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         African Violets:     more books (101)
  1. African Violets: In Search of the Wild Violets by Reinhild Raistrick, 2006-01
  2. The complete book of African violets by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1951
  3. How to Select and Grow African Violets and Other Gesneriads by Theodore James Jr., 1987-01-01
  4. African Violets, Gloxinias, and Their Relatives by Jr. Harold E. Moore, 1957
  5. How to Grow African Violets by Carolyn Rector, 1981-08
  6. The colourful world of African violets by A. G. W Simpson, 1986
  7. African Violets and Other Gesneriads for Modern Living by M. Jane Coleman Helmer, 1978
  8. Floral Design Concepts With African Violets and Other Gesneriads by Ruth J. McCoy, 1985-06
  9. African Violets by No Author, 1976
  10. An easy guide to African-violets by William L Meachem, 1956
  11. African Violet Variety List: Complete Edition 4,996 Names by Carolyn K Rector, 1957
  12. African Violets and Related Plants (Wisley Series) by Bill Wall, 1991-03
  13. African Violet Magazine Volume 33 Number 4 September 1980 by Grace-editor Foote, 1989-01-01
  14. African Violets by Sunset Books, 1984-08

21. Gardeners Supply Plant Care & Gardening Advice/Tips/Secrets @® A
First check for cyclamen mites a serious pest of African violets. These tiny arachnids like to hide in the growing center of the plant causing leaves to curl up and dry, grow tight

22. African Violets By Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses, Inc. has been a worldwide distributor of top quality African Violets and companion plants since 1954.
Site updated:
November 1, 2010 Pages updated:
(Fall Page)
Our mailing address:
Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
PO Box 249
Dolgeville, NY 13329
Our physical address:
(For "GPS" users)
14 Mutchler Street
Click here for a LARGER view of photo! "Where the 'Best' Violets Are" Dolgeville, New York Quality Since 1954 2010 Web Site The BLUE button bar (to the left) is where to find our plants & Photos. For example: Just click on "Violets" and it will take you to the Violet Directory. Click on one of those choices, and you will find all our Descriptions and Photos! ... Enjoy! Also: We like to give credit to all the other hybridizers out there! So if you see where we have something wrong, or haven't given credit to someone (listed as "unknown") send us an e-mail with the information, and we will fix it ASAP! ... Thank you! Look below for locations where we'll be selling our plants in the near future! Greenhouse Summer hours: Monday thru Friday: 8 am to 4 pm Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm Sunday: CLOSED Closed on Major Holidays Phone: 315 - 429 - 8291 Dear Friends Welcome to our African Violet Website! We are pleased to present to you, our newest introductions for

23. - African Violets
A member of the gesneria family, the African violet will yield plenty of blooms.African violets

24. Jessica's African Violet Expedition - Home
Hobby grower posts photos, experiences, and experiments growing African violets and other gesneriads.
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Jessica's African Violet Expedition
the flower princess

Carefree African Violets!!! They need no light, water, or fertilizer.
Green thumb not required. Click the picture to see more about my Carefree African Violets Also check out my Carefree Flowers Website!
Check out my E-bay Auctions
I will have African Violets
listed soon!!!
E-mail Me!!!

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25. African Violets Photo Album -
A gathering place for lovers of African Violets (Saintpaulias) and other Gesneriads. A place to exchange growing tips, show off pics of our AVs, tell

26. African Violets UPAVS - Welcome Home Page
Florida group for growing, sharing, and showing African violets. Calendar of events, care information, and photo albums.

27. How To Grow Beautiful African Violets... | Greenopolis Recycling Rewards
It belongs to a family of herbs That Are Known as Gesneriaceae. The names Comes From The flower color, though African violet grown Can Be With Blue, white and pink flowers.
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28. Lone Star African Violet Council
Texas organization for African violet enthusiasts. Information about membership, events, local clubs, Texas hybrids, and links to other resources.
About LSAVC Local Clubs Events TX Hybridizers About LSAVC Local Clubs Events TX Hybridizers ... Links

29. Frames Version
Introduction. If you do every single thing described in these pages, you will have perfect African violets. If you do most of them, your violets will look O.K., but they won't

30. African Violets
African violets are a favorite indoor plant of many hobbyists. They are easy to grow and propagate. Learn how to have thriving plants.

31. Stampede City African Violet Society - Calgary, Alberta - CANADA
Dedicated to fellowship among amateur African violet growers in Calgary, Canada. Information about membership, history, and events.
New 2010 Meeting Schedule - Fourth Wednesday of each month. Stampede City
African Violet Society Contact Stampede City African Violet Society by E-mail

32. African Violets, Miniature African Violets, EverFloris African Violets, Self-wat
A total online African Violet plant resource. Full selection of EverFloris, Optimara Violets, Miniature African Violets along with a complete line of Fertilizers and accessories.
EverFloris Violets

African Violets

Violet Leaves
Contact Us

Beautiful African Violets for Gifts or Home African Violets are one of America's favorite flowering houseplant. Choose from the amazing EverFloris variety with it's non-stop blooms, our miniature violets or our standard sized African Violets. All of our African violets are genuine Optimara brand violets grown in the company greenhouses in Nashville Tennessee.
6 inch Violets Intelligent Light Introducing our newest line of African Violet. Tired of 4 inch potted Violets? Then you will love our new 6 inch Violets. These African Violets are huge! Single and bi-color flowers are available, choose yours today! click here. Introducing our unique African Violet lighting solution, the intelligent plant light. Excellent for desks and small tables. The stem adjusts from 4" - 12" high. Light turns on and off automatically. click here to purchase yours.

