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         Alaska Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. A description of new regulations affecting local education by Mary Halloran, 1976
  2. Significant impact of environment regarding eligibility of Native American and Alaskan Native students for ESEA Title VII regulations by Mike Travis, 1979
  3. Testing, testing, testing: rural and urban responses to Alaska's high-stakes assessment regime.(General Articles)(Report): An article from: Northern Review by Jerry McBeath, Maria Elena Reyes, 2008-01-01
  4. Public Contracts And Procurement Regulations in Alaska by Derek D. Crick, Paul L. Davis, et all 2006
  5. Notice of proposed change in PTPC regulations by Charles W Craig, 1981

1. Between The
AEA Proposal (January 30, 2006) July 1, 2006June 30, 2009 2 The Anchorage Education Association and Anchorage School District are partners in advocacy for students, parents, and the

2. EED - Our Department
State of Alaska Department of Education Early Development Our Department. EED Mission Statement PDF. Department's Who's Who

Employee Search
FAQs Contact Us
State of Alaska
... EED Mission Statement - PDF Department's Who's Who Statutes and Regulations Divisions Boards and Commissions State Schools Assessments Comment on Regulations Directories ... Teacher's Resources

3. Alaska Association Of School Business Officials
Alaska Education Regulations Title 4 Alaska Education Statutes - Title 14. Alaska Safe Routes to Schools. Alaska School Nutrition Association
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Board Members
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4. GUIDEBOOK For Integrating Cup'ik Culture And Curriculum
The purpose of Bilingual/Bicultural programs is stated in the Alaska Education Regulations, Chapter 34, 4AC34.101 The department believes that providing equal educational
GUIDEBOOK for Integrating Cup'ik Culture and Curriculum funded through the United States Department of Education PR / Award # T003E00134 for the Kashunamiut School District The GUIDEBOOK was coordinated through a contract with the South East Regional Resource Center. *Developed by Christina Reagle
*With much appreciated input from John Pingayaq and other Kashunamiut
staff and community members of Chevak.
The purpose of Bilingual/Bicultural programs is stated in the Alaska Education Regulations, Chapter 34, 4AC34.101: "The department believes that providing equal educational opportunity to these children through the establishment of Bilingual/Bicultural programs of education will provide more effective use of both English and the student's language, foster more successful secondary and higher education careers, facilitate the obtaining of employment, tend to bring about an end to the depreciation of local culture elements and values by the schools in solving educational problems, effect a positive student self-image, allow genuine options for all students in choosing a way of life, and facilitate more harmonious relationships between the student's culture and the mainstream of society." It is important to remember that successful Bilingual/Bicultural Programs are supported by the people of the village, teachers, administration, and the School Board.

5. Reference Points For Alaska's Curriculum Framework Project
Alaska Administrative Code, 1994 Alaska Education Regulations, Title 4, Chapter 6, Section 710. Program Evaluation. The commissioner shall conduct an annual review of the statewide
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Alaska Education Statutes and Codes
Current educational policy for Alaska is defined in the Alaska Statutes and the Alaska Administrative Code. This chapter cites the portions of State education policy that underlie the Alaska English/Language Arts Framework.
State Education Policy
Skills for Graduating Students
Education Planning
School Curriculum and Personnel ...
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State Education Policy
It is the policy of this State that the purpose of education is to help ensure that all students will succeed in their education and work, shape worthwhile and satisfying lives for themselves, exemplify the best values of society, and be effective in improving the character and quality of the world around them. 1994 Alaska Education Laws, Alaska Statutes Relating to Education, Title 14, Chapter 3, Section 015.
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Skills for Graduating Students
A goal of the State public school system is to graduate students who will:
  • communicate effectively;
  • 6. Core List Of Alaska State Publications
    10th Street, Suite 200 an individual title Juneau, AK 998011894 WWW See Alaska Statutes at http// Phone 907-465-2821 Alaska Education Regulations

    7. Proposal For A Filipino Immersion Elementary School In Anchorage
    This nonexistence of minority language use or nonexistence of the encouragement of use is inconsistent to the section of Alaska Education Regulations Chapter 34, 4AC34.101 when P1 F 06/Pongco.doc
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    In compliance with the Alaska Education Regulations, Chapter 60, 4AAC 60.030 as (Name of Operator) (Position/Title) of the (Official Name of the PreElementary
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