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         African Art:     more books (102)
  1. African Art (Third Edition)(World of Art) by Frank Willett, 2003-02-17
  2. African-American Art (Oxford History of Art) by Sharon F. Patton, 1998-06-25
  3. Man Ray, African Art, and the Modernist Lens by Wendy A. Grossman, 2009-10-28
  4. Contemporary African Art Since 1980
  5. African Art (Taschen Basic Genre Series) by Stefan Eisenhofer, 2010-10-01
  6. A Force for Change: African American Art and the Julius Rosenwald Fund
  7. African Art: A Century At The Brooklyn Museum by William C. Siegmann, 2009-09-09
  8. African American Art and Artists by Samella Lewis, 2003-03-18
  9. Collecting African American Art: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Houston Museum of Fine Arts) by John Hope Franklin, Alivia J. Wardlaw, 2009-03-24
  10. Material Journeys: Collecting African And Oceanic Art, 1945-2000 by Christraud M. Geary, Stephanie Xatart, 2007-01-01
  11. African-American Artists, 1929-1945: Prints, Drawings, and Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series) by Lisa Gail Collins, Lisa Mintz Messinger, 2003-02-08
  12. African Culture and Melville's Art: The Creative Process in Benito Cereno and Moby-Dick by Sterling Stuckey, 2008-11-19
  13. Grass Roots: African Origins of an American Art by Dale Rosengarten, Theodore Rosengarten, et all 2008-09-30
  14. Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects: The Legacy of African American Craft Art by National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center (U. S.), 1993-06

1. African Art - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
African art constitutes one of the most diverse legacies on earth. Though many casual observers tend to generalize traditional African art, the continent is full of people
African art
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search "African arts" redirects here. For the journal African Arts, see African Arts (journal) A bronze ceremonial vessel made around the 9th Century A.D., one of the bronzes found at Igbo Ukwu African art constitutes one of the most diverse legacies on earth. Though many casual observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is full of people, societies, and civilizations, each with a unique visual special culture. The definition also includes the art of the African Diasporas , such as the art of African Americans . Despite this diversity, there are some unifying artistic themes when considering the totality of the visual culture from the continent of Africa.
  • Emphasis on the human figure: The human figure has always been the primary subject matter for most African art, and this emphasis even influenced certain European traditions. For example, in the fifteenth century Portugal traded with the Sapi culture near the Ivory Coast in West Africa, who created elaborate ivory saltcellars that were hybrids of African and European designs, most notably in the addition of the human figure (the human figure typically did not appear in Portuguese saltcellars). The human figure may symbolize the living or the dead, may reference chiefs, dancers, or various trades such as drummers or hunters, or even may be an anthropomorphic representation of a god or have other votive function. Another common theme is the inter-morphosis of human and animal.

2. African Art - Free Net Encyclopedia
ImageMakonde elephant.jpg ImageVelour du kasa .jpg African art is any form of art or material culture that originates from the continent of Africa.
African art
From Free net encyclopedia
Image:Makonde elephant.jpg Image:Velour du kasaï.jpg African art is any form of art or material culture that originates from the continent of Africa . This article discusses primarily visual art; for information on African music, see Music of Africa The arts and material culture of the African continent constitute one of the most diverse and innovative artistic legacies on the planet. Though many casual observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is actually full of a multitude of peoples, societies, and civilizations, each with a unique visual culture. Despite this diversity, there does seem to be some unifying artistic themes when considering the totality of visual culture from the continent of Africa. Formal Innovation - Unlike "Western" societies, where artworks tend to be produced according to strict canons of representation, many African societies encourage innovation and creativity of both style and form among their artists. This innovation and diversity can be seen not only across long expanses of time and geography, but also even from village to village. Visual Abstraction - African artworks tend to favor visual abstraction over naturalistic representation. This is because many African artworks, regardless of medium, tend to

