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         African Violets:     more books (101)
  1. African Violets, Gloxinas and Their Relatives
  2. African Violet and Generiad Questions-Answered By 20 Experts by Helen Van Pelt, Ed Wilson, 1966-01-01
  3. African Violet Magazine [ Vol. 43 No. 3 ] May-June 1990 (Cover: Omaha, Vol. 43 No. 3) by African Violet Society, 1990
  4. The master list of African violets--1935 to 1963 by Carolyn Rector, 1963
  5. How to Grow African Violets by Sunset Editors, 1971
  6. African Violet Growing Handbook by Sandra Leary, 1972
  7. All About African Violets5 by Montague Free, 1951-01-01
  8. African Violets by Countryside Books, 1976
  9. African Violet and Gesneriad Questions by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1966
  10. The African Violet Society of America: Master Variety List Number 4 1983
  11. How to Grow African Violets by Carolyn Rector, 1962-01-01
  12. The African Violet, Saintpaulia by Helen, Illustrated by Hagerty, Le Van Pelt Wilson, 1950
  13. African Violet Magazine [ Vol. 31 No. 2 ] March 1978 (Cover: Royal Hussy, Vol. 31 No. 2) by African Violet Society, 1978
  14. African Violet Magazine Vol 9 No 3 March 1956

81. African Violets By Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
Sells African violets, orchids and companion plants.
Site updated:
November 1, 2010 Pages updated:
(Fall Page)
Our mailing address:
Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses
PO Box 249
Dolgeville, NY 13329
Our physical address:
(For "GPS" users)
14 Mutchler Street
Click here for a LARGER view of photo! "Where the 'Best' Violets Are" Dolgeville, New York Quality Since 1954 2010 Web Site The BLUE button bar (to the left) is where to find our plants & Photos. For example: Just click on "Violets" and it will take you to the Violet Directory. Click on one of those choices, and you will find all our Descriptions and Photos! ... Enjoy! Also: We like to give credit to all the other hybridizers out there! So if you see where we have something wrong, or haven't given credit to someone (listed as "unknown") send us an e-mail with the information, and we will fix it ASAP! ... Thank you! Look below for locations where we'll be selling our plants in the near future! Greenhouse Summer hours: Monday thru Friday: 8 am to 4 pm Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm Sunday: CLOSED Closed on Major Holidays Phone: 315 - 429 - 8291 Dear Friends Welcome to our African Violet Website! We are pleased to present to you, our newest introductions for

82. Emily's Plants
Sells houseplants like African violets, orchids, gardenia, some tropicals, and provides cultural information.

African Violet Care
Phalaenopsis Care Goldfish Plant Care
We're almost ready to ship again, it's a great time to place your order. Thanks for stopping!
As my collection grows, I'll list the excess plants here. Plants will be shipped (within the U.S. only, please) April through October, weather permitting. At the moment, only checks and money orders are accepted, in addition to Paypal. All orders will be shipped Priority mail via the U.S. Post Office. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions regarding the care of these plants.
Shop Now

This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here

83. Pots & Planters - Self-watering African Violet Planters, Hand-painted. Purchase
Offering handmade, self watering pottery containers for African Violets and other small plants.
Are you worried that your plants are not being watered enough? Our hand crafted self watering planters will ensure your plants have plenty water to extend blooming seasons and maximize their life span. Many households have a ton of upkeep duties and most of the time plants are neglected, with our self watering planters your plants will become self sufficient and will last much longer.
Not only are our planters perfect for the African Violets, but can be used for many different types of plants. We offer many different sizes to hold a wide variety of plants to help them flourish and maximize their growing potential. Indoor plants have to survive in many different and unnatural environments; with a lack of sunlight and constant changing environment, our planters will provide the exact amount of water that your plant requires.
Here at Pots and Planter we are your number one stop shop for African Violet planters. We have many different sizes for your plant. Our planters are also the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life. We look forward to hearing from you. Home View Our Pots Shop On Line Fair Schedule ... Links

