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         Adder Snakes:     more detail
  1. Death Adder (Killer Snakes) by Lincoln James, 2011-01
  2. Death Adder (Killer Snakes) by Lincoln James, 2011-01
  3. Elapidae by Common Name: Egyptian Cobra, Deaf Adder, Harlequin Snake, Black Snake, Death Adder, Copperhead, Asp, Candy Stick, Monocled Cobra
  4. Colubridae by Common Name: Cobra, Thunder Snake, False Coral, Deaf Adder, Green Tree Snake, Black Moccasin, Rattlesnake Pilot, Chain Snake
  5. Death Adder / VĀ”boras De La Muerte (Killer Snakes / Serpientes Asesinas) by Lincoln James, 2011-01
  6. Novel genes continue to enhance population growth in adders (Vipera berus) [An article from: Biological Conservation] by T. Madsen, B. Ujvari, et all 2004-11-01
  7. The life-story of the adder by Norman Morrison, 1924
  8. Die Giftschlangen Europas und die Gattung Vipera in Afrika und Asien by Peter Brodmann, 1987

41. Reptiles - Australian Snakes -Australian Reptile Park Animals
Common Death Adder Animals Scientific Name Acanthophis antarcticus Death adders are easily distinguishable from other snakes by the very short, squat

42. Snakes
There are four snakelike reptiles found in the British countryside; three of these are true snakes, namely the adder (the viper), the grass-snake

43. Snake Patterns-s-s-s
Algebraic Thinking Math Project Snake Patternss-s-s http// Page 1 Finding and extending patterns are valuable steps towards predicting and making generalizations

44. Frequently Asked Questions - Amphibians And Reptiles
SNAKES 1. What species of snakes are native or indigenous to PA? 2. Are water moccasins found in PA? 3. Do you need a permit to possess a timber rattlesnake?
var ace_path = ''; FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Much more information on our page. More about snakes on our Snakes in PA page.
Regulations in our Summary Book SNAKES What species of snakes are native or indigenous to PA? Are water moccasins found in PA? Do you need a permit to possess a timber rattlesnake? I heard that black rat snakes and copperheads are breeding and their offspring resemble the black rat snake but are as venomous as the copperhead. Is that true? ... I killed a timber rattlesnake on the porch of my camp. Can I get it mounted? VENOMOUS SNAKE PERMITS What are the new size restrictions on hunting timber rattlesnakes? What are the possession limits and seasons to hunt timber rattlesnakes and northern copperheads? Is there a size restriction on hunting northern copperheads? VENOMOUS SNAKE PERMITS (cont.) When are the report forms due for hunting timber rattlesnakes and copperheads? When do I have to fill out a possession tag for a timber rattlesnake? Is there a possession tag for northern copperheads? How much does a venomous snake permit cost? ... Can I kill a timber rattlesnake or any snake with a firearm? TURTLES I bought a turtle from a pet store. I want to let the turtle go into a pond. Is that legal?

45. FLMNH - Southern Hognose Snake (Heterodon Simus)
Southern Hognose Snake, Puff Adder, Hissing Adder, Spreading Adder, Blow Viper, Hissing Sand Snake. NONVENOMOUS
Southern Hognose Snake, Puff Adder, Hissing Adder, Spreading Adder, Blow Viper, Hissing Sand Snake
NON-VENOMOUS Scientific name: Heterodon simus (LINNAEUS 1766) * Currently accepted name Synonym: * scientific names used through time
  • Coluber simus Heterodon simus
Description: Average adult size is 14-21 inches (35.5-53.3 cm), record is 24 inches (60.9 cm). It has a thick body and sharply upturned, pointed snout. Adults are light yellowish brown and may be tinged with orange-red, with dark blotches on the back and smaller blotches on the sides. The underside of the tail and the belly are the same light color of sandy gray. There is a dark line extending from the upper jaw through the eye. The scales are keeled , and there are 25 dorsal scale rows at midbody. The pupil is round. Juveniles are grayish with dark blotches A.

46. Eastern Hognose Snake Page
Eastern Hognose Snake images information Family Xenodontidae Robust Rear-fanged Snakes Typical Adult Size 20 to 33 inches
Eastern Hognose Snake
Heterondon platirhinos Family
: Xenodontidae - Robust Rear-fanged Snakes Typical Adult Size : 20 to 33 inches Reproduction : egg laying Eye Pupil : round Dorsal Scales : keeled Anal Scale : divided SC Range Map Additional Images Although this species has large rear fangs and a mild venom, it is considered harmless to humans. Eastern Hognose Snakes can be found statewide. This snake is one of the world's most interesting species and best animal actors. When confronted, its first defense is an aggressive display in which it spreads its neck horizontally, inflates its body, hisses loudly, and strikes. The very impressive display has earned it the misname of "Spread Adder" and other frightening names. This is all an act. The strike is made with a closed mouth, and it is very, very rare for a Hognose to actually bite a person, even when handled. If aggression fails to send the threat on its way, the Hognose will pretended to die . It will writhe, open the mouth, let the tongue dangle, salivate and get dirt in the mouth, roll onto its back and become motionless. If picked up the snake will be totally limp and feel like a dead snake. If the threat moves out of the snake's view, it will begin to peak around in a few minutes, and, if the coast is clear, right itself and crawl away. The only flaw in its death act is that if rolled it onto its stomach it will immediately roll onto its back. The Hognose principally eat toads. It hunts them in the toads' burrows during the day, using its upturned nose to root them out. As a defense to being eaten, toads will blow themselves up like a balloon. The Hognose has an answer to this defense. The snake has some

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