3. Add To Your African Decor With African Arts And Crafts
Here you will see some beautiful and unique African Arts and crafts. From artist in places like Senegal (South Africa), Ghana and other areass in Africa. African art Paintings
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African American
African Figurines
Chess and Vases ...
African American Art - Paintings
Here at, we offer an entire collection of beautiful African American art African American paintings from Korhogo and Batik artists. We also have an assortment of animal and warrior masks and a full range of African American mask decor.
African Art
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4 Foot Giraffe
African Maiden Wall Decor
African Princess Wall Decor
Log Statue - Ebony Head
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Massai Shield 26" 28"
Seven Elephant Headed Unity Carving
Seven Headed Unity Carving
Three Headed Unity Carving
Price Sale Price Price Sale Price
Tripod and Bowl (Cheetah)
Price African wall art for some exceptional ideas for addressing bare walls. We also have several African American figurines to add a little flair to bare surfaces on tables, counters, and shelves.
Shopping Basket
Items Subtotal Note: All prices in US Dollars
Angel Cradling Infant Figurine
Braiding Hair Batik
Price Sale Price
Golden Tiger Statue
Price Sale Price
Lucky Elephant Figure
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Shadow Box of African Tribal Family
Price Sale Price
African American African Figurines Animal Figurine ...

4. Tripod - Succeed Online | Terms Of Service Violation
Handmade jewelry, banana art, and beaded holders.

5. African Art - New World Encyclopedia
The arts of Africa constitute one of the most diverse legacies on earth. While many observers tend to generalize traditional African art, the continent is full of peoples
African Art
From New World Encyclopedia
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Yoruba bronze head sculpture, Ife, Nigeria c. twelfth century C.E. The arts of Africa constitute one of the most diverse legacies on earth. While many observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is full of peoples, societies, and civilizations, each with a unique visual culture. From c. 6000 B.C.E. , rock drawings in Africa have included representations of animals and hunters. From the beginning of tribal differentiation, tribal art has become a way of isolating one tribe from another, and tribal art can take the form of scarification, (to create a design on the skin by means of shallow cuts that are sometimes rubbed with a colorant or irritant to enhance the resulting scar tissue), body painting, or sculptural masks used in religious ceremonies. Diversity also appears in separate geographical regions, where natural resources controlled the materials used, while tribal power, wealth , or sophistication was responsible for the type of objects produced.

6. Museum For African Art: Home Page
Organizer of exhibitions and publishers of books devoted exclusively to historical and contemporary African art. New York.
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Upcoming Events
Recent News
VIEW ALL On View Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermes Collection more info Our Publications Now available! Order our publications online view all New in the Store Baule necklace This necklace is made of waist beads from the Ivory... shop now Make a Donation Would you like to make an additional donation to the Museum for African Art? We greatly appreciate your support! Ground Breaking Become a Member Exhibitions Education ... Join Our Mailing List!

7. African Art | Michael C. Carlos Museum
An exhibition of part of the university s permanent collection of African art. Good accompanying essays on various aspects of African art.
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African Art
The Carlos Museum's collection of African art offers valuable insight into African artistic expressions in the variety of their forms, functions, and cultures of origin. A majority of the objects come from the collection of William S. Arnett acquired by the museum in 1994. Arnett collected masks and carved figures from West and Central Africa, particularly the numerous cultures of Nigeria, Benin (formerly Dahomey), the Cameroon Grassfields, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since 2003 the African collection has grown through select acquisitions and gifts to represent objects from East and Southern Africa, including textiles, ceramics, and jewelry.
Made from a variety of indigenous and imported materials, the objects in this collection bear evidence of uses in a variety of contexts, both religious and secular. There are figures from personal or family shrines, such as the Fon Asen Altar, complemented by those used in community shrines, such as the Urhobo Figure and the Ethiopian Processional Cross. There are examples of secular art, generally made to be seen in public to communicate ideas about status, wealth and identity, like the exquisite Beaded Bowl Figure from the Kom kingdom of the Cameroon Grassfields, used by royalty to hold kola nuts for their guests, and the Ndebele woman’s Beaded Cape from South Africa. The collection also includes a wide variety of masks like the Igbo Maiden Spirit Mask, danced in masquerades that carry religious and cultural significance for participants, including the audience. All these works demonstrate important aspects of the worldviews and aesthetic values of their cultures of origin.