The characteristics of the African Violet family which includes about 2000 species.
GESNERIACEAE - The African Violet Family This is a family of around 2000 species in 125 genera, most of them tropical herbs and shrubs, rarely trees, with a few occuring in temperate areas of the world. They are grown for ornament, most of them as houseplants in temperate regions. The most well-known species are Aeschyanthus, Columnea, Episcia, Gesneria, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Saintpaulia (African Violet), and Streptocarpus. A few of the hardier species are grown in gardens, notably Ramonda, Jankaea and Mitraria. Some are used in local medicines in tropical areas. Characteristics of this Plant Family: The roots are usually fibrous, or woody tubers or scaly rhizomes. Some have aerial stolons. The leaves are usually opposite or alternate, simple, and may be toothed. The leaves are often softly hairy. On rare occasions, they are pinnatisect, or there may be only one leaf, and there are sometimes basal leaves. There are no stipules. The stems are often fleshy, and may be brittle. Flowers ~ The flowers are irregular, and have five sepals and five petals, which may be fused into a tube at the base. They may be single, or in racemes, and are often softly hairy. There are 2-4 stamens, and the ovary may be superior or inferior.

85. Coral Reef Screen Saver
Offers images on CD-ROM, that include saltwater fish, African violets, roses and snow scenes.
TWENTY Screen Savers
Screen Savers by Steverd
These are ALL Full Versions, No nags or limitations
each one below, previously sold for $2.99 - $6.99 EACH! DISCONTINUED!
Fully adjustable settings
Easy to install and remove
Now the CD can AUTO-START
when you place in your CD Drive
Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000
FULL Version Screensavers
No nags or limitations
Thumbnail Previews
Click the name below for a preview of each screen saver African Violets 60 images Autumn Scenes 42 images Birds 66 images Coral Reef Vol. #1 60+ images Coral Reef Vol. #2 69 images Coral Reef Vol. #3 50 images Clouds 30+ images Farms 42 images Japanese Gardens 27 images Lakes 35+ images Mountains 38 images Orchids Vol. #1 74 images Orchids Vol. #2 77 images Roses Vol. #1 50 images Roses Vol. #2 51 images Snow Scenes 30 images Spring Flowers/font 65 images Summer Flowers 53 images Sunsets 40 images Waterfalls 125 images The Coral Reef series are images
from the Ocean and my Saltwater Aquariums
They are of Fish, Corals, Invertebrates, etc.
Just "Point and Click" to install - Fully adjustable settings - Fit Larger images to screen size - Fit all images to screen size - Or leave image at original size Image sizes vary, but are mostly 800x600 and 1200x900

86. Jimmie's Painted Ladies
Kansas enthusiast presents plant list, soil recipes, tips on watering and plant grooming, a list of suppliers, and information about the Wichita African Violet Study Club.

87. Svenska Saintpauliasšllskapet
This association counts members in Sweden and other nordic countries. The English version of the site provides basic information, access to the photo gallery, and links to other resources.
Vi har flyttat! Den nya adressen šr
Svenska Saintpauliasšllskapet
The Swedish African Violet Society The Swedish African Violet Society's website has permanently moved to the above address.
Make sure to update your bookmarks and links!

88. Mid Atlantic African Violet Society
Association for members in the United States Mid-Atlantic region. Information and photos of conventions, several articles from their journal, and history of the society.
Mid Atlantic African Violet Society
Search, View and Navigation
Search Home
Membership Information
About Us
Past Conventions
Welcome to the newly redesigned  MAAVS web site. This site was redesigned in order to improve accessibility and flexibility. The site also is in conformance with new web standards.  As MAAVS has grown, so has the MAAVS web site. Some of the old clunky "home grown" web page techniques of the past have been replaced with a modern Content Managed System making the site less wieldy  and more manageable.  This means as an African Violet Society we are positioned to move forward adding to our heritage while preserving where we've come from.  Over the next few months all of the content from previous MAAVS conventions and meetings will be added to this site.  Stay tuned!!!
MAAVS Aprons, Lost!