33. African Violets -- Growing Healthy Saintpaulia
An introduction to growing African violets. These popular houseplants have been a favorite for more than century because of their beauty, size and freeflowering. Tips on how to
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    African Violets - - Growing Healthy Saintpaulia
    By Jon VanZile , Guide
    See More About:
    African violets prefer dappled shade and plenty of moisture, but don't wet the leaves. More Images zSB(3,3) African violets are one of the world's most popular houseplants, and for good reason. These compact, low-growing plants flower several times a year, and they are available in a multitude of leaf forms and colors. Don't be put off by their reputation for difficulty: providing you follow a few simple rules, African violets should thrive indoors. With a little experience, it's possible to keep them in flower nearly all year round and grow them to the size of dinner plates.
    Growing Conditions:
    Light: Bright, but not direct sunlight. They are commonly grown under fluorescent lights placed 12 to 15 inches above the leaves.
    Water: Keep soil moist with warm water and strive for high humidity. Do not allow water to contact the leaves to prevent damage, other than light misting. Water from below, or push the water spout into the soil when watering. Don't allow the plant to sit in water.

    34. AVSA HOMEPAGE Default
    Presenting information about growing, showing and propagating African violets and other gesnariads.

    35. Toronto African Violet Society Home Page
    Dedicated to learning and promoting the cultivation of African Violets. Information for both members and non-members about the activities of the club.
    Toronto African Violet Society
    Visit our New Web Site....
    Click Here

    36. African Violets - Growing And Care |
    The everpopular African Violet is easy to grow and care for and flower almost all the time
    Feed Browse > Home African Violet
    Answer: The African Violet originates in Africa and isn’t a violet at all, but belongs to the family of Gesneriaceae. The common name comes from the primary flower color, although you can find the “violets” in pink, blue and white flowers. The botanical name “Saintpaulia” honors Baron Walter von Saint Paul who first discovered them and brought the plants back to Europe in 1893. They adapt almost perfectly to indoor life and they bloom almost continually.
    This low-growing, hairy-leafed plant hold leaves roughly oval in shape and dark green. There are hundred of varieties of Saintpaulia whose blossoms range from pink to mauve to blue to violet. The flowers, sometimes run up to as much as an inch and a half across but usually smaller, some miniature varieties also exist.
    Growing conditions
    Low humidity can be a factor but overall african violets adapt very well to home-growing conditions. They will thrive in a an environment of 70° to 75° temperatures during the day and not below 60° at night. In the winter if the temperature gets down much below below 60° the plant should be moved away from the windows for the night. In nature african violets live in a moist, humid African jungle, it needs even more humidifying than most plants.

    37. African Violet Care
    African violets are easy to grow for the beginning gardener, yet offer a wide range of cultivars to satisfy the serious grower. African violets adapt well to typical growing

    38. African Violets -
    A gathering place for lovers of African Violets (Saintpaulias) and other Gesneriads. A place to exchange growing tips, show off pics of our AVs, tell
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    39. Welcome To Macquarie Valley Violets
    Specialty nursery with a comprehensive range of registered, named African violets and products for wick watering.
    Macquarie Valley Violets Home
    Main Menu
    M acquarie Valley Violets is a Specialty African Violet Nursery.
    In addition to a wide variety of plants, leaves and pots for sale, we sell the necessary propagation equipment and can provide expert advice on how to grow and care for your African Violets. Located just over the Blue Mountains in the historic town of Bathurst, the Macquarie Valley Violet Nursery is a must-visit for ‘green-thumbed’ tourists and violet enthusiasts. Valid XHTML and CSS

    40. Bluebird Greenhouse: The Premier Source For African Violets Orchids And Growing
    Grower of African violets, gesneriads and companion plants. The online catalog includes plant and blossom photos. Located in North Carolina.
    Bluebird Greenhouse
    Welcome to Bluebird Greenhouse 2010 This is our 2010 web site. Continuing our great tradition and quality in African Violets you still get great full sized plants, not starter plants that were just rooted last week. No Wimpy Violets!!!! That's still the Bluebird Advantage when you order from us. Our plants are full grown in 4 inch pots - you won't get Solo Cups or starter plants in 2 inch pots from us. For the same price most others charge for starter plants you get a plant that will get you to an African Violet show plant a lot faster. We are pleased that the African Violet Society of America held their 64th annual convention in Raleigh, NC this year. Bluebird Greenhouse was winner of the Horticultural Sweepstakes (most blue ribbons) with 35 blue ribbons!!! Don't forget to visit the Bluebird Greenhouse page on Facebook.
    Bluebird Greenhouse - at the Peak of Violetry
    4821 Jessie Dr. ~~ Apex North Carolina 27539 ~~ tel: 1-919-362-0530 ~~ fax:1-302-269-8037

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