8. African Art | De Young Museum
In the first decades of the twentieth century, prestigious European artists like Picasso, Derain, and Matisse revolutionized the art world by “discovering” African art
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African Art
Today's Related Events Docent Tours Exploring World Cultures: Art from Africa or the Pacific Islands 11:00 am
Contact Information
Kathleen Berrin Curator, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas Email contact form Support Group Friends of AOA In the first decades of the twentieth century, prestigious European artists like Picasso, Derain, and Matisse revolutionized the art world by “discovering” African art, which formed a basis for Cubism and other avant-garde artistic styles. The aesthetics of African art—its bold forms, intense expressionistic aesthetic, and strong sculptural qualities—shook the art world and changed it forever, though few Westerners at that time recognized the complexity of African cultures or knew much about what these objects meant to the peoples who made them. During the twentieth century, the de Young’s collections of African art, like those of all major American museums, grew in a random fashion rather than by design— enriched in part by purchases, but mostly by donations from entrepreneurs, travelers, educators, and even Peace Corps volunteers. Some donors had strong aesthetic criteria, while others simply embraced anything deriving from the lands and peoples of Africa. What has always made the San Francisco Bay Area unique in its collecting patterns is its long-standing interest in cultural diversity or multiculturalism.

9. African Art, All You Want To Know About It.
Original african art pieces are beautiful works of art. Learn about their origin, the local people and how they are made.
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African art pieces are works of great beauty.
If you are passionate about art and love it , especially African art then you are going to enjoy this site. We are going to learn about the various regions of the continent, get to know about the local people and artisans who craft these beautiful works of art and also learn about the various kinds of African art As a little boy growing up in Africa, I remember going to the market on weekends with my grandmother and we would see various artisans in their little shops making different types of wood carvings, sculptures, paintings etc . I always admired the skill involved in taking a solid piece of wood and creating wooden sculptures, masks, walking canes, animals, dolls etc. As I got older I came to realize that their skills were passed on from generation to generation and for them creating these pieces of art was a way to provide for their families and not for recognition or for show. When I relocated to the United States I saw that there was a lot of art available but not enough information for people who want to know more and learn about art from Africa. As a result I decided to build this site to provide that information for all who need it.

10. African Art Antiques Shop. Stay Informed On The Tribal Art Market. Auction And M
african art news and antiques shop. An African art guide on tribes, masks, and discussions. Museums exhibitions, auctions and fairs.

11. African Art | African Masks | African Artifacts -
African Art is a company located in Illinois. We specialize in African Art, African Masks, African Artifacts, African Paintings, African Musical Instruments, African Crafts and

Checkout SEARCH Username: Password: You will be prompted to enter your password on the next page Your products are the "real deal", my office now looks awesome!!!!
Brian J. Read More SiteSeal("", "NETSB", "none"); is an on-line store of traditional, modern and contemporary African Art. Our on-line store carries hand-crafted Authentic African Art African Masks African Paintings African Musical Instruments ... African crafts , Tribal art and much more.
We pride ourselves on our collection of contemporary and traditional African art including our African masks and abstract sculptures . Read more about our art here . We have one of the most extensive and diverse collection available. Our products are sourced directly from Africa using a direct supply chain avoiding suppliers and thereby benefiting our customers and artists with whom we have built long standing relationships over the years. All our products with the exception of textiles are hand crafted in Africa using old world techniques passed on for generations, so rare these days where polyresin products are the norm.

12. African Art | High Museum Of Art Atlanta
With a curatorial department devoted solely to African art since 2001, and a curatorial position endowed by Fred and Rita Richman, the High’s collection has grown to,1,3

13. African Art Museum Store. Quality And Affordable African Art.
A diverse collection of African art with extensive cultural information on the objects and people.
African Art Home Affiliate Program Trade Account Contact Us ... My Account Search Category Coming Soon NEW AFRICAN ART ON SALE African Adornment ... CHARITY IN AFRICA Browse by Price Over 500.00 New Releases 1353 Bamileke Bird Headdress - Cameroon 1332 Fang Ngil Mask - Gabon 1331 Fang Ngil Mask - Gabon Mailing List Subscribe to our Newsletter. Enter your Email address below and press the GO button. Subscribe Unsubscribe
Welcome to For African Art .com
If African art interests you, you have come to the right place. African art , being our passion, involves us with the top African art suppliers and tribal art representatives in the different ethnic regional centers of Africa. Whether your interest is in contemporary ebony carvings, African art figures or masks African adornment or the interesting shape and form of their metalwork and currencies , we are here to assist you with enhancing your personal African art collection.
We ship African art worldwide.
Fang Ngontang Helmet Mask
African art is not just about aesthetic, it is also about meaning and function. It has many different aspects that can be studied, these aspects all vary in relation to

14. Welcome To The National Museum Of African Art / Smithsonian Institution
Features African art from antiquity to the present. Information on exhibitions, programs, collections and research. Washington, DC.

