -Single Point Solution - Dr.H.Bhojraj
    Offers single point acupressure treatment for common ailments.
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    Dr.H.Bhojraj B.E.(Hons),M.D.(Acu)
    Bangalore,India Welcomes you
    Acupressure Club
    Click here
    for single point acupressure treatment

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    74. Acupressure Information On Healthline
    acupressure is a form of touch therapy that utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In acupressure, the same points on the body are used as in acupuncture

    75. Indumati (Alternative Healing & Research), Home
    Delhi based alternative healing center offering acupressure, magnetic/magneto therapy, color therapy, yoga and pranayama.

    76. Acupressure | Accupressure | Natural Holistic Healing Touch
    acupressure encourages the body to promote natural holistic healing. Precise stimulating pressure is applied to certain points (acupoints), to ensure the free flow of qi.
    Vital info for healthier life Search this site: Alternative medicine links
    • Alternative medicine Info Ayurveda Medicine Homeopathic medicine Yoga therapy ... Acupressure
      Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 2010-06-24 16:10 Acupressure encourages the body to promote natural holistic healing. Precise stimulating pressure is applied to certain points (acupoints), to ensure the free flow of qi. Before applying any alternative medicines therapy, you should be aware that many of these therapies have not been evaluated in scientific studies. Often, only limited information is available about their safety and effectiveness.
      Acupressure Meridians and Acupoints
      As per Traditional Chinese medicine doctrine, there are more than 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body connect with 12 main and 8 secondary pathways termed as meridians. Chinese medicine practitioners believe these meridians carry vital energy, or qi, between organs.
      Acupressure benefits
      Qi regulates overall physical and emotional balance such as; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical balance. Qi is influenced by the opposite forces of yin and yang. When yin and yang are balanced they work together with the natural flow of qi and support the body achieve and maintain health. It is accepted belief that Acupressure can balance yin and yang, unblocked and normalize natural flow of energy, thus restores health to the body and mind.

    77. Acupuncturist Mumbai In India,acupuncture Training,acupuncture Treatment Clinic,
    Courses in acupuncture for doctors, acupressure, cosmetic acupuncture. Founded by Dr. P.B. Lohiya.
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    Acupuncturist mumbai in india,acupuncture training,acupuncture treatment clinic,Traditional chinese medicene, Renal failure,optic atrophy,Azospermia treatment,sports injury treatment mumbai,Neurogenic Bladder,Motor-Neuron Disease treatment mumbai in India.
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    78. Alternative Medicine Practitioner Register
    Offers membership to those practising acupressure, acupuncture, aroma therapy and other forms of alternative medicine.

    79. Natural Healing Ways: Treatments: Acupressure
    acupressure. acupressure massage is a safe and effective way to reduce such common stressrelated disorders as headaches, ulcers, cramps and insomnia, and at the same

    Acupressure massage is a safe and effective way to reduce such common stress-related disorders as headaches, ulcers, cramps and insomnia, and at the same time stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. Acupressure is the use of finger pressure on the key points of the body, (Acupressure points are the same points as those used in Acupuncture. Acupressure however, uses a gentle but firm finger pressure to release the point, where in Acupuncture fine needles are inserted into the points to release the blockages) to release tension and improve circulation. Thus, it is most effective for problems caused by stress and tension. Acupressure is a powerful tool for eliminating toxins and for stimulating the body's natural self-curative abilities. It can enable you to experience greater awareness of your body functions and increase your sense of well-being. Acupressure works directly on the life forces or energy of the body. In India, where Yoga has developed, this energy is called "prana." In Japan the term is "ki," as in the name of material art "Aikido," and in China it is called "chi," as in "Tai Chi." The varied names - prana, ki, and chi - refer to the same network of energy.

    80. HIghgate Holistic Therapies
    Offers massage and acupressure services. Profile and accreditations.

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