89. Quad-Cities African Violet Society
Club for members on both sides of the Illinois/Missouri border. Lists projects, meetings, shows, and by-laws.
Welcome to the Quad-Cities African Violet Society Web Site
Our Bylaws

Meetings and Shows

E-Mail Us
AVS of America
You are cordially invited to join us at our meetings.
Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the
Moline Garden Center,
Organized - October 1978
Affiliated with:
AVSA - February 1979
Illinois African Violet Society - May 1981 Missouri Valley African Violet Society - 1988 Current active membership - 32 Number of members affiliated with AVSA - 13 IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH, OR HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS WEB SITE CONTACT THE WEBMASTER SITE SUPPORT AND DESIGN BY MKC Systems

90. Home - AVSS
New York club meeting once a month to share growing tips and friendship with an annual show and sale in May. Newsletter, agenda, show schedule, and photo gallery.

91. Harster Greenhouses Inc.
Produces tissue-cultured Anthoflores varieties of African violets for sale to growers, wholesalers and retailers across North America.
Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to Harster Greenhouses Inc. Late Update: September 8th, 2010

92. Welcome To Country Livin' Creations
Self-watering planters for African violets and other houseplants. Handmade ceramic dual potted planters in Victorian, Southwestern and animal designs.

self-watering pots in many designs and colors. Each pot takes 16 individual steps to complete. These pots are the finest made self-watering planters in the world. Search through our website today
and order that prefect pot for your African Violet
*Please note the change of address and phone number as of April 2009 The deep insert is made of the finest unglazed ceramic slip. The scientific design and the quality of slip allows you to: Maintain the correct water balance
Reduce the chance of root rot

Reduce the chance petiole rot

Reduce the chance of leaf spotting

The outer pot is sealed with a non-toxic glaze that insures that no water seeps out onto your table. Click here for in-depth details on how
Featured Pot of the Month Handcrafted Pots Victorian/Floral Designs ... Our Guarantee

93. African Violet Pots By Jim And Martha Davis
Ceramic self-watering African violet pots in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.
African violet pots
By Jim and Martha Davis
Best self watering Ceramic African violet pots on the Web

Member African Violet Society of America (AVSA)
We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal
Scroll down for more details
The above African violets belong to Ned and Jean - Washington State.
What a great way to show off our African violet pots. Jim!!!
Click on other Satisfied Customers You want your African violets to thrive and bloom!! Our two-part ceramic African
violet pots combine beauty with function to make sure that your violets will be well taken care of. The bottom part holds water; The top part holds the soil and your African violet. These African violet pots or planters are excellent for any flower or herb that requires moisture, but are especially good for African violets. We glaze our African violet pots with clear glaze, and cover that with a pearlescent mother-of-pearl finish that enhances all the colors of our finished product. Our self-watering ceramic African violet pots come in several sizes: Click Here to see how we measure our African violet pots.

94. African Violet Pots - Self-watering Pots And Planters For African Violets
Pot designed to allow water to soak through and keep roots moist. Designs include Victorian, floral, animal and southwestern.
Sir Amicks -
Home Page What's New About Us ... Contact African Violet Pots that make growing the most beautiful African Violets EASY. Unique double-pot design allows water to soak through and keep delicate roots perfectly moist.
The World's Largest Collection of Hand-made Ceramic pots for African Violets.
African Violet Pots
Self Watering Planters for growing the finest African Violets and other houseplants. Links
Swazi Candles USA

Hundreds of Handmade Reburnable Candles Imported from Africa.
Description: Candles from Swazi Candles, Africa, in many colorfully patterned animal and geometric-shaped candles. Ethnic, animal skins and general designs. Low to Free Shipping.
Sir Amicks -
1981 O'Neil Way. Sacramento, Ca. 95822

95. African Violet Pots From The Perfect Violet Pot
Sells a range of two-part self-watering pots for African violets.
Have you
had trouble growing violets Our Perfect Violet Pot is the answer to your needs.
This is the way to grow violets easily!
Violets need to stay evenly moist at all times, and that is exactly what The Perfect Violet Pot does. You will never have to guess when your violet needs water again. With The Perfect Violet Pot , the plant slowly and evenly drinks through the unglazed lower half of the top pot. The two piece self-watering violet pot completely eliminates the guesswork for you . Just refill the bottom pot with water every 2-3 weeks The violet pot comes in a large variety of colors, textures, and glazes. Complete planting and growing instructions are included with the shipment of your order.
Credit Cards Accepted:
Send us an e-mail with any questions! Perfect Violet Answers
Information and prices are subject to change without notice.
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