15. Home - African Art
All About African Art and Culture African Art, African Masks, African decor

16. African Art: Information From
Visual, performing, and literary arts of subSaharan Africa. What gives art in Africa its special character is the generally small scale of most of its traditional societies
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African art
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:
African arts
Home Library Miscellaneous Britannica Concise Encyclopedia ... Source Visual, performing, and literary arts of sub-Saharan Africa. What gives art in Africa its special character is the generally small scale of most of its traditional societies, in which one finds a bewildering variety of styles. The earliest evidence of visual art is provided by figures scratched and painted on rocks c. BC . Pastoral cultures in the east emphasize personal adornment; sculpture predominates in the agricultural societies in the west and south. Clay figurines found in Nigeria date to 500 BC . Metalworking was practiced from the 9th century AD mask See also Buli style déblé segoni-kun telum figure trickster tale ; and African authors by name, such as Chinua Achebe Aimé Césaire Birago Diop Athol Fugard Nadine Gordimer Wole Soyinka Amos Tutuola For more information on African arts , visit

17. African Art By South African Artist Elga Rabe.
Promoters of African Art, ethnic art, and wildlife art by many self taught artists. Featuring artwork by Nelson Mandela.
South African Artist Elga Rabe
Growing up on a farm in Mpumalanga, Elga developed her deep love and fascination for the cultural wealth and beauty of the people of Africa as well as the continents wildlife. as a farmers wife and mother of four, her talent deepened and expanded over the years as her innate understanding of love for the subjects she paints. Read More
Elga Rabe's selective styles:
Wild Life Artwork
Her experience has taught her that there is no room for error with her wildlife artwork. Her clean images concentrate exclusively on the animal and convey the wide-open spaces of Africa. Wildlife is Elga's passion.
Ethnic Artwork
Elga's ethnic works speaks of the character and beauty of the African Tribes. The depth of emotion is expressed through the colour. The story of each portrait evokes conversation and reflects a myriad of emotions.
Tips on oil painting for amateur artists:
One of South Africa's top oil artists Elga Rabe shares some basic tips. These tips will be changed monthly so come back soon.
November 2010 Tips for Beginners
THE FOLLOWING ARE QUESTIONS MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED BY BEGINNERS: QUESTION: Why do my paintings form little cracks after drying?

18. Museum For African Art: Home Page
Desert Jewels North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier GuerrandHermes Collection Collected over three decades by Xavier Guerrand-Herm s, this unique collection

19. Charles Jones African Art
Traditional African art, with many images and explanations of cultural significance of the objects.
Charles Jones African Art has been in business for over twenty-five years. We display an extensive and varied collection of traditional African art in our Wilmington gallery. We look forward to hearing about your collecting interests, and are happy to respond to requests for photographs. We also purchase individual pieces and collections of African art, including early photographic archives and books on African art. Charles Jones African Art offers appraisals and research services. We maintain a complete reference library, numbering over 1000 volumes, on the arts of Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally we have most of the major auction catalogues in our area, both European and American, dating back to the 1960s.
Gallery Appraisals Exhibition: ... Contact Us or Join Our Mailing List

Please join our mailing list if you would
like to be notified of our showings
throughout the Southeast, or would like to receive photos of our latest acquisitions. Our Gallery includes pieces from Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria and other areas.

20. African Art Museum. Tribal Masks And Statues Of Africa.
African art museum. Major collecton of tribal masks, statues, sculptures and bronzes.
AFRICAN ART MUSEUM On-line reference to the artistic styles of Africa African art is masks and statues or sculpture not arts be it Africa in mask. Tribal sculptures to statue, bronze carvings. Museum collection of statues. Why craft, tribes, tribe rather figures, but ritual objects. Gallery of wood and wooden dolls, ethnic groups and people. Dedicated to the memory of Yuri Raskin a nd to his passion for African Art Welcome to the collection of African tribal art featuring over 1,200 artifacts from 100 ethnic groups. Items on display include wooden and bronze statues, masks, religious, ritual and domestic objects, furniture and weapons. Learn about art, culture and history of each ethnic group. Please Visit Our World-Famous African Art Store or start the museum tour by clicking on the ethnic group name below: Ababua Ababwa Achanti Adouma ... Dan -Gioh Dekese Dengese Dogo Dogon ... MAPS Interested in African nature, people and other fine art photography... visit

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