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         African Art:     more books (102)
  1. Representing Africa in American Art Museums: A Century of Collecting and Display (A Mclellan Book)
  2. The Art of African Masks: Exploring Cultural Traditions (Art Around the World) by Carol Finley, 1999-03
  3. Perfect Documents Walker Evans and African Art, 1935 by Virginia-Lee Webb, Virginia-Lew Webb, 2000-03
  4. A Century of African American Art: The Paul R. Jones Collection
  5. Black Magic: A Pictorial History of the African-American in the Performing Arts by Langston Hughes, Milton Meltzer, 1990-08-21
  6. The Nsukka Artists and Nigerian Contemporary Art by Nsukka Group and the State of Nigerian Contemporary Art, Simon Ottenberg, et all 2002-06
  7. Charles Alston (The David C. Driskell Series of African Amerian Art) by Alvia J. Wardlaw, 2007-03-15
  8. South African Art Now by Sue Williamson, 2009-11-01
  9. African Masks: From the Barbier-Mueller Collection (Art Flexi Series) by Iris Hahner, Maria Kecskesi, et all 2007-04-30
  10. African Zion: The Sacred Art of Ethiopia by Marilyn Heldman, Stuart C. Munro-Hay, 1996-07-24
  11. Gendered Visions: The Art of Contemporary Africana Women Artists
  12. Angaza Africa: African Art Now by Chris Spring, 2008-11-22
  13. Africa: The Art of a Continent (African Art) by Tom Phillips, Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain), 1999-03
  14. Discovering Southern African Rock Art (Africasouth Paperbacks) by J. David Lewis-Williams, 1990-01

61. African Art At The Ralph Proctor Gallery - On-line Exhibits Of Traditional Cerem
A gallery of African art, with periodic thematic exhibitions.

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African Art at the Ralph Proctor Gallery
Classical African Images
beginning May 1, 2000
Masks of the Ivory Coast
Affordable Aesthetics
For Women Only: The Sande Secret Society
Nigerian Traditional Artifacts
Yoruba Art
Eclectic Elegance
In Cultural Perspective
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62. National Museum Of African Art / Smithsonian Institution
The National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, features African art from antiquity to the present.

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the National Museum of African Art

63. African Art. Tribal Masks, Sculptures, Statues, Bronzes.
African tribal arts dealer. Photographs and descriptions including some information on cultural significance.
AFRICAN MASKS AND SCULPTURES Museum quality African art at wholesale prices Join our mailing list! Subscribers receive exclusive "Recent Acquisitions" mailings + a discount Over 500 authentic African tribal masks, sculptures, and bronzes MASKS FIGURES BRONZES OTHERS Browse through the ethnic groups below. Click on the links to see items by tribe
PayPal . Call for more info
Ababua Ababwa Aduma Adyo Akye Ambete Asante Ashanti Atye Ayemba Azande Babambe Baboa Babuye Badjo Baga Bajokwe Bakongo Bakono ... Unattributed Make a purchase here Check out our pieces at events, in films, and around the world! Click Here
Interested in African nature, people and other fine art photography... visit
RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS FEATURED ITEMS We strive to provide deeper public appreciation for high quality African art and to make it accessible to all collectors. High quality masks, carvings, statues, fetishes, animal figures, ritual objects and bronzes displayed here will add beauty to any home and value to any collection. In addition, an ever-growing demand for rapidly disappearing original African tribal art makes it a sound investment. As long-time experienced collectors, we carefully select and authenticate every artifact. Shown here are original, high quality, hand-crafted pieces made of wood or bronze which can be yours at a fraction of gallery prices! Years of traditional use added distinction to many of them.

64. JeanPierreHallet
Sequin vests,sequin vest,special and unusual designs of sequin vests,high quality,great prices.sequin vests,sequin vest,sequin hats,sequin vests,sequin clothing,western Sequin
Home Page About Us Contact Us African Art Chokewe Lega Pende Kumu ... Dogon Ashanti Dan Senufo Bwa Wakamba African Art Chokewe Lega Pende Kumu ... Dogon Ashanti Dan Senufo Bwa Wakamba African Art Chokewe Lega Pende Kumu ... Dogon Ashanti Dan Senufo Bwa Wakamba African Art Chokewe Lega Pende Kumu ... Dogon Ashanti Dan Senufo Bwa Wakamba Just bid on our unique online auction ( coming soon ) or pay now with our buy now feature... African Art just a click away... Visit the far reaches of Africa and enjoy tradition within the people and the place.

65. Masks And More
Masks, African art and primitive paintings.

66. August_AQ_home_index_page » Page 1 Of 7
African art, mainly from Benin, with nice images and descriptions of cultural significance.
African Quintessence
a full service art consulting firm for the art of Africans. About African Quintessence Appraisal Services Contact Us Consultations ... Professional Services

67. African Art
Earth, showing Africa, Europe, and Asia taken from the Apollo 11 spacecraft during its translunar insertion. The spacecraft was about 98,000 nautical miles from Earth when this

68. Welcome To The Jembetat Gallery Of African Art
Tribal art from West and Central Africa.

The Jembetat Gallery of African Art

The Jembetat Gallery of African Art

69. African Art · · · » « is a free online community for African Art. Create your own free online gallery to display your African Art related images.
A Free Online Community for African Art
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70. Pan-Afrika - Web Links
Multilingual categorized collection of links to sites about African art.
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71. African-Art
The African Arts Collection. The African collection at Mesa College was assembled to introduce Mesa's students intimately to art created for use in Africa.
The African Arts Collection
The African collection at Mesa College was assembled to introduce Mesa's students intimately to art created for use in Africa. It is a valued resource in African art courses offered by art historian Barbara Winston Blackmun . The collection was begun in the late 1970s, when a few examples were gratefully accepted from generous students and friends. The first large donations established the nucleus of a growing collection between 1983 and 1988. From time to time, Mesa's Art Gallery exhibits selections from our African artworks. We also borrow fine African art from other collectors, in order to present exhibitions of several weeks' duration, each with a unifying theme.

New York dealer.
African Art, Tribal Artifacts, African Masks, African Statues, African Textiles, Utilitarian Objects, African Clothing, Headgear,
Musical Instruments, African Furniture, African Jewelry, Ethnic Crafts, Ethnic Jewelry, African Art Gallery, African Art New York City, African Art New York
ETHNIX is an African Art and Tribal Artifacts gallery located in New York City.
Our collection currently houses artifacts from 120 ethnic groups
spanning 40+ countries from around the world.

This site contains extensive ethnographic information and cultural studies.

while we overhaul our main website
~ 636 BROADWAY ~ 2nd floor NEW YORK CITY

73. African Art Makonde
Links to some sites specializing in Makonde arts and crafts.
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Look and
from HMC Department of Research
For a running research project we
are looking for this Dissertation:
Spence, Karen Ilene
Typology and functions of the masks of the Makonde of Tanzania and Mozambique University of California, 1983, 571 leaves, ill.
If you can make avaiable a copy for us you would help us a lot (of course we take all the costs) Please contact: This picture shows us at work how we make this side. In the meantime see in addition .... Thanks for looking this site! Any questions? Contact: The Hamburg Mawingu Collection (HMC) presents high quality contemporary carvings and paintings from East African Makonde artists. Visit the collection and see e.g. masterpieces from Anangangola, Dastani, Chanuo, Karinto, Kashimiri, George Lilanga, Lupapa, Felix Malyi, Mauku, Nampoka, Njawike, Samaki and others. The material of the master carvers: African blackwood (Mpingo)

74. African Art | Affordable African Art Decor | African Masks
African Art that is authentic and affordable, beautiful African masks and unique African decor from the villages of Africa. Real African Art!
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African Ebony Wood
Other African Decor

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African Resources
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African Art
African Art has always been a mysterious and often times misunderstood art form. There has always been a fascination with the human figure in African art and its typically the primary subject matter for both ancient and modern African Art . The human fascination may be a symbol of the living or the dead and may refer to chiefs, ceremonial dancers, or different types of trades such as musicians or warriors. It is also very common for African art to portray an anthropomorphic representation of a god or other spirits. Another common African theme is the combination of both human and animal figures, which show the close relationship between the African and nature. African artists tend to favor art forms that are three dimensional or that promote some sort of interaction with the art piece. Even the beautiful African mudcloths are typically meant to be worn as garments or even crafted into home decorations. African masks are also meant to do much more than just hang on a wall. Many of these masks were originally created to be worn by ceremonial dancers who would use the mask as a tool to communicate with spirits and ancestors. In fact, most African art has its roots in some sort of performance art. The influence of African art can be seen and felt across the globe, and it is even said that some of history's most influential artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh got much of their inspiration from the influence of African Art in all its beauty and splendor.

Consultants on African art and display installations. Offers 3-D images of African sculpture.

Images of a private collection with lots of pictures and information.
To enter my website CLICK HERE or click on image
var site="s13randafricanart" is a website dedicated to my African Art collection and contains pictures and information relating to the item and the tribes
that produce the items. I have also started a discussion group on African art and culture or a forum on African art and culture. There are many
kinds of African masks and African statues and African carvings, I have a nice collection of Senufo masks and Senufo statues, African Senufo
firespitter masks, also known as Senufo Kagba mask, Senufo Wanyugo mask and Senufo Kponyungo mask and also contains a nice African
Senufo Kpelie mask, Senufo rhythm pounder figure also known as Senufo deble or Senufo Pombibele, a Senufo Kafigeledjo oracle figure,
Also in the collection is a superb African Ekoi figure or Ejagham figure , Ekoi headdress or Ejagham headdress, Songye masks and Songye
statues, African Songye nkisi or nkishi and mankishi figures as well as Songye Kifwebe masks , a very nice Songye female kneeling maternity
figure, Bamana Boli and Bamana Tji Wara figures (Bamana Chi wara) from Mali, a Bamana goat marionette, Bamileke elephant masks -

77. Ryann Willis Ancient Art
Dealer specializing in ancient African arts (mostly terracotta), with nice exhibitions.
Click here to proceed Click here to proceed

78. Zimbabwe Sculpture And Shona Sculpture - Ethical Contemporary African Art
Contemporary African art, especially Zimbabwean sculpture.
Guruve promotes the very best in contemporary African art, with the most extensive collection of authentic original African art and sculpture in our online gallery with full artist biographies. Guruve are specialists and experts in contemporary stone sculpture from the Shona sculpture art movement of Zimbabwe; we also promote both world-famous and talented young artists from elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa who work in a wide range of media. We believe in doing business the right way donations and gifts to individual artists and to group associations and charities. Why not challenge other dealers to see if they can PROVE they do the same? Guruve shares profits with Zimbabwean artists Ever since we founded Guruve in 2000, ethics have been at the core of what we do. This year we sent £2,000 to artists in Zimbabwe as their 10% share of our profits for 2009-2010. No other promoter of these artists does this - a gift of money with no strings attached! Here are two of the messages of thanks we received: "Thank you so much for the bonus you sent to us. Keep up displaying that kind heart, I really appreciate your vision and I greatly salute your passion towards artists."

79. Bushman Art Gallery
Offers African arts and crafts, such as masks, jewellery and carvings for sale.
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80. African Art - African Masks - Shona Art
Retailer and wholesaler of African arts and crafts. Includes company overview, product details and contact